Chapter 698 – You Know Yang Ye?

Almighty Sword Domain

It wasn’t long before Yang Ye was stripped down to his last piece of clothing which covered his privates. Fortunately, Xiaoman didn’t intend to pull that off as well, and it allowed him to heave a huge sigh of relief.

It was the first time he’d been treated like this by a woman!

A large red robe was placed over him, and then he left the room under Xiaoman’s lead.

Even though the Fire Spirit Race lived beneath the ground, the air here was extremely clear, and it wasn’t inferior to the surface at all. Moreover, the underground wasn’t completely dark as he’d imagined. For some unknown reason, it was extremely bright even if there was no sun here. It was like a form of daylight beneath the ground.

The Fire Spirit Race had a Patriarch, and beneath the Patriarch was its 10 elders. But the Patriarch was cultivating behind closed doors all year long, so the elders managed the affairs of their race.

Xiaoman’s grandfather was one of the 10 elders, so her status in the race was extremely high.

“Hey, isn’t that Xiaoman?” Yang Ye and Xiaoman had just left the room when a beautiful and curvaceous woman had her arms wrapped around a man’s arm as she walked over slowly.

Yang Ye sized her up. She was quite attractive, and she could be considered a beauty. However, the smile on her face made him feel quite uncomfortable because it was too forced and fake. The man by her side was extremely handsome. He wore a white robe while a sword hung on his waist, and he walked slowly in a composed and extremely elegant manner!

Of course, the most important aspect was that they were both at the Monarch Realm!

Yang Ye suffered quite a blow to his confidence when he arrived at the Hallowed Grounds. Because young Monarch Realm experts could simply be seen everywhere! However, it wasn’t hard for him to understand because he noticed that the abundance of spirit energy here was countless times greater than the continent. If the geniuses of the continent were to be able to come here, then any one of them would definitely be able to attain the Monarch Realm around the age of 20!

Xiaoman glanced at the man before she said, “Qian Mei, you changed to another man again. I remember that you just got a new one a few days ago, right?”

The woman called Qian Mei chuckled and said, “Men are like clothes. They have to be changed when they aren’t comfortable anymore. Even if they are, they still have to be changed after some time passes.”

Yang Ye couldn’t help but give her a thumbs up in his heart when he heard this. Because he felt that the women of the Fire Spirit Race were truly formidable!

On the other hand, Yang Ye was quite surprised because the man by her side actually didn’t reveal any aversion to what she said.

Meanwhile, her gaze suddenly descended onto Yang Ye. She sized him up carefully before she shook her head and said, “Xiaoman, this man of yours is nothing great. He doesn’t have a good figure, a good appearance, or strength. It’s quite a sad and disgraceful sight to take him out with you. It’s fine if you just want to have some fun, but you actually intend to get married with him! Xiaoman, I have to say that your mind is getting more and more abnormal!”

Bang! Bang!

Xiaoman smashed her hammers against the ground and said, “Qian Mei, was the last beating not enough?”

Qian Mei’s face instantly turned cold, and she said, “Xiaoman, your grandfather is an elder, and my grandfather is one as well. Do you think that I would be afraid of you?”

Xiaoman replied, “Then why don’t you give it a try?”

Qian Mei was infuriated to the point her face was livid. Because besides the patriarch’s daughter, no one in the younger generation of the Fire Spirit Race was stronger than Xiaoman. She’d fought Xiaoman on numerous occasions, but she was beaten up every single time.

She forcefully restrained the rage in her heart and laughed coldly, “Xiaoman, go on and be arrogant. Let me see how you’ll continue being so arrogant once your grandfather perishes!”


The red hammer in Xiaoman’s hand flew out of her grasp, and it transformed into a ray of red light that smashed towards Qian Mei.


Meanwhile, a ray of sword qi flashed before an explosion resounded, and then Xiaoman’s hammer was instantly blasted back towards her.

10th level Sword Intent! A wisp of surprise flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he gazed at the man by Qian Mei’s side. Because besides Zuo Dengfeng, this man’s Sword Intent was the strongest he’d encountered.

Xiaoman’s gaze descended onto the man and said, “10th level Sword Intent!” Her voice carried a trace of solemnness.

“Hahaha!” Qian Mei started laughing as she said, “Xiaoman, you never expected that, right? My Bai Chen is a genius in the Sword Dao, a true genius in the Sword Dao. He attained the Monarch Realm at the age of 20 and even possesses 10th level Sword Intent. Besides that fellow, Zuo Dengfeng, who Yang Ye killed, my Bai Chen is the greatest genius in the Sword Dao within the Hallowed Halls!”

The man grinned and said, “I intended to challenge Zuo Dengfeng. Unfortunately, he actually died at the hands of a sword cultivator from that abandoned world. What a humiliation! A dignified expert on the Hallowed Rankings actually died at the hands of a sword cultivation on Profounder Continent. But it’s fine because I’ll wash away this shame that the sword cultivators of the Hallowed Grounds suffer!”

