Chapter 74 – Beneath The Sky And Above The Ground

Almighty Sword Domain

As he utilized his will to control the sword before him, and Yang Ye was about to attack once more. Right at this moment, Feng Yu’s voice suddenly resounded in his mind. “Ye’er, you aren’t a match for her. I’ll execute a secret technique later and pin them down, you take Little Yao with you and return to the Sword Sect. I know you’re not afraid of death, and I know that you don’t want to see me return with them and suffer. However, it isn’t the time to act impulsively now. While there’s life, there’s hope. So long as you’re still alive, then I’ll have hope!”

Right when Yang Ye was about to say something, Feng Yu’s scarlet red lips parted once more, and she said via voice transmission. “If you refuse, then I’ll immediately kill myself before you.”

Yang Ye’s eyes turned red while he revealed an expression of pain, and it felt as if knives were slicing at his heart. He glanced at Little Yao that was still holding on tightly to his mother’s hand. Little Yao was still too young, so even though she didn’t want to leave her mother, her little face was already pale and covered in terror.

Feng Yu couldn’t bear to see Yang Ye in such pain, yet she had no choice. She knew her son’s character, and if she didn’t force him like this, then he wouldn’t leave her behind and flee by himself even if she threatened to kill him.

Feng Yi frowned when she noticed Feng Yu was speaking to Yang Ye via voice transmission, and she said in a low voice, “Are all of you going to come with us, or should I take all of you away by force?”

“Ye’er, I won’t be immediately sentenced to death after I’m taken back. So long as you possess sufficient strength in the future, then you can rescue me from Flower Palace. If you’re captured by them as well, then I wouldn’t have any hope at all. So, you have to survive for my sake, alright?” When she noticed that Yang Ye was still struggling, Feng Yu spoke once more via voice transmission, and she gave Yang Ye some hope.

Yang Ye clenched his fists tightly, causing his nails to pierce into his palm, and his face had already twisted. He was filled with hate. He hated himself for lacking strength because if he possessed sufficient strength, then it wouldn’t matter even if his mother had violated the rules of Flower Palace! But he didn’t possess the required strength!

When she noticed Feng Yu was still speaking via voice transmission, Feng Yi said with a low voice, “Capture them!”

The figures of the four beautiful women behind Feng Yi moved when they heard her, and they moved to encircle Yang Ye’s family.

Feng Yu’s expression changed upon noticing this, and she raised Little Yao who was by her side and threw her into Yang Ye’s embrace. She said, “Take Little Yao and leave. I’ll be waiting for you to rescue me!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a strand of terrifying aura surged out explosively from within Feng Yu’s body. After that, countless crystalline flowers formed from Profound Energy instantly appeared in the surroundings.

When these flowers that were like snowflakes appeared in the surroundings, numerous strands of terrifying hissing sounds resounded through the surroundings!

It was the sound of air being minced apart by them!

Feng Yi’s countenance turned ghastly pale when she saw these flowers, and she cried out involuntarily. “Hundred Flower Mutilation! Feng Yu, you actually executed such a forbidden technique! Have you really gone mad?”

At the same time as she spoke, Feng Yi and the other women hurriedly utilized their movement techniques to retreat.

Feng Yu paid no attention to Feng Yi, and she turned around to roar at Yang Ye who stood behind her. “Leave! Quickly! Do you really want me to kill myself in front of your eyes?”

Yang Ye swiftly kowtowed three times to Feng Yu, and then he embraced Little Yao who was choking with sobs before turning around and dashing towards the city gate. “Mother, wait for me! You must wait for me….”

A wisp of a smile appeared on Feng Yu’s pale face when she heard Yang Ye, and then she madly circulated the Profound Energy within her body and controlled those crystalline flowers to surge towards Feng Yi and the others. Presently, all she could do was try her best to pin Feng Yi and the others down so that she could buy some time for Yang Ye to escape!

The forbidden technique Feng Yu executed was too terrifying, and the commotion it created was extremely astounding. Thus, all the Profounders within Southpeace City were shocked by it. However, not a single one of them dared to come over and watch the battle. Moreover, even the guards of Southpeace City didn’t dare act in that way. Because the commotion from the battle was something that would at least require a Spirit Realm expert to create. Experts of this level had strange tempers, so if they came to watch the battle, then these experts might casually put an end to their lives!

After a long time, everything returned to calm. Feng Yu sat weakly on the ground with disheveled hair, and her countenance was ghastly pale and without a trace of blood. Moreover, there was even a wisp of scarlet red hanging from the corner of her mouth.

“Executing such a forbidden technique caused your foundation to be damaged. Not only will your cultivation fall, but you’ll also never be able to advance in your cultivation for your entire lifetime. Was it worth it?” Feng Yi gazed at Feng Yu who sat weakly on the ground and spoke in a low voice.

