Chapter 720 – The Patriarch Arrives!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Elder Yu? Elder Chi?” Guardian Lin was stunned for a moment, and then he frowned, “Wait!”

When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Yang Ye while shock filled his eyes, “You… you actually refined them into puppets!”

Half-Saint Puppets!

All the Half-Saints here were beyond shocked.

A ray of light flashed, and then the Sword Spirit appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

She said, “I can keep a Half-Saint busy while the effect of the Stone of Suppression is active!”

“Good!” Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the Stone of Suppression appeared in his grasp, and then an indescribable force instantly appeared and suppressed the cultivations of everyone in the surroundings.

“Wait!” Right when Yang Ye was about to attack, Tong Fen suddenly stepped forward and asked, “Yang Ye, were you the one who killed Xiaoman?”

“Why waste your breath on him! Kill him!” Qian Yan intended to attack when he noticed that the situation wasn’t developing in his favor. However, a strand of flames suddenly appeared before him. He turned around and gazed at Qian Fen before he spoke angrily, “Tong Fen! What’re you doing!?”

Tong Fen glanced coldly at Qian Yan and Guardian Lin before he said, “Guardian Lin, Qian Yan. I don’t want Xiaoman to die in vain. I must get to the bottom of this.”

“Put the interest of the whole above everything else!” Guardian Lin spoke flatly.

“No matter who killed Xiaoman, a debt of blood must be repaid with blood!” Tong Fen refused to back down.

“You don’t even know who killed Xiaoman?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, “There were so many witnesses that day. Wouldn’t you know by just asking any one of them?”

Tong Fen grabbed one of the profounders in the surroundings and asked, “Who killed Xiaoman?”

“I… I don’t know….” How could that profounder dare to tell Tong Fen the truth?


Tong Fen clenched his hand lightly, and that profounder was instantly obliterated.

“Tong Fen, have you gone mad?” Guardian Lin spoke angrily.

Tong Fen spoke fiercely, “Guardian Lin, I know my strength is inferior to you, but you better not force my hand! Otherwise, I’ll take you down with me!”

“You!” Guardian Lin’s beard trembled as he flared up with rage, but he didn’t dare to suppress Tong Fen by force. Because anyone could discern that Tong Fen was on the verge of going mad. A madman was capable of anything. Especially Tong Fen because he had nothing left to worry about.

“It was me!” Meanwhile, Qian Yan spoke abruptly.

“I was right!” Tong Fen clenched his fists while his aura surged violently from within him.

“Tong Fen, you and your granddaughter are sinners of our race!” Qian Yan roared furiously, “If your granddaughter hadn’t rescued that fellow, Yang Ye, then our race wouldn’t have suffered such losses at all. Do you know how many members of our race have died? A few hundred! How long would it take for our Fire Spirit Race to foster than many more people? Do you know how long it would take!?”

Tong Fen suddenly turned around to gaze at Yang Ye and said, “You were saved by us, so why did you slaughter the members of my race!?”

The Grand Elder added, “I’m curious about that as well!”

Yang Ye glanced at the members of the Fire Spirit Race, and then he said, “I, Yang Ye, clearly distinguish between kindness and hatred, and I don’t offend unless I’m offended. I was overcoming my Heavenly Tribulation to break through into the Monarch Realm, but that old dog, Qian Yan’s, granddaughter actually gathered over 100 experts of your race to kill me. Since they wanted me dead, I had no choice but to kill them instead!”

Guardian Lin spoke abruptly, “No matter what, you killed a few hundred experts of our race, and you even transformed 2 of our Half-Saints into puppets. My Fire Spirit Race has to avenge this enmity. So, you must die!”

“Well said! Then let’s fight!” Yang Ye suddenly stomped his right foot against the ground, and then he shot forward like a cannonball. At the same time, 100 swords flashed out from within him, and they transformed into rays of light that shot towards Guardian Lin and the others.

Meanwhile, the Half-Saint Sword Servants behind Yang Ye were even swifter than him. They’d arrived before Guardian Lin and the Grand Elder, and they’d launched a violent attack against them.

Qian Yan was about to attack when a wave of fire suddenly assaulted him from the side. His expression changed drastically, and he immediately punched the wave of fire apart. He roared furiously, “Tong Fen! What are you doing!?”

“Qian Yan! You old dog! Pay with your blood!” Tong Fen roared furiously as he shot towards Qian Yan.

In next to no time, both of them were locked in combat.

Tong Fen’s sudden assault against Qian Yan and coupled with the fact that both the Grand Elder and Guardian Lin had their cultivations suppressed, the battle showed signs of being one-sided.

“Tong Fen! What’re you doing!?” Guardian Lin fought one of the Half-Saint Sword Servants as he shouted furiously, “Do you want us to be annihilated?”

The Grand Elder spoke as well, “Tong Fen, I know you’re angry, but please but the interests of our entire race above everything else. I’ll help you seek justice once all of this is over!”

“A debt of blood must be paid with blood!” Tong Fen roared furiously and paid no attention to Guardian Lin and the Grand Elder. He just continued attacking Qian Yan in a desperate and insane manner. Because Qian Yan’s cultivation had been suppressed, so Tong Fen was able to completely suppress him in battle. Qian Yan didn’t even have the ability to retaliate, and he could only passive defend himself.

