Chapter 696 – You Have No Choice!

Almighty Sword Domain

“You have no choice!” She just spoke these words and left, leaving Yang Ye behind with an astounded expression on his face.

A short while passed before Yang Ye shook his head. Even though her actions were quite strange, she didn’t have any ill intent towards him. After all, she’d saved him. However, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because he was being forced to get married to her. He’d never imagined that something like this would happen to him.

As for the Nether Ghostflame and ancient sheath. He wasn’t completely against giving the Nether Ghostflame to her, but he was determined to take the ancient sheath back from her. Of course, recuperating was more important to him right now.

At this moment, there was quite a bit of violet profound energy within him, and he slowly urged them to flow through his meridians. The recuperative powers of the violet profound energy allowed his injuries to gradually recover.

Based on this speed, it will take me 3 days at most to recover 50% of my strength! Only his strength was capable of making him feel safe while at an unknown place. So, the important matter at hand was to recover his strength and find a chance to leave the Fire Spirit Race’s territory. Even though he was saved by them, it was still part of the Hallowed Grounds. So, the situation would turn very bad if they found out about his true identity!

The woman had frequently visited while he recuperated, and she gave him all sorts of healing treasures. Moreover, he gained a huge amount of information about the Fire Spirit Race from his conversations with her.

Her name was Xiaoman, and she was the granddaughter of an elder of the Fire Spirit Race. Their race had very few males, and it could be considered to be at a ratio of 3:7. So, the Fire Spirit Race had no choice but to make its women marry other races in order to protect their race from extinction.

Of course, it didn’t mean that the Fire Spirit Race intended for their women to be married off; they wanted men of the other races to marry into their race instead. The status of these men was quite low. Because, to a certain extent, they were only reproductive tools for the Fire Spirit Race….

Moreover, one a man from the outside joined the Fire Spirit Race, that man couldn’t leave the Fire Spirit Race’s territory without his wife’s permission. As for those who intend to flee, such incidents had occurred in the past. But it wasn’t long before at least 5 Half-Saints would pursue such a person!

The warning in Xiaoman’s tone was very obvious when she told Yang Ye about this!

In the room, Yang Ye recuperated as he asked Xiaoman, “Why did you choose me?”

Xiaoman withdrew a translucent spirit fruit and walked over to Yang Ye, and then she placed it before his mouth. Yang Ye had no choice but to eat it because she would force it down his throat if he refused!

Xiaoman nodded with satisfaction when she saw him eating obediently, and she said, “Once women of the Fire Spirit Race turn 18, it’s time for them to get married. But I….” When she spoke up to this point, she glanced at him and said, “I heard that you humans like gentle women, right?”

Yang Ye smiled with embarrassment and said, “That’s not necessarily the case. In any case, there’s no need for you to change yourself for someone else. Just be who you want to be!”


Xiaoman suddenly patted him on the shoulder while a slight smile appeared on her face, “Even though your strength is quite weak, I think you’re really not bad. Just stay here and marry me. Don’t worry, even if you’re weak, no one will dare to bully you while I’m here.”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Xiaoman continued, “As for why I chose you. I don’t know. In any case, I encountered you and felt that you weren’t unpleasant to the eye. So I chose you.”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and said, “Miss Xiaoman, forcefully uniting 2 people will never bring happiness to anyone. Only if you love someone and be together with that person would you find true happiness. Understand?” She’d saved his life, and he intended to repay that debt. But he’d never thought of giving himself to her….

“Love?” Xiaoman frowned and said, “What’s that? Can I eat it?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words!

She patted him on the shoulder and said, “In our race, women just have to take a liking to a man and drag him back here. Now, I think you’re not bad. So, let’s make do for now. Otherwise, that old geezer will definitely force me to find someone. As for everything else, just forget about it. In any case, it’s pointless. After all, it’s your fault for being so weak. I can smack you to the ground with a single strike!”

Yang Ye didn’t know how to respond to her.

Xiao Man paid no attention to his reaction. She pinched his body, and then a wisp of surprise flashed through her eyes as she said, “It’s surprising that such a weak body actually possesses such a formidable recuperative power. I’d thought that it would take another 15 days before you would be able to move freely. But it seems like you should be able to accomplish that in a day from now. Alright, we’ll be able to get married even earlier!”

Yang Ye watched helplessly as she carried her iron hammers and walked out of the room.

