Chapter 704 – Bring It On!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye and Bai Chen stood in confrontation at the center of the hall, and there was around 30m between them.

Someone seemed to have spread the news about the bet between Yang Ye and Bai Chen, so more and more members of the Fire Spirit Race were surging into the hall. At this moment, the hall was filled by a crowd.

“That’s the tigress’ man? He really is just at the Exalt Realm, yet he actually dares to face a Monarch Realm expert, and it’s even a sword cultivator who has attained peak Earth Rank Sword Intent? Does he want to die?”

“Haha! Don’t underestimate him. He was very arrogant just now. Perhaps he’s capable of surmounting his realm of cultivation!”

“Besides the geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings and the top-rate geniuses of the various races, ordinary Exalt Realm experts are utterly incapable of surmounting their realms of cultivation to challenge Monarch Realm experts. Moreover, this Exalt Realm profounder is even injured while his opponent is a Monarch Realm expert who has comprehended Sword Intent. That tigress’ man will definitely die in this battle!”

“That may not necessarily be the case. He seems to be calm and composed, and there’s no fear in his eyes. I presume he definitely has some sort of trump card. Hehe, he gave us a pleasant surprise earlier. Perhaps he’ll be able to do it again. Right, I mean that I hope he won’t die that quickly after he resists Bai Chen’s attack. Otherwise, it would be too meaningless!”

“What if he really turns the situation around?”

“If he does, then I’ll eat shit….”

“Qian Yan, it’s best if you think this through!” Meanwhile, the 4th Elder gazed at the Firecrystals in his hand and said, “I presume these 5 1,000 year old Firecrystals are the last of all the Firecrystals you’ve accumulated over the years. If you lose, then your strength wouldn’t improve at all for the next few years. Moreover, if you lose them, then you’ll be in trouble if you suffer any injuries. After all, the defiant profounders are about to escape the seal!”

Yang Ye didn’t trust the 2nd Elder, so he’d suggested that the 4th Elder took temporary custody over the Firecrystals which they were betting with. Moreover, he’d even asked Xiaoman to restrain Qian Mei. Qian Yan agreed to all of Yang Ye’s requests. However, he made a request of his own, and that was Yang Ye had to become Qian Mei’s Flameling if Yang Ye lost!

The explanation Xiaoman provided him allowed Yang Ye to understand what a Flameling was. It meant eunuch….

Yang Ye naturally agreed immediately…. He would definitely not act so rashly if Bai Chen wasn’t a sword cultivator. Unfortunately, Bai Chen was one! Unless a sword cultivator didn’t utilize a sword or possessed Sword Intent that surpassed his own, otherwise….

Qian Yan grunted coldly and said, “But what if I win?”

Just as the 4th Elder said, all his accumulations of wealth over the years could be represented by those 10 1,000 year old Firecrystals. He’d lost 5 earlier, and even his heart felt like it was bleeding from the loss. So, he had no other choice but to make another bet in order to recuperate his losses!

Of course, it was because he was confident in Bai Chen’s ability. After all, Bai Chen was at the Monarch Realm and possessed peak Earth Rank Sword Intent! As far as he was concerned, the reason Bai Chen lost just now was because they’d underestimated their opponent! Moreover, he felt that Yang Ye would definitely not be a match for Bai Chen once Bai Chen took Yang Ye seriously.

As for the reason why Yang Ye dared to agree to the bet…. He hadn’t given that any thought at all!

“I’ll dismember you, piece by piece!” Bai Chen gazed at Yang Ye while his face had recovered its calm.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Bai Chen. He gazed at Qian Mei instead and said, “Woman, didn’t you ask me to be arrogant and show off just now? Alright, I’ll do it right now!”

“I really look forward to seeing you become my Flameling!” Qian Mei spoke coldly.

“I really look forward to seeing you kneeling down and licking me as well! Hahaha!” Yang Ye glanced at the others in the surroundings before his gaze descended onto Bai Chen, and he said, “You’re a sword cultivator, and a strong one too. In other words, your sword techniques are very formidable, right?”

Bai Chen replied, “It’s just alright. But killing you is as easy as flipping my palm!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I’d intended to keep a low profile. But it can’t be helped, I’m really unable to continue keeping a low profile when facing an idiot like you who likes to put on airs. Come, execute your strongest sword technique! I won’t dodge or block it!”

“Haha! What a joke! He wants Bai Chen to execute his strongest technique, and he wont dodge it? Who does he think he is? Even if Zuo Dengfeng rises up from the grave, he still wouldn’t dare to do that, right? It seems obvious to me that he has gone mad. How laughable! We actually made a bet with such a madman! How truly laughable….”

“Where did Xiaoman find such a weirdo? Where did he get the confidence to say that he’ll resist Bai Chen’s strongest sword technique without dodging? Where?”

“I think he’s delusional….”

The others in the surroundings who’d made bets with Yang Ye just now started to speak in succession. All of them didn’t hold back at all and spoke loudly as if they wanted Yang Ye to hear them.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “What would all of you do if I succeed?”

