Chapter 693 – Lava!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as Xuan Ming spoke, Yang Ye became very clearly aware that he would definitely die if he didn’t stop hiding!

So, he attacked decisively!

He’d intended to attack Xuan Ming. Unfortunately, there was another Half-Saint standing between him and Xuan Ming. So, he had no other choice but to attack that Half-Saint who was closest to him.

They were Half-Saints, so Yang Ye didn’t hold back at all. He first utilized the Stone of Suppression to suppress them to the Monarch Realm, and then he utilized the Sword Domain and Sword Intent to suppress them further. After that, 7 overlapped Heavenrends that were enhanced by the 3rd stage of Critical Strike and the 1st stage of Lightspeed shot forward.

At this moment, Yang Ye had utilized all his trump cards and hadn’t held back at all!

The 3 of them had instantly noticed him when he suddenly appeared there, and the hairs of that Half-Saint who stood before Yang Ye had instantly stood on end. He’d just started to turn around, but 2 types of invisible pressure smashed down upon him like 2 mountains, and it caused his movement to slow down. It was exactly within this instant that his neck suddenly felt cold….

After that, his figure stiffened on the spot before strands of blood instantly dyed his neck red.

His eyes were filled with shock and disbelief. However, all the emotions in his eyes were frozen!

A Half-Saint perished just like that!

“How dare you!” In an instant, Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint had reacted, and their hearts were filled with shock and rage when they sensed that their companion was dead. They immediately attacked Yang Ye.

Yang Ye had immediately executed Horizon Wrap and shot towards the distance once his surprise attack succeeded, but he was still a little too slow and 2 energy palms had arrived behind him. Fortunately, he’d expected this and placed the Mageforce Shield behind him. However, it was a simultaneous attack from 2 Half-Saints, and it was at such a short distance, so even the Mageforce Shield couldn’t stop it!

Bang! Bang!

The two palms practically instantly collided with the Mageforce Shield, and the powerful impact caused it to smash against Yang Ye’s back. Yang Ye felt like he was struck by a mountain, and a mouthful of blood sprayed from his mouth. However, the impact of their attack caused his speed to instantly multiply as well!

In just an instant, Yang Ye vanished from their fields of vision, but there was a string of blood on the ground that continued on until the end of their fields of vision….

“Can he be saved!?” Xuan Ming spoke in a low voice.

The old man by Xuan Ming’s side shook his head and said, “His neck has been severed, and 2nd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent is raging about and destroying the vitality within him. How ruthless of that kid!” His voice was filled with shock and rage. He was shocked that Yang Ye was actually able to kill one of them while the 3 of them had joined forces, and he was furious because 3 dignified Half-Saints had actually lost one of their companions at the hands of an ant at the Exalt Realm!

It was a humiliation!

“He’s quite mysterious!” Xuan Ming spoke furiously, “He was hiding behind us, yet we didn’t notice at all. If he wasn’t too close to Third Brother and took us by surprise, then it would be impossible for him to kill Third Brother even if he had the Stone of Suppression and the Sword Domain!”

“Xuan Ming, does our Hallowed Grounds possess such a movement technique that can even deceive Half-Saints?” The old man gazed at Xuan Ming as he asked in a low voice.

Xuan Ming fell silent for a long time before he shook his head and said, “Even Nether Maiden isn’t able to conceal her aura completely. Moreover, he disappeared into thin air just now, and then his right hand suddenly appeared out of thin air as well. I suspect that it isn’t a movement technique at all. As for what it really is, even I don’t know the answer. In short, he’s extremely mysterious, and we have to be careful!”

“He’s injured, and his strength has definitely declined greatly. So, his speed is definitely much slower than before. Let’s pursue him immediately so he doesn’t have the chance to recover!”

As soon as Xuan Ming’s voice resounded, both of them had vanished on the spot.

At this moment, Yang Ye was in quite a terrible state. His draconified back had completely cracked apart, and blood covered his entire back. Moreover, utilizing Heavenrend, the Sword Domain, Critical Strike, Lightspeed, and the Stone of Suppression just now had caused his profound energy to instantly fall to rock bottom!

In short, he was suffering from both internal and external injuries while 2 Half-Saints were chasing after him. The situation was very bad!

At this moment, he didn’t dare to utilize techniques which wasted his profound energy in order to open up a path. Now, he was only relying on his physical strength!

After around half an hour passed, the 2 Half-Saints behind him grew closer and closer, and Yang Ye’s brows were knit even more tightly together.

At the same time, Yang Ye felt the temperature around him growing. It wasn’t long before Yang Ye thought of a possibility.

I’m at least 30km beneath the ground, and the temperature is growing higher. In other words, there mind be lava ahead. I have the Nether Ghostflame with me, so I don’t have to fear it at all. I just have to enter the lava and I can open up a path without wasting any profound energy. Moreover, the natural barrier created by the lava might help me shake them off! Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to utilize the last remaining profound energy in his body to suddenly speed up.

Around 10 minutes later, the temperature was still growing higher to the point that even his body felt quite hot. However, he didn’t stop and even started moving faster.