He continued recuperating, but it wasn’t long before he suddenly opened his eyes again. A woman walked into the room at the exact same moment.

If Xiaoman was like a young green apple, then she was like a completely ripe peach. Her delicate body wasn’t slim but curvaceous, extremely curvaceous. Her dressing was quite revealing as she was only wearing a very short leather top, and it merely covered the important parts on her chest. As for the other parts of her upper body, it was completely exposed.

Coupled with the pair of watermelons she had, it seemed like they would explode out from the leather top at any moment….

The woman’s lower body was extremely exposed as well. She was merely wearing a sheer and transparent skirt. Beneath the skirt was a clearly visible piece of red cloth. The cloth was very small and short. Most importantly, it was quite transparent as well. So, if one looked carefully at that spot, one would be able to lay eyes upon a completely different scene!

After she walked in, her gaze had instantly descended onto Yang Ye, and then she revealed an alluring smile before walking slowly towards him. The watermelons on her chest instantly started shaking as she started walking, and it was like they would break free of her leather top’s restraints at any moment.

As she walked slowly, her eyes glowed brilliantly while she revealed natural allure. Coupled with her mature and curvaceous body, it was sufficient to make any man go mad. However, Yang Ye merely took a glance at her before he withdrew his gaze. He possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart, so he wouldn’t be affected by any allure or charm if he didn’t want to!

A wisp of surprise flashed through her eyes when she noticed that she hadn’t been able to charm him, but it wasn’t long before the allure on her face grew even greater.

She walked over to Yang Ye and sat where Xiaoman sat earlier. It was impossible to tell if she’d done it on purpose, but her legs were spread slightly apart, and Yang Ye would be able to lay eyes upon the scene between them if he raised his eyes and looked.

“Haha….” The woman suddenly laughed coquettishly and said, “Young Brother, you looked quite bad a few days ago. I never expected that your appearance would actually be not bad once you recovered. But I wonder how you are in that other aspect. Oh my, how embarrassing….”

Yang Ye’s brows knit together because he felt a strange energy envelop him, and it actually caused him to feel quite restless. He realized that she was executing a technique of seduction!

If it were in the past, he would have swung his sword a long time ago! However, he couldn’t right now!

Because she was a Monarch Realm expert!

As Xiaoman said, she could smack him to the ground with a single strike!

The surprise in her eyes grew greater when she noticed that Yang Ye’s eyes were still closed. She suddenly moved closer to him, and it caused a wave of fragrance to assault him!

There’s something wrong with this fragrance! Because the restlessness that he’d forcefully suppressed had instantly appeared again!

Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes and gazed at her, and she was slightly stunned because she didn’t see any lust in Yang Ye’s eyes. His eyes were completely clear!

The woman was stunned for a moment before she revealed a charming smile and said, “Young Brother, you truly surprised Big Sister!” As she spoke, she moved even closer to Yang Ye, and only less than a centimeter was left between them. Both of them could clearly sense each other’s breathing.

She gazed at him and spoke in a charming voice, “Xiaoman is a virgin without any experience. Such a woman can’t make you happy. She isn’t like me. I’ve experienced countless battles, so I guarantee that you’ll never have to leave your bed again if I’m by your side. Don’t you want to experience that?”

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s right hand formed a claw that grabbed at her neck, but it wasn’t long before a fair hand grabbed his hand.

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. His strength was only at 30% of what it was now, and both his internal and external injuries hadn’t healed completely. So he wasn’t a match for a Monarch Realm expert at all!

Of course, he could choose to have that ‘experience’ with her. But Yang Ye firmly believed that if he did make such a choice, then he would definitely die before he even realized it.

After all, a beautiful woman was coming onto him for no reason! Yang Ye was no fool! He was very clearly aware that she was definitely here with an agenda. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have tried to charm him since she entered the room.

Even though she’d grabbed his hand, a wisp of surprise flashed through her eyes again. Because Yang Ye’s speed and strength was quite surprising her. After all, it was absolutely not something that an Exalt Realm profounder could possess. Moreover, Yang Ye was still heavily injured right now!

She glanced at Yang Ye, and then cracked a smile as she said, “Looks like I underestimated you a little. I presume you’re not an ordinary person on the surface. But that’s even better. Big Sister loves those people with extraordinary natural talent and strength. I hope you don’t disappoint me in that aspect. Hehe….”

As she spoke, her other hand pressed down upon his chest, and then it continued down before finally arriving between his legs….

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