Chapter 708 – Yang Ye Is A Defiant Profounder?

Almighty Sword Domain

With Yang Ye at the center, the spirit energy in an area of a few hundred kilometers started surging madly towards Yang Ye.

Everyone in the surroundings was astounded by this scene, and all of them rushed over to Yang Ye’s room!

“Is Ye Yang advancing into the Monarch Realm? Or is that tigress about to break through?”

“It should be Ye Yang. Such movement would only arise from an advancement into the Monarch Realm.”

“Isn’t it a little too grand?”

“Who knows! Let’s just watch….”

This wasn’t the end of it at all. The room Yang Ye resided in was like a blackhole, and the energy in the surroundings were being ceaselessly sucked into the room. Less than 15 minutes had passed before the energy within an area of 50km had been completely sucked away.

All of it had converged around Yang Ye’s room, and then surged like torrents into the room.

Yang Ye was absorbing the energy like a madman. The energy was converted by the Primordial Pagoda upon entering his body, and it was transformed into threads of violet profound energy which flowed throughout his body. Meanwhile, his body was like a black hole that madly absorbed the violet profound energy.

At this moment, the energy from within the extreme-grade energy stones, the energy from within the 1,000 year old Firecrystals, and the profound energy which Yang Ye had absorbed was sufficient for 2 people to attain the Monarch Realm. However, it was far from sufficient for Yang Ye! Because all the energy was filtered upon entering his body, so only an extremely small amount of violet profound energy was formed in the end!

Yang Ye had no choice but to swallow another 1,000 year old Firecrystal, and he withdrew 500 more extreme-grade energy stones.

Moreover, the Primordial Pagoda within him had started to get to work. The Primordial Pagoda made the energy within an area of 500km start to surge towards Yang Ye’s room, and then transform into pure energy that entered into him. After that, they were converted into violet profound energy by the Primordial Pagoda before finally flowing through Yang Ye’s body.

Xiaoman had stopped cultivating right now, and her eyes were fixed on Yang Ye.

What’s going on with that fellow? He has absorbed that much energy yet it’s actually still not enough? Xiaoman was extremely puzzled because she hadn’t absorbed so much energy when breaking through into the Monarch Realm. Yet now, this fellow who sat before her had almost absorbed 2 times the energy she absorbed that day. Moreover, it seemed like it was still far from sufficient….

Are you attaining the Monarch Realm or the Half-Saint Realm? She spoke softly.

It wasn’t just Xiaoman who was surprised, all the other profounders from the human race and Fire Spirit Race in the surroundings were of the same mind.

The energy in an area of 500km had surged into Yang Ye’s room, and such a scene would only occur when a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert was charging into the Half-Saint Realm!

Yet now, this fellow, Ye Yang, was just a ninth rank Exalt Realm profounder.

“Who exactly is he?” Qian Mei’s asked in a low voice. The masked man was standing by her side, and there were over 100 profounders of the Fire Spirit Race standing behind them. Moreover, over 50 of them were at the Monarch Realm! They were the help that Qian Mei had gathered, and most of them were those who’d lost the bet to Yang Ye and intended to take revenge for the humiliation they suffered!

Qian Mei had a solemn expression on her face while she gazed at the energy that surrounded Yang Ye’s room. It wasn’t just her, the others who stood behind her were the same. They were very clearly aware that the stronger one was and the greater one’s natural talent was, the more energy would be required to charge into the Monarch Realm. This scene before their eyes told them that the strength and natural talent of the person within the room had far surpassed their own!

“You still intend to kill him regardless of who he is, right?” said the masked man.

“Even though I want to kill him, it doesn’t mean that I want to be used!” Qian Mei spoke coldly, “I’ve investigated you. Shui Ling brought you here as her partner, but she knows nothing about you. It’s even to the extent that both of you still haven’t shared the same room until now. So, you’ve definitely come to the Fire Spirit Race’s territory with some other objective!”

“Is that important?” The masked man replied, “Is my identity really that important?”

“Of course it is!” Qian Mei spoke coldly, “Even though I want to kill Ye Yang and that bitch, Xiaoman, it doesn’t represent that I’ll join forces with an outsider to deal with members of my own race.”

The masked man fell silent for a short while, and then he said, “I underestimated you a little. I can tell you that I didn’t come here in order to act against the Fire Spirit Race. Moreover, would you even believe me if I said that I’d come here with such intentions?”

“Then what are you doing here!?” She pursued an answer.

The masked man gazed at Yang Ye’s room and said, “I came for him!”

She repeated her question, “Then who is he!?”

The masked man replied, “You’ll naturally find out once he’s dead. I only have a single objective here, and it’s to kill him and obtain something from him. I’ll leave immediately once I’m done. At that time, you can feel free to notify the Half-Saints of your race if I still refuse to leave. As for now, we should join forces and not doubt each other. Otherwise, we won’t just be unable to kill him, he might kill us instead!”

