Chapter 716 – A Half-Saint Sword Servant?

Almighty Sword Domain

“Stop right there!” Fu Jinxian suddenly shouted, but she immediately regretted her decision. After all, the existence who stood before her was like a god of death. What would I do if he suddenly attacked because my tone displeased him?

Yang Ye stopped moving, and then he turned around and gazed at her, “What?”

Fu Jinxian heaved a sigh of relief when she noticed that Yang Ye had no intention to attack her, and she organized her thoughts before she said, “I know that you’re very strong, but have you thought about how there are at least 3 Half-Saints there right now? Moreover, there might be even more Half-Saints on the way. No matter how strong you are, can you kill 3 Half-Saints on your own? Could it be that you intend to forcefully increase your strength again? Even if you dare to do it again, can you guarantee that you’ll still be able to escape them?”

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while before he said, “That does make sense!” As he spoke, he turned around and walked towards the depths of the mountain range.

Fu Jinxian gritted her teeth and followed him.

Yang Ye stopped again when he noticed her following him, and then he turned around and looked at her, “What exactly do you want?”

“I want to kill the members of the Hallowed Halls and Fire Spirit Race with you!” Fu Jinxian spoke with a slightly savage expression on her face, “The people of the Hallowed Halls caused my family to be destroyed and destroyed my life as well. I won’t be able to die in peace without taking revenge! As for the Fire Spirit Race…. Haha! Not only did the Fire Spirit Race not avenge my husband and child when they were killed by those fellows from the Hallowed Halls, they even asked me to not take revenge. For the sake of stopping me from killing the members of the Hallowed Halls, they even imprisoned me within the Fire Spirit Race’s territory! I hate them! I hate all of them!”

Yang Ye said, “I’m sorry for what you experienced. However, to be honest, regardless of whether it’s against the Hallowed Grounds or the Fire Spirit Race, you’ll only be a burden to me.”

Fu Jinxian said, “I know I’m weak, but don’t forget that I’m a woman, and I’m a beautiful woman. I can be your spy in the Fire Spirit Race and help you gather information about it. Once you’ve dealt with the Fire Spirit Race, take me with you to the surface. I’m able to enter the Hallowed Halls as well. At that time, it’ll be equivalent to possessing a spy in the Hallowed Halls.”

“Are you that determined to take revenge?” He looked her straight in the eyes.

She replied, “The reason I’ve lived in shame was for the sake of taking revenge. So long as I can do that, then I’m willing to do anything. Even if I have to become a lowly prostitute.”

Yang Ye said, “Doing that to yourself won’t allow you to take revenge. Only strength can help you because only when you have formidable strength can you truly take revenge.”

She laughed miserably in response, “Do you think I don’t know that? But what else can I do? My natural talent is only at a moderate level. Coupled with the fact that the Fire Spirit Race doesn’t supply me with any resources, even attaining the Monarch Realm was something I obtained by giving my body away over and over again. Yang Ye, you’re my last chance, because if I don’t have your help, then I won’t be able to kill the Fire Spirit Race or the Hallowed Halls. So long as you’re willing to help me, then I’m willing to do anything for you in return. Regardless of how disgraceful it may be!”

“Even giving your body away?” asked Yang Ye.

She replied, “So long as you desire it, you can have it at any time!”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while before he said, “Go back. I’ll contact you if I’m leaving this place. As for whether you can take revenge, that’ll depend on your own ability. Remember that I’m only helping you because of Xiaoman.” Besides Xiaoman, there was actually another reason, and it was because he understood the pain of being unable to take revenge. It was just like how he felt when he faced the Flower Palace and Origin School. It could be said that he’d mostly agreed to help her because he felt sympathy for her!

“I won’t make you help me for nothing!” She turned around and left once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye waved his right hand once she left, and then a ray of light flashed. The Sword Spirit appeared before him. Moreover, the old man at the Half-Saint Realm who he killed with a surprise attack earlier was by the Sword Spirit’s side.

She said, “Do you really intend to refine him into a Sword Servant? Even though I can do it, but you might not be able to subdue him.”

“How likely am I to succeed?” asked Yang Ye.

