Chapter 714 – Endless Slaughter!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s cultivation rose steadily, and only an instant passed before it had risen explosively to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm. However, his Sword Intent dropped to the 1st level of the Heaven Rank.

Countless profounders of the Fire Spirit Race who stood in the surroundings were flabbergasted when they saw him instantly attain the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm.

He just broke through a moment ago! But he’s at the ninth rank now?

How could this be possible?

He was able to instantly annihilate Monarch Realm experts upon attaining the Monarch Realm. How terrifying would his strength be now?All of them couldn’t avoid feeling horrified when they thought up to this point.

Yang Ye’s cultivation stopped rising, but his aura was still rising. It wasn’t long before the aura he emanated was like a mountain or ocean that exerted enormous pressure upon everyone here.

Qian Yan and the old man were stunned by this scene as well. Both of them hadn’t expected that the strength of this fellow, Ye Yang, would actually rise explosively to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm. However, their strength and discerning ability allowed them to quickly determine what had occurred.

Qian Yan laughed coldly, “Ye Yang, even though relying on a secret technique to forcefully rise to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm has allowed your strength to improve greatly, it’s only for a moment in the end. The laughable thing is you actually said that you want to slaughter my Fire Spirit Race. That’s truly laughable and stupid to the extreme!”

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and condensed an intent sword in his grasp, and then he sheathed it as he spoke ferociously, “You old dog! The Fire Spirit Race will pay a price that it’ll never be able to endure because of you and your granddaughter.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his sword left its sheath!

A sword howl shot into the sky.

A beam of sword energy flashed forward, and it was so swift that some Monarch Realm experts weren’t even able to lay eyes on it.

It was an attack that carried 15 overlapped Heavenrends, the 3rd stage of the Critical Strike Technique, and Lightspeed

Only 2 people here were able to see it clearly, and it was Qian Yan and the old man by his side. Both of their expressions had changed drastically upon laying eyes on it, and their eyes were filled with disbelief. It was especially so for the old man, there was even terror in his eyes because it was shooting towards him. Even though he was shocked by the might of this attack, he was a Half-Saint at any rate. So, his reaction wasn’t slow at all, and he was prepared to counterattack at practically the exact same moment that Yang Ye drew his sword.

However, an invisible force suddenly appeared here, and then Qian Yan and the other man revealed astonishment in their eyes. Because their cultivations had instantly dropped to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm!

“How could this be possible!? How could this be possible!? The old man cried out involuntarily with astonishment. He was just about to attack, but the drop in his cultivation caused him to be slightly slower, and then the beam of sword energy crashed against his chest. At the exact same moment, a bolt of dazzling lightning erupted from Lei Lin, and the lightning struck the old man’s chest right after the sword energy had, causing him to be blasted flying.

Lei Lin hastily transformed into a bolt of lightning that shot towards Yang Ye, and then she wrapped herself tightly around him like an octopus. Her tears flowed incessantly, and she seemed so very sad. Because she’d never been bullied like that since she was born!

Yang Ye’s mouth couldn’t stop twitching because Lei Lin’s entire body was covered in electricity. The electricity she emanated wasn’t able to harm him in the past, but he noticed that she’d become much stronger after she devoured so much black divine lighting. At the very least, even an ordinary ninth rank Monarch Realm expert would absolutely not dare to go head-on against the lightning that she emanated!

After he made her hide in the Primordial Pagoda, Yang Ye raised his head and gazed at the old man. The old man wasn’t dead, but there was a fist sized hole on the old man’s chest. The hole went straight through the old man’s body, allowing others to look right through him and see the scene behind him.

Yang Ye wasn’t disappointed because the old man wouldn’t be called a Half-Saint if he were so easily killed!

“The Stone of Suppression! You actually possess the Stone of Suppression!” Qian Yan and the old man had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces right now. After all it was the Stone of Suppression! They didn’t take the situation seriously even when Yang Ye had improved his strength to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm and possessed Heaven Rank Sword Intent. Because they were Half-Saints, and even Heaven Rank Sword Intent couldn’t make up for the gap between the Monarch Realm and the Half-Saint Realm. Unless it was 3rd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent!

Yet now, they were at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm as well!

It was a battle between ninth rank Monarch Realm experts now, and their opponent was a sword cultivator, a terrifying sword cultivator!

They weren’t as confident and composed as they were just now, and only a solemn expression remained on their faces!

“The Stone of Suppression is a precious treasure of the Hallowed Halls. How could it have fallen into your hands!?” Qian Yan spoke in a heavy voice.


The reply he received was a wave of sword energy, and it was like a storm that rained down from the sky towards Qian Yan and the other man.

“How presumptuous!” Qian Yan was furious, and he charged towards Yang Ye with the other old man.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to harm Yang Ye at all, and it was even to the extent that they were suppressed. Because Yang Ye’s sword energy was too terrifying. They would naturally not be afraid of it if they were still at the Half-Saint Realm, but they were only ninth rank Monarch Realm experts now!

No one in the same realm of cultivation could avoid fearing Yang Ye’s sword energy!

While Yang Ye fought Qian Yan and the old man, he controlled 100 swords and sent them to attack the crowd of the Fire Spirit Race’s members!