A wisp of a strange smile arose on the corners of Feng Yu’s mouth, and she said, “You’d know if it was worth it if you had children as well.”

Feng Yi grunted coldly and said, “I’ll never have children in my lifetime. You, on the other hand, gave up your future by betraying the palace for a man, now you’ve executed such a forbidden technique for two little fellows. Moreover, you’ll have to eternally suffer the pain from the Yin Gale at the bottom of Passionless Cliff because of these three people. Is it really worth it?”

Feng Yu didn’t speak, and she just gazed at the direction that Yang Ye had fled towards. She really wanted to tell Feng Yi that there were many things in this world that didn’t need to be worth it to be done, but she didn’t speak about it. Because she knew that a person like Feng Yi who’d grown up in Flower Palace since a young age wouldn’t understand. Presently, she was only concerned about whether Yang Ye would be able to return safely to the Sword Sect!

As if she knew what Feng Yu was thinking, Feng Yi grunted coldly, and then she looked towards the direction Yang Ye had left towards and said, “Truthfully speaking, his strength and potential is really not bad, and it isn’t inferior at all to some geniuses in the younger generation of Flower Palace. If he’s able to grow up, then his accomplishments in the future would definitely be extraordinary. But unfortunately, I won’t allow him to grow. So, I’ve decided to personally pursue him!”

Feng Yu didn’t speak, and she just gazed at the direction Yang Ye fled towards. She’d already done what she could, and now it depended entirely on Yang Ye’s own fortune.

Feng Yi said, “Restrain her and then head to the City Governor’s Estate go give the City Governor an explanation. Tell him that it was an internal affair of our Flower Palace. I’ll go pursue that kid. All of you don’t have to wait for me. Return immediately to the palace after you’ve finished with the City Governor!”

After she finished speaking, Feng Yi’s figure suddenly vanished towards the distance. In the next moment, she’d already appeared over 100m away.


Outside Southpeace City, Yang Ye held Little Yao in his arms as he sat on the grey wolf and rode beneath the moonlight, and he made the grey wolf speed up to its limit.

Yang Ye’s expression was extremely gloomy while his eyes were completely red. At this moment, he was filled with extreme hatred. Besides hatred towards the Flower Palace, he hated himself for lacking strength. Because if he possessed sufficient strength, then his mother wouldn’t have executed that forbidden technique for their sake; if he possessed sufficient strength, then he would be able to protect his mother and Little Yao better; if he had strength….

Yes, if he had strength, then everything would have gone according to his will. However, he didn’t. He was only a Profounder at the Mortal Realm! And he didn’t even have the strength to resist those Flower Guards!

I want to become strong. I want no one beneath the sky and above the ground to be able to control the fate of I, Yang Ye, and my loved ones. I want all the rules and laws in the world to be unable to restrain me and my loved ones! Yang Ye clenched his fists tightly and spoke firmly on the back of the grey wolf.

From this moment onward, Yang Ye’s target had become clear. In the past, his target was only to allow his mother and younger sister to have a good life, but the incident from tonight allowed Yang Ye to understand exactly how far and unreachable such a seemingly simple target actually was. If he wanted to accomplish this target, then he had to be able to disregard the rules of the Flower Palace. Otherwise, this target of his would only be a laughable thought.

On the wolf’s back, Little Yao moved closer into Yang Ye’s embrace, and she said timidly. “Big Brother, will mother be fine?”

The incident that occurred tonight was truly too shocking to her. First, her mother that she’d lived with for over 10 years had suddenly become an extraordinary expert of legend. After that, those experts of legend that she’d only heard of and never seen before in the past had come to capture her and her loved ones. This string of unexpected events caused her to be terrified and furious.

Because in her impression, her mother was one that never got angry, and her mother was always kind and polite to everyone. Moreover, her mother never did anything that was against the rules or laws. So, she wondered why they wanted to capture such a good person like her mother? And on what basis were they capturing her mother?

From this moment onward, a seed of hatred had been planted deep within the heart of this naïve and innocent little girl’s heart.

When he heard Little Yao, Yang Ye tightened his embrace on Little Yao and said in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry, mother will be fine. Mother told Big Brother that she’ll be fine, and she said that she’ll wait for Big Brother’s strength to become formidable and rescue her.”

“Really?” asked Little Yao.

“Your Big Brother is telling the truth!” Right at this moment, Feng Yi’s voice appeared once more in the ears of Yang Ye and Little Yao.

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart upon hearing this voice, and he raised his head up and took a glance. He noticed that Feng Yi had suddenly appeared above them.

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