Chapter 721 – Attack Again!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Patriarch of the Fire Spirit Race!

Qian Yan instantly heaved a sigh of relied because he was safe now.

The other members of the Fire Spirit Race felt the same as well because they didn’t have to worry about being slaughtered anymore.

Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit had solemn expressions on their faces. Just a glance at him allowed Yang Ye to realize that the old man wasn’t someone he could fight right now, even if he had 2 Sword Servants at the Half-Saint Realm and the Stone of Suppression.

After he appeared here, the old man paid no attention to the surroundings, and he raised his head to look up into the sky instead. A short while passed before he frowned slightly and said, “It has been a few hundred years. This time, the defiant profounders aren’t just waiting for a chance to cause trouble, they intend to swarm out completely!”

Meanwhile, Xu Zhiqing walked over to the old man and bowed, “Grandpa Patriarch, Zhiqing shouldn’t have disturbed your closed door cultivation, but I had no other choice. Our Fire Spirit Race has suffered a calamity. I had no choice but to summon you and ask you to avenge the dead members of our race so that they may rest in peace.” As she spoke, she started to describe Yang Ye’s atrocities. Of course, she couldn’t avoid exaggerating during this process.

A short while passed before the old man gazed at Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s heart shook because the old man’s gaze seemed like it could pierce through his entire body! Yang Ye hurriedly circulated his Sword Intent to form a barrier before himself. However, that feeling of being seen through still remained!

Yang Ye was astounded because he realized that the old man was much stronger than he’d expected!

“A rare genius!” The old man said, “I intended to kill you, but I treasure geniuses. Stay and I won’t kill you!”

Qian Yan’s expression changed, “Patriarch, he killed so many members of our race, and he even refined Elder Chi and Elder Yu into puppets. We….”

Qian Yan hadn’t been able to finish speaking because the old man interrupted him, “Qian Yan, I can accept that you have selfish motives because everyone has some. However, I really dislike it when the members of our race do things that harm other members of our race because of their own selfish motives. Yet you, did exactly that. I’m not talking about Yang Ye, I’m talking about how you seized the opportunity to kill Tong Fen’s granddaughter!”

Qian Yan’s expression changed. He wanted to say something in response, but the old man waved his hand and said, “It has come to pass, so it’s pointless regardless of what you say.”

When he spoke up to this point, he gazed at Tong Fen who stood at the side with a gloomy expression on his face. The old man said, “Little Tong, I watched you grow up, and I understand your temper. I’ve never thought about asking you to give up on your revenge, but the defiant profounders are about to emerge right now, and our Fire Spirit Race has lost 3 Half-Saints now. Internal conflict can’t be allowed to occur right now.”

“So Xiaoman died in vain?” Tong Fen spoke with a savage expression on his face.

The old man replied, “If both of you survive after the defiant profounders are dealt with, then both of you can have a fair fight. If you die in battle yet Qian Yan survives, then I’ll personally deal with it for you and avenge your granddaughter!”

Qian Yan’s pupils constricted. A short while passed before he lowered his head slightly, and a cold glow flashed through his eyes.

Tong Fen gazed at the red haired old man for a short while before he said, “Patriarch, I trust you!” As he spoke, he walked over and stood behind the old man.

The old man nodded, and then he gazed at Yang Ye before he said, “What about you?”

“I won’t become enemies with the Fire Spirit Race if Qian Yan dies!” said Yang Ye in response.

“Tell me what you would do if Qian Yan isn’t killed!” said the old man.

“I’m very curious as well. What would you do if I don’t die!?” Qian Yan spoke as well.

Yang Ye gazed at the old man and spoke seriously, “The Fire Spirit Race will definitely be annihilated!”

Qian Yan laughed with ridicule and said, “You?”

The old man spoke as well, “You don’t have such strength!”

“Haha!” Yang Ye chuckled and said, “I know that I’m unable to annihilate your race right now, and it’s even to the extent that leaving safely will be a problem for me!”

“At least you know the extent of your ability!” Qian Yan ridiculed.

Yang Ye gazed at the red haired old man and said, “You’re a Half-Saint, a true living fossil. So all the Half-Saints here would definitely be unable to defeat you, let alone me. However, don’t forget that I have backing as well. I presume you’re aware of what happened to the members of the Hallowed Halls on Profounder Continent. Yes, I have 2 extraordinary Half-Saints standing behind me. They aren’t at the Hallowed Grounds right now, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t come here.”

Yang Ye withdrew a jade slip as he spoke, “Should I call them here right now, and then ask them to fight your Fire Spirit Race to the death? I guarantee that all the members of your race who’re beneath the Half-Saint Realm will definitely be annihilated before backup from the other experts of the Hallowed Grounds can arrive!” As he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s eyes turned scarlet red while he seemed like he’d gone mad.

The Sword Spirit glanced at Yang Ye yet didn’t speak a single word.

“Stop trying to trick us!” Qian Yan spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye replied, “Then why don’t you give it a try?”

Qian Yan was about to attack when the Grand Elder stopped him and said, “The Hallowed Grounds sent 10 Half-Saints and countless Monarch Realm experts to the continent, and they were even led by Xuan Kong who brought the Stone of Suppression with him. In the end, Xuan Kong died, countless Monarch Realm experts fell, and a few Half-Saints perished as well. However, this fellow, Yang Ye, is still alive. He isn’t lying. Top-rate experts really do exist on the continent!”

Qian Yan’s expression turned unsightly as he said, “Could it be that we’re going to be threatened just like that?”

The Grand Elder said, “Let the Patriarch decide!”

