Chapter 709 – The Monarch Realm!

Almighty Sword Domain

A ray of cold light flashed.


The heads of 3 people at the front of the group instantly flew into the air while their bodies were still charging forward, and they charged forward for another 3 meters before the 3 headless corpses finally stopped moving and crashed to the ground.

All the others stopped on the spot and gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment.

All those 3 corpses belonged to Monarch Realm experts!

However, 3 Monarch Realm experts had died just like that right before them, and they hadn’t even been able to discern how he did it.

It was instant annihilation!

He’d instantly annihilated 3 Monarch Realm experts!

All of them were dazed.

At this moment, Qian Mei and the others were shocked. 3 Monarch Realm experts…. He instantly annihilated 3 Monarch Realm experts…. Is he a Half-Saint?


Meanwhile, more and more black divine lightning converged in the sky, and the rumbling they emanated resounded incessantly by the ears of everyone. Some profounders who were beneath the Monarch Realm were even instantly shaken to the point they bled from all 7 apertures!


Another wave of loud rumbling resounded before a black pillar of lightning suddenly descended from the sky, and it descended straight down towards Yang Ye.

Moreover, as soon as it descended, the lightning in the sky instantly started descending as well. Almost a thousand pillars of lightning descended in succession towards Yang Ye!

“Everyone! Attack! This is our best opportunity to kill him!” Right at this moment, a voice resounded, and then countless rays of silver light covered the heavens and the earth as they shot towards Yang Ye.

Qian Mei glanced at the masked man because he was the one who spoke those words. She pondered deeply for a moment before a savage expression appeared on her face as she said, “He’s a defiant profounder! He can’t be allowed to overcome his Heavenly Tribulation! Attack! This is our best opportunity! Attack!”

With Qian Mei and the masked man in the lead, all those profounders who’d been terrified by Yang Ye instantly felt confident once more. They hesitated briefly before practically 90% of the people here charged once more towards Yang Ye.

A ferocious expression flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw them charging towards him. As the wise men of the past said, even if one avoided trouble, trouble might come on its own!

Yang Ye flicked his finger, and then a strand of sword qi formed an arc that swept forward. The silver light that just arrived before him was instantly blasted into dispersion, and then some of the figures at the front of the group were instantly slashed apart at the waist.

“Shatter!” Right at this moment, the masked man shouted furiously, and then a ray of cold light suddenly smashed against Yang Ye’s sword energy. An explosion resounded, and then the sword qi was blasted apart.

Yang Ye glanced at the masked man, and then he casually waved his hand upward. A ray of light flashed and collided with the black divine lightning that led the group.


That pillar of black divine light was blasted apart and transformed into arcs of electricity that dispersed towards the surroundings.

Meanwhile, numerous Monarch Realm experts had arrived in front of Yang Ye. They were just about to attack when a ray of light flashed once more, and then their heads instantly flew into the air.

“Die!” The masked man suddenly shouted furiously once more. As soon as his voice resounded, a silver needle that was as long as a finger transformed into a ray of silver light that appeared before the center of Yang Ye’s forehead. However, 2 fingers clamped down upon it at the instant it was about to pierce through Yang Ye’s skin. After that, the silver needle shot backward at extremely swift speed and instantly arrived before the masked man.

The masked man’s pupils constricted as his hands moved swiftly, and an expanse of silver light flashed forward. Clinking sounds resounded as almost 100 silver needles transformed into pieces that scattered to the ground.

Yang Ye paid no further attention to the masked man. He flicked his finger upward, and a strand of sword qi shot up to strike against a pillar of lightning that had arrived above his head.


An enormous explosion resounded, and then the pillar of lightning was blasted apart. Meanwhile, the attacks of a few dozen Monarch Realm experts smashed against him.


Yang Ye took 5 steps back. At this moment, one of the pillars of lightning struck down upon him, and he was drowned beneath its brilliance.

The others were stunned, and then they were overjoyed. He’s dead?

In an instant, a strand of sword energy shot up from within the lightning’s brilliance, and then over a dozen pillars of lightning were blasted apart. Yang Ye appeared before them once more. At this moment, besides a few spots of clothes that had been blasted apart, there wasn’t a single injury on his body!

All of them were astounded, and their eyes were filled with terror!

Especially Qian Mei. Her mind was completely blank as she gazed at him with astonishment. The masked man’s warning had caused her to raise her expectations of Yang Ye’s strength, but she noticed to her horror that it was just as the masked man had said! Yang Ye’s strength was many times or even more than 10 times stronger than she’d imagined….

“Since all of you are so desperate to die, then I’ll fulfill your wish!” Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and then 100 swords suddenly flashed out. He controlled them with his will, and they transformed into rays of light that charged into the crowd. In an instant, shrill cries resounded incessantly.

The Monarch Realm experts amongst them were in comparatively favorable situations, but the profounders below the Monarch Realm weren’t able to resist a single attack from Yang Ye, and they were instantly annihilated! Moreover, while they weren’t killed in an instant, some Monarch Realm experts were heavily injured.

