Chapter 695 – Marry Yang Ye?

Almighty Sword Domain

Xuan Ming’s eyes were filled with rage. After all, when had members of the Hallowed Halls suffered such humiliation?

However, he knew that they didn’t have even the slightest chance of winning if they fought here! Moreover, once they caused conflict between the Hallowed Halls and the Fire Spirit Race, then the consequences weren’t something that a Guardian of the Hallowed Halls like him could bear!

When he thought up to this point, Xuan Ming spoke in a low voice, “Chi Huo, even though that fellow, Yang Ye, is merely an Exalt Realm profounder, his strength far surpasses the Exalt Realm. If you allow him to stay in your territory, then your Fire Spirit Race will definitely suffer the consequences in the future!”

“Fuck you!” Chi Huo roared furiously and said, “An Exalt Realm profounder can threaten my Fire Spirit Race? Is there something wrong with you in the head? It looks to me like you have ill intent towards my Fire Spirit Race. I’ll give you one last chance. Fuck off right now or I’ll even incinerate your ashes into nothingness!”

Xuan Ming felt suffocated, and he was almost angered to the point his internal organs exploded apart!

“You’ll regret this!” Xuan Ming glanced coldly at them, and then he turned around and vanished with the other old man.

After Xuan Ming left, an old man by Chi Huo’s side spoke in a low voice, “Chi Huo, I think that it’s best for us to send some of out forces to stand on guard. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even know if those humans trespass into our territory.”

Chi Huo spoke coldly, “The humans have been acting more and more arrogantly lately. Moreover, more and more humans have been sneaking into the lava here in order to obtain the Firecrystals of our Fire Spirit Race. Looks like we were too kind in the past. From today onward, there’s no need to drive away any human who tries to steal our Firecrystals. Just kill them!”

“We should have done that from the beginning!” The old man by Chi Huo’s side spoke with agreement.

At this moment, Yang Ye felt extremely dizzy, and his mind was extremely heavy as if it was filled with lead. Besides that, the skin on his body and face had started to drop off, causing him to seem as if he was made of blood. It was an extremely terrifying and hideous sight.

If it was any other ordinary person, even if that person’s body could persist, the mind wouldn’t be able to. Because the blazing temperatures here were truly too terrifying.

Now, he was merely relying on his willpower!

His willpower allowed him to walk forward instinctively. Yes, he wasn’t flying forward any longer, and he was just walking.

Time passed before Yang Ye’s body finally collapsed.

Not long after he’d just collapsed, a woman suddenly walked over from afar through the lava.

The woman was around the age of 20. She had slanted and sharp brows, apricot eyes, and skin that was white as jade. She wore fiery red leather armor that wrapped tightly around her fine figure, and it vividly displayed her curves, causing her to seem truly hot. Besides that, she was holding a pair of red iron hammers that really didn’t match her figure. The hammers were like the size of an adult’s head, yet they were held in her fine and delicate hands. It was simply quite a strange scene.

The woman walked over to Yang Ye, and her brows raised when she saw the Nether Ghostflame that covered him. She said, “A Natural Treasure?” As she spoke, her gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and they instantly knit together slightly, “The Exalt Realm?”

Just like that, she stood on the spot and gazed silently at Yang Ye for a short while. Hesitance flashed through her eyes for a long time before she finally said, “Nevermind, you’ll do.” She waved her right hand as she spoke, and the Nether Ghostflame instantly transformed into a small ball of flames that flew into her grasp. It tried to resist in the beginning, but she somehow made it fall silent in next to no time.

Even though she’d taken the Nether Ghostflame, Yang Ye was still fine because the lava had actually flowed around Yang Ye for some unknown reason, and the space around him was completely devoid of lava.

After she put the Nether Ghostflame away, her gaze descended onto Yang Ye’s spatial ring, and she didn’t hesitate to gesture with her right hand. The spatial ring instantly flew off Yang Ye’s finger and fell onto her outstretched palm. She took a glance at it and frowned, “What a poor fellow! All he has is this lousy trash. Looks like he was a lucky bastard to even obtain that Natural Treasure!”

As she spoke, her gaze suddenly descended onto the ancient sheath in Yang Ye’s left hand, and a wisp of surprise flashed through her eyes. She stretched out her hand and gestured, and it flew into her grasp. She sized it up for a moment yet the surprise within her eyes didn’t fade but grew stronger instead. She said, “It looks quite good, but why doesn’t it have a sword? Forget it!”

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “All of these are mine now. I’ll treat them as my dowry! I’ll count to 3 now. If you don’t object, then I’ll consider it as your approval!”




She revealed a smile, “Alright, you don’t object. I’ll take it as you’ve agreed. Right, I’m Xiaoman, and you’ll be my husband from now on!” The woman carried Yang Ye with her as she vanished on the spot.

An unknown amount of time passed before Yang Ye’s recovered consciousness, and he heard some voices.

