Chapter 699 – Slapping The Face Of A Half-Saint!

Almighty Sword Domain

An old man with fiery red hair appeared before them!

Yang Ye’s heart shook!

A Half-Saint!

The old man before him was a Half-Saint, and the danger he sensed from the old man was even stronger than Xuan Ming!

The old man’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and his gaze was like an arrow that seemed to intend to pierce through Yang Ye. Fortunately, Yang Ye’s will was extremely strong, and he possessed 2nd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent. So, the pressure the old man exerted upon him was merely able to make him feel slightly uncomfortable before quickly recovering his composure!

“A human?” The old man frowned.

Yang Ye instantly felt the pressure grow slightly stronger.

Meanwhile, Xiaoman stepped in front of Yang Ye and said, “Old geezer, it’s great that I even brought a man back. Even I’m not being picky, so why are you? Moreover, I feel that he’s pleasing to the eye, so I’ve decided to choose him!”

The old man took another glance at Yang Ye and said, “He’s too weak. I’m afraid he wouldn’t even be able to protect himself here.”

“It’s fine so long as his foundation isn’t weak!” said Xiaoman.

The old man’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye again, and Yang Ye’s heart shook once more because it would be bad if the old man saw through his strength. After all, 2nd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent was extremely rare. Fortunately, the old man withdrew his gaze quickly. In other words, he hadn’t seen through Yang Ye’s true strength. This allowed Yang Ye to heave a sigh of relief.

The old man said, “He isn’t a piece of trash since he’s able to stay so calm and composed before me. Since you’ve made up your mind, then he’ll do. The marriage has to be completed before I meet my end, or I won’t be able to die in peace.”

As he spoke, the old man stretched out his hand and grabbed. A member of the Fire Spirit Race who was over 1km away appeared before him, and he said, “Notify everyone that the granddaughter of I, Tong Fen, is about to marry a man!”

In next to no time, the news of Xiaoman’s marriage had spread throughout the Fire Spirit Race.

“What? That tigress is going to marry someone? My god! Who’s that unlucky to actually get married to her? He’s finished! Only darkness awaits him.”

“He really is finished. That tigress and her grandfather have offended countless people amongst our race. Once he passes and that tigress loses her backing, I wonder how many would step forward to take revenge on her.”

“But what if she gets pregnant? After all, it’s a severe crime to attack a pregnant woman!”

“Even if she’s pregnant, can that guy get pregnant as well? So, he’s dead. Not only is he dead, she’ll have a terrible life as well.”

“Let’s stop talking and head over quickly. We’ll miss that tigress’ marriage if we’re late!”

Heavenly Fire Pavilion.

Heavenly Fire Pavilion belonged to Xiaoman’s grandfather, Tong Fen. At this moment, it was covered in the symbol for double happiness ‘’ and red silk ribbons. It was covered in an aura of celebration.

People were ceaselessly entering the hall, and some even brought gifts, but many came empty handed.

After all, he was a Half-Saint who was on the verge of death, and he was also one who made enemies of everyone. So, many didn’t want to attend it. However, Tong Fen was still alive in the end. If they didn’t attend, then it represented that they refused to give him face at all. Besides a few people, no one else dared to act in that way!

Because a dying Half-Saint was still a Half-Saint, and he wasn’t someone who they could rival!

At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t have the strength to resist at all. It didn’t matter if it was Xiaoman’s grandfather or Xiaoman, he wasn’t able to resist any one of them right now. Even if he fled now, he would absolutely be unable to escape the Fire Spirit Race’s territory. Moreover, his injuries hadn’t been fully healed, and he didn’t have the Nether Ghostflame with him anymore, so entering the lava in such a state was no different than courting death!

Moreover, the ancient sheath was still in Xiaoman’s possession!

If he didn’t have the ancient sheath, then how would he take the Sword Precursor upon returning to the surface?

There was another thing that truly puzzled Yang Ye. The ancient sheath had a will of its own, and it could have automatically returned to his side. However, the Sword Spirit didn’t do that, and that truly made him feel puzzled!

In short, he had no other choice right now!

Xiao Man and Yang Ye stood at the center of the hall, and Tong Fen who sat on an ancient wooden armchair was right in front of them.

Xiaoman had changed into a bright red ceremonial robe with a phoenix coronet. But her dressing wasn’t able to conceal the heroic and mighty bearing she possessed. Yang Ye who stood by her side wore a red robe, and it made him seem much better looking than before. Of course, the main reason was Yang Ye’s bearing.

Yang Ye couldn’t be said to be handsome, but he was absolutely not ugly. As his ramrod straight figure stood by Xiaoman’s side, he was like a sharp sword that had hidden its blade. Even though he didn’t emanate an oppressive and arrogant aura, he had an indescribably unique bearing. This made the gazes of many women of the Fire Spirit Race to descend upon him from time to time.

More and more people were arriving in the hall, and it wasn’t long before Yang Ye saw 3 familiar faces. One of them was Fu Jinxian who wanted to make him a eunuch. Fu Jinxian changed into a different set of clothes, but it wasn’t inferior to her previous clothes in terms of being revealing and sexy. This made the gazes of many men from the both the human race and fire spirit race to descend upon her repeatedly.

