Chapter 691 – Go All Out Or We’re Doomed!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye recognized the Half-Saint who led the group, it was Xuan Ming who’d fled from the continent that day. Merely an instant passed before Yang Ye figured out what was going on. Since they knew that he was coming, it meant that there were members of the Hallowed Grounds on Profounder Continent, and that person’s strength was definitely not weak.

Who is it? Yang Ye’s brows knit together tightly because only a few knew that he was coming to the Hallowed Grounds, and practically all of them were people whom he trusted!

“I’d thought that only you would be arriving. I never expected that Qin Bufan would actually be coming with you. Perfect, we can deal with both of you at once!” Xuan Ming gestured with both his hands, and then an invisible spatial cage surrounded Yang Ye and Qin Bufan. The space around them became strong as steel, and even air couldn’t flow within it!

Meanwhile, the Monarch Realm experts behind Xuan Ming’s group advanced and formed a circle that completely sealed off Yang Ye and Qin Bufan’s paths.

Xuan Ming was clearly aware of the strengths that Yang Ye and Qin Bufan possessed. They absolutely couldn’t be compared to ordinary people. It was especially so when Yang Ye possessed the Stone of Suppression because the slightest mistake might even cause all 5 of them who were Half-Saints to be unable to kill Yang Ye and Qin Bufan. So, the first thing they did wasn’t to besiege Yang Ye and Qin Bufan but to cut off their paths of retreat!

They intend to set up a net and catch their prey!

“I was young and too impulsive! I shouldn’t have listened to a few words from someone with bad luck like you and came here!” Qin Bufan glanced at the surroundings while light blue flames gradually appeared on his hands, and the profound energy within him surged like an ocean.

“I’ll leave the Half-Saints to you. Leave the Monarch Realm experts to me!” Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he sheathed the intent sword while his profound energy surged madly into the ancient sheath.

“How shameless are you!?’ Qin Bufan cursed.

“You’re at the Monarch Realm while I’m only at the Exalt Realm. How could you ask me to face 5 Half-Saints?” asked Yang Ye.

“Cut the crap or both of us are going to be killed here!” Qin Bufan continued, “We’re definitely unable to fight them, so fleeing is our main objective. Dammit! I’m really so fucking unlucky! I finally escaped after overcoming great difficulty yet came right back in here because of a few words from you. Tell me the truth, have you joined forces with the Hallowed Grounds to trick me!?”

“Cut the crap! We’ll join forces and concentrate our attacks to black open one of these spatial walls.” As he spoke, Yang Ye’s intent sword suddenly left its sheath, and a beam of sword energy instantly smashed against one of the spatial walls around them.

Qin Bufan wasn’t any slower. Two rays of white light formed a cross that followed right behind Yang Ye’s sword energy.


The entire spatial wall trembled violently, but it was actually completely unharmed when the sword energy and white light dispersed!

“How much of your strength did you utilize just now?” asked Qin Bufan.


The corners of Qin Bufan’s lips twitched, and he said, “Stop underestimating our enemy. There are 5 Half-Saints before you, and none of them attained their current strength through the help of external forces. Even a Half-Saint wouldn’t be able to easily destroy a spatial wall that they created together. Stop playing around!”

“How much strength did you use?” Yang Ye replied with a question.

Qin Bufan’s face twitched, and then he said, “It think it was 40% as well….”

“I used 40% of my strength because I wasn’t aware of their strength. But you knew yet still used just 40%....” Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Alright, I know you’re being vigilant against me, and so am I. However, the situation before us is very clear. If we still continue being vigilant against each other, then we’ll definitely lose our lives to them!”

Qin Bufan pondered deeply for a moment and said, “I hope you were being sincere. If you dare to deceive me, then I’ll even reincarnate a million times just to take revenge on you!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

“Kill!” Meanwhile, Xuan Ming suddenly shouted.

All 5 Half-Saints attacked in unison, and their energy formed 5 palms that passed through the spatial barriers and smashed down towards Yang Ye and Qin Bufan!

Yang Ye’s expression changed as he said, “They can still attack even when these spatial walls are there?” As he spoke, his swiftly drew his intent sword, and a beam of sword energy shot towards one of the palms. An enormous explosion resounded upon their collision, and the sword energy dispersed amidst resounding rumbling while the palm continued swiftly towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched while he flipped his right palm, and the Mageforce Shield appeared before him. He pointed it towards the palm.


The shield shook violently before it started to absorb the energy within the palm. Yang Ye was delighted by this while he spoke to himself, What a formidable shield.

However, it wasn’t long before 2 more palms struck against the shield. In an instant, the impact blasted both Yang Ye and the shield 300m away. In the end, they crashed against the spatial wall.

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth, and then he gazed at his right hand which was holding the Mageforce Shield earlier. At this moment, his right hand had cracked apart while threads of blood were seeping out incessantly.

Half-Saints are actually that strong. Just a casual attack actually broke through my physical defenses! Yang Ye didn’t dare underestimate them in the slightest any longer.

Bang! Bang!

Meanwhile, 2 explosions resounded from the side. Yang Ye looked over towards the source of the explosions and saw that Qin Bufan had actually forcefully blasted the last 2 palms apart!

