Chapter 712 – Tribulation Lightning Taking Form!

Almighty Sword Domain

Five pitch black pillars of divine lightning descended in succession, and they carried a terrifying aura of obliteration as they descended towards Yang Ye.

The terrifying aura within them caused the buildings around Yang Ye to be instantly transformed into powder while the ground in an area of 5km directly sunk almost 1km down.

It simply seemed like the end of the world was arriving.

At the center of the pressure these pillars of divine lightning emanated, Yang Ye was like a wooden boat at the heart of a violent storm, and he was simply beyond weak and tiny.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he watched them descend, and then ferocity filled his eyes. This tribulation isn’t something that a Monarch Realm expert should experience! Even Half-Saints might not be able to overcome it!


A terrifying strand of Sword Intent shot into the sky, and it formed a barrier above Yang Ye and resisted the terrifying pressure which came from the divine lightning.


A sword howl shot into the sky from within the ancient sheath.

Yang Ye stretched his hand forward and condensed an intent sword within his grasp, and then he spoke ferociously, “Since you refuse to let me live, then I’ll defy you!”

As soon as he spoke, he swiftly sheathed and drew his sword.

A sharp howl of the sword resounded as a ray of light charged into the sky, and it left a long trail of light behind it as it tore through space all along the way and headed towards the black divine lightning in the sky.

“12th level Sword Intent!” The old man by Qian Yan’s side cried out involuntarily while shock filled his eyes, “How could that be possible? He actually possesses 2nd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent, and that attack is actually 7 attacks overlapped as one. Even I have to be careful when dealing with the might of that attack. How could such a formidable sword cultivator appear amidst the defiant profounders? How could this be possible!?”

Qian Yan’s countenance was extremely gloomy as he stood there silently, and only his fists were clenched tightly while his profound energy started circulating within him.

Xiaoman muttered softly as she gazed at the sword energy, “You’re not a defiant profounder, you’re not a defiant profounder…. I know who you are….”

Everyone here watched as Yang Ye’s sword energy collided with the divine lightning.


A huge explosion resounded through the horizon, and then the sword energy and pitch black divine lightning exploded apart. However, the 2nd pitch black pillar of lightning completely obliterated the threads of lightning and sword qi that remained from the collision, and then it didn’t slow down at all as it continued down towards Yang Ye.

Right at this moment, another sword howl resounded, and then another ray of sword energy shot into the sky and towards that pillar of lightning.

“8th overlapped strands of sword energy!” The old man by Qian Yan’s side cried out involuntarily once more, “How could this be possible? He was actually able to instantly overlap 8 attacks! How did he accomplish that?”

Qian Yan remained silent, but there was a trace of shock in his eyes as well. Even though these overlapped strands of sword energy couldn’t kill him, and he could even blast them apart, but he had to admit that it was a threat to him.

Moreover, this attack had been executed by a profounder who’d just advanced into the Monarch Realm!

If he attains the Half-Saint Realm…. Qian Yan didn’t continue down this line of thought because the outcome would make him feel extremely uncomfortable!

Everyone here watched as the sword energy smashed against the 2nd pillar of lightning.


As soon as they came into contact with each other, thunderous rumbling erupted throughout the horizon, and then the entire sky started trembling violently. At the same time, the ground sunk another 100m down from the effect of the terrifying pressure which came from the sword energy and divine lightning.


Another huge explosion resounded. It was caused by the aftershock from the collision.

Yang Ye clenched his right hand and an intent sword appeared in his grasp before he sheathed it. He could only overlap 7 Heavenrends at most while he was at the Exalt Realm. But once he advanced into the Monarch Realm, his overall strength had been improved greatly, and so had his physical strength. So, he could instantly overlap 10 Heavenrends at least!

If he disregarded the consequences, then he could even overlap 11 Heavenrends! However, it would exhaust a huge amount of his profound energy. Even if he was at the Monarch Realm now, the profound energy within him was still insufficient for him to execute overlapped Heavenrends without any restraint. According to his estimations, if he were to execute 10 overlapped Heavenrends, then the current volume of profound energy he possessed could only sustain such attacks 5 times!

It could be said that even if he couldn’t defeat a Half-Saint, he could definitely escape with the strength he possessed now.

Right when Yang Ye was about to draw his sword once more, the last 3 pillars of pitch black lightning in the sky had stopped moving.

Yang Ye frowned, and then his expression suddenly changed because the pitch black pillars of divine lightning had suddenly merged together, and they warped for a moment before transforming into a pitch black lightning dragon that was over 3km long and 600m wide.

“It has taken form!” The old man by Qian Yan’s side spoke with astonishment, “Tribulation lightning only takes form when breaking through into the Half-Saint Realm. That fellow is merely a Monarch Realm profounder! How could he possibly make tribulation lightning take form?”

“He’s a defiant profounder!” Qian Yan’s voice carried a trace of pleasure as he said, “If it was any other ordinary person, the heavens would definitely not allow such tribulation lightning to descend upon a Monarch Realm profounder. However, he’s a defiant profounder. Since he’s a defiant profounder, then anything that doesn’t makes sense can still be explained. Because the heavens desire his death and not to temper him!”

