Chapter 719 – You Refuse? Then Pay With Your Entire Race!

Almighty Sword Domain

“I really underestimated the strength of a Half-Saint!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice as he stood on an enormous rock and gazed at Chi Huo’s corpse.

Earlier, he’d intended to launch a surprise attack when Chi Huo entered the volcano, but Chi Huo was too vigilant. Under such circumstances, he couldn’t accomplish a surprise attack at all. However, he didn’t want to give up on killing Chi Huo. So, he showed himself and clashed with Chi Huo, yet he’d lost that collision! However, it was within his expectations, and thus he immediately retreated.

After he left through the mouth of the volcano, he’d thought that he could rely on the Half-Saint Sword Servant to take Chi Huo by surprise, but he hadn’t expected that Chi Huo would be that vigilant and refused to give him any openings. So, he had no other choice but to launch a frontal assault. However, he hadn’t imagined that Chi Huo would still be able to resist the joint forces of the Sword Servant and himself even when Chi Huo’s cultivation had been suppressed to the Monarch Realm.

At that moment, he realized that he’d really underestimated the true strength of a Half-Saint!

The Sword Spirit said, “Half-Saints are considered to be existences at the peak of this world. Even though there are differences in strength between Half-Saints, even the weakest Half-Saint isn’t that easy to kill. If you don’t utilize Intent Ignition, then you’ll only be able to resist a Half-Saint for a while. But you’ll definitely lose if the fight drags on. Even if you activate Intent Ignition and attain the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm, it’ll still be impossible for you to kill a Half-Saint in a head-on collision if that Half-Saint is fighting you seriously. Moreover, the battle will mostly end with your defeat if it drags on!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I understand. There’s quite a gap between me and a Half-Saint. I’m merely able to protect myself from a Half-Saint at most.”

She said, “It’s very good that you’re able to realize all of that!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “How strong are you right now?” The Sword Spirit had never really fought in the past, so he didn’t know how strong she was. But when she did on both occasions earlier, it allowed him to realize that she wasn’t just strong, she was very strong!

She replied, “You can’t defeat me!”

Yang Ye was stunned and asked, “Are you a Half-Saint?”

She shook her head, “I’m at the Monarch Realm at most.”


She answered, “How would you fight me if we fought? The Heavenrend Drawing Technique? Can you execute that strongest attack of yours without me?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Yang Ye fell silent because he suddenly realized that he relied too much on Heavenrend, and he needed the ancient sheath to execute it. If he were to lose the ancient sheath in the future, then how would he fight Half-Saints?

“You possess too few sword techniques!” She suddenly spoke, “Or I should say that you possess too few formidable sword techniques. Relying solely on Heavenrend is insufficient in the end.”

“You’re absolutely correct!” Yang Ye said, “That technique you executed earlier wasn’t bad. Teach it to me!”

She glanced at him, “It wasn’t that I refused to teach it to you before this, but I didn’t know how to utilize it in the past. Perhaps it was because I’ve come close to my main body after arriving at the Hallowed Grounds, and it allowed a huge portion of my memories to recover. So, a few formidable sword techniques appeared within my mind.” When she spoke up to this point, she suddenly asked, “Do you think your attainments in the Sword Dao are very formidable/”

Yang Ye didn’t understand why she would ask such a question, but he hesitated for a moment before he said, “It should be alright!”

She shook her head in response and said, “Your path is still very long. You can only be considered to have started on the path at most. Let’s put that aside for now. I’ll transmit that sword technique into your mind for you to have a look!” As she spoke, she flicked her finger, and a ray of light shot into Yang Ye’s head.

A block of information appeared in his mind.

Tri-Apex Sword Technique, the Mortal Sword. This technique required Sword Unification. The man is the sword, and the sword is the man. Make the sword a part of the body and give true life to the sword….

The Sword Spirit said, “Cultivating this sword technique will be much easier for you because your attainment in the Sword Dao has fully surpassed Sword Unification. You only need to familiarize yourself with the circulation pathways of this sword technique, and the combination of intent, energy, and spirit when executing it. You’ll be able to execute it once you’re done. However, you have to constantly practice it if you want it to grow stronger.”

Yang Ye opened his eyes, stretched out his hand, and a sword appeared in hi grasp. He instantly felt like the sword was a part of his body. But it wasn’t long before he realized that it wasn’t that simple. Because he didn’t just have to attain Sword Unification when executing this technique, he had to circulate his Spiritual Energy, Soul Energy, Sword Intent, and profound energy.

In short, it wasn’t something that could be accomplished in a few days.

He asked, “It’s called the Tri-Apex Sword Technique, so there should be 2 more, right?”

“Don’t reach beyond your grasp!” She walked over to Chi Huo’s corpse and said, “Even though it isn’t very difficult for you to cultivate the Mortal Sword, the other 2 techniques aren’t techniques that you can cultivate right now. Moreover, you don’t have the time to slowly cultivate them. So just train well in the Mortal Sword for now!”

As she spoke, she flicked her finger, and then rays of light entered Chi Huo’s corpse.

Yang Ye glanced at the Sword Spirit. He noticed that she was slightly different than before. However, even he couldn’t put a finger on exactly what was different about her. It was just a feeling!

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about all of that. Because regardless of how she changed, they were on the same boat, so he just had to be a little more vigilant!

One day later, the Sword Spirit finished refining Chi Huo’s corpse into a Sword Servant, and it was Yang Ye’s turn to take control of Chi Huo’s corpse.

The Fire Spirit Race’s territory.