She thought for a moment and said, “The probability isn’t huge. The strength of a Half-Saint’s spirit and soul are very strong, even if it’s a dead Half-Saint. Even though you’re at the Monarch Realm now, the gap between you and a Half-Saint is still very huge in every aspect. Once you fail, you might suffer backlash, and the consequences would be severe!”

“So I have a chance?” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Let’s do it!”

The Sword Spirit glanced at him, nodded, and then formed a strange seal with her hands before pressing it down towards the Half-Saint’s corpse. Countless threads of sword qi that were fine like the hairs of an ox flashed forward, and then they converged within the corpse.

Yang Ye could sense that they were altering the corpse.

Fu Jinxian was right. He couldn’t fight the entire Fire Spirit Race right now. If he were to charge over right now, then the best outcome would be that he killed countless profounders of the Fire Spirit Race before being jointly pursued by the Fire Spirit Race’s Half-Saints.

Presently, his Sword Intent had fallen to the 1st level of the Heaven Rank, and if it were to drop once more, then it wouldn’t be able to affect Half-Saints anymore. Moreover, it wouldn’t just be his Sword Intent that fell at that time, his cultivation would definitely drop to the Exalt Realm as well. After all, he didn’t have anymore 1,000 year old Firecrystals or a Watersoul. Besides that, the reason he could launch a surprise attack and kill a Half-Saint during a battle with 2 Half-Saints was mainly because Qian Yan and the old man weren’t aware of his strength, and they were taken by surprise!

Yet now, they were aware of his true strength, so it was definitely almost impossible for him to launch another surprise attack like the previous attack!

In short, he couldn’t act rashly if he wanted to avenge Xiaoman!

An aura of viciousness couldn’t help but surge from him when she crossed his mind.

“Qian Yan! You old dog! Just you wait!” Yang Ye clenched his fists while killing intent surged within his eyes. Xiaoman had saved his life, but never had he imagined that she would have died for him before he could even repay her. He understood why she’d acted in that way, and it was probably because of guilt for misunderstanding him and attacking him. But that silly girl never realized that he’d never blamed her for that!

So, how would he repay her kindness? He couldn’t anymore! Because she was gone. His only objective now was to avenge her!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, suppressed the vicious aura and killing intent in his heart, and then restrained his thoughts and sat down cross-legged on the ground. After that, he withdrew over a dozen extreme-grade energy stones and started absorbing the energy within them. He was waiting for the Sword Spirit to complete the refinement of that corpse into a Sword Servant, and then he intended to give the Fire Spirit Race a huge pleasant surprise!

The Fire Spirit Race. Within one of its halls.

“What exactly happened!?” A white haired old man had a livid expression as he gazed at Qian Yan, “Our Fire Spirit Race has actually lost so many members and even a Half-Saint in less than four hours. Qian Yan, what the fuck were you doing!?”

Qian Yan spoke with an unsightly expression, “Guardian Lin, Tong Feng’s granddaughter is to be blamed for all of this. Who would have expected that she actually brought a defiant profounder back to our territory? Moreover, Tong Fen and the Grand Elder were constantly protecting that defiant profounder, Ye Yang. That was why he had such an opportunity to take advantage of. It was all Tong Feng and his granddaughter’s fault!”

“You’re saying that Tong Fen colluded with the defiant profounders?” said the white haired old man.

Qian Yan replied, “Even if he didn’t, his granddaughter still brought a defiant profounder here, and it’s a face that he protected that defiant profounder. Tong Fen can hardly absolve himself from the blame for the deaths of all who’ve died today!”

“Qian Yan, that defiant profounder just broke through into the Monarch Realm?” Meanwhile, another old man at the Half-Saint Realm spoke abruptly.

Qian Yan nodded and said, “Divine lightning descended from the heavens, and he was overcoming his Heavenly Tribulation!”

The old man frowned and said, “That’s impossible. The weakest amongst the defiant profounders is at the Monarch Realm. How could he possibly break through and overcome his tribulation within our territory?”

Qian Yan’s face turned cold, “Chi Huo, what are you trying to say!?”

The old man called Chi Huo said, “He might not be a defiant profounder!”

The white haired old man asked, “Chi Huo, what do you mean?”