“If you do, then I won’t just give all my Firecrystals to you, I’ll even kowtow 100 times to you and admit that I had eyes yet failed to see. Moreover, I’ll stay far away from you in the future. Alright?” One of the men stepped forward and spoke coldly.

Yang Ye glanced at him, and then he glanced at the others and said, “What about all of you?”

“We’ll do the same!”


Yang Ye nodded and said, “Stand over to the right with him. If I lose and don’t die, then I’ll do the same and kowtow 100 times to each of you!”

In next to no time, 90% of the people here had walked over to the right, and it totaled to over 300 people. On the other hand, only 3 people remained on the left. Yang Ye was quite surprised that these 3 hadn’t walked over. Moreover, he even knew one of them because it was Fu Jinxian. Besides Fu Jinxian, there was a black robed man and a woman who stood by Fu Jinxian’s side. The man wore a mask that fully concealed his appearance, but it was obvious from his outward appearance that he was a human.

As for the woman who stood by his side, she was from the Fire Spirit Race. At this moment, she seemed to be pulling the masked man to the right, but he remained adamant on staying on the left, and this made the woman stamp her feet with rage.

“I’ve never seen someone who is so desperate to die!” Meanwhile, Bai Chen spoke abruptly, “You intend to resist an attack of mine without dodge or blocking it? How laughable! Even the geniuses in the top 5 positions on the Hallowed Rankings wouldn’t dare speak like that to me. I’m really very curious, where exactly did you get the confidence to say that?”

“Do you know Zuo Dengfeng?” Yang Ye spoke abruptly.

Bai Chen was slightly stunned and said, “I cultivated painstakingly in the Sword Dao for over 10 years for the sake of fighting him. Unfortunately, he’s dead. But I can tell you that I’m 70% confident in my ability to defeat him even if he were alive now!”

Yang Ye said, “I met Zuo Dengfeng in the past, and the feeling he gave me was that he was full of confidence. He was extremely confident yet wasn’t conceited because he refused to underestimate any opponent. However, while you are very confident as well, you’re confident to the point that you feel you’re matchless in the world. Besides that, do you know that you’re so full of fucking nonsense?” If their bet wasn’t one where he could only defend himself and not attack, he would have attacked a long time ago and not waste his breath like this!

Yang Ye really couldn’t figure out why so many people liked to waste their breaths before fighting! Especially some people who liked to introduce themselves before a fight, and then speak about their pasts or constantly threaten their opponents by describing what would happen to their opponent if they did something….

Since a battle couldn’t be avoided, then it should begin immediately. Nonsense wasn’t something that could improve the strength of anyone, and it was impossible for a bunch of nonsense to make the enemy yield!

In his opinion, if something could be resolved with battle, then it was best to not waste his breath!

“I’ve never seen anyone who’s so desperate to die!” Bai Chen raised his sword slowly and pointed it at Yang Ye. He said, “You’ve succeeded at infuriating me. So, the consequence is death!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the profound energy within him suddenly surged before shooting into the sword he held. A strand of dazzling light erupted from the sword, and then a sword howl instantly shot into the sky. The swords throughout the entire hall started to tremble violently as if they’d been summoned!

10th level Sword Intent!

At this moment, Bai Chen hadn’t held back at all, and his 10th level Sword Intent surged madly out of him, and then some of the profounders in the surroundings started moving backward repeatedly. Because they were too close to him, and his Sword Intent was like a mountain that pressed down upon them and made them feel extremely uncomfortable!

Qian Yan finally revealed a slight smile when he saw the fierce and sharp Sword Intent that Bai Chen emanated. In his opinion, not to mention an Exalt Realm profounder like Ye Yang who was injured, even an expert who was similarly at the Monarch Realm like Bai Chen would definitely be unable to resist this attack that carried 10th level Sword Intent without dodging it!

So, since Ye Yang would definitely die, his Firecrystals would return to his possession, and he would even be able to gain more!

The Grand Elder frowned slightly, and his gaze towards Yang Ye carried a trace of bewilderment.

Xiaoman spoke abruptly, “Old man, save him if he’s unable to resist it!”

“No. Didn’t you hear how he talked to your grandfather just now?” replied Tong Fen.

“If you don’t, then I’ll make you bury me instead!”

“You damnable little girl….”

Bai Chen suddenly soared into the air before he suddenly shouted, “Ye Yang, killing you doesn’t require my strongest sword technique! All I need is an ordinary attack like this!” He waved his right hand as he spoke, and a snow white strand of sword qi shot forward!

It was extremely sharp and fierce when enhanced by 10th level Sword Intent, and the air throughout its path surged. It was a truly astonishing sight!

However, Yang Ye didn’t attempt to dodge at all….

In next to no time, everyone watched as the sword qi struck Yang Ye’s body, and then… and then nothing happened….

The sword qi vanished.

The spectators were instantly flabbergasted, and so were the Half-Saints in the surroundings!

A short while passed before Yang Ye greedily inhaled a deep breath, and then he gazed at Bai Chen who was completely dumbstruck, “You’ve lost!”

As he spoke, he suddenly turned to look at Qian Mei, “Come, kneel down and lick me!” He stretched out his hand and started undoing his robe….

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