Chapter 711 – Lightning Of Obliteration!

Almighty Sword Domain

The line he created was seemingly bottomless.

On the other side, the members of the Fire Spirit Race gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment. Even though he was only a Monarch Realm profounder and was even merely at the first rank, just the sight of him aroused fear in their hearts.

He’d fought a Half-Saint equally with just a single swing of his sword, and he instantly annihilated a Monarch Realm expert with another….

So, how could any one of them dare to attack?

That attack from before was something that many of the profounders here weren’t even able to catch sight of!

“How dare you!” Right at this moment, an explosion resounded from the horizon, and then a wave of fire flashed over. After that, it transformed into a fire dragon that emanated surging flames as it smashed down forcefully towards Yang Ye.

Even though it was aimed at Yang Ye, the terrifying pressure it emanated caused the profounders in the surroundings to be unable to help but tremble.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He stretched out his left hand, “Sheath! Come to me!”

As soon as he spoke, a sword howl suddenly resounded from within Xiaoman, and then a ray of light flashed before the ancient sheath appeared in Yang Ye’s grasp.

He sheathed his sword and drew it!

A ray of light was accompanied by a sword howl as it shot into the sky, and it flashed at a speed that wasn’t visible to most and collided against the fire dragon.


The spectators watched as both the sword qi and fire dragon shook slightly, and then they exploded apart. Suddenly, a thread of fire shot out from the waves of energy that swept towards the surroundings, and it swiftly blasted against Yang Ye’s chest.


Yang Ye took a few steps back while a bloody hole had appeared on his chest.

Yang Ye thought to himself while he gazed at the bloody hole, There’s still quite a gap between me and a Half-Saint!

Meanwhile, Qian Yan appeared here.

Qian Yan’s eyes instantly turned crimson red when he saw the miserable state that Qian Mei was in, and his entire face had warped. He spoke ferociously, “Ye Yang! I’ll swear to never stop until I kill you! No, I’ll make living worse than dying for you!” As he spoke, he intended to attack once more, but it wasn’t long before he stopped.

Because Yang Ye’s sword was on Qian Mei’s neck.

Yang Ye said, “You old dog! If you want to fight me, then I’ll grand your wish once I’ve finished dealing with my Heavenly Tribulation. But I don’t have the time for that right now. I won’t be able to stop you if you insist on attacking right now, but I can kill your granddaughter before your eyes. You can try and see if you are faster or I am!”

“You….” Qian Yan was exasperated, but he didn’t dare attack in the end. He just roared furiously, “Ye Yang, you’re actually using a woman to threaten me? Are you even a man?”

“It can’t be helped because she was the one who came looking for trouble with me!” Yang Ye continued, “I can’t just let her look for trouble with me yet not retaliate, right?”

Qian Yan spoke angrily, “Ye Yang, you’ve killed so many members of my Fire Spirit Race! Even the Grand Elder and Tong Fen won’t be able to protect you!”

“He’s a defiant profounder!” Meanwhile, the Half-Saint who stood by Qian Yan’s side suddenly spoke in a low voice.

A defiant profounder? Qian Yan was first shocked by this, and then he gazed up into the sky above Yang Ye. His expression changed when he saw the black divine lightning, and then he swiftly looked at Xiaoman and shouted furiously, “You bitch! You deserve death! You actually brought a defiant profounder into our territory! You deserve death! I’m going to extract your soul and burn you for eternity!”


Suddenly, Yang Ye swung his sword, and then a shrill cry resounded from Qian Mei while one of her arms flew over to Qian Yan. Yang Ye said, “If anything happens to her, then I’ll bury your entire race with her!”

As he gazed at that arm which was still bleeding, Qian Yan was instantly on the verge of going mad, and a terrifying aura surged out from him like a storm. The aura was seemingly material, and the space throughout its path started to ripple, “Ye Yang! I swear on my soul that I’m willing to have my soul obliterated if I don’t kill you!”

A Soul Vow!

All the members of the Fire Spirit Race were astounded. They hadn’t expected that Qian Yan would actually make a Soul Vow. Because profounders couldn’t make vows rashly. Especially when a profounder possessed a high realm of cultivation.

After all, it was very likely for a profounder to suffer from inner demons if that profounder couldn’t complete the vow. Once inner demons appeared, the consequences would be extremely severe if the inner demons struck while that profounder was cultivating or breaking through!

Since Qian Yan had made a Soul Vow, it represented that the enmity between Ye Yang and Qian Yan was really irreconcilable!


Suddenly, a change occurred in the sky above Yang Ye. A pillar of pitch black divine lightning appeared above Lei Lin, and then it suddenly crashed down against Lei Lin’s body.

“Ah!!!” A shrill cry resounded from Lie Lin as her figure crashed down from the sky.

Yang Ye’s expression changed. He flashed over and hurriedly caught her in his arms. He’d just wrapped his arms around her when a powerful bolt of electricity instantly assaulted his entire body, causing him to be unable to avoid shivering. However, he didn’t let go of her.

“It hurts….” She groaned while pitch black electricity flowed throughout her body.

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that she could still speak, and then he said, “Wait inside!” As he spoke, he waved his right hand and tossed her into the Primordial Pagoda.

“You head in as well!” Yang Ye gazed at the violet mink

She shook her head in response.

Yang Ye felt touched. He knew that she wanted to help him, but he immediately smiled and said, “It’s fine. I can deal with them. Head inside and take care of her for me, alright?”

