Chapter 715 – I’ll Slaughter Them!

Almighty Sword Domain

After he attained the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm, Yang Ye’s overall strength had risen countless times, so his speed wasn’t inferior to Qian Yan and the other Half-Saint at all.

“Members of the Fire Spirit Race! Stop him!” Qian Yan’s voice resounded from afar, and then countless profounders of the Fire Spirit Race shot over in succession to block Yang Ye’s path.

However, it wasn’t long before Qian Yan hurriedly shouted once more, “Members of the Fire Spirit Race! Retreat! Don’t obstruct his path!”

Because every single one of those profounders who obstructed Yang Ye didn’t even have the strength to resist before they were slaughtered by a single swing of Yang Ye’s sword.

At this moment, Yang Ye could practically instantly annihilate any profounder below the Half-Saint Realm!

Yang Ye rose his speed to its limits, and his entire body was enveloped by sword qi as he flashed towards the distance like a ray of light.

Everywhere he passed, all the profounders from the Fire Spirit Race hastily moved aside, and they didn’t dare stop him at all.

Almost an hour later.

Qian Yan and the old man stopped moving because Yang Ye had vanished.

A mountain that towered into the sky stood just a few kilometers away from them, and flames could be faintly seen to be spraying out from its peak.

“He fled into Inferno Mountain Range!” The old man by Qian Yan’s side spoke in a low voice. Inferno Mountain Range was formed by a few tens of thousands of volcanoes. Even a Half-Saint wouldn’t dare enter it rashly because the might of their eruption was something that could even heavily injure a Half-Saint. Of course, these volcanoes wouldn’t erupt at any other ordinary time, but what if someone made them erupt?

An ordinary person would absolutely not do that because that was equivalent to courting death.

But what about Yang Ye?

Both of them hesitated. Because once YY were to be driven into a corner and made the volcanoes erupt. Even if he only made a single volcano erupt, they would definitely be heavily injured even if they could avoid death!

“What should we do now?” The old man spoke abruptly.

An expected change occurred!

Qian Yan and the old man’s expressions changed abruptly because their cultivations had instantly dropped to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm, and an extremely formidable Sword Intent had enveloped them.

A ray of light flashed. It was swift, extremely swift. It was swift to the point that even they could only sense it yet were unable to catch sight of it with their eyes!


When they recovered from their shock, their eyes instantly opened wide. It was especially so for the old man. His eyes were filled with disbelief and terror. Because a sword was stabbed into his chest, and Heaven Rank Sword Intent had instantly minced his internal organs into powder. Moreover, the vitality within him was vanishing swiftly.

Yang Ye was standing behind the old man!

“Ye Yang!” Qian Yan roared furiously as he smashed his right palm forward, and it struck against Yang Ye’s chest. Yang Ye’s figure was like an arrow that left the bowstring as Qian Yan’s attack blasted him flying. However, a ray of light flashed as Yang Ye flew, and then the old man’s corpse vanished on the spot.

Qian Yan was stunned on the spot, and his aura was like a storm that raged through the surroundings and destroyed it. However, he didn’t dare pursue Yang Ye. Yang Ye had suddenly appeared around them and killed the old man with a single swing of his sword, that had caused terror to arise in Qian Yan’s heart. He was extremely terrified by it. After all, a Half-Saint had been killed by a Monarch Realm expert who’d just broken through into the Monarch Realm!

What if it was aimed at me…?

Some cold sweat couldn’t help but appear on Qian Yan’s face when he thought of that possibility, and he didn’t dare continue down that line of thought.

Because he wasn’t absolutely confident in his ability to resist it….

This time, he was really quite terrified!

Even until this very moment, fear still lingered in his heart!

Qian Yan gazed silently at the volcanoes for a short while, and then his figure vanished on the spot.

He didn’t dare enter the mountain range by himself. Besides being afraid that Yang Ye would make them erupt in a suicidal attempt to kill him, he was actually most afraid of Yang Ye’s ability to conceal his aura.

After all, even a Half-Saint couldn’t detect Yang Ye, and that was truly too terrifying to him!

Yang Ye immediately heaved a sigh of relief after he entered the mountain range and noticed that Qian Yan hadn’t continued pursuing him.

Yang Ye glanced at his chest. At this moment, his chest had sunken into a shocking arc. It wasn’t just his chest, the dragon scales on his back were severely damaged as well. He’d suffered countless attacks throughout his body during the battle with those 2 Half-Saints, and he would have been transformed into a pile of mush if his body wasn’t strong.

Even though he hadn’t been transformed into mush, his body was covered in injuries. Moreover, he even faced issues internally. Because forcefully raising his cultivation to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm had caused the meridians and bones within him to be unable to support such strength, and they suffered varying degrees of damage. If it wasn’t at any other ordinary time, then such injuries weren’t a problem for him at all. However, he’d been heavily injured by 2 Half-Saints right now, so the internal and external injuries he suffered were more than just one plus one.

But that wasn’t the most serious problem he faced!

The most serious problem he faced was that his cultivation had started to drop!

The eighth rank of the Monarch Realm!

The sixth rank of the Monarch Realm!

The first rank of the Monarch Realm!