The old man by Qian Yan’s side nodded and said, “He’s really quite audacious to actually dare to try and overcome his Heavenly Tribulation in the territory of our Fire Spirit Race. Hmph! Does he think our race has no one capable?”

“Be ready to act. This lightning dragon is probably the last strike. We have to act regardless of whether he’s able to resist it!” said Qian Yan.

“I understand!”


The enormous lightning dragon suddenly roared furiously at Yang Ye, and then boundless Dragon Pressure and the might of lightning covered the heavens and the earth as it rained down like the sky was collapsing.

“Everyone move 5km back! No, move 10km back!” The old man by Qian Yan’s side spoke in a shocked tone. Because the Exalt Realm experts in the surroundings had actually slumped to the ground before the Dragon Pressure and might of lightning, and it seemed like they were completely sapped of their strength. It wasn’t just the Exalt Realm experts, even some Monarch Realm experts had started to twitch and seemed as if they were on the verge of falling to their knees.

On the other hand, the countenances of the women by Yang Ye’s side had turned ghastly pale while their bodies shivered. It was especially so for Qian Mei who’d been injured. She was twitching and shivering madly.

Xiaoman and Xu Zhiqing were in a slightly better state, but they were shivering as well.

“Ye Yang, hand Qian Mei and Zhiqing over or I’ll shred you into pieces!” Qian Yan exploded with rage when he noticed the state that Qian Mei was in, and he was about to attack.

Yang Ye glanced coldly at Qian Yan and said, “Old Dog! I’ll obliterate her right now if you speak another word!”

Qian Yan was exasperated, and he was about to speak when the old man by his side stopped him and said, “Don’t agitate him. He’s definitely on the verge of going mad right now, and he’s capable of anything!”

Qian Yan took a deep breath and forcefully restrained his rage, and he just gazed resentfully at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye paid no further attention to Qian Yan, and he gazed at Xiaoman instead, “They’ll definitely harm you if I let you go right now. I’ll let you go once your grandfather gets here.”

As he spoke, a ray of light flashed as 10 swords flashed out and circled the air above Xiaoman. The 12th level Sword Intent they were enhanced with allowed them to instantly block off most of the pressure which came from above, and it alleviated the state Xiaoman was in.

Xiaoman didn’t speak, and she just gazed at Yang Ye.


Meanwhile, the enormous lightning dragon in the sky opened its mouth and roared at Yang Ye, and then an enormous pitch black pillar of lightning that was 300m thick shot out from within its mouth and emanated a terrifying aura as it smashed down towards Yang Ye.

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he grabbed the hilt of his intent sword and drew it swiftly. The intent sword shattered as a beam of sword energy charged up into the sky, and it swiftly collided with the pillar of lightning.


An enormous explosion resounded as the sword energy dispersed into the surroundings. As for the pillar of lightning, it merely shook slightly, and then didn’t slow down at all as it crashed down towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. After all, that attack carried 8 Heavenrends that were overlapped together! However, such an attack was actually merely able to cause a small amount of harm to it….

Yang Ye didn’t have the time to think because it had arrived above his head.

He sheathed the intent sword and drew it!

Another beam of sword energy shot into the sky. This beam of sword energy was faster and stronger than the last beam of sword energy because it carried 9 Heavenrends that were overlapped together!

The sword energy smashed against the pillar of lightning, and it trembled violently before an explosion resounded. Both the sword energy and pillar of lightning exploded apart at the same time. Everywhere the sword energy and pitch black divine lightning sprayed, space was instantly torn apart, and the entire sky was in a mess.


Meanwhile, the enormous lightning dragon suddenly roared furiously once more, and then it waved its tail and smashed down towards Yang Ye. Countless bolts of pitch black divine lightning were flickering all around the lightning dragon, and they were like a net that enveloped the lightning dragon, causing it to seem rather shocking.

While the lightning dragon descended upon Yang Ye, the ground beneath him was sinking down incessantly. Less than a breath of time passed before the ground around Yang Ye had sunk over 1km down, and it was still sinking down at an extremely swift speed.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. He stretched out his hand, condensed an intent sword in his grasp, and sheathed it.

“Heavenrend! Critical Strike!” As soon as he spoke, a brilliant beam of sword energy flashed up, and the entire sky shook in its presence!

It was an attack that carried 11 overlapped Heavenrends that were enhanced by the 3rd stage of the Critical Strike technique!

It was the strongest attack Yang Ye could execute right now!

If he didn’t have a sword to support himself, he would have probably slumped down to the ground after he executed this attack. Because this attack had instantly exhausted all the profound energy within him.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to withdraw a 1,000 year old Firecrystal and swallow it, and then he raised his head and looked up into the sky.


A huge explosion resounded throughout the sky. Everyone watched as the brilliance of Yang Ye’s sword energy gradually vanished.

It wasn’t long before another explosion resounded as Yang Ye’s sword energy exploded apart. After that, the lightning dragon which had become quite faint descended swiftly and arrived before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. He didn’t hesitate to wave his right hand, and a strand of energy blasted Xiaoman away. At practically the exact same moment, an enormous palm swept over and grabbed Zhiqing and Qian Mei.


Yang Ye was instantly enveloped beneath the lightning dragon.

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