The red haired old man gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he said, “I’d intended to spare you so that you could be of use to me Fire Spirit Race. But you’re too vicious and murderous. If you’re allowed to live, then you’ll definitely become a formidable enemy for my race. So….”

“Suppress him and put the Sword Servants away!” Right at this moment, the Sword Spirit suddenly shouted. Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to activate the Stone of Suppression and instantly suppress the old man to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm. After that, he placed the Sword Servants in the Primordial Pagoda. At the same time, the Sword Spirit’s voice resounded once more, “Sword Flight!”

As soon as her voice resounded, a bright ball of light that was formed from swords appeared beneath Yang Ye and her feet.

A ray of light flashed, and then both of them vanished on the spot.

“How quick! They’re 500km away!” The Grand Elder exclaimed with astonishment.

The red haired old man nodded and said, “It’s a pretty good technique, but it’s not a problem!” He raised his hand and grabbed as he spoke.

500km away.

“I didn’t expect it wouldn’t have been able to trick that old man!” Yang Ye had just heaved a sigh of relief when his expression suddenly changed drastically. He turned around and saw an enormous palm tearing through space as it grabbed at him and the Sword Spirit. It was extremely swift to the point that only a moment passed after he laid eyes on it, and it was already in front of him. Its fingers opened wide and clawed down upon him and the Sword Spirit as if it intended to crush them into pieces!

“Sword Flight!” The Sword Spirit’s voice resounded once more, and then they vanished on the spot and appeared a few hundred kilometers away. However….

The enormous palm appeared out of thin air in the sky above them at practically the exact same moment, and it was less than 10m away from them!

“Sword Flight!” The Sword Spirit’s voice resounded once more, and then a ray of light flashed beneath their feet before they appeared 150km away. However, they’d only just arrived there when the enormous palm immediately appeared above them. Moreover, it was only around 5m away from them this time!

“Let me do it!” Yang Ye shouted as he stretched out his hand, and the Sword Spirit instantly transformed into the ancient sheath and entered his grasp. After that, he condensed an intent sword, sheathed it, and drew it!

“Slash!” In an instant, 10 overlapped Heavenrends charged into the sky and crashed against the enormous palm.


The sword energy instantly exploded apart….

The palm shook violently and slowed down for a moment while a huge number of cracks appeared on it, but it wasn’t long before it descended swiftly. Yang Ye’s pupils constricted, and he held the ancient sheath up to defend against it.


As soon as it came into contact with the ancient sheath, a mouthful of Blood Essence sprayed from Yang Ye’s mouth, and the dragon scales on him instantly split apart while blood started seeping out from between the cracks.

Just like that, the enormous palm smashed down on Yang Ye at an extremely swift speed.

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the 2 Half-Saint Sword Servants appeared by his side before they slapped their palms against the enormous palm as well. It shook violently, and then vanished. However, another enormous palm appeared out of thin air right after that, and it pressed down onto Yang Ye and the 2 Sword Servants again.

The Sword Servants smashed their fists forward again, and then 2 enormous energy fists flashed forward and smashed against the enormous palm. A huge explosion resounded as the energy palms were blasted apart, and the enormous palm merely stopped for a moment before it continued its descent.


Yang Ye and the 2 Half-Saints were slapped deep into the ground.

As soon as the enormous palm dispersed, a ray of light suddenly shot out from beneath the ground and vanished into the sky. It entered into the nearby world of lava.

“Hmm?” The red haired old man who still resided at the territory of the Fire Spirit Race frowned and said, “He was actually able to endure an attack of mine. What a formidable physical body. He possesses Heaven Rank Sword Intent, combat strength that far surpasses his peers, and a physical body comparable to a Half-Saint while he’s only so young…. Allowing you to live will only create a potential threat.” As he spoke, he took a step forward, and he vanished before all the other experts of the Fire Spirit Race.

It wasn’t long before the old man arrived at the world of lava.

However, his brows knit together before Yang Ye had vanished without leaving a trace of his aura behind.

Qian Yan and the others appeared by his side after a little while passed.

“An expert has executed a secret technique on him, and it has concealed his aura!” The red haired old man spoke in a low voice, “That person who did it is extremely strong. Looks like he really wasn’t lying. There’s an extremely terrifying existence on the continent!” His voice carried a rare trace of solemnness.

“Patriarch, what should we do now?” asked Qian Yan.

“Forget it!” The red haired old man said, “Let him leave. I presume he wouldn’t dare to enter our territory again.”

“We’re letting him go just like that?” Qian Yan was clearly quite unwilling.

“Do you want me to waste my time on pursuing a Monarch Realm profounder?” The old man glanced indifferently at Qian Yan, and then he said, “Dispatch our forces to guard this place. Don’t allow anyone to enter this world of lava!” As he spoke, he turned around and vanished before their eyes.

While Qian Yan was unwilling to let Yang Ye go, he had no other choice because he didn’t dare to pursue Yang Ye on his own….

Once the old man left, the lava nearby suddenly started moving, and then Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit walked out from there. However, Yang Ye’s injuries were quite heavy right now. Because his entire body was covered in blood as if he was made of it.

“Let’s leave!” said the Sword Spirit.

Yang Ye shook his head in response.

The Sword Spirit continued, “We won’t be able to fight them if they are to turn back right now, and it’s especially so for that red haired old man!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “How can we just leave after suffering such a loss? I’ve said that I would make the Fire Spirit Race pay their debt with blood.”

“You can’t fight him!” said the Sword Spirit.

“I can’t fight them in the open, so I’ll do it from the shadows!” Yang Ye said, “Come, let’s attack again!”

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