Chapter 723 – Driven Into A Corner!

Almighty Sword Domain

The red haired old man floated in midair while the Grand Elder and Qian Yan stood before him.

At this moment, Qian Yan’s left arm was gone, and the cut on his shoulder was flat like a mirror while blood was still dripping down from it. There wasn’t that much rage and resentment on his face anymore because it was mostly replaced by fear and terror.

“He has gotten stronger!” The Grand Elder spoke in a low voice, “Moreover, he has that mysterious woman and 2 Half-Saint Realm puppets by his side. Qian Yan might have died if I was just a little later.”

The old man glanced at Qian Yan and said, “With the Stone of Suppression in his possession, a few Half-Saints aren’t a threat to him at all. Give up on pursuing him for now and order all the members of our race to return. You two start patrolling with Tong Fen instead and don’t give him any chances to slaughter anyone else while we wait for the four Guardians to return.” When he spoke up to this point, he looked towards the distance and said, “Let me see how he annihilated my Fire Spirit Race!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man’s figure exploded apart, and then countless strands of flames shot towards the sky like fireworks before they surged off in all directions.

“Divine Flame Clones!” The Grand Elder’s expression changed slightly as he said, “According to rumor, the Divine Flame Clone technique can be used to split one’s consciousness into a myriad of strands of divine flames. Every single strand of divine flame is like a clone, and every single clone has half the strength of the main body. I never expected that the Patriarch would have actually cultivated it successfully. But half his strength….”

“So long as any one of the Patriarch’s clones locate him, then the Patriarch would be able to instantly combine all the clones!” Qian Yan spoke abruptly in a low voice, “He’ll definitely die if he’s found!”

“Have you ever regretted it?” The Grand Elder spoke abruptly. After all, if Qian Yan had been able to slightly restrain himself and not bully the weak, then perhaps all of this wouldn’t have occurred.

“I do! I regret I didn’t kill him right away!”

“What a pity!” Yang Ye shook his head within one of the volcanoes on Inferno Mountain Range. Earlier, he’d almost killed Qian Yan, but the Grand Elder had rushed over and forced him to retreat immediately. Because once he was locked in battle and the red haired old man was allowed to rush over, then it might be he who died in the end.

The Sword Spirit who stood beside him was just about to say something when her expression suddenly changed, and she shouted, “Hide!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he didn’t hesitate to issue a command in his heart and hide in the Primordial Pagoda with the Sword Spirit.

Right after they’d just entered the Primordial Pagoda, over a dozen strands of flames suddenly entered the volcano, and they circled around the area before they left.

Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit left the Primordial Pagoda once those flames left.

“What was that?” Yang Ye frowned.

She pondered deeply for a moment before she answered him, “It should be a clone technique. You would definitely die if you were noticed just now. Because he would definitely be able to arrive here in an instant once they detect your presence. You’re absolutely not a match for him now, even if you include me and the other 3 Half-Saint Sword Servants. He’s just like your master. He isn’t an ordinary Half-Saint at all!”

“He’s very strong indeed!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice. He had no doubt that even if the red haired old man wasn’t as strong as Elder Mu, the old man was absolutely not much weaker than Elder Mu. In any case, the old man was absolutely not someone he could fight right now.

“What do you intend to do right now?” asked the Sword Spirit.

“Cultivate!” At this moment, Yang Ye understood that while his strength wasn’t bad, it was still too weak when he faced a true living fossil. Moreover, the area outside would definitely be heavily guarded, so it wouldn’t be suitable for him to head over and kill again.

She said in response, “I’ll guide you!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and was slightly stunned.

She asked, “Am I not qualified enough?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “You absolutely surpass me if it’s in terms of attainments in the Sword Dao. I’m naturally exceedingly happy that you’re willing to provide me with guidance!”

The Sword Spirit said, “Your strongest sword technique is Heavenrend. If you go all out, you should be able to instantly overlap 12 Heavenrends. 12 Heavenrends enhanced by the Critical Strike Technique and Lightspeed would definitely be able to instantly annihilate Monarch Realm experts, and it could even instantly kill ninth rank Monarch Realm experts. If we include the Stone of Suppression, there’s practically no one beneath the Half-Saint Realm who can kill you!”