Yang Ye paid no attention to them. He raised his head and gazed at the pillars of lightning instead while a trace of a heavy gaze appeared in his eyes. While he’d destroyed many of those pillars of lightning, there were many more left. Moreover, they were growing progressively stronger. At this moment, the energy contained within every single pillar of lightning could instantly annihilate a first rank Monarch Realm expert with ease!

Most importantly, he felt that these pillars of black divine lightning weren’t the final wave of his Heavenly Tribulation!

Suddenly, a ray of violet light and a bolt of lightning flashed, and then the violet mink and Lei Lin appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

“What are the 2 of you doing here?” Yang Ye frowned a little. He hadn’t allowed them to come out here because they would be in danger if a Half-Saint suddenly attacked them.

The violet mink revealed an innocent expression and pointed at Lei Lin. On the other hand, Lei Lin was looking at the divine lightning in the sky, and she was blinking incessantly while drool flowed incessantly down her mouth!

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he saw her like that, and then he said, “You want to eat that?”

Lei Lin nodded forcefully.

Yang Ye said, “Are you sure that you can?”

She nodded forcefully again.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he said, “Then go ahead. I’ll protect you!”

Lei Lin grinned, and then she flashed to the sky above Yang Ye and opened her mouth. The others watched with horror and astonishment as the black pillar of lightning suddenly shrunk progressively before finally becoming the size of a finger. In the end, it was sucked into her mouth.

Lei Lin patted her stomach with a greedy expression, and then she opened her mouth again….

The others in the surroundings were petrified.

That little girl is actually eating black divine lightning? That’s divine lightning! Even defiant profounders fear it! But she ate it just like that?

“You’re dead!” Right at this moment, a furious howl suddenly resounded. The others looked over towards the source of the voice, and they saw the masked man suddenly toss a black jade tube towards Yang Ye. The jade tube flashed through the sky and trembled slightly. It was just about to release something when a ray of violet light suddenly appeared on it, and then…. It was gone!

The masked man was stunned. Suddenly, he looked towards the violet mink who was by Yang Ye’s side. At this moment, the violet mink was sizing up the jade tube with a curious expression.

“Give my Space Tube back to me!” The masked man’s eyes almost split open from rage.

The violet mink blinked, and then she tossed it lightly towards the masked man. Not only was he not delighted by this, the masked man’s expression even changed drastically, and then countless barriers of profound energy swiftly appeared on him. When Qian Mei who stood by his side witnessed this scene, she hurriedly covered herself in layers of profound energy shields.

However, some of the Fire Spirit Race’s profounders by her side were still dazed!

Finally, when it was about to descend from the air, the black jade tube suddenly became 100 times larger than it was. After that, countless rays of silver light rained down from it like a storm of silver rain, and it was even extremely swiftly!

Everyone here was astounded!

It was already too late when some of them wanted to dodge it. Their bodies were instantly pierced by countless silver needles, and they were densely covered in needle holes. On the other hand, some comparatively stronger Monarch Realm experts reacted in time, and they formed profound energy barriers around themselves. However, the profound energy barriers merely lasted for less than 2 breaths of time before they were penetrated!

Howls of pain resounded incessantly as countless people crashed to the ground. Less than 2 breaths of time passed before blood had formed a river on the ground. Moreover, the group of a few hundred here only had less than 10 still standing….

Yang Ye was shocked as well because he hadn’t expected that the jade tube would actually be that terrifying! After all, most of the corpses on the ground belonged to Monarch Realm experts! Even the attacks he launched with 100 swords weren't able to create such an effect. What exactly was that black jade tube?

At the same time, he felt fortunate in his heart. Because if it wasn’t for the little fellow, then those silver needles would have descended onto him. Even though he was confident that his body could resist them, injuries would be unavoidable. However, he couldn’t allow himself to be injured at all right now because he had an even stronger enemy!

The Heaven Dao!

Even though he was at the Monarch Realm right now, it was far from over, and all his previous hard work would be wasted if he couldn’t resist the Heavenly Tribulation!

The violet mink blinked. She hadn’t imagined that something she casually tossed at them would actually be so formidable and killed a huge amount of people just like that…. She was very afraid that Yang Ye would scold her for causing trouble, so she immediately flashed over to Yang Ye’s shoulder and started to ceaselessly rub her head against his cheek.

Yang Ye smiled and consoled her before he gestured with his right hand, and then the black jade tube fell into his grasp. After that, he gazed at the masked man, Qian Mei, and the others. Even though they’d been able to resist it, they were clearly injured, and there were no less than 100 needle holes on each of them!

The masked man gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I never expected that you….”

“Cut the crap and die!” Yang Ye flicked his finger repeatedly, and then over a dozen strands of sword qi shot forward….

However, a woman suddenly appeared here. She held a sword in her left hand while a saber resided in her right grasp. She swiftly waved both her hands, and then a strand of sword qi and saber qi formed a cross that surged forward.


Yang Ye’s sword qi was instantly blasted apart, and the sword and saber qi didn’t slow down in the slightest as they arrived before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye smashed his fist forward, and they were immediately blasted into pieces.

The woman glanced at the corpses on the ground and said, “You killed all of them….”

“You cut the crap and die as well!” Yang Ye took a step forward and made a grasping motion with his hand. A sword appeared in his grasp before it shot forward like a bolt of lightning….

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