Chapter 713 – Intent Ignition! Intent Ignition Again!

Almighty Sword Domain


Yang Ye was completely enveloped beneath the lightning dragon while countless arcs of electricity swept towards the surroundings and formed a strong lightning field.

“No!” Xiaoman was stunned when Yang Ye pushed her aside, and she saw Yang Ye being swallowed by the lightning dragon when she recovered from her shock. She didn’t hesitate to charge immediately towards the lightning field. However, it wasn’t long before she was blasted back by the pitch black divine lightning there. But she refused to give up and charged over repeatedly like a madwoman.

“Is he dead?” The old man at the Half-Saint Realm who stood by Qian Yan’s side gazed down the abyss before them. Yes, the area Yang Ye resided on had sunk down to the point of forming an abyss, and it was almost 3,000km below the ground.

All of this was caused by the lightning dragon!

“I can’t sense his aura!” Qian Yan frowned and said, “Defiant profounders can’t die, so he should be alive. That’s good as well because only then would I have the chance to vent the hatred in my heart!”

At the bottom of the abyss. Formidable arcs of electricity were surging throughout it, and the ground was left charred black in their wake. It only took a moment for the entire area to be charred black.

“You can’t die, you can’t die….” At this moment, Xiaoman was covered in injuries, yet she still pounced towards the abyss time after time again. When Yang Ye revealed his 12th level Sword Intent, she knew that she was mistaken. That man she’d picked up and brought back wasn’t a defiant profounder at all. She’d misjudged him, and even tried to kill him. However, he’d still not forgotten to save her at the critical moment.

I must save him!

That was the only thought in Xiaoman’s mind.

Suddenly, an unexpected turn of events occurred. The electricity that had swept towards the surroundings actually started to converge towards where Yang Ye stood earlier, and it wasn’t long before an enormous pitch black ball of lightning had appeared beneath the ground.

“What’s going on!?” The Half-Saint by Qian Yan’s side was astounded.

Qian Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his relaxed fists were slowly clenched together once more.

“The ball of lightning is shrinking!” Someone exclaimed with surprise.

All of them looked over. Sure enough, the ball of lightning was shrinking at a visible speed. In next to no time, it grew so small that 2 figures appeared before their eyes.

Both those figures were very familiar to them because it was Yang Ye and Lei Lin who’d devoured the black divine lightning at the beginning!

At this moment, a small pitch black ball of lightning was floating above Lei Lin’s left hand while a small pair of wings that seemed to be weaved from lightning resided on her back. On the other hand, Yang Ye was supporting himself up with his right knee on the ground while his hands held onto an intent sword which was stabbed into the ground. It was obvious that he would have slumped to the ground if it wasn’t for the support of the intent sword.

“He’s actually fine!” The old man by Qian Yan’s side spoke in a low voice.

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Qian Yan’s eyes, and he said, “Attack!”

As he spoke, Qian Yan flicked with his finger, and a strand of dark brown flames instantly shot towards Yang Ye. The flame was extremely swift, and it instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye. However, Lei Lin suddenly appeared before Yang Ye, and then she tossed the pitch black lightning ball. It flashed forward like a bolt of lightning and smashed against the flame.


The flame was instantly blasted into pieces, and then the ball of lightning returned to Lei Lin!

Qian Yan was stunned, and then his gaze descended onto Lei Lin. He sized her up for a moment before he said, “You… you’re a Sprite King! How could this be possible…?”

What was a Sprite King? Actually, a Natural Treasure which had truly gained a consciousness of its own and could take human form was considered a Sprite King. Such Sprite Kings weren’t comparable to ordinary Natural Treasures any longer because they possessed true intelligence like humans. Moreover, their strengths were much more formidable than ordinary Natural Treasures, and they were protected by the heavens and the earth!

After the ancient times had passed, such Sprite Kings hadn’t been born into the world anymore. Of course, the Hallowed Grounds had such Sprite Kings. However, he knew both of them. Moreover, they had been passed down within the Hallowed Grounds since the ancient times. Yet now, he’d actually laid eyes on another Sprite King, one that he’d never seen in the past. So, how could he not be shocked?

But it wasn’t long before excitement appeared within his eyes. Because his strength would be doubled at least if he was able to absorb it!

“Big Brother Ye said that you’re an old dog. I refuse to talk with you!” Lei Lin blinked as she spoke in a clear and melodious tone.

Qian Yan was furious, “You’re courting death!” As he spoke, he slapped his right palm towards Lei Lin from afar, and an enormous palm flashed out and slapped down forcefully towards Yang Ye and Lei Lin.

Lei Lin blinked and seemed to be afraid, so she hurriedly flashed off and hid behind Yang Ye’s back. But it wasn’t long before she stepped forward once more because she seemed to have recalled that Yang Ye was in a heavily injured state right now.

She ceaselessly patted the pitch black ball of lightning, and she even started blowing on it while she patted it. It wasn’t long before it grew from the size of a fist into the size of an adult’s skull. After that, she slapped it forcefully, and it surged forward like a bolt of lightning and collided with the enormous palm.


