Chapter 694 – Beings Beneath The Ground!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye who was enveloped by the Nether Ghostflame was completely red as he moved through the lava. It was like he was cooked, and it was an extremely shocking sight.

At this moment, Yang Ye was in quite a bad state. The temperature rose incessantly as he moved deeper into the lava. At this point, he was on the verge of being unable to endure the high temperatures here even with the Nether Ghostflame covering him.

Fortunately, he had the Nether Ghostflame, and that was the only reason he’d been able to hold on until now. Otherwise, he would have probably been unable to persist a long time ago even if his body wasn’t in a heavily injured state now.

Besides the threat that came from the temperature of the lava, Yang Ye even sensed Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint had entered the lava. Moreover, they were swiftly closing the distance between him and them.

Luckily, his aura and tracks wouldn’t be left behind in the lava. So, he’d been able to constantly avoid them when they were about to catch up to him.

However, Yang Ye’s current state was growing progressively worse. At this moment, he felt like his internal organs were on the verge of bursting into flames, and both his neck and face started to become covered in boils before his skin started to fall off….

The Nether Ghostflame was a Natural Treasure, and it was a type of flame as well. So, unless it was a Natural Treasure of even higher rank than it, other flames could only dream of devouring it. However, the Nether Ghostflame was merely able to protect itself right now while Yang Ye….

Yang Ye was shocked, Why is the lava here so hot? Even my body which is comparable to a Half-Saint’s body is actually unable to endure its temperature. I can’t allow this to continue or I’ll be roasted alive even if Xuan Ming doesn’t catch me. It’s impossible to head back. My only way out is to speed up and see if I can get through the lava!

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye stopped holding back in the slightest. He circulated the small amount of profound energy within him that he’d gathered through constantly absorbing extreme-grade energy stones, and his speed suddenly rose explosively.

Around an hour passed. Yang Ye’s situation was growing even worse. At this moment, his face and neck were densely covered in boils. It wasn’t that he refused to draconify himself, but it exhausted too much profound energy, and he lacked profound energy the most right now. However, even draconification would merely be able to help him resist the heat for a while longer, but it wouldn’t take long for even his dragon scales to be unable to resist the temperature here!

Actually, besides the Sword Precursor, Yang Ye had also come to the Hallowed Grounds to train and temper himself!

He had Elder Mu and Lu Yan to protect him on the continent. Even though that would allow him to do as he pleased and no one could harm him, he was very clearly aware that it would do more harm than good.

After all, it was impossible to foster an expert in favorable conditions. Only by tempering one’s self through life and death could one grow stronger.

No matter how strong Elder Mu and Lu Yan were, it wasn’t his own strength. His true strength was merely at the Exalt Realm. Even though he could surmount his realm of cultivation to kill Monarch Realm experts and even exchange a few blows with Half-Saints, he was still an Exalt Realm profounder in the end. He wasn’t a match for a Half-Saint at all if he didn’t utilize external sources of strength!

A very long time ago, he’d realized that he could only rely on himself!

So, he’d traveled to the Hallowed Grounds!

But he hadn’t imagined that he would face such a hopeless situation upon arriving here….

Persistence. Yang Ye was relying on his persistence right now. Because his mind was starting to become blurry from the heart. As for the burning pain from his body, he’d completely disregarded it.

Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint were in a much better state when compared to Yang Ye. They were both Half-Saints, and the lava was utterly incapable of being a threat to them. At the very most, it was only slightly troublesome to them.

The reason they still hadn’t caught up to Yang Ye wasn’t because their speed was inferior to his, it was because Yang Ye didn’t emanate even a trace of his aura. In other words, Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint weren’t able to search for him with their divine senses. Coupled with the fact that Yang Ye was moving randomly through the lava, they still hadn’t been able to catch up to him until now.

Suddenly, the lava around them stopped moving as it had been frozen!

Their expressions changed, and their profound energy instantly surged while they revealed vigilant expressions!

Three figures that were covered in flames appeared before Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint.

Their expressions changed because it was 3 Half-Saints!

The flaming figure in the lead held a ball of flames in his hand as he shouted furiously, “Human Half-Saints! Don’t you know the rules of my Fire Spirit Race? Are you looking for death by trespassing into our territory?”

Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint’s expression changed slightly while a cold glow flashed through their eyes. However, they didn’t flare up and forcefully restrained themselves, “I presume you’re an elder of the Fire Spirit Race, right?”

That flaming figure spoke furiously, “I’m Chi Huo. Human Half-Saint, cut the crap and answer me. Otherwise, both of you can dream of leaving!”

Xuan Ming forcefully restrained the flames of rage within him and said, “We have no intention to offend the Fire Spirit Race. The reason we’ve entered your territory is because we’re pursuing a human who has colluded with the defiant profounders. He has entered the Fire Spirit Race’s territory, so we followed him in. I hope Elder Chi can make a compromise. We’ll leave immediately once we’ve captured him!”

“Colluding with the defiant profounders?” Chi Huo’s voice carried a trace of solemness and rage. After all, colluding with the defiant profounders was undoubtedly like betraying all the clans and races in the Hallowed Grounds. If such a person had really fled into their territory, then the Fire Spirit Race had to lend a hand no matter what!

Xuan Ming was delighted when he heard Chi Huo. Because Yang Ye would definitely have no chance to survive if the Fire Spirit Race helped them!

Chi Huo raised his right hand, and then the ball of fire revolved swiftly while threads of flames swept out like a net. A short while passed before the threads returned to the ball of fire on his palm. He said in a low voice, “I wasn’t able to find that fellow’s tracks! Dammit! Such a formidable Half-Saint from your human race actually colluded with the defiant profounders!”

If even he was unable to locate someone in this world of lava, then there was only a single explanation. That person’s strength far surpassed his own! At the very least, that’s what he thought!

Xuan Ming’s expression grew slightly strange. He hesitated for a short while before he said, “Elder Chi, it isn’t a Half-Saint but a ninth rank Exalt Realm profounder!” Xuan Ming felt his face burn with shame once he finished speaking….

Chu Huo was stunned, and then he said, “An Exalt Realm profounder? Human! Are you trying to play tricks on me?”

“He really is an Exalt Realm profounder, but he’s slightly special….” Xuan Ming explained.

“Special? Special my ass!” Chu Huo suddenly roared furiously, “An Exalt Realm profounder was actually able to escape the joint forces of 2 Half-Saints like you, and was even able to enter the core territory of my Fire Spirit Race? Human! Do you think we’re idiots?”

Xuan Ming was at a loss for words.

“It seems like they’d come to our territory with some ulterior motives!” One of the other flaming figures by Chi Huo’s side spoke in a low voice.

The ball of flames on Chi Huo’s palm started revolving swiftly as he said, “Human, out of consideration that the defiant profounders are about to emerge, just get the fuck out of our territory. We’ll be magnanimous and not make a fuss about it. Otherwise, I’ll burn you to ashes today!”

Xuan Ming and the other Half-Saint’s expressions became unsightly to the extreme.

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