Yang Ye sensed his cultivation was still going to continue dropping after it fell to the first rank of the Monarch Realm, and it caused his expression to change. After all, he would definitely be killed in the Fire Spirit Race’s territory if he fell below the Monarch Realm. Because he couldn’t travel through the world of lava that surrounded the Fire Spirit Race’s territory without a cultivation at the Monarch Realm. Moreover, how would he fight those Half-Saints of the Fire Spirit Race if his cultivation fell to the Exalt Realm?

Most importantly, how would he avenge Xiaoman?

The one who’d caused Xiaoman’s death was still alive right now!

Yang Ye leaned against a huge rock as he flipped his palm, and a few hundred extreme-grade energy stones appeared before him. However, he felt that it wasn’t sufficient, and he withdrew the Watersoul that the woman from the Mermaid Clan had given him that day. He didn’t hesitate to swallow it.

As soon as it entered his body, a layer of ice suddenly formed around him. Moreover, countless strands of energy dispersed out from the Watersoul and surged like waves through his meridians.

The energy within it was very powerful, and it wasn’t inferior to a 1,000 year old Firecrystal. It even seemed more powerful than 1,000 year old Firecrystal because the destructive force it created within Yang Ye’s body was much more terrifying. Because it wasn’t just Yang Ye’s body that was covered in a thick layer of ice, even his internal organs and meridians had started to freeze as well!

If it was any other person or even a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert, then that person would have probably been frozen to death before that person could even absorb the energy within the Watersoul. Fortunately, Yang Ye’s body, internal organs, and meridians far surpassed ordinary Monarch Realm experts. So, while the coldness created by the Watersoul made him feel extremely uncomfortable, it wasn’t lethal to him!

The Watersoul’s energy wasn’t sufficient, so Yang Ye started madly absorbing the energy within those extreme-grade energy stones.

Even with the energy provided by the Watersoul and the energy stones, Yang Ye still felt his aura dropping, but it was numerous times slower than before. Another 15 minutes passed before his aura gradually stabilized. Not only did it not decline below the Monarch Realm, the energy from the Watersoul and energy stones even made his cultivation show faint signs of improving!

Yang Ye finally relaxed when he sensed such a change.

A day passed. Yang Ye finished absorbing most of the energy within the Watersoul, and his cultivation arrived at the peak of the first rank of the Monarch Realm.

Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes as a woman had appeared in front of him.

Fu Jinxian!

“You’re really quite lucky to have survived!” Yang Ye didn’t choose to attack. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but it wasn’t a suitable time. He hadn’t finished absorbing the energy of the Watersoul that remained within him, so his meridians and bones were still frozen. Even though it wasn’t severe, and he could even circulate his profound energy, his meridians would definitely be damaged if he were to circulate his profound energy by force.

“You want to kill me!” Fu Jinxian stared at him in a composed manner, and it didn’t seem flirtatious as it had in the past.

“What do you think?” Yang Ye spoke while he worked hard to absorb the energy of the Watersoul and energy stones that still remained within him.

Fu Jinxian walked over and stood around 10m away from Yang Ye. After that, she started circulating the profound energy within her, but her expression was calm, “You’re not a defiant profounder. Qian Mei and the others were wrong.”

“You sound like you know who I am?” said Yang Ye.

She replied, “According to rumor, there’s a Sword Emperor on Profounder Continent. He killed Xiahou Xuan who was the 3rd on the Hallowed Rankings and even joined forces with a defiant profounder to kill a Half-Saint of the Hallowed Halls while he was still at the Exalt Realm. That Sword Emperor didn’t just possess 2nd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent, he’d comprehended the Sword Domain as well, and he possessed the Stone of Suppression. You’re Yang Ye, right? The Sword Emperor, Yang Ye? No, you have another name, the Sword Demon. I feel that the Sword Demon suits you better!”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while before he said, “I didn’t expect to be so famous that even people of the Fire Spirit Race know of me!”

A wisp of excitement flashed through her eyes when she heard him admit it, and she said, “It’s really you! You’re really Yang Ye!”

“What’re you trying to say!?” Yang Ye frowned.

“We can work together!” Fu Jinxian continued, “The Hallowed Halls are your sworn enemy, and they are my sworn enemy as well. We can work together!”

“You’re too weak!” Yang Ye was very blunt.

Fu Jinxian’s expression changed slightly, but when she recalled how Yang Ye had fought 2 Half-Saints by himself, she had no choice but to admit that he had the right to say that about her! She pondered deeply for a moment before she said, “I’m aware that I’m very weak, but I’m still qualified to work together with you. Do you know that it’ll be impossible for you to escape the Fire Spirit Race’s territory without my help?”

Yang Ye replied, “Who said I want to flee?”

Fu Jinxian’s heart shook. After all, how could she not understand what he meant?

She immediately spoke in a low voice, “The Fire Spirit Race’s Half-Saints that are in the outside world have been notified to rush back here. One of them has already arrived, and more are on the way. You’ll definitely die when that happens!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly stood up slowly while the ice on him instantly shattered into tiny shards.

Fu Jinxian was astounded in her heart because she hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually recover that quickly!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Xiaoman is dead. Even the lives of the entire Fire Spirit Race aren’t sufficient to make amends for that. I promised her that I wouldn’t kill you, so you can leave!” As he spoke, Yang Ye started walking off into the distance.

Fu Jinxian heaved a sigh of relief, and then she asked, “Where are you going?”

“To slaughter the Fire Spirit Race!”

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