Chapter 718 – Should We Grab His Loved Ones?

Almighty Sword Domain

10 breaths of time later, Chi Huo appeared where Yang Ye was standing.

He glanced at the surroundings and frowned, “There was movement here just now. How could there possibly be no one here!?”

Chi Huo sized up the surroundings. There was a thin layer of profound energy that formed a barrier around him. At the same time, his Spiritual Energy had transformed into threads that swept out from him and formed a huge defense net which covered the surroundings. So, even a being that was 100 times smaller than an ant would still be immediately detected by him!

He sized up the surroundings for a while before he looked down at the lava. He fell silent for a short while, and then he said, “A battle occurred here, and it wasn’t very long ago. He definitely hasn’t gone far!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he retracted his Spiritual Energy and intended to leave.

Right at this moment, his expression suddenly changed drastically!

Because his cultivation had instantly declined to the Monarch Realm!

In an instant, Chi Huo knew that he’d fallen into an ambush, and a circular wave of flames practically instinctively erupted from within him. The terrifying and powerful force within the flames caused the air around Chi Huo to be instantly incinerated, and even the space around him showed faint signs of shattering.

“Slash!” A ray of sword energy blasted against the flames, and an explosion resounded. After that, a soft groan resounded before a figure transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky and vanished through the mouth of the volcano.

Chi Huo was slightly stunned, and then he stretched out his palm and made a grasping motion, causing a ball of scarlet red liquid to appear on his palm.

“You really are heavily injured!” Chi Huo instantly came to an understanding when he saw the scarlet red liquid. After all, Yang Ye had forcefully increased his strength earlier and had even been heavily injured by Qian Yan and the old man. In other words, Yang Ye was definitely heavily injured right now!

It made more sense to him the more he thought about it, and so he didn’t hesitate to flash out of the volcano as well. However, he was instantly stunned upon emerging from the mouth of the volcano because there was a person standing not too far away from him, and it was Elder Yu. Moreover, Elder Yu was even holding a figure. Even though he’d never seen Yang Ye in the past, he’d immediately determined that it was Yang Ye.

Because there was fierce and sharp Sword Intent coming from him.

“What’s going on?” Chi Huo frowned, “Brother Yu, didn’t Qian Yan say that you were dead?”

‘Brother Yu’ replied, “This kid really did heavily injure me, but he wasn’t able to kill me. He merely used a secret technique to restrain me with the intention of refining me into a puppet. Unfortunately, he was too conceited. Not only did he fail, he even suffered backlash from my Spiritual Energy. However, he was quite strong and was able to escape me. I’ve been looking around here for a long time, and I rushed over here when I noticed the commotion coming from here. I never expected that he would come straight at me!”

“Is that so?” Chi Huo’s eyes had vigilance in them as he said, “Is he dead?”

The old man shook his head and said, “No. I’ve kept him alive as I intend to take him back.”

Chi Hui suddenly said, “Give him to me, alright?”

“Of course!” The old man tossed Yang Ye over to Chi Huo.

At the same time, Chi Huo suddenly slapped his palm at Yang Ye. At practically the exact same moment, a ray of sword energy shot out from Yang Ye’s hand and smashed against Chi Huo’s attack.

Moreover, a mysterious energy had appeared in the surroundings at the exact same moment that Yang Ye launched that attack, and it caused Chi Huo’s cultivation to be instantly suppressed to the Monarch Realm!

The energy palm and sword energy rumbled as they dispersed. Meanwhile, ‘Brother Yu’ had suddenly attacked. He transformed into a black ray of light that shot explosively towards Chi Huo.

Chi Huo’s expression changed drastically, and he said, “You’re not Brother Yu! Who exactly are you!” Even though he was shocked, his reaction wasn’t slow at all. He smashed his palms forward, and then 2 brilliant torrents of flames flashed forward and instantly enveloped down towards Yang Ye.

“Heavenrend!” As soon as Yang Ye roared that word, a beam of sword energy flashed, and it tore a huge hole within the flames before shooting straight for Chi Huo who was right behind it.

Yang Ye hadn’t dared to hold back in the slightest, and he’d immediately executed 10 overlapped Heavenrends and the 3rd stage of the Critical Strike Technique. Moreover, he’d even activated Lightspeed. It could be considered to be his strongest attack.

Chi Huo’s pupils constricted as he pressed his palms together before pressing them forward. An flaming energy palm flashed out and collided with Yang Ye’s sword energy.


An enormous explosion resounded as both attacks exploded apart, and a powerful wave of energy swept towards the surroundings. It even blasted Chi Huo to the point he moved back repeatedly. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s Half-Saint Sword Servant appeared in front of Chi Huo. The Sword Servant didn’t utilize any techniques, and it just smashed a fist down towards Chi Huo.

At this moment, Chi Huo couldn’t dodge at all, and he could only smash his fist forward to collide head-on with the Sword Servant’s attack.


As soon as their fists collided, Chi Huo was blasted flying. At this moment, he was merely at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm, so how could he resist a Sword Saint at the Half-Saint Realm?

“Die!” The Sword Saint raised his right hand and clawed at Chi Huo from afar, and then an enormous claw tore through space and appeared above Chi Huo. After that, it clawed down ferociously. It was extremely swift, and Chen Huo was unable to dodge it in his current state. He had no choice but to collide head-on with it!