She seemed to have noticed Yang Ye’s gaze and shot an alluring smile at him. Moreover, she even stuck out her tongue and licked her lips, and the lusty expression on her face caused the desires of many men to be aroused.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and looked at the other 2 people. It was naturally Qian Mei and that man who possessed 10th level Sword Intent. Both of them didn’t look at Yang Ye. Their gazes had descended onto Xiaoman, and there were cold smiles on the corners of their mouths.

There were 2 other pairs of men and women who had their gazes on Xiaoman right now, and besides ridicule, there was also coldness in their eyes.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and glanced at Xiaoman before he sighed softly in his heart. It’s completely normal for her to have so many enemies with that temper of hers. Yang Ye decided in his heart that he would definitely help her once he was fully recovered. Because the conversation between Xiaoman and her grandfather had allowed him to realize that Xiaoman’s grandfather seemed to have suffered some sort of injury, and that was the reason why he was on the verge of death!

Once her grandfather fell, then Xiaoman would fall into a very bad situation!

“The Grand Elder has arrived!”

“The 2nd Elder has arrived!”

“The 4th Elder has arrived!”

Right at this moment, announcements resounded abruptly.

As soon as the voice finished resounded, 3 old men walked into the hall.

3 Half-Saints!

Yang Ye’s heart sank. At this moment, he finally realized why the members of the Hallowed Halls were so haughty when they arrived at Profounder Continent. Not to mention any other power, just the number of Half-Saints from the Hallowed Halls and Fire Spirit Race was a few times greater than the number of Half-Saints on Profounder Continent! So how many would there be if all the other races here were included?

The Profounder Continent was truly too weak when compared to the Hallowed Grounds!

“Elders!” Everyone within the hall bowed respectfully to those elders.

“Today is Xiaoman’s wedding day, so there’s no need for such formalities. Just be at ease!” The Grand Elder who led the group waved his hands, and then he walked over to Tong Fen while accompanied by the other 2 elders. The Grand Elder glanced at Tong Fen, and he couldn’t help but sigh. He didn’t say anything else and just sat on Tong Fen’s left.

Meanwhile, the 2nd Elder suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You’re the one who spoke insolently to my granddaughter?”

Yang Ye was stunned, but it wasn’t long before he came to an understanding. He realized that the old fellow’s granddaughter was Qian Mei. Yang Ye recalled the conversation with Qian Mei earlier, and then he shook his head and said, “I didn’t!” He really hadn’t because he’d merely asked a single question.

“You still intend to argue!” The 2nd Elder spoke angrily, “My granddaughter said that you spoke insolently to her, so you definitely have.”

Yang Ye glanced at him and said, “I understand now. You’re trying to look for trouble with me. Come on, you’re a Half-Saint at any rate. If you want to act against Xiaoman’s grandfather, then just target him directly. He’s right in front of you. Isn’t it an embarrassment for a Half-Saint to look for trouble with an Exalt Realm profounder like me!?”

Everyone here was stunned.

Isn’t he a little too… gutsy?

Even though they knew that the 2nd Elder was using this opportunity to create trouble, they felt that it couldn’t be exposed so bluntly. After all, wasn’t that no different than slapping the face of a Half-Saint?

He’s courting death!What an idiot!”

Such a brainless fool….

All the others here had all sorts of views towards Yang Ye. Because Xiaoman’s grandfather would definitely step forward and help him if he kept quiet, and that was what the 2nd Elder wanted. But now, he’d drawn the rage of a Half-Saint onto himself. All of them felt that he was courting death!

The Grand Elder glanced at Yang Ye as he thought to himself, He’s either extraordinarily brave or a complete fool.

Tong Fen glanced at Yang Ye while a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes.

The 2nd Elder was stunned for a moment because he hadn’t expected that an ant at the Exalt Realm would actually dare to insult him in public. As soon as he recovered from his shock, a wisp of gloominess flashed through his eyes as he said, “No matter what your identity in the human race was before this, you have to abide by the rules of my Fire Spirit Race since you’ve come here. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the rules because I can teach them to you right now!” As he spoke, a formidable pressure surged out from his body and pressed down upon Yang Ye like a mountain.

The floor beneath Yang Ye’s feet instantly cracked apart when the pressure descended. But right when it was about to touch Yang Ye, another pressure had suddenly appeared and collided with it.

A moment of silence ensued after their collision, and then they vanished on the spot as if they’d never appeared here.

“Qian Yan, that human is right. Just come at me if you have a problem. Even if you don’t think it’s embarrassing for a Half-Saint like you to act against a human at the Exalt Realm, I still feel embarrassed for you!” Tong Fen spoke indifferently.

“Hah!” Qian Yan chuckled lightly and said, “2nd Elder. Oh right, you’re the 3rd Elder now. What are you saying, 3rd Elder? How could I possibly act against you? I merely felt that your granddaughter’s fiancé doesn’t know the rules of our race, so I intended to teach them to him. It’s fine if you’re unwilling to let me do that. However, people who don’t abide by the rules usually die prematurely. What if he’s killed by accident one day? Xiaoman would have to become a widow!”

“You old bastard!” Meanwhile, Xiaoman who’d remained silent until now spoke abruptly, “Aren’t you just acting so brazenly because you think my grandfather is about to die? Let me tell you that my grandfather’s Fire Poison can be eliminated!”

Xiao Man flipped her palm as she spoke, and then a thumb sized ball of flames appeared on her palm.

“A Natural Treasure!” Countless people cried out involuntarily when they saw it.

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