Chi Huo spoke in a low voice, “Xuan Ming and another Half-Saint from the Hallowed Halls trespassed into our territory some time back. At that time, the reason they gave me was that they were pursuing an Exalt Realm profounder. I thought they were deceiving me and intended to use it as an excuse to enter our territory. But now it would seem like they might have been here for Ye Yang. Because if he’s really as terrifying as Qian Yan said, then it would be understandable why Xuan Ming and that other Half-Saint weren’t able to kill him.”

“Impossible!” Qian Yan said, “Why would black divine lightning appear if he isn’t a defiant profounder? How could his combat strength be so terrifying if he wasn’t a defiant profounder? He was even a threat to Half-Saints like us!”

The white haired old man said, “Even though that woman on the 1st position of the Hallowed Rankings is only at the Exalt Realm, but Qian Yan, do you dare say that you’re definitely able to kill her?”

The Nether Maiden!Qian Yan’s face changed slightly because he’d personally witnessed how terrifying she was. After all, a Half-Saint had almost been injured by her during that battle. He said, “I admit that some monstrous geniuses in this world really can’t be judged by convention, but how could that fellow, Ye Yang, be compared to the Nether Maiden? She isn’t from our world! Are you saying that Ye Yang isn’t from our world as well? But is that even possible?”

“Wait!” Chi Huo suddenly said, “Qian Yan, you said Ye Yang used the sword, and he possessed 2nd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent?”

Qian Yan nodded.

The white haired old man exchanged a glance with Chi Huo, and then Chi Huo took a deep breath, “I know who he is!”

“What do you mean?” asked Qian Yan.

Chi Huo suddenly pointed a finger at Qian Yan and roared furiously, “How foolish! You and your granddaughter are fucking bastards! He isn’t a defiant profounder at all! He’s the Sword Emperor of the Profounder Continent, the Sword Emperor Yang Ye who made the Hallowed Halls lose numerous geniuses on its Hallowed Rankings!”

Yang Ye! Qian Yan was stunned and said, “How could that be possible? Isn’t he on Profounder Continent? How could he dare to come here? How could he possibly….”

The white haired old man said, “If I’m not wrong, he is here. The reason the Hallowed Halls’ members were pursuing him was probably for the Stone of Suppression in his possession. Because Xuan Kong perished on Profounder Continent, and it was the joint forces of him and a defiant profounder that caused Xuan Kong’s death. So, the Stone of Suppression naturally fell into his hands.”

Qian Yan was stunned, and then he said, “No wonder…. Now wonder…. I was curious why he possessed the Stone of Suppression. So he’s that fellow, Yang Ye, from Profounder Continent….”

“There was no enmity between him and our Fire Spirit Race. Yet now, not only has our race lost so many people because of that stupid granddaughter of yours, we have a madman for an enemy. Do you know that he has another name on Profounder Continent? He’s called the Sword Demon! Because once he goes mad, then he fully disregards all consequences, and he wouldn’t hesitate even if it would bring ruin to everyone!” Chi Huo spoke in a low voice.

Qian Yan spoke furiously, “Chi Huo, what are you trying to say? Are you trying to say that it’s all our fault?”

“Is it not?” Chi Huo spoke furiously as well, “The members of the Hallowed Halls have always been despicable, so it couldn’t be any better if Profounder Continent dragged them down. But your granddaughter just had to act against him, and you even killed Xiaoman who saved him. Not to mention what Tong Fen would do once he returns, just Yang Ye is a huge problem.”

“Could it be that our Fire Spirit Race would fear him?” Qian Yan roared with rage.

“It isn’t a question of fear, but whether it’s worth it!” Chi Huo continued, “We didn’t have to become enemies with him, and we could even use him to keep the Hallowed Halls busy. But not only are we unable to use him now, we’ve even become irreconcilable enemies with him. That granddaughter of yours really deserves death!”

“Alright, stop fighting!” The white haired old man spoke abruptly, “The important matter at hand is to figure out how to eliminate him and not engage in internal conflict!”

Both of them fell silent.

“Come, let’s go search through the Inferno Mountain Range. Besides that, notify the other elders to return as soon as possible. We must eliminate Yang Ye or we’ll have endless troubles in the future!”

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