Chapter 703 – More Bets!

Almighty Sword Domain

Because it was the last attack and Yang Ye had infuriated him, Bao Chen didn’t hold back at all. However, he couldn’t break the rules, so while he did release his 10th level Sword Intent, he didn’t utilize it to suppress Yang Ye.

“Die!” A furious roar resounded as Bai Chen swung his sword swiftly, and then a cold ray of light flashed at an alarming speed. It was swift to the point some Exalt Realm experts in the surroundings weren’t even able to catch sight of it!

“Break!” At practically the exact same moment, Yang Ye’s voice resounded here, and then they saw him clench his fists and smash them towards the sword qi.

A cold smile that carried disdain arose on the corners of Bai Chen’s mouth. An injured Exalt Realm profounder like him is trying to resist my Sword Intent in a head-on collision? He’s dreaming!

In next to no time, the cold smile and disdain on his face had stiffened.

It wasn’t just him, everyone else here was stunned as well.

An explosion resounded before Bai Chen’s sword qi vanished, and Yang Ye there on the spot without moving an inch.

“How could that be possible?” Bai Chen seemed as if he’d lost his soul, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Qian Yan had stood up with his fists clenched tightly, and his eyes were filled with disbelief as well. The Grand Elder who sat by Qian Yan’s side opened his eyes as well, and he gazed at Yang Ye while a trace of an indescribably color filled it.

Fu Jinxian stared fixedly at Yang Ye as if she wanted to renew her understanding of him.

Yang Ye patted his hands together and gazed at Bai Chen, “You’ve lost!”

It would have been utterly impossible for Yang Ye to resist Bai Chen’s attack with just his physical strength if Bai Chen had utilized all his strength. However, Bai Chen hadn’t utilized his full strength, and he’d only utilized 30% of his strength. In Yang Ye’s opinion, 30% OF Bai Chen’s strength was….

Actually, he’d intended to feign weakness like he had during the previous attacks, but he really couldn’t stand the sight of this fellow, so he stopped acting. In any case, all he revealed was his physical strength.

As they cared at Yang Ye’s carefree appearance, many quick-witted people instantly came to an understanding. They realized that he’d truly been feigning weakness….

“Impossible! You! You cheated!” Meanwhile, Qian Mei suddenly pointed at Yang Ye and roared, “How could you possibly resist that attack? How could you possibly do it? It’s utterly impossible! So you definitely cheated! Right, you definitely cheated!”

Yang Ye said, “I really don’t want to waste my breath on a stupid woman like you. But I’ll still explain. You say that I cheated? How did I cheat? What is considered as cheating?”

“You….” Qian Mei was instantly exasperated, and she was about to attack him. However, the Grand Elder suddenly said, “Qian Mei, you say that he cheated? Are you saying that the 4 of us are old and can’t see clearly? Moreover, as long as no one helped him, then he was able to resist it because he possessed the ability to do so, understand?”

Qian Mei’s expression changed, and she didn’t dare refute the Grand Elder. After all, the Grand Elder’s status in the Fire Spirit Race was merely inferior to the patriarch! So, she could only stare resentfully at Yang Ye as if she wanted to stare him to death!

“You tricked me!” Meanwhile, Bai Chen spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I did. What are you going to do about it?”

Bai Chen’s face instantly had a ferocious expression on it, and his sword was trembling incessantly.

Yang Ye paid no attention to him. He gazed at Qian Yan and said, “Hand it over!”

The corners of Qian Yan’s mouth twitched a little. After all, it was 5 1,000 year old Firecrystals, and it would take a few dozen years even for him to obtain such an amount. So, he was naturally unwilling to hand it over just like that!

However, right when he was about to act shamelessly, the Grand Elder spoke, “Qian Yan, you’re the 2nd Elder of our Fire Spirit Race at any rate. Wouldn’t the human race laugh at our race if you don’t keep your word even when it’s related to just that little bit of treasures? Hand it over!”

Qian Yan’s face fell, but he remained silent.

“What? You intend to swallow my possessions as well?” Meanwhile, the Grand Elder spoke abruptly.

Qian Yan pondered deeply for a short while before he smiled, “Grand Elder, you must be kidding. Am I that kind of person? I accept my defeat, take it!” As he spoke, he waved his hand and tossed 5 Firecrystals to the Grand Elder before he gazed at Yang Ye, “Good! Very good! I never expected that I would have misjudged you slightly! Very good indeed!”

His eyes and voice were filled with undisguised killing intent.

Yang Ye paid no attention to him. He gazed at the Grand Elder, and the latter didn’t hesitate to wave his right hand, causing 3 Firecrystals to fly over to Yang Ye. The gazes of countless people in the surroundings burned with desire as they gazed at the Firecrystals in Yang Ye’s grasp, and some of their gazes even carried a cold glow.

Most of the people here were at the Monarch Realm while Yang Ye was merely at the Exalt Realm. So, it was like a child running around streets with a bar of gold. How could anyone not be filled with greed and ill intent?

Yang Ye disregarded them. He turned around and walked over to Xiaoman before he passed one of them to her. The latter was slightly stunned and said, “For me?”

Yang Ye nodded.

The spectators were first stunned when they witnessed this scene, and then they couldn’t help but start cursing.

“What a fucking idiot! Does he not know what he has in his hands? Those are Firecrystals, 1,000 year old Firecrystals! Yet he actually gave them away so casually? Is there something wrong with him in the head?”

“What a fucking idiot! A 1,000 year old Firecrystal is enough for him to advance into the Monarch Realm, yet he gave it away so casually. What a fool!”

“I really feel so jealous. Why wasn’t I able to encounter such a fellow?”