“Zhiqing…. Grandfather and the others will lose if this continues!” Qian Mei spoke with a trembling voice. At this moment, she was truly terrifying because that fellow before her, Yang Ye, didn’t fall into a disadvantaged state even while he was in battle with her grandfather and those elders who she could only look up to. Moreover, it was even to the extent that Yang Ye had firmly gained the upper hand.

Even though they were both at the Monarch Realm, she had to admit that she was very much inferior when compared to Yang Ye!

Xu Zhiqing clenched her fists tightly while unwillingness filled her heart. Because while she was a Monarch Realm expert just like Yang Ye, she could do nothing but watch from the sidelines, and she didn’t dare order the others who stood behind her to join the battle. Because they would only be giving their lives away if they interfered in such a battle.

“Shit!” Meanwhile, Qian Mei suddenly cried out involuntarily.

Xu Zhiqing raised her head, and her pupils constricted because a figure was blasted flying from the battlefield. It was Qian Yan!

“You old dog! Die!” As soon as Yang Ye’s voice resounded, 100 swords formed a dragon of swords that emanated dazzling light as they shot explosively towards Qian Yan.

“Conflagration Palm!” Tong Fen roared furiously, and then an enormous flaming palm that was over 300m wide tore through space as it slapped down towards Qian Yan.

“Stop him!” Xu Zhiqing was horrified, and she hurriedly roared with fury.

Countless Exalt Realm experts didn’t dare hesitate as they shot into the sky, and they executed their strongest techniques that rained down like a storm towards Yang Ye.


Yang Ye’s enormous sword dragon was instantly blasted apart by their joint forces.


Meanwhile, another explosion resounded. All of them looked over, and they saw that the enormous flaming palm had struck Qian Yan to the ground, but it wasn’t long before Qian Yan stood up once more.


A mouthful of Blood Essence sprayed from between his lips as he pointed his finger at Tong Fen and roared furiously, “Tong Fen you bastard! Are you trying to become a sinner of our race?”

“So what? Xiaoman was so innocent! Qian Yan, I’ll eliminate your entire line once I’m done with you!” At this moment, Tong Fen simply seemed as if he was possessed, and his entire mind was filled by boundless viciousness. So, he charged once more towards Qian Yan once he finished speaking.

Qian Yan’s pupils constricted. He felt that he would have no need to fear Tong Fen at any other time. Yet now, he was only at the Monarch Realm, so how could he fight Tong Fen? So, he didn’t dare continue fighting and flashed off with the intention of fleeing.

Ferocity flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes. He was just about to pursue Qian Yan, but it wasn’t long before countless Exalt Realm experts stood in his way.

“Fuck off!” Yang Ye roared furiously as swords shot forward into the crowd, and then rays of light flashed through the surroundings. Countless shrill cries resounded, and merely less than 2 breaths had passed before only a few of the Exalt Realm experts remained.

After he dealt with those fellows who obstructed his path, Yang Ye looked off into the distance and saw that Qian Yan had been stopped by Tong Fen. He instantly heaved a sigh of relief and was about to launch another attack.

“AHH!!” Meanwhile, a shrill cry resounded abruptly. Yang Ye turned around to look towards the source of it, and he saw Guardian Lin crashing down to the ground.

We’ve lost a Half-Saint!All the experts of the Fire Spirit Race were stunned.

If it was a one on one battle, then Guardian Lin could be said to be the strongest amongst all the people here. However, his cultivation had been suppressed to the Monarch Realm, and he was even being jointly attacked by 2 Half-Saint Sword Servants. So, he was naturally no match for them.

Guardian Lin had just crashed to the ground when the Sword Spirit abandoned the Grand Elder, and she transformed into a ray of light that arrived in front of Guardian Lin before she took his corpse.

“Ignore the Grand Elder! Just kill that old dog, Qian Yan!” Once they heard Yang Ye’s order, the Sword Servants that were about to attack the Grand Elder instantly changed the direction they were moving towards and shot towards Qian Yan.

Qian Yan was horrified. He was only at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm right now, so how could he resist the joint forces of 3 Half-Saints? However, he had no other choice because it was impossible for him to flee right now.

“Yang Ye, you asked for this!” Meanwhile, Xu Zhiqing suddenly roared furiously, and then a talisman floated up into the sky.


it exploded apart.

“Call the Sword Servants back!” The Sword Spirit spoke abruptly, and her voice carried a rare trace of anxiousness and seriousness.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Even though he didn’t know why she’d acted in that way, he chose to trust her. He issued a command in his heart, and the Sword Servants immediately returned to him.

Right at this moment, an enormous aura appeared out of thin air.

Yang Ye’s expression changed because it was very formidable. It could be said that it was the strongest aura he’d sensed from a Half-Saint if Elder Mu and Lu Yan weren’t included in the comparison!

“What’s going on?” asked Yang Ye.

The Sword Spirit replied, “An expert is coming!”

Yang Ye asked, “Is he very strong?”

She answered, “He’s weaker than your master, but not much weaker!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Tong Fen stopped attacking as well because he knew who was coming.

It wasn’t long before an old man with fiery red hair appeared here.

“Patriarch!” All the experts of the Fire Spirit Race bowed when they saw the old man, and even Tong Fen bowed slightly.

The Fire Spirit Race’s Patriarch? Yang Ye’s profound energy surged violently.

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