A huge explosion resounded as the ball of lightning exploded apart, and then the enormous palm smashed down towards them. Lei Lin’s face turned pale, and she was at a loss for what to do. Fortunately, a hand suddenly took her hand, and then Yang Ye was standing in front of her.

“Slash!” The intent sword sheathed within the ancient sheath was drawn. The intent sword itself shattered while a ray of light shot towards the enormous palm. However, a mouthful of blood sprayed from Yang Ye’s mouth at the same time.


An enormous bang resounded as the sword energy and the enormous palm exploded apart and dispersed.

Yang Ye withdrew over 10 extreme-grade energy stones and placed them within his pocket, and then he started absorbing the energy within them like a madman.

“Watch out!” Right at this moment, Xiaoman’s horrified voice resounded. Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he swiftly turned around. He’d just turned around when a palm formed from energy smashed against his chest.


Yang Ye’s entire body bent into an arc as it flew backward, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out in midair. The old man at the Half-Saint Realm was standing not too far away from him, and he had his right hand wrapped tightly around Lei Lin’s neck while Lei Lin struggled incessantly.

Yang Ye’s eyes almost split apart from rage!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye’s expression changed again, and he forcefully twisted his body in midair. He’d only just twisted his body when Qian Yan appeared before him. At the same time, a flaming sword stabbed straight towards his chest!

It was too late to dodge because he hadn’t fully dispersed the force of the old man’s attack. So, he couldn’t force his body to move aside.


Suddenly, a beautiful figure appeared in front of him while he heard the sound of a sword burning through flesh.

“No!” Yang Ye’s eyes instantly turned crimson red while 100 swords flashed out from within him, and they moved around the woman who stood before him and shot madly at Qian Yan who held the flaming sword. Qian Yan’s expression changed slightly, and he swiftly swung the sword without end. When he fully blocked all of those swords, Yang Ye was 300m away, and Yang Ye had a woman in his arms. The woman was none other than Xiaoman! It was Xiaoman who’d blocked that attack for him!

“Hahaha!” Qian Yan roared madly with laughter and said, “Ye Yang, it really hurts, right? I told you that I’ll make living worse than death for you. Don’t worry, that’s just the beginning. I’ll make that woman and that little girl suffer the most cruel and inhumane humiliation before your eyes. As for you, don’t worry. Even though you can’t die, I won’t treat you unfairly. I’ll test every single method of torture and punishment in this world on you.” Yang Ye hadn’t just made him lose 10 1,000 year old Firecrystals, Yang Ye had even tortured his only granddaughter to such an extent. So, he was beyond pleased at being able to take revenge with his own two hands!

Yang Ye held Xiaoman in his arms while he covered the burning hole on her chest with his left hand, and he spoke with pain in his voice, “You foolish little girl. Do you know that he can’t harm me? He can’t harm me! So why stop that sword for me? Are you trying to make me owe you 2 lives? I only have a single life! I can’t repay you!” His physical body was entirely capable of resisting that attack from before. Of course, he would suffer a heavy injury because Qian Yan was a Half-Saint and not a Monarch Realm expert. Even though his body was strong, it wasn’t strong to the point of disregarding the attacks of Half-Saints.

“I misjudged you earlier and even attacked you. You aren’t angry with me, right?” Xiaoman’s aura was weak, and her voice was soft like the buzzing of a mosquito.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I don’t blame you for that. I never did. Because I would have died if it wasn’t for you.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear….” Xiaoman grinned, and then her smile froze.

Yang Ye closed his eyes with pain while his hand slid down from Xiaoman’s chest. A fist sized hole was still burning on Xiaoman’s chest, and a ball of flames was raging through her internal organs. She was only at the Monarch Realm, so how could she endure the full strength of a Half-Saint like Qian Yan? Her internal organs had been instantly destroyed when the sword stabbed into her.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, waved his right hand lightly, and placed Xiaoman’s corpse within the Primordial Pagoda. Her corpse had just entered the Primordial Pagoda when Xiaoman’s soul gradually floated out from her corpse. Xiaoman who was in her soul form glanced at the surroundings in a daze, and then an explosion resounded. Her soul exploded into pieces and transformed into countless fragments that dispersed into the surroundings.

“Big Brother Ye….” Lei Lin was still struggling while the old man held her by the throat, and crystalline and translucent pearls of water were dripping down from her eyes while she called out incessantly to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye stood up slowly and glanced at the members of the Fire Spirit Race in the surroundings before he said, “I was saved by Xiaoman, so not only did I have no hostility towards the Fire Spirit Race, I even felt quite grateful. However, you’ve attacked me while I was trying to overcome my Heavenly Tribulation. Not only did you almost cause me to fail on the brink of success, you even caused Xiaoman’s death. I, Yang Ye, repay the kindness bestowed upon me, and I naturally avenge any enmity I have! Today, every single member of the Fire Spirit Race that I see… WILL… DIE!”

As soon as he finished speaking, 12th level Sword Intent surged madly from within him, and then that almost material Sword Intent started to burn!

Intent Ignition!

Yang Ye’s aura was rising explosively without end!

The second rank of the Monarch Realm!

The third rank of the Monarch Realm!

The fifth rank of the Monarch Realm!

The ninth rank of the Monarch Realm!

Yet it was still rising!

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