Yang Ye thought, Looks like he’s much stronger than I imagined!

Qin Bufan had a solemn expression on his face as he said, “Half-Saints have obtained a thorough understanding of spatial energy, so these spatial walls are only capable of obstructing us, but it’s impossible to obstruct them! Use the Stone of Suppression or I’ll be crippled while you’ll die!”

Yang Ye nodded. He flipped his right palm, and the Stone of Suppression appeared in his grasp. The expressions of those Half-Saints changed when they saw the Stone of Suppression. After all, their cultivations had descended from the Half-Saint realm to the Monarch Realm while the Monarch Realm experts behind them were Exalt Realm experts now!

“The Stone of Suppression!” Xuan Ming revealed an unsightly expression. After all, all of them had almost suffered severe punishment for losing the Stone of Suppression during their trip to Profounder Continent. If the defiant profounders weren’t about to escape from the seal and the Hallowed Grounds needed Half-Saints, they would have probably been sentenced to death!

Yang Ye’s profound energy surged madly into the ancient sheath as he said, “The Stone of Suppression exhausts too much profound energy. I won’t be able to hold on for too long. Let’s join forces and attack the spatial barrier in front of us. If you dare to hold back again, then I’ll definitely give you my final attack!”

“Let’s do it!” Qin Bufan roared furiously as he flashed into the air, and then he swiftly slapped his palms forward!

“Sky Crusher!” As soon as he spoke, a ball of green flames flashed out from his palms. The spatial walls immediately trembled violently, and then they started to ripple.

“Crush!” Qin Bufan roared furiously. The green flames transformed into a green flame dragon that smashed forcefully against the spatial wall.


A sword howl shot into the sky, and then a ray of violet sword energy appeared behind the green flame dragon.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t dare hold back as well, and his attack consisted of 7 overlapped Heavenrends and the 3rd stage of the Critical Strike technique! The formidable energy contained within the sword energy caused cracks to appear on the spatial walls before it even arrived before that spatial wall.

“Attack!” Xuan Ming and the others would naturally not just watch as Yang Ye and Qin Bufan attacked the spatial wall. The 5 of them immediately attacked. Even though their cultivations had been suppressed to the Monarch Realm, their mastery of space and their techniques was still at the level of a Half-Saint. So, 5 palms which were formed from energy had smashed against the green flames and sword energy before they could even come into contact with the spatial wall.


An enormous explosion resounded. The sword energy and green flames were dispersed, and a palm tore through the air as it smashed down towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while he held the Mageforce Shield in front of him. The shield trembled violently on impact, and then the palm’s energy was completely absorbed by it.

“Strengthen the spatial walls!” Xuan Ming’s voice resounded once more, and then the cracks which had been created on the spatial walls instantly vanished.

Yang Ye and Qin Bufan’s faces turned grim!

“Kill!” Along with this order from Xuan Ming, all 5 of them attacked once more. This time, they utilized their respective techniques. Every single one of them was different, but they were all extremely formidable techniques, and they smashed down towards Yang Ye and Qin Bufan.

Yang Ye and Qin Bufan immediately fell into a disadvantaged state when facing 5 Half-Saints.

However, to the surprise of the Hallowed Grounds’ experts, while they’d fallen into a disadvantaged state, both Yang Ye and Qin Bufan were still able to persist. Moreover, even though they were both injured, they were still able to hold on….

After all, it was the joint forces of 5 Half-Saints! Even though they were just at the Monarch Realm now, they were still Half-Saints!

But what about Yang Ye and Qin Bufan? One of them was at the Monarch Realm while the other was even weaker, he was only an Exalt Realm profounder….

In short, while the 2 of them were enemies of the Hallowed Grounds, the experts in the surroundings had no choice but to admit that they were very monstrous!

Especially Yang Ye. Some of the experts from the Hallowed Grounds even aroused detest towards Jian Kuang and the others. After all, if the Hallowed Grounds hadn’t dispatched people who were too haughty, then the Hallowed Grounds might have been able to recruit a genius like Yang Ye. At that time, the Hallowed Grounds wouldn’t just avoid facing another existence like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor, it would possess an extraordinary genius who could compare to the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor in the future!

In short, a single mistake had caused irreconcilable enmity to form between the Hallowed Grounds and Yang Ye. So unless the Hallowed Grounds was willing to abandon its pride and take the initiative to seek reconciliation with Yang Ye….

However, that was clearly impossible!

Especially now that the southern territory had actually joined forces with the defiant profounders. So, Yang Ye had to die!

Qin Bufan smashed one of their attacks into pieces as he gazed at Yang Ye, “Hey, we’ll be exhausted to death if this continues!”

“Didn’t you escape from 10 Half-Saints that day? Quickly utilize your trump card! My profound energy is on the verge of being exhausted by the Stone of Suppression. You won’t have another chance if you don’t use it now.” Yang Ye swung his intent sword without stopping for a moment, and ray after ray of violet light flashed from it and collided with all sorts of attacks that descended towards him.

“I took them by surprise that day. It’s not the same when they came prepared!” Qin Bufan spoke angrily.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Do I really have no other choice but to utilize Intent Ignition and temporarily attain the Monarch Realm?

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