Chapter 710 – Cross This Line And Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

The sword emanated a long ray of light that shot towards the woman. Everywhere it passed, a huge spatial rift was created. Moreover, the space around the sword itself was actually trembling violently as if it was suffering the impact of a terrifying force!

11th level Sword Intent!

It ripped through space!

Qian Mei’s pupils constricted into the size of needles when she witnessed this scene, and it was like she’d lost her soul. Because her senses told her that she would be utterly incapable resisting that attack if it was aimed at her! At this moment, she finally understood what the masked man said, and she understood why the masked man was so afraid of that fellow who was called Ye Yang!

Because he was too terrifying!

The expression of that woman who appeared in front of Yang Ye had changed as well. She hadn’t expected that a casual swing of his sword would actually be so terrifying. She possessed 1st level Heaven Rank Sword Intent as well, but the Sword Intent contained within that attack actually felt extremely dangerous to her!

She didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. She held tightly onto her sword and saber as she crossed them together and slashed forward.

“Helix Blade!” As soon as she spoke, a strand of saber qi and sword qi flashed forward. They actually started to twist around swiftly once they shot forward, and they formed a helix. Most importantly, they were actually both at the 11th level of Sword Intent and Saber Intent!

Qian Mei and the others watched as the helix of saber and sword qi smashed against Yang Ye’s attack.

A moment of silence ensued, and then the helix exploded into pieces while Yang Ye’s attack didn’t slow down at all. It instantly arrived before the woman. The woman’s pupils constricted violently while horror appeared in her eyes for the very first time. She knew that she’d completely underestimated the strength of this man who stood before her!

His sword had arrived before her, so it was impossible to dodge. She had no choice but to raise both her sword and saber to block it.


Her figure was blasted over 100m away before she smashed against a wall, and the wall shook violently before it crumbled down!

But it wasn’t long before the woman stood up once more. She’d just stood up and was about to attack when she noticed to her astonishment that both her saber and sword were actually gone.

At this moment, she finally recalled that they’d been instantly blasted apart just now!

They were both Dao Artifacts! She suppressed the astonishment in her heart and gazed at Yang Ye, “Who exactly are you!?”

Yang Ye didn’t answer her, and he just looked up instead. At this moment, Lei Lin was still absorbing the lightning, and changes had started to occur to her as she absorbed countless pillars of black divine lightning. Her body had grown slightly larger while her aura was much stronger than before.

Even though the black divine lightning was no threat to her at all until now, Yang Ye still didn’t feel comfortable in his heart.

“He’s a defiant profounder!” Meanwhile, Qian Mei shouted abruptly, “Xu Zhiqing, kill him! Kill him quickly!” She was truly terrified of that man called Ye Yang. Not only was she terrified by his strength, she was terrified by his bloody methods!

A defiant profounder! Xu Zhiqing’s expression changed drastically. She flipped her palms, and a flaming blade and icy sword appeared in her grasp. She said, “Defiant Profounder! You actually dared to trespass into my Fire Spirit Race’s territory and even started a slaughter here!? How audacious!” As she spoke, a strand of flames shot out from within her, and then it flew up into the sky and exploded apart before it vanished completely.

“Right, kill him! Kill him!” Qian Mei’s entire face had warped. She knew that if he didn’t die, then she would be the one to die.

However, Xu Zhiqing didn’t attack immediately because she wasn’t the slightest bit confident in her ability to fight him. Her main objective right now was to delay this ‘defiant profounder’ because she’d called for backup.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and shot it towards Qian Mei. Qian Mei’s expression changed violently and instinctively took a few steps back while speaking fiercely, “Ye, Ye Yang! If you dare to kill me, then my… my grandfather will definitely chase you to the ends of the world to kill you! My grandfather is a Half-Saint! No matter how strong you are, you can’t be stronger than a Half-Saint! Kneel down and beg for mercy right now, then maybe my grandfather might let you live!”

“Fool!” Yang Ye flicked his fingers repeatedly, and then four strands of sword qi shot forward.

Qian Mei was horrified. But Xu Zhiqing suddenly shouted fiercely, and a strand of sword qi and saber qi flashed towards Yang Ye’s sword qi. However, they were just about to smash against Yang Ye’s sword qi when a ray of violet light collided against them. The violet light exploded apart with the sword qi and saber qi, and they dispersed in midair.

Xu Zhiqing gazed at the violet mink who sat on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and the violet mink blinked in response before waving her little claw as if she were showing off.

“AH!!” Meanwhile, a shrill cry resounded from Qian Mei. Xu Zhiqing looked over and saw Qian Mei’s limbs had actually been pierced by the sword qi, causing blood to flow incessantly from them. Meanwhile, a ray of violet light enveloped Qian Mei, and then she vanished on the spot before appearing right before Yang Ye’s feet.

“What are you going to do to her!?” Xu Zhiqing shouted furiously.

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “My intuition tells me that your status in the Fire Spirit Race is definitely not low. Since that’s the case, then I’ll spare you for now!” As he spoke, he stretched out his hand, and a Dao Rank sword appeared in his grasp before he swung it.

