Chapter 75 – Let’s Fight?

Almighty Sword Domain

Feng Yi floated in midair beneath the rays of moonlight, and there was a pair of wings formed from Profound Energy behind her back. Feng Yi’s expression was gloomy while her eyes stared fixedly at the Nether Wolf beneath Yang Ye, and the shock within her heart was at its limit.

The Nether Wolf was only a ninth rank Darkbeast. Logically speaking, a Darkbeast of such level shouldn’t make her lose her composure. Of course, the precondition was that two humans weren’t sitting on the Nether Wolf.

Because of some special reasons, the relationship between Darkbeast and humans in the southern territory couldn’t be considered to be adverse, but it could absolutely not be said to be friendly. To put it simply, they have no communication or relationship with each other.

Of course, if a human dared to step foot into the interior of the Grand Myriad Mountains without permission, then the human would absolutely not be able to return. Similarly, if a Darkbeast dared to step foot into the human world without permission, then its belly would be split apart to retrieve is core.

Yet now, a ninth rank Darkbeast that should appear in the Grand Myriad Mountains had actually appeared in the human world, and it was even being ridden by a Profounder at the Mortal Realm. At the same time that it caused Feng Yi to be bewildered, she was even shocked to the point her thoughts were thrown slightly into chaos.

Feng Yi took a deep breath and suppressed the shock in her heart, and then a strand of killing intent flashed through her eyes as she thought in her heart. This kid absolutely can’t be allowed to live! Otherwise, even if he’s unable to threaten the Flower Palace, he’d definitely be quite a big trouble for the palace once he grows up in the future!

Yang Ye’s heart shook when he sensed the killing intent emanated by Feng Yi, and then he said to the violet mink that resided within his Vortex Dantian, “Little Fellow, even though I don’t know exactly what sort of existence you are, I know that your origins are absolutely extraordinary. So, flee yourself later. If you have the ability, then bring my younger sister along for me, and if you don’t, then just flee yourself. With your ability, she would probably be unable to capture you!”

Yang Ye was confident in the violet mink’s ability to escape. After all, that black robed fellow from that day was countless times more formidable than this woman that stood before him, but that black robed figure was unable to capture the violet mink, let alone this woman.

The violet mink blinked within his Vortex Dantian. It didn’t shake its head or nod, and only a light violet glow arose on its little claws.

“You… why do you want to capture my mother and us…?” When she noticed Feng Yi that flew in midair, Little Yao was slightly fearful, yet she still asked this question.

Feng Yi didn’t answer this question, and she looked at Yang Ye instead and asked. “Why is this ninth rank Darkbeast with you? Don’t tell me that it’s your pet.”

In the southern territory, some nobles like to keep pets, but those pets were mostly at the fifth rank or below, and they were those extremely meek species of Darkbeasts. She’d never seen or heard of a pet being a ninth rank Darkbeast, and especially one that was extremely formidable in combat like a Nether Wolf.

“What will the Flower Palace do to my Mother?” Yang Ye ignored her question.

Feng Yi didn’t answer, and she gave him her conditions instead. “Tell me how you control this ninth rank Darkbeast, and I can spare your life and allow you to be a Flower Servant of my Flower Palace.”

“Answer my question first!” Yang Ye gazed at Feng Yi as he spoke.

Feng Yi frowned, and she was slightly displeased in her heart. However, when she thought about Yang Ye’s method to control Darkbeasts, she could only make a compromise. “Don’t worry, the Flower Palace won’t punish her to death, and she’d probably be imprisoned at the bottom of Passionless Cliff to be tortured by the cold gales and poison from the Passionless Flower. In the past, all who violated the rules of the palace suffered the same consequences, and it was done for the sake of making an example out of them. However, unfortunately, this method wasn’t really effective. I wonder if the palace will use a different method this time!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and he gazed at Feng Yi as he revealed a savage smile and said, “I, Yang Ye, swear that if I don’t die, then I’ll definitely return the torture all of you give my mother by a hundredfold!”

A wisp of disdain suffused the corners of Feng Yi’s mouth, and she said, “Today, I finally understand what overestimating one’s strength is like. Not to mention that you’re only a Profounder at the Mortal Realm who possesses a good natural talent, even if you’re an Exalt Realm expert, you’d only be a slightly more formidable ant to my Flower Palace. The resources and reserves of my Flower Palace isn’t something that you can imagine. Alright, I originally intended to spare your life and allow you to just be a Flower Slave, but now it would seem like there’s no need for that. Don’t think that I’m unable to get the secrets you possess if you refuse to tell them to me!”

“Then why don’t you make a move, Bitch?” Yang Ye revealed a savage expression as he spoke.

Killing intent flashed in Feng Yi’s eyes. Right when she was about to make a move, she suddenly frowned, and she glanced towards the surroundings while she said in a low voice, “Since you’ve come, then show yourself!”

A white shadow flashed, and then a woman that wore a white dress and held a green sword appeared by Yang Ye’s side. The woman was none other than Su Qingshi who Yang Ye had made an agreement with.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw Su Qingshi. He wasn’t afraid of death, but he was afraid that Little Yao would die with him. Even though he didn’t know why Su Qingshi had made an appearance here, but it wasn’t important any longer. Because Little Yao was safe.

“A member of the Sword Sect?” Feng Yi frowned, and then she asked in a low voice.

Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye who still had a savage expression, and then she looked at Feng Yi and nodded before she said, “He’s a disciple of my Sword Sect. You can’t touch him!”

Feng Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly as she said, “He’s the son of a disciple from my Flower Palace that violated the rules of the palace. You ought to be clearly aware of my Flower Palace’s rules.”


The green sword in Su Qingshi’s hand suddenly struggled free from her fair palm, and it left behind a green afterimage as it shot into the sky and emanated a resounding sword howl. “Then let’s fight!”

A wisp of a solemn expression flashed through Feng Yi’s eyes when she saw that green sword because it was actually an Earth Rank sword! Her cultivation was roughly on par with the woman before her, so she was originally not afraid to fight this woman. However, this woman’s sword was at the Earth Rank, whereas, her Dark Treasure was only at the high-grade of the Profound Rank. Even though it was merely a rank lower, the difference between them was extraordinarily great. This caused her to hesitate because when the cultivation of two Profounders was on par, then it was Dark Treasures and techniques that were the key to victory.

“There’s no enmity between my Flower Palace and the Sword Sect, whereas, your Sword Sect has enmity with the Ghost Sect. My Flower Palace has always maintained a neutral position. So, do you really want to form enmity with my Flower Palace for the sake of a single outer court disciple?” Feng Yi spoke in a low voice.

The Su Qingshi circulated the Profound Energy within her body, and she said indifferently, “Whether enmity is formed or not, it isn’t something a mere elder like you can decide. Don’t waste your breath any longer. If you want to kill him, then make a move!” As she spoke, a terrifying imposing aura instantly enveloped down towards Feng Yi.

Feng Yi was just about to speak when this imposing aura suddenly enveloped her, causing her expression to instantly turn grim, and she cried out involuntarily. “Sword Force, it’s actually Sword Force. You’re the Sword Sect’s Fairy Su?”

“Yes!” Su Qingshi admitted.

When she heard Su Qingshi admit this fact, Feng Yi didn’t have the slightest intention to fight any longer. After all, Su Qingshi was an expert that was ranked on the Hidden Dragon Rankings. What was the Hidden Dragon Rankings? Just like the Ascension Rankings, it was a place where all the monstrous geniuses gathered. Even though her cultivation was roughly on par with Su Qingshi, she knew that even if Su Qingshi didn’t possess an Earth Rank sword, she would still not be a match for Su Qingshi.

“Fairy Su, even though I’m not a match for you, the Flower Palace won’t let this matter go. In the future, my Flower Palace will definitely head to your Sword Sect to ask for an explanation!” After she spoke these words, Feng Yi turned around and left. At this moment, she felt slightly regretful. She regretted asking those Flower Guards to leave, otherwise, with the joint forces of all five of them, then Su Qingshi wouldn’t be a match for them no matter how formidable Su Qingshi was.

When he saw Feng Yi being scared off by Su Qingshi, Yang Ye muttered in his heart. This is strength, this is strength! I, Yang Ye, want such strength as well. I, Yang Ye, want even stronger strength than this….

“Big Sister, save my Mother, alright!?” Little Yao pleaded to Su Qingshi from atop the wolf. Even though she didn’t know anything about their strengths and cultivations, she knew that this Big Sister before her was extremely formidable. Because that woman who could fly was scared away by this Big Sister. So, she felt that so long as this Big Sister was willing, then this Big Sister would definitely be able to rescue her mother.

Yang Ye looked at Su Qingshi as well when he heard Little Yao. He didn’t have that feeling of male chauvinism or that baffling sense of self-respect. If Su Qingshi was able to rescue his mother and allow his mother to avoid suffering, then he would only feel heartfelt gratitude towards Su Qingshi, and he would feel that he was useless because a woman had helped him.

When she noticed their hopeful gazes, Su Qingshi felt slightly unable to bear refusing them, yet she still shook her head in the end. It was very likely that saving Yang Ye would cause a conflict to arise between the Sword Sect and the Flower Palace, and if she rescued Yang Ye’s mother, then it would be very likely but absolutely. With the current situation the Sword Sect was in, it was truly unable to bear conflict being aroused between it and the Flower Palace.

Little Yao was about to say something else when she was stopped by Yang Ye, and he said, “Little Yao, don’t ask anymore. Big Brother will save Mother. Big Brother promises that I’ll definitely rescue Mother and allow our family to be reunited!”

Wu~ Wu~

“Why did they capture Mother? Why???” Little Yao turned around and hugged Yang Ye tightly while choking with sobs.

In next to no time, Little Yao fell into a deep sleep in Yang Ye’s embrace.

“Do you resent me?” Meanwhile, Su Qingshi had her back to Yang Ye as she asked this question. She’d come over this time because she found out that Liu Qingyu and two other outer court disciples from the Sword Sect had come to Southpeace City to harm Yang Ye. However, she’d never expected to witness the events that had occurred just now in Southpeace City.

Yang Ye rubbed Little Yao’s head and said in a low voice, “I did resent you a little bit at the beginning, but I don’t any longer. I’m very surprised and grateful that you were able to offend the Flower Palace for me and my younger sister. But don’t worry, you wouldn’t have saved my life for nothing because I’ll work hard to ascend into the Ascension Rankings!”

When she heard Yang Ye, the green sword in Su Qingshi’s hand trembled lightly while her lips moved a little, yet she didn’t say anything in the end.

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