Qian Mei took a deep and long glance at the masked man before she moved her gaze towards Yang Ye’s room. She said, “I’m growing more and more curious about his identity. But it’s fine, he’ll definitely die today even if he’s a genius ranked on the Hallowed Rankings of your Hallowed Halls!”

In the room, Yang Ye’s entire body was undergoing a transformation. The advancement into the Monarch Realm stressed upon a complete qualitative transformation of the body. Actually, any other ordinary person would have broken through a long time ago, but Yang Ye was different. Because his body had been cleansed by the Primordial Violet Energy. So, ordinary energy was utterly useless towards his body!

Only purified energy, the violet profound energy, was capable of affecting his body. But in that way, he needed an extremely terrifying amount of profound energy to complete the transformation. If profound energy was compared to water droplets, then 100 water droplets were needed to form a droplet of violet profound energy….

So, he had no choice but to consume another 1,000 year old Firecrystal.

More and more people were gathering outside Yang Ye’s room.

“I scanned the surroundings just now. The energy within an area of 500km have been completely absorbed by Ye Yang. Is he really breaking through into the Monarch Realm and not the Half-Saint Realm?”

“Even though it’s quite a shocking scene, it’s still a little inferior when compared to an advancement into the Half-Saint Realm. Half-Saints are equivalent to peak experts of this world, and they are capable of seizing the fortune of the heavens. The energy required to attain such a realm isn’t something that just this little bit of spirit energy can fulfil. Even double the current amount wouldn’t be sufficient!”

“But it doesn’t seem like an advancement into the Monarch Realm….”

“Hmph! The greater a genius’ natural talent is, the more difficult it is to advance into the Monarch Realm, and the Heavenly Tribulation they faced would grow stronger as well. It seems to me like he’ll definitely lose his life beneath the Heavenly Tribulation. Even if he can escape death from his Heavenly Tribulation, he can’t escape his Mortal Tribulation. Hehe! Qian Mei will definitely not let this opportunity slip by!”

“If it’s needed, I wouldn’t mind giving him an extra blow so that he understands that the arrogant don’t live long….”

“But what if he succeeds?”

“So what if he does? There are countless people here who want to see him dead. Can he fight so many on his own? All of us just have to spit once and we can drown him to death. Don’t you think so too?”

“That does make sense….”

“Then it’s decided. We’ll attack at the critical moment, so even if we can’t kill him, we’ll still make him fail!”


A cold smile arose on the corners of Qian Mei’s mouth as she gazed at them, “As they say, the wages of sin is death. He’s dead even if he has 100 lives!”

The masked man spoke abruptly, “If he doesn’t, then all of us will die!”

“Why do you keep talking him up yet talking us down?” Qian Mei was displeased, “So what if he has comprehended Heaven Rank Sword Intent? Could it be that he can fight so many of us by himself?”

“Perhaps?” The masked man spoke softly while a cold glow flashed on the center of his palm.


Right at this moment, Yang Ye’s room exploded apart, and an extremely formidable aura swept like a storm towards the surroundings. However, it wasn’t long before this imposing aura shrunk back.

The Monarch Realm!

I’ve succeeded?

Yang Ye’s eyes were still slightly closed while the remaining energy in the surroundings was still surging into him.

“Let’s attack?” Qian Mei spoke ferociously.

The masked man shook his head and said, “He still has to face his Heavenly Tribulation. We’ll act while he’s resisting it!”


Another loud explosion resounded, and then a bolt of black colored divine lightning that was over 300m long and 30m wide had suddenly appeared in the air above Yang Ye. The divine lightning didn’t descend straight towards Yang Ye but circled the sky above him. At the same time, more and more black colored divine lightning appeared incessantly. It wasn’t long before the entire sky was covered in huge bolts of black divine lightning. It was like the end of the world had arrived!

The expressions of everyone here changed when they saw the divine lightning, and then they took numerous steps back. After that, all of them withdrew their weapons.

“Black divine lightning! He… he’s a defiant profounder! He’s actually a defiant profounder! How could this be possible!?” One of the profounders from the Fire Spirit Race cried out involuntarily with shock.

At this moment, Qian Mei was stunned as well. She hadn’t imagined that Ye Yang would actually be a defiant profounder. He’s actually a defiant profounder….

Suddenly, she swiftly turned her head towards the masked man and said, “No wonder you were so afraid of him. So he was a defiant profounder. He’s actually a defiant profounder! Hahaha! He’ll definitely die even if he’s breaking through into the Half-Saint Realm now!”

The masked man didn’t speak, but a trace of bewilderment flashed through his eyes….

At this moment, Xiaoman was dumbstruck as well. She gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief and said, “A defiant profounder…. You’re actually a defiant profounder….”

“Kill him! Kill him!” Meanwhile, someone shouted, and then over a dozen people charged at Yang Ye.

At the same time, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes.

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