“Xiaoman, this is the man you found? Why is he only at the Exalt Realm? Moreover, he seems to be on the verge of death. It’s obvious that his body isn’t up to the task. Xiaoman, you have to be more careful when you look for a man or the happiness you should enjoy for the rest of your life will cease to exist!”

“Exactly. Even though our Fire Spirit Race lacks males, you can’t ill-treat yourself. Look, his figure is so thin, and his strength is so weak. Not to mention giving you happiness, even giving Elder Chi Huo a grandchild might be a huge problem….”

“Xiaoman, even though Big Sister’s strength is inferior to you, even 10 of you can’t compare to my ability in finding men. Not to mention the men I was with in the past, just look at my current man. Look at his body and appearance. Tsk, tsk…. Moreover, he’s already a Monarch Realm expert at such a young age. He might even be able to rise into the top 10 of the Hallowed Rankings if he entered the Hallowed Halls!”


Yang Ye heard something heavy smashed against the ground, and then the voice of a woman resounded by his ears, “Is your body getting itchy? Do you need me to fucking hammer it a little?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Yang Ye didn’t hear another sound. Meanwhile, exhaustion assaulted his mind, and Yang Ye fell unconscious.

A few days later, Yang Ye’s mind finally became much clearer.

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes, and he’d just done so when a voice came from his side, “You’re awake!”

Yang Ye looked over towards the source of the voice and saw a woman seated by the side of his bed, and a pair of enormous red hammers were by her side.

Obviously, she’d saved him. Yang Ye had just intended to stand up, but tearing pain instantly assaulted his entire body, causing him to be unable to help but gasp.

Meanwhile, a pair of fair hands pressed down on his chest, and the woman frowned, “Your injuries are very severe. Not only are your internal organs damaged, the vitality of the external area of your body was almost completely destroyed. It’s best that you don’t move for now or even a Saint won’t be able to save you!”

Yang Ye hurriedly inspected his body when he heard her, and he noticed that it was just as she’d said. His internal organs were severely damaged, and his body seemed as if it had shed its skin. Just touching any part of his body felt like blades cutting through him!

“You came for Firecrystals?” Meanwhile, the woman spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, “Firecrystals? What’s that?”

She glanced at him and noticed that he didn’t seem to be feigning ignorance, so she said, “Since you didn’t come for Firecrystals, then what were you doing in the territory of my Fire Spirit Race?”

“Fire Spirit Race?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “What sort of race is that?”

She stretched out her hand and tapped his forehead as she said, “Could your brain have been damaged from the heat?”

Yang Ye was speechless.

A short while passed before the woman explained, and Yang Ye finally understood where he was. Presently, he was over 100 kilometers beneath the surface. A race of beings lived underground here, and it was the Fire Spirit Race. To put it simply, it was an underground world. As for the lava, it was a barrier that the Fire Spirit Race used to stop other races from trespassing!

The world of the Fire Spirit Race resided behind the barrier, and it was actually not much different from the world outside.

The woman suddenly said, “Don’t think too much about it. Just stay here from now on. I won’t treat you badly!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched slightly, and he said, “Thank you for saving my life. I, Ye Yang, will definitely repay this kindness one day!” As he spoke, he hesitated for a moment before he said, “Miss, did you see my spirit treasure and an ancient sheath?”

After his mind fully cleared up, he noticed that the Nether Ghostflame, the ancient sheath, and his spatial ring were gone. He didn’t mind the spatial ring because all his true treasures were within the Primordial Pagoda. The most important was the ancient sheath because he couldn’t lose it. It was the same for the Nether Ghostflame because it had been with him for so long. Even though it wasn’t very useful to him anymore, it was still something that Elder Mu had given him!

“Ye Yang?” She nodded and said, “All those 3 things are with me.”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that. However, the next words she said caused his relief to be completely undone, “They’re mine now.”

Yang Ye was stunned and asked, “Why?”

She replied, “Because I’m going to marry you, so I’m taking them as my dowry. Of course, I won’t treat you unjustly. I’ll make that old geezer prepare betrothal gifts, and I’ll give you the best treasures I have. In short, you won’t lose anything!”

“Marry me? Dowry?” Yang Ye’s eyes opened wide, and he wasn’t able to wrap his head around this.

The woman nodded and said, “Our Fire Spirit Race has an abundance of women yet very few men. For the sake of preventing our extinction, our race decided to unite our race with other races. However, those other races have to marry into our Fire Spirit Race. So, the women of our race frequently head up to the surface to capture men for ourselves. I was about to do the same, but I encountered you. So, you’ll do just fine!”

Yang Ye was stunned for a short while before he laughed bitterly, “Miss, I appreciate your kind intentions. Oh, no. I mean, I have wives already. So….”

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s voice stopped abruptly because the slightly quiet woman seated before him had suddenly flared up. She picked up one of her hammers and brought it just 3 centimeters away from Yang Ye, and the pressure from it caused the bed beneath him to instantly crack apart.

“So you intend to refuse me, right?” Her voice was freezing cold.

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