At this moment, everyone within his field of vision was an enemy, and since they were his enemy, they deserved death!

The profounders of the Fire Spirit Race perished one after the other, and it wasn’t long before over 100 corpses had fallen to the ground.

“Ye Yang, my Fire Spirit Race will never rest until you’re dead!” The old man’s eyes were completely red as he roared. The Fire Spirit Race had very few members, and it was especially so for men. Yet now, over 100 had died in just a short moment. Coupled with the losses from before, almost 500 members of the Fire Spirit Race had been killed. That was definitely a calamity for the entire Fire Spirit Race!

“The enmity between us was irreconcilable since the moment Xiaoman died!” Yang Ye suddenly drew his sword, and a beam of sword energy flashed. It instantly arrived before the old man, causing the old man to be horrified. After all, he’d personally experienced its strength, and while he wouldn’t die if he were to be struck by it, it would definitely further worsen his injuries. At that time, he would need at least 2 1,000 year old Firecrystals to recover!

The sword energy was truly too swift, so he couldn’t dodge it in any. He pressed his palms together and pushed them forward, causing a flaming palm to flash forward and collide with Yang Ye’s sword energy.


An enormous explosion resounded as both their attacks dispersed into the air. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had vanished on the spot.

“Ye Yang! Don’t you dare!” Suddenly, Qian Yan roared furiously before he vanished on the spot.

Because Yang Ye had transformed into a ray of light that shot into the crowd of profounders!

As soon as he charged into the crowd, it was a slaughter, a true and utter slaughter!

Rays of light flashed as heads rolled to the ground, and blood formed rivers!

No one could resist a single swing of his sword, even Monarch Realm experts!

In next to no time, only the masked man, Xu Zhiqing, and Qian Mei remained. The masked man was just about to speak when a strand of sword qi pierced through his chest, and it caused him to stiffen on the spot.

The masked man glanced at his chest, and then glanced at Yang Ye who was in battle with Qian Yan and the old man before he said, “I’d thought that it was a fluke which allowed you to kill Xiahou Xuan, but I was wrong. I never expected that I who am ranked at the 4th on the Hallowed Rankings would actually die here, and I never imagined that I wouldn’t even be able to resist a single attack from you….” As soon as he finished speaking, the last strand of life left him.

No one knew that the genius who was ranked on the 4th position of the Hallowed Rankings had soundlessly perished within the Fire Spirit Race’s territory.

In less than a few breaths of time, all the profounders of the Fire Spirit Race in the surroundings had either died or fled. The entire area was in a mess.

“Elder Qian and Elder Yu aren’t able to harm him!” Xu Zhiqing took a deep breath and withdrew a talisman while she watched Yang Ye fight a fierce battle against those 2 Half-Saints, but she didn’t crush it. It was a talisman that her grandfather, the Patriarch of the Fire Spirit Race, had given her, and he would instantly rush over to her side if she were to crush it!

However, she didn’t want to utilize it unless she had no other choice! Because her grandfather was in absolute closed door cultivation which he refused to emerge from until he broke through, and a few hundred years had passed since then. So, she felt that since he still hadn’t emerged until this very moment, then her grandfather’s cultivation had definitely arrived at a critical moment!

Xu Zhiqing hesitated for a moment, but it wasn’t long before her worry eased up because Yang Ye was gradually falling into a disadvantaged position.

Yang Ye really was slowly falling into a disadvantaged state in the battle. The reason he could fight 2 Half-Saints was mainly because he’d increased his strength by force and had activated the Stone of Suppression. Moreover, he relied on the extremely formidable strength of his body and was attacking with at least 10 overlapped Heavenrends every single time. Thus, he was able to fight those 2 Half-Saints and kill numerous profounders from the Fire Spirit Race.

However, all of that relied on the support of his profound energy. He could sustain all of it in the beginning, but both the Heavenrend Drawing Technique and the Stone of Suppression exhausted a huge amount of profound energy, and it caused his profound energy to be almost completely exhausted!

I’ll die if this continues! Yang Ye swung his intent sword incessantly while he thought, I’ll definitely suffer the backlash of Intent Ignition in an hour from now, at most. I must live if I want to avenge Xiaoman.

Once he thought up to this point, Yang Ye waved his sword and emanated a beam of sword energy, and then he transformed into a ray of light that shot off into the distance!


After he slapped the sword energy into pieces, Qian Yan noticed Yang Ye was fleeing, and he immediately roared with fury, “Ye Yang! My Fire Spirit Race will definitely kill you even if you’re the son of the Hallowed Hall’s Divine Master!” As soon as he finished speaking, both of them transformed into rays of fiery light that shot after Yang Ye.

Once the 3 of them left in succession, Xu Zhiqing withdrew her gaze and glanced at the corpses in the surroundings. A wisp of ferocity and pain surged through her eyes.

The Fire Spirit Race’s population was already declining. Now that so many had been slaughtered, it would take dozens of years of even 100 years for it to recover its population!

“Gather all the experts and elders of our race that are in the vicinity and kill Yang Ye with all their might. No matter who he is, our Fire Spirit Race will never stop until he’s dead!” Xu Zhiqing’s voice reverberated like a thunderclap!

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