“He probably doesn’t know how valuable they are….”

“Right, he clearly seems like an ignorant fellow. He’ll probably cry once he knows how valuable they are….”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly turned around and glanced at them. He said, “What does this have to do with all of you? Does it have anything to do with all of you?” As he spoke, Yang Ye tossed one of the Firecrystals on the ground, and then he stomped on it, “I’m not just going to give it away, I’m even going to do this. Bite me!”

All of them were at a loss for words.

As they watched Yang Ye toss a 1,000 year old Firecrystal on the ground and step on it, the corners of the mouths of all the 4 Half-Saints here twitched. After all, it was a 1,000 year old Firecrystal. Even they treated it like a precious treasure. Yet now, this fellow called Ye Yang was actually stomping on it….

They had the impulse to slap him to death on the spot!

Meanwhile, one of the men from the Fire Spirit Race suddenly pointed at Yang Ye and spoke furiously, “You idiot! You ignorant fool! Do you know how precious Firecrystals are? Even Half-Saints would have to spend at least 10 years of time to obtain just one. But you… you are actually treating a 1,000 year old Firecrystal like that! You should suffer the wrath of the heavens!”

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “What does whether I suffer the wrath of the heavens have to do with you? Don’t complain that I didn’t give all of you a chance. I’ll give all of you a chance right now. All of you can do as that idiot Bai Chen did and make me resist 3 moves of yours. These 2 Firecrystals in my hand will belong to you if I fail, alright?”

Bai Chen’s face twitched violently while killing intent surged in his eyes.

“Really!?” The voices of many had started to tremble.

Yang Ye said, “Of course, all of you can only use 30% of your strength. Moreover, just as before, all of you must bet 1,000 year old Firecrystals!”

All of them instantly felt dispirited when they heard him because they didn’t have 1,000 year old Firecrystals!

“I’ll make that bet with you!” Meanwhile, Bai Chen spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye glanced at Bai Chen and said, “You have 1,000 year old Firecrystals?”

Bai Chen spoke in a low voice, “I don’t!”

“Since you don’t, then why the fuck are you making noise now?” Yang Ye shouted angrily.

“I’ll bet with my life!” Bai Chen spoke solemnly.

“I refuse!” Yang Ye refused decisively, “If you want to bet, then bet 1,000 year old Firecrystals. Otherwise, fuck off all the way back home! I don’t have the time to waste my breath on all of you!”

He was too arrogant!

It was to the point that many were on the verge of exploding with rage!

Bai Chen gazed at Qian Yan. Qian Yan’s face was quite gloomy, and no one knew what he was thinking. A short while passed before he flipped his palm once more, and another 5 Firecrystals appeared in his grasp. He said, “Ye Yang, we can continue the bet, but the rules have to be changed. You must resist an attack that carries Bai Chen’s full strength. We’ll make the bet with you if you agree!”

Yang Ye fell silent.

“Haha! What is it? Ye Yang! Have your balls shrunk? Weren’t you so arrogant just now? Weren’t you very strong? Why don’t you continue with your arrogance now!? Come on!”

“Earlier, Brother Bai merely utilized 30% of his strength, and he wasn’t even serious. Yet you actually thought that you can fight Brother Bai? How laughable! Now that Brother Bai is taking it seriously, you’ve shrunk back immediately!?”

“He’s just trash that was full of conceit from his initial success. Trash like you are usually not even worth a few lines in chivalric novels!’

Yang Ye clenched his fists tightly while he had a livid expression on his face, and he seemed to be trying hard to control his emotions.

Yang Ye’s appearance caused the spectators to feel even more self-satisfied.

“Hey you, Ye Yang, right? Weren’t you talking a lot just now? Come on and say something. Why have you suddenly become mute?” Qian Mei spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he glanced at them and said, “All of you…. All of you are going too far!”

“So we are. What are you going to do about it? Bite us!” Someone immediately used what Yang Ye had said earlier.

“What would all of you do if I win!?” Yang Ye spoke abruptly.

All of them were stunned, and then they said, “Is it possible? Is it even possible?”

“What if I do?” said Yang Ye.

At this moment, a man suddenly withdrew a few dozen Firecrystals and said, “I’ll give all of these Firecrystals to you if you succeed. There are quite a few here that are over 100 years old, so it isn’t a small amount. What do you think?”

“I’ll do the same if you succeed!”

“Me too….”

It wasn’t long before practically 90% of the people here had withdrawn their Firecrystals, and there were over a thousand Firecrystals at least. Most of them were only a few dozen years old, but there were a few that were over 100 years ago. Moreover, there was even one that was 400 years old, and it came from Qian Mei!

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Xiaoman, take all of them and give them to the Grand Elder. Ask the Grand Elder to take custody of them for now!”

The Grand Elder glanced at Yang Ye and said, “There’s no need for that. Just leave them there. No one will dare to go back on their word!”

Yang Ye nodded. He was just about to speak when Qian Mei spoke abruptly, “Ye Yang, I’ll fucking kneel down and lick you if you’re able to resist Bai Chen’s full strength!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he gazed at the Grand Elder and Qian Yan, “Does it count?”

Qian Yan’s face twitched as he glared fiercely at Qian Mei. The latter refused to back down and glared back at him. Obviously, Yang Ye had truly infuriated her.

“It does!” replied the Grand Elder.

Qian Yan pondered deeply for a short while and said, “Ye Yang, if you lose, then you have to hand over all the 1,000 year old Firecrystals and kowtow 100 times to every single person here. If you agree, then everything that Qian Mei and everyone here said counts!”

“Alright!” Yang Ye didn’t hesitate at all to agree. No one noticed that a slight grin of success had appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth.

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