The violet mink hesitated for quite some time before she nodded, and then she kissed Yang Ye lightly on the forehead before she transformed into a ray of violet light that entered his body.


The violet mink had just entered the Primordial Pagoda when numerous bolts of pitch black lightning flickered incessantly. As soon as they appeared in the sky, an aura of obliteration pressed down upon the surroundings, and numerous experts were actually pressured to the point of falling weakly to the ground. Moreover, there were actually some Monarch Realm experts amongst them!

Qian Yan exchanged a glance with the other Half-Saint who stood by his side, and both of them saw the solemnness in each other’s eyes. Because the divine lightning was so terrifying that it wasn’t much weaker than the Heavenly Tribulation they experienced when they advanced into the Half-Saint Realm.

“He really is a defiant profounder!” Qian Yan spoke ferociously, “No wonder even the heavens refuse to tolerate his existence, and it has sent down such divine lightning!”

The old man by Qian Yan’s side nodded and said, “Xiaoman had committed a terrible crime by bringing a defiant profounder into our race. Nothing can absolve her from blame! She must be punished by the rules of the race once we crush him!”

“I’m going to make living worse than death for both of them!” Qian Yan spoke ferociously.

“Should we act?” The old man asked in a low voice.

Qian Yan shook his head, “That kid is quite strong. Zhiqing and Qian Mei might be in danger if we attack rashly. Let him resist his tribulation for now. We’ll act at the critical moment!”

The old man nodded, and then he gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye raised his head and gazed at the pitch black divine lightning in the sky above. At this moment, the energy contained within the pitch black divine lightning was more than 10 times stronger than that of the black divine lightning from before!

This wasn’t a tribulation that Monarch Realm experts should overcome, nor was it a tribulation that Monarch Realm experts should overcome!


Suddenly, the pitch black divine lightning which had converged above Yang Ye started surging. An instant passed before a pillar of lightning carried the might to obliterate the world as it shot down towards Yang Ye. Everywhere it passed, space collapsed inch by inch while an extremely long spatial rift appeared behind it.

“Looks like the heavens really does intend to kill me!” A wisp of ferocity flashed through his eyes as he stretched out his hand, and then an intent sword appeared in his grasp. He sheathed it while a formidable aura surged out from within him.

“Sever!” As soon as he shouted furiously, a beam of sword energy shot out from the ancient sheath, and the intent sword exploded into pieces.

The sword energy emanated a brilliant glow as it shot into the sky. Everywhere it passed, space instantly collapsed while an extremely long spatial rift appeared behind it just like what was happening from the might of the pitch black divine lightning.

How formidable!Countless people in the surroundings were astounded when they witnessed this scene.

The expressions of Qian Yan and the other old man changed as well. It was especially so for Qian Yan. He hadn’t expected that this fellow whom he once thought to be an ant would actually possess such a terrifying strength. Just this attack alone was something that was utterly impossible for ordinary ninth rank Monarch Realm experts to resist!

“He must be eliminated!” Qian Yan spoke in a low voice.

The old man hurriedly nodded as well to display his agreement. Because Yang Ye had caused them to feel threatened!

All of them watched as the sword energy smashed against the divine lightning.


Rumbling resounded, and then both the sword energy and pillar of lightning exploded apart in midair. Countless strands of sword energy and pitch black arcs of electricity surged chaotically through the sky before scattering to the ground, causing the ground to be completely devastated.


Meanwhile, a pillar of pitch black divine lightning which was double the size of the last pillar flashed down. As soon as it emerged, the sword energy and black divine lightning were completely dispersed in the air.

The expression of the old man who stood by Qian Yan’s side had changed violently upon laying eyes on that pillar of pitch black divine lightning, and he hurriedly shouted, “All those beneath the Monarch Realm move 5km back!”

Besides those at the Monarch Realm, all the experts of the Fire Spirit Race who stood behind him immediately flashed backwards.

As they gazed at the pitch black pillar of lightning, it wasn’t just those Monarch Realm experts of the Fire Spirit Race that had solemn expressions on their faces, even Qian Yan and the other Half-Saint were the same.

“This isn’t the tribulation of a Monarch Realm expert at all….” The old man by Qian Yan’s side spoke solemnly, “Who exactly is he amongst the defiant profounders? He actually drew such a Heavenly Tribulation down upon himself!”

“Looks like he’ll die without us having to interfere!” Qian Yan spoke ferociously, “Let’s concentrate so as to prevent him from acting against Qian Mei and Zhiqing out of desperation!”

“Haha!” Meanwhile, Qian Mei started laughing ferociously, “Ye… Ye Yang! Looks like even the heavens refuse to tolerate your existence! You’re dead! You’re definitely dead!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to her because she wasn’t worth his time. At this moment, Yang Ye’s face was extremely solemn as he gazed at the pitch black lightning in the sky. Because even he felt severely threatened by the energy it contained.


Suddenly, another pillar of pitch black divine lightning appeared in the sky. This pillar was more than 2 times the size of the previous pillar, and it swiftly arrived behind the previous pillar. Both pillars were almost linked together and formed an extremely long pillar of lightning as they crashed down towards Yang Ye.


That wasn’t the end of it. A third pillar of pitch black divine lightning appeared, and then a fourth and a fifth…. Every single one of them was double the size of the previous pillar of lightning….

“Retreat!” Qian Yan and the old man by his side had horror in their eyes, and they didn’t hesitate to lead the others 5km backward!

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