Chapter 692 – The Primordial Pagoda’s Ability!

Almighty Sword Domain

If he utilized Intent Ignition and attained the Monarch Realm, then his overall strength would be greatly improved. At that time, he would be in the same realm of cultivation as these Half-Saints, and his chances of escaping would be much greater!

However, the side effects of using it were….

Both his Sword Intent and cultivation would decline. At that time, it would be impossible to know how long more it would take for him to attain the Monarch Realm for real!

But if he didn’t do that, then how would he escape the encirclement of these 5 Half-Saints and over 100 Monarch Realm experts?

Yang Ye suffered a dilemma!

In next to no time, Yang Ye stopped hesitating because the situation was growing worse. Right when he was about to ignite his Sword Intent, Qin Bufan suddenly said, “Hey, why are we being such idiots and clashing head-on against them by attacking the spatial walls?”

Yang Ye was stunned for a moment before his eyes lit up, “Right!”

Both of them exchanged glances, and then they suddenly joined forces and launched their strongest attacks against the ground.

“Sky Crusher!”


As soon as their voices resounded, a ball of blue flames and a ray of sword energy blasted against the ground.

Even though there was a spatial wall on the ground, the ground was close to them, and Xuan Ming’s group weren’t able to stop them in time….


A bottomless hole exploded open on the ground. Both of them didn’t hesitate at all to leap down into the hole. In the beginning, the others could still hear some explosions resounding, but it wasn’t long before no more sounds could be heard.

Xuan Ming and the others were stunned on the spot. They just fled like that right under our noses? 5 Half-Saints and 100 Monarch Realm experts weren’t even able to kill a Monarch Realm and Exalt Realm profounder?

All of their expressions grew unsightly to the extreme when they thought up to this point.

“Pursue them!” Xuan Ming didn’t hesitate at all to charge into the hole.

“One of you stay behind and report this to the Hallowed Halls. The rest of you pursue them from above ground. Don’t fight them if you find them, use your transmission talismans to notify the rest of us instead!” One of the Half-Saints spoke these words before he entered the hold with the other Half-Saints.

The Monarch Realm experts who remained on the ground immediately transformed into rays of light that flashed towards the surroundings.

Beneath the ground.

Yang Ye and Qin Bufan attacked the ground madly as they fled deeper beneath the ground. Both of them were very clearly aware that they would immediately face a hopeless situation if those Half-Saints were able to catch up. Even though they were very confident, they weren’t confident to the point of fighting 5 Half-Saints. Especially when all 5 of these Half-Saints had attained such cultivations on their own without relying on any external forces!

“Hey, why don’t we split up?” Qin Bufan spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye waved his sword swiftly as he said, “Are you sure? You’ll have the benefit of the Stone of Suppression if you stay with me, and we would still be able to fight them. But if we split up, then you’ll be finished once they catch up to you!”

“We can split them up if we split up. In that way, we’ll have a better chance at escaping!” said Qin Bufan.

Yang Ye glanced at him, and then he said, “Good luck!”

“Good luck!” Qin Bufan’s figure swiftly turned around and started blasting open a hole on the right. In next to no time, a passageway opened up on Yang Ye’s right, and it wasn’t long before Qin Bufan vanished from Yang Ye’s field of vision.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, issued a command in his heart, and then 100 swords appeared before him. They immediately transformed into rays of light that madly attacked the ground before him.


Around 15 minutes passed before the entire ground trembled violently, and Yang Ye faintly heard an explosion resound from far away on the right.

His heart shook as he knew that Qin Bufan had definitely encountered a Half-Saint there!

Qin Bufan was able to escape 10 Half-Saints that day, so I presume he’ll definitely be able to escape this time. I have to be extremely careful. It’ll be really bad if I’m pinned down by a Half-Saint! Yang Ye flipped his left hand and withdrew a few dozen extreme-grade energy stones, and he placed them in his pocket. After that, he absorbed the energy within them while he continued blasting open a path.

Around 15 minutes passed again before Yang Ye’s expression suddenly changed because a beam of light was surging towards him. Yang Ye stopped moving, and then he swiftly drew his intent sword, causing a beam of violet sword energy to slash forcefully against the beam of light!


Both of them exploded apart, and the powerful aftershock from the collision caused the ground in the surroundings to collapse incessantly. Yang Ye seized this opportunity to turn around and transform into a ray of light that shot away at full speed.

“Yang Ye, you can’t escape us!” A furious roar resounded from behind him. Yang Ye was able to recognize it as Xuan Ming’s voice! Moreover, he even sensed that 2 more people were behind Xuan Ming!

In other words, there were at least 3 Half-Saints pursuing him!

That fucking dog really thinks highly of me, huh! Yang Ye cursed in his heart. He knew that the reason Xuan Ming was chasing him was probably closely related to the incident on the continent. At that time, Xuan Kong had died from a surprise attack that he’d launched, and it was obvious that Xuan Ming had a very good relationship with Xuan Kong. Moreover, he has the Stone of Suppression in his possession, so it would truly be weird if Xuan Ming didn’t target him!

Yang Ye’s cultivation was lower than the 3 of them, so his speed was naturally much more inferior. Only a short period passed before they were just over 100m away from him.

Yang Ye’s brows couldn’t help but knit together when he noticed that they were getting closed, and he thought, They’ll definitely catch up if this continues. This won’t do! I have to think of a way out!

“Yang Ye, hand over the Stone of Suppression and I’ll leave your corpse intact. Otherwise, I’ll make living worse than death for you!” Xuan Ming’s ferocious voice resounded from behind him.

Xuan Ming hated Yang Ye to the bone. After all, his senior brother, Xuan Kong, could have avoided death that day, but it was Yang Ye who’d launched that surprise attack which caused Xuan Kong’s death. Moreover, it was also Yang Ye’s fault that they’d lost the Stone of Suppression.

So, when compared with Qin Bufan, he had a greater desire to kill Yang Ye.

Moreover, the ambush against Yang Ye was an order from the Hallowed Grounds as well, so he couldn’t fail no matter what. If he did, then he would definitely be punished this time!

Yang Ye paid no attention to Xuan Ming. His brows were knit tightly together. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he’d thought of a possibility!

The Primordial Pagoda!

Even though it was dangerous to hide within it, the precondition to that was that his enemies knew the Primordial Pagoda was there and attacked it. But what if they weren’t able to notice it?

He didn’t have the time to hesitate and give it more thought because he was in a hopeless situation. He decided that he had to give it a try!

Once he made up his mind, Yang Ye stopped fleeing in a straight line, and he started to make twists and turns. In next to no time, Yang Ye’s figure vanished from their fields of vision.

It wasn’t long before Xuan Ming’s group stopped. Because there was no path in front of them but Yang Ye had vanished.

“Where did he go?” One of the Half-Saints frowned, “Could he have merged with the ground?”

As he spoke, that Half-Saint who just spoke smashed his fist forward, and a huge hole instantly appeared on the rock wall in front of him. However, Yang Ye was nowhere to be found.

“He’s definitely still here!” Xuan Ming spoke in a low voice.

Right at this moment, their expressions changed drastically because an invisible and powerful pressure suddenly descended upon them!

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