At this moment, the Fire Spirit Race’s territory was heavily guarded. Exalt Realm experts were stationed 30m apart while groups of 50 Monarch Realm experts patrolled through the air.

At this moment, there were 4 Half-Saints gathered within a hall. It was Qian Yan, the white haired old man, and both Tong Fen and the Grand Elder who’d just rushed back here.

“Guardian Lin, you’re saying that my granddaughter was killed by that fellow, Yang Ye?” Tong Fen spoke fiercely.

Qian Yan glanced at Tong Fen, and then he remained silent.

Guardian Lin spoke flatly, “Of course. Do you think that I would deceive you?”

Guardian Lin was very well aware that if Tong Fen were to find out that Qian Yan was the one behind his granddaughter’s death, then not to mention killing Yang Ye, internal strife would break out within the Fire Spirit Race before that even happened. At that time, Yang Ye would have an opportunity to take advantage of, and it would be very bad for the Fire Spirit Race. So, both he and Qian Yan had jointly decided to push all the blame to Yang Ye.

Since 2 Half-Saints had jointly suppressed the information, there would naturally be no one in the Fire Spirit Race who dared to reveal the truth.

In that way, they could prevent internal strife from erupting and make Tong Fen stop at nothing in order to kill Yang Ye.

It was like killing two birds with one stone!

“Bastard!” Tong Fen’s eyes turned crimson red while the space around him surged incessantly, “Ye Yang! You fucking unscrupulous animal! Xiaoman saved you and even stole my Firecrystals so that you could recover, yet you actually killed her! AH!!! I’ll definitely burn your bones and scatter your ashes!” As he spoke, Tong Fen was about to charge out of the hall.

“Wait!” Guardian Lin stopped Tong Fen and said, “Yang Ye possesses the Stone of Suppression, and he is assisted by 2 experts as well. Heading out on your own is no different that giving your life away. I summoned all of you back here because I hoped that we would join forces against him.”

Tong Fen’s chest rose and fell rapidly while strands of flames surged incessantly out of him. However, his eyes were covered in tears. After all, Xiaoman was his only granddaughter….

Qian Yan’s eyelids twitched. He knew that if Tong Fen found out the truth, then Tong Fen would definitely stop at nothing to kill him. While he wasn’t afraid of that, he didn’t want to fight someone to the death. Especially at a time like this.

The Grand Elder suddenly asked, “That fellow, Ye Yang, is Yang Ye?”

Guardian Lin nodded and said, “He’s the Sword Emperor of Profounder Continent. Even though I heard of his name in the past, I never expected him to be such a monstrous genius to the point of even fighting Half-Saints at the Monarch Realm. Moreover, he has 2 other experts by his side. We must be careful when dealing with him. Especially because he has the Stone of Suppression!”

“Should we ask the Hallowed Halls for help?” Qian Yan suddenly said, “Presently, our Patriarch is cultivating behind closed doors. As for the other elders, they are either recuperating or guarding the defiant profounders with the Hallowed Halls’ experts. Even though we have no need to fear Yang Ye, we must not forget that he has the Stone of Suppression. Our strengths would be reduced greatly while it’s in his possession.”

“No!” Guardian Lin answered, “Allowing the Hallowed Halls’ experts to enter our territory is no different than bringing disaster upon ourselves. That fellow, Supreme Exalt He, has been eying that treasure of ours for a very long time. We absolutely can’t give them an opportunity or excuse. Moreover, if we seek their help, then the Stone of Suppression will definitely fall into their hands once Yang Ye dies. It’s best for such a precious treasure to be kept within our Fire Spirit Race’s possession!”

“Our Fire Spirit Race has lost a huge amount of people!” The Grand Elder spoke abruptly, “I’m not going to ask about the course of events. All of you want to kill Yang Ye, but have all of you thought about how he was able to escape 3 Half-Saints while he was still at the Exalt Realm. Yet now, he’s at the Monarch Realm. Coupled with the Stone of Suppression and assistance of 2 experts, do you think that we can kill him?”

All of them fell silent.

Suddenly, a figure flashed into the hall and said, “Elders… that fellow, Yang Ye, is here.”

Their expressions changed, and then they immediately vanished on the spot.

At a vast square. Yang Ye stood there with the ancient sheath in his hand and a sword chest on his back. Xu Zhiqing and Qian Mei were standing in front of him, and there were over 80 Monarch Realm experts and over 1,000 Exalt Realm experts standing behind the two of them.

“Yang Ye! You actually dared to come here again!?” Qian Mei’s arm had already recovered, and her injuries were almost completely healed. However, the injury in her heart was impossible to heal.

Yang Ye paid no attention to her. It wasn’t long before 4 figures appeared here.

“Yang Ye! You animal! I’ll kill you!” Tong Fen immediately burned with rage when he saw Yang Ye, and he intended to attack. However, he was stopped by Guardian Lin.

“Something doesn’t seem right!” Guardian Lin spoke in a low voice, “Don’t act rashly for now!”

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then his gaze descended onto Qian Yan in the end, “Xiaoman was a member of the Fire Spirit Race, and she was very attached to it. She would definitely be unhappy if I were to slaughter all of you. So, I’ll give all of you a chance. It’s actually a chance for me as well. Hand Qian Yan over and I’ll leave.”

Guardian Lin spoke in a low voice, “What if we refuse?”

“Are you sure?” asked Yang Ye.

He replied, “I am!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he waved his right hand. 2 Half-Saint Sword Saints appeared as he said, “Then I’ll bury the entire Fire Spirit Race with her!”

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