“Fuck off!” Chi Huo roared furiously as a strand of flames erupted out from within him. The flames started spreading in the air, and they transformed into an enormous dragon that was over 1km long. It shot into the sky and collided with the Sword Saint’s claw. At the same time, Chi Huo’s figure flashed backward explosively. He was very clearly aware that he wasn’t a match for that Half-Saint puppet while his cultivation was suppressed. Moreover, Yang Ye who could pose a threat to him was here as well!

So, he’d started to retreat as soon as he had the opportunity!

But he wasn’t able to gain his wish in the end because a ray of sword energy had torn through the sky and instantly arrived before him when he’d only just started to retreat, so he had no choice but to resist it.

“Fuck off!” He roared furiously again while he clenched his right hand into a fist and smashed it forward. The space before him instantly collapsed, and the spatial rift he created instantly devoured Yang Ye’s sword energy. However, Chi Huo spat out a mouthful of blood as well.

Meanwhile, this short moment of delay allowed the Sword Servant to appear before him again. At the same time, an enormous energy fist tore through space and carried terrifying force as it smashed down towards him.

A ferocious expression surged onto Chi Huo’s face. His arms shook and his sleeves shattered apart while his arms instantly turned completely red, they were like a pair of burning iron rods.

“Die!” He roared furiously as he punched forward, and then 2 pillars of flames that were over 100m long flashed out from his arms. The pillars of flames tore through space all along the way and smashed against the enormous energy fist.


A huge explosion resounded, and the space at the point of collision collapsed. Moreover, the collapsed space was spreading at an alarming speed. Less than a breath of time passed before space in an area of 300m had collapsed. But it wasn’t long before the shattered space was repaired by the energy of the Laws, and it was like the destruction had never occurred.

Chi Huo wanted to flee. Unfortunately, the Half-Saint Sword Servant was faster than him, and it locked him in battle before all sorts of attacks rained down upon him. This caused him to have no chance of fleeing. Moreover, the suppression of his cultivation made it utterly impossible for him to bring forth his full strength, so he was completely suppressed by the Sword Servant since the battle began.

Defeat was only a matter of time to him!

Yang Ye’s profound energy surged madly. He was just about to attack when a ray of light flashed, and then the Sword Spirit took human form and appeared before him.

“What’re you doing here?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

She stretched out her hand, and a sword formed in her grasp. She said, “The commotion here is too much. The other 2 Half-Saints will be here if we don’t leave in the next few breaths of time!”

As she spoke, the sword in her hand suddenly emanated a ray of dazzling light, and then it transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

Chi Huo was locked in battle with the Sword Servant when his expression suddenly changed drastically, and an unprecedented feeling of danger instantly swept through him. After that, a ray of light arrived before him. He instinctively raised his palms and slapped them towards it. However….


The ray of light pierced through his chest….

Chi Huo’s figure stiffened on the spot while the vitality within him surged out like a river.

“Let’s go!” The Sword Spirit waved her hand lightly, and then Chi Huo’s corpse vanished on the spot. At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath at all. He merely glanced at the Sword Spirit before he took the Sword Spirit and Sword Servant with him as he vanished on the spot.

Three breaths of time later.

The white haired old man and Qian Yan appeared where Yang Ye was just a little while ago.

“Chi Huo is dead!” The white haired old man spoke in a low voice.

“He had help!” Qian Yan gritted his teeth and spoke fiercely.

The white haired old man closed his eyes slightly and said, “One of those auras belonged to a Half-Saint. As for the other aura, it appeared before this. It doesn’t belong to a Half-Saint, but it’s extremely strong. We can’t continue pursuing him. He has the Stone of Suppression and the help of 2 experts. We won’t be able to do anything to him even if we’re able to catch him.”

When he spoke up to this point, the white haired old man opened his eyes and said, “Now, I finally understand why the Hallowed Halls has continuously failed to kill him. His strength isn’t the main point, the most terrifying part is his natural talent. He’s only around the age of 20 right now, but he already possesses such terrifying strength. Even the geniuses of the 10 Nether Pavilions are inferior to him, to a certain extent.”

“If we don’t kill him now and allow him to fully mature, then he’ll probably become another existence like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor. At that time, our Fire Spirit Race will probably suffer annihilation!” Qian Yan continued, “Why don’t we send some experts to Profounder Continent to grab his loved ones so that we can use them against him?”

“Are you trying to court death?” The white haired old man shouted, “Do you know how terrifying that Half-Saint on Profounder Continent is? Even the joint forces of 10 Half-Saints from the Hallowed Halls couldn’t kill him! You want to head to Profounder Continent? Even the joint forces of all the Half-Saint elders of our race would probably be unable to harm him!”

“Then could it be that you intend to just forget everything?” Qian Yan spoke with unwillingness, “He killed so many members of our race, and he even killed 2 of our Half-Saints. If news of this were to spread, it would definitely be a humiliation for our race!”

“We’re going back! We’ll wait for the other elders before we act!” The white haired old man looked towards the depths of the mountain range, and then he turned around and flickered through the sky.

Qian Yan clenched his fists to the point his knuckles cracked, and a savage expression arose in his eyes as he looked towards the depths of the mountain range. A short while passed before he finally turned around and left.

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