Yang Ye who was standing silently at the side until now was stunned when he heard them, and then he couldn’t help but ask, “All of you know Yang Ye?”

Qian Mei and Bai Chen glanced at Yang Ye, and they revealed a wisp of disdain yet didn’t answer him.

“Why do all of you always have to act like this?” Yang Ye was quite speechless when it came to how they acted. All of them were extremely proud and arrogant. He felt that the members of the Fire Spirit Race were just like the Hallowed Halls, all of them were haughty and arrogant!

The man glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “A person, especially one who is weak… should keep a low profile. You should know your limits, or you might lose your head at any moment!”

Qian Mei said, “Bei Chen, there’s no need to waste your breath on that trash!” As she spoke, she glanced at Xiaoman and continued, “Xiaoman, go on and be arrogant for the next few days. Once your grandfather is dead and you lose your backing, let’s see how you survive then!”

“Do you want me to kill you right now?” Xiaoman’s hammers started spinning in her grasp. Yang Ye knew that she was on the verge of going berserk.

Qian Mei laughed coldly, and then she wrapped her arms around the man’s arm and left. Besides the patriarch’s daughter, no one else amongst the Fire Spirit Race’s younger generation dared to offend Xiaoman before her grandfather fell. Because Xiaoman was one who disregarded everything when she flared up.

Yang Ye asked after they left, “There’s enmity between the two of you?”

Xiaoman remained silent for a short while before she said, “My grandfather doesn’t have a good temper, and I don’t as well. During the competitions amongst our race, their grandfathers were always beaten up by my grandfather, and they were always beaten up by me. So, many people carry resentment towards me and my grandfather. It’s really not my fault. They should blame themselves and their grandfathers for being too weak, right?”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “Actually, what you said makes sense as well!” He wasn’t trying to flatter her, and he really felt that what she said made sense. But it felt quite strange to him….

Xiaoman smiled and said, “I’m liking you more and more. Come, let’s get married!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

While they were on the way, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he asked, “Your Fire Spirit Race is aware of Yang Ye as well?” He was quite curious because they’d spoken his name just now.

Suddenly, a hammer arrived right before Yang Ye’s nose, and then it moved away before Xiaoman’s face appeared right beside his own. She spoke seriously, “In the future, it’s our Fire Spirit Race. Understand!?”

Yang Ye was utterly speechless!

Xiaoman grabbed his arm and continued forward, and then he said, “How can anyone in the Hallowed Grounds be unaware of that demon, Yang Ye? Numerous experts on the Hallowed Rankings perished at his hands, so it’s impossible for him to not be infamous. Hmph! In my opinion, it’s those fellows who were too weak. If I were in their place, I would have hammered him into a sheet of meat by now!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched as he said, “Why?”

“Because I would be indirectly slapping the Hallowed Halls’ face!” Xiaoman explained, “After all, I killed someone that the Hallowed Halls couldn’t kill. So doesn’t that mean that the Hallowed Halls is inferior to my Fire Spirit Race? Right, that fellow, Yang Ye, is probably not ordinary at all. You have to work hard in the future. Once you attain the Monarch Realm, then even 10 Yang Ye’s wouldn’t be a match for our joint forces!”

“I agree that even 10 Yang Ye’s wouldn’t be our match!” Yang Ye agreed.

Xiaoman nodded, and then she glanced at Yang Ye and said, “You’re too weak right now, but your foundation isn’t bad at all. I’ll go steal some 1,000 year old Firecrystals from the old geezer once you get better. At that time, you should be able to advance into the Monarch Realm!”


“Of course. The old geezer doesn’t have a good impression of humans at all after what happened to my cousin sister. If I said that it was for a human, then he would rather take his wealth to his grave than give them to you,” said Xiaoman.

“Does you Fire Spirit Race have no males?” asked Yang Ye.

“It does!”

“Then why did you choose me?” Yang Ye was very puzzled by this. Even though she seemed to be quite carefree and unrestrained, she was absolutely not mad. So it was really weird for her to have grabbed him with the intention of marrying him. He refused to believe that she’d grabbed him and intended to marry him just because she’d encountered him by chance.

Xiao Man stopped moving. She remained silent for a short while and hesitated for quite some time before she said, “It’s the first time I’m doing something like this as well. In short, I’ll tell you everything once we’re married. Don’t ask about it for now. Otherwise, you should be aware of how bad my temper is, and I might instinctively swing my hammer towards you if try to press me for an answer….”

Yang Ye was at an utter loss for words. He really had nothing to say to her anymore. Because she actually said she would hit him instinctively…. She was truly beyond anything he’d ever seen!

It wasn’t long before they arrived in front of a pavilion.

Xiaoman walked over to the entrance and spoke loudly, “Old geezer, you said that you wouldn’t see me again if I didn’t find a man to get married to. I’ve found one now, and I’ve even brought a treasure for you. You might not have to die anymore, so quickly open up!”

At this moment, Yang Ye finally had a slight understanding of why Xiaoman wanted to marry him. He wasn’t sure of the real reason, but he knew that it was definitely related to the old man in the pavilion!

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