Xu Zhiqing was horrified. She was just about to counterattack but it was too late, and four strands of sword qi had pierced through her arms and legs.

“How swift….” As soon as she finished speaking these words, her figure vanished on the spot and appeared before Yang Ye’s feet.

Xu Zhiqing’s eyes were filled with a dazed expression because she’d actually been unable to even resist a single attack from a profounder in the same realm of cultivation….

Yang Ye gazed at the masked man and didn’t waste his breath at all. He was just about to attack when Xiaoman appeared in front of him, and she stared him in the eyes as she said, “Are you a defiant profounder?”

Yang Ye replied, “I won’t harm you regardless of who I am!”

Xiaoman glanced at the surroundings. The surroundings were covered in corpses. Some were still alive, and they were groaning in pain.

When she saw all of this, Xiaoman laughed miserably and said, “Besides the top 3 geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings, there are no other existences in the Monarch Realm within the Hallowed Grounds who are capable of instantly and easily annihilating profounders in the same realm of cultivation. If there was such an existence, then it might only exist amongst the defiant profounders. I… I actually brought a defiant profounder back, and I even treated your injuries. I… I’ll kill you….”

As she spoke, one of her hammers flew out from her grasp and instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye. Yang Ye stretched his hand forward and grabbed it. Meanwhile, Xiaoman suddenly flew over to him, and then she smashed her other hammer towards him.

Yang Ye frowned slightly as he smashed his fist against her hammer.


A huge explosion resounded, and the formidable force of the impact blasted Xiaoman flying. Meanwhile, the violet mink waved her little claw once more. A ray of violet light enveloped Xiaoman, and then she appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then countless intent swords that were condensed from Sword Intent enveloped Xiaoman, causing her to be unable to move.

“I’ll definitely kill you!” Xiaoman glared angrily at him while killing intent surged in her eyes.

Yang Ye said, “But you’re not a match for me right now!”

“You….” She was furious.

Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “You’ll understand everything in the future. At that time, you can decide if you want to become enemies with me or be friends with me. Now, be obedient because I can smash you to the ground with just one punch!” It wasn’t that he didn’t want to explain, but he felt that it was pointless to explain right now. After all, it was impossible for him to explain while black divine lightning had appeared in the sky.

“How did you get into our territory!?” Xu Zhiqing spoke in a low voice. The world of lava was protected by Half-Saints. So, logically speaking, even the Half-Saints of the outside world would be unable to enter their territory. However, this fellow had just entered without causing even the slightest commotion, and he was even overcoming his Heavenly Tribulation here!

“It was that bitch, Xiaoman, who brought him here!” Qian Mei suddenly roared furiously and said, “It was her! It was that bitch! She colluded with the defiant profounders! She’s dead! Her grandfather is dead as well! Haha! All of you are dead!”


A sword suddenly slapped against her face, and her cheek instantly swelled up.

“You….” She glared angrily at Yang Ye. She was just about to speak. However….


A clear and resounding slap arose, and then the swelling of her face worsened.

“Ye Yang! You’re definitely….”


“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Qian Mei howled like a boar that was being slaughtered.




Yang Ye would slap her every single time she tried to speak, and it wasn’t long before her entire face had warped completely. Even her grandfather would probably be unable to recognize her now.

She still wanted to say something, but she couldn’t speak any longer. All she could do was glare resentfully at Yang Ye.

“You won’t be able to escape!” Xu Zhiqing spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye glanced indifferently at her and said, “I never thought about fleeing!”

“How audacious!” Right at this moment, a resounding howl suddenly appeared from the horizon, and then a huge palm flashed over through the sky. The palm tore through space as it clawed forcefully at Yang Ye.

“Ye… Ye… Yang… You… You’re dead…. You’re dead!” Meanwhile, Qian Mei opened her mouth and stuttered.

“Fuck off!” His voice reverberated like a thunderclap as a ray of light shot into the sky. The sword qi tore through the sky as it smashed against the enormous palm.


A huge explosion resounded as the sky shook violently, and then the sword qi dispersed into the surroundings while the huge palm instantly shrunk back. After that, an old man appeared before Yang Ye.

The old man had a solemn expression on his face as he gazed at the mark that was left on his palm, and then he glanced at the black divine lightning which resided in the sky above Yang Ye, “Heaven Rank Sword Intent and the Critical Strike technique! How do you know the divine techniques of the Hallowed Halls’ sword cultivators? Wait! Black divine lightning? You… you’re a defiant profounder?”

Right at this moment, rays of fiery light surged over from all directions, and then countless experts of the Fire Spirit Race appeared here.

“How audacious! You actually dared to slaughter the profounders of my Fire Spirit Race!?” A Monarch Realm expert of the Fire Spirit Race glanced at the corpses in the surroundings. He was instantly infuriated, and he shot explosively towards Yang Ye.


A ray of light flashed, and then he stopped on the spot.

“You….” He hadn’t even been able to finish speaking when a fountain of blood surged from his neck….

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed drastically!

Yang Ye waved his sword, and then a 300m long line appeared on the ground 30m in front of him. He said, “If you’re not a Half-Saint, then cross this line and die!”

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