“Yang Ye! Die!” Right at this moment, Xuan Ming’s furious roar resounded from behind him, and then a translucent and crystalline energy palm left a string of afterimages behind it as it smashed against the Mageforce Shield which he carried on his back.


An enormous bang resounded as Yang Ye and the shield were blasted flying while the gap between them was lengthened a little. However, it was something Yang Ye gained by suffering another injury!

After the Mageforce Shield finished absorbing the energy from the palm, Yang Ye suddenly stopped moving, and it only took less than 2 breaths of time for Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint to appear within his field of vision.

“Have a taste of mine as well!” Yang Ye wiped off the blood that was flowing from the corner of his mouth, and then he slapped the Mageforce Shield. In an instant, a dark blue beam of light suddenly erupted from it, and it merely took an instant for the beam of light to arrive before Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint.

The Mageforce Shield had absorbed the attacks of many Half-Saints just now. So, the might of the dark blue beam of light was extremely formidable, and the pressure from the energy within it instantly caused the earth in the surroundings to collapse. If they were ordinary people, then it would definitely be impossible for them to survive when such an underground tunnel collapsed. However, Yang Ye, Xuan Ming, and the other Half-Saint weren’t ordinary at all!

The collapsing dirt wasn’t able to harm them at all!

Xuan Ming’s expression changed slightly when he saw the dark blue beam that erupted from the Mageforce Shield. He hadn’t imagined that the shield could actually launch such a terrifying attack. Because it wasn’t inferior to the attack of an ordinary Half-Saint!

Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest, and they slapped their palms forward in unison. The beam of energy was instantly slapped apart and dispersed. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had vanished from their fields of vision.

“Let’s go!” They didn’t stop at all, and they transformed into rays of light that vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye stopped moving because he sensed that he might arrive in that area filled with lava once he pierced through the earth wall before him. It was hot, very hot. The temperature here even caused his body to feel quite uncomfortable.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to flip his left palm, and the Nether Ghostflame appeared before him and instantly enveloped him. After that, he flicked his wrist slightly, and a strand of sword qi shot forward and blasted open the earth wall in front of him.


A wave of heat assaulted his face before lava surged towards him like a torrent.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. If he had a choice, he would absolutely not jump into the lava, but he had no other choice now. He swiftly stomped the ground with his right foot, and he transformed into a ball of flame that shot towards the lava, and it wasn’t long before he was submerged beneath it.

Yang Ye had just charged into the lava when Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint appeared where Yang Ye stood just moments ago. At this moment, both of them had golden energy barriers around them, and the lava wasn’t able to harm them at all.

“Why is there lava here?” Xuan Ming frowned as he gazed at the lava, and his voice carried a rare trace of solemnness.

“We’re probably 100km beneath the ground right now!” The old man by his side spoke in a deep voice.

Xuan Ming’s eyelids twitched as he said, “You’re saying that we’ve arrived at the Fire Spirit Clan?”

There weren’t just humans in the Hallowed Grounds, and there were demon beasts and various other beings which didn’t exist on Profounder Continent. Of course, all of them had moved from Profounder Continent to the Hallowed Grounds all those years ago, and it was naturally for the sake of suppressing the defiant profounders. It could be said that these clans and races were allies of the Hallowed Grounds. However, they only acted as allies when the defiant profounders emerged from the seal.

At any other ordinary time, these clans and races were extremely hostile towards the human race.

It was none other than because humans were inherently greedy and loved to scheme against each other, so in the opinion of some races, associating with humans was even more terrifying than associating with demon beasts. Because those humans might be your friend today, but they might stab you in the back tomorrow.

So, besides a few races, most of the others usually prohibited their people from having any contact with humans, and they forbade humans from entering their territory!

The Fire Spirit Race was one of these races that were extremely hostile to the human race!

“If we rashly enter the Fire Spirit Race’s territory, then it’ll probably cause a huge amount of trouble. You should be aware that the Fire Spirit Races has many stubborn old fellows who are extremely hostile to us humans. We’ll definitely be at a disadvantage if we fight in their territory. Yang Ye will definitely die if he’s noticed within the Fire Spirit Race’s territory!” The old man by Xuan Ming’s side spoke in a low voice.

Xuan Ming stood silently on the spot for a while before he said, “No, the Stone of Suppression can’t fall into the hands of the Fire Spirit Race. Moreover, Yang Ye is quite capable, the Fire Spirit Race might not be able to kill him. It’ll definitely be a huge problem for us if he’s able to flee successfully. Besides that, we’ll definitely suffer extremely severe punishments!”

The old man by Xuan Ming’s side spoke with shock, “You intend to trespass into their territory?”

“Yang Ye is heavily injured right now. If we don’t kill him now, then even we will be helpless against him if he’s able to advance into the Monarch Realm. We can’t let such an opportunity slip by. As for the Fire Spirit Race, I refuse to believe that they’ll dare to go against our Hallowed Grounds!” As soon as he finished speaking, Xuan Ming’s figure charged forward.

The old man hesitated for an instant before he hurriedly followed behind Xuan Ming.

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