When she spoke up to this point, she paused for a moment before she continued, “However, practically all your enemies are Half-Saints now, and your Heavenrend is quite insufficient against them. Even if you utilize the Stone of Suppression, a Half-Saint that has been suppressed to the Monarch Realm would still maintain their combat instinct and grasp the Laws. You’ve killed 2 Half-Saints. But ask yourself if you are confident in your chances of winning in a fair fight!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment, and then he shook his head. Chi Huo had almost escaped even when he joined forces with a Half-Saint Sword Servant that day. If it was a one on one battle, then it would mostly end with his loss. Even if he relied on his Sword Intent and physical body to avoid defeat, he would be absolutely incapable of harming Chi Huo!

The Sword Spirit continued, “Unfortunately, I would be able to let you know about the true way to utilize the Sword Domain if I’m able to truly recover my memories. If that happens, then you would absolutely be able to protect yourself even if you can’t defeat that red haired old man. As for the other Half-Saints, you would definitely possess the ability to kill them even in a head-on battle!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll rescue your main body as soon as possible once we’re done here.” He was irritated by his issues with the Sword Domain as well. Because as his strength grew incessantly, he even felt that the Sword Domain was quite useless. He’d tried to study it, but besides the ability to suppress his enemies’ speed and strength, he wasn’t able to notice anything else that was special about the Sword Domain.

However, the Sword Spirit and those geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings said that it was extremely formidable…. So, he felt like he possessed a billion in a safe yet didn’t have the combination for it.

The Sword Spirit nodded and continued, “You have 2 weak points right now. The 1st is your cultivation is lacking. Even though there seems to be no difference between experts at the first rank or ninth rank of the Monarch Realm to you, the gap is actually very huge. If you are at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm right now, then you wouldn’t be incapable of fighting back even if you’re no match for that red haired old man. However, you can’t rush when it comes to the improvement of your cultivation. It’s something that should be completed naturally.

“The 2nd weak point is your sword techniques. You have too few of them. So, your main objective right now is to completely master the Mortal Sword of the Tri-Apex Sword Technique. It’s best if you’re able to merge your Sword Intent, Lightspeed, and Critical Strike with it. Only then would you be able to pose a threat to a Half-Saint in a head-on battle!”

Just like that, the Sword Spirit started to provide Yang Ye guidance as he cultivated within the volcano.

During this period, the red haired old man’s clones had searched through the volcano. However, the Sword Spirit notified Yang Ye in advance, so he was able to avoid them safely.

On the other hand, his master of the Mortal Sword grew better and better with the Sword Spirit personally guiding him and demonstrating it to him.

The Fire Spirit Race.

The red haired old man sat upright on the antique wooden armchair at the center. Qian Yan, Tong Fen, and the Grand Elder were on his left while 4 red robed old men were on his right.

All of them were Half-Saints!

If the red haired old man was included, then there were 8 Half-Saints gathered in the hall!

“I’ve searched the entire area!” The old man spoke in a low voice, “But I’m still unable to find him!”

The Grand Elder asked, “Could he have left?”

The red haired old man shook his head and said, “That’s not very likely. He attacked our race once more that day, so how could he possibly leave without accomplishing his objective? But his aura has been concealed and coupled with the fact that he seems to possess some sort of advanced concealment technique, even I am unable to locate him unless he shows himself!”

The red haired old man’s voice carried a trace of helplessness and coldness. For the very first time, he was actually helpless against a Monarch Realm profounder. If news of this were to spread, then he wouldn’t be the only one to be disgraced, even the entire Fire Spirit Race would lose face as well!

The old man continued, “He’s like a volcano that’s waiting to erupt while he hides like this, and he might cause our Fire Spirit Race to suffer horrible losses at any moment. So, we must drag him out of hiding and annihilate him.”

“Patriarch, even you aren’t able to sense his aura?” It was the red robed old man who led the group of 4 on the right that asked this question.

The red haired old man shook his head, “That person who concealed his aura for him is much stronger than I am, and that’s probably not the only reason. The Profounder Continent isn’t as weak as we imagined. This time, our Fire Spirit Race can be said to have stood on opposing sides of Profounder Continent, just like the Hallowed Halls. Moreover, the defiant profounders are about to emerge from the seal. The future is truly worrying!”

“We can’t just wait for him to show himself anymore!” The red robed old men who spoke earlier spoke in a deep voice, “That kid is a madman. He’ll definitely only show himself when he’s confident in his ability. Of course, it’s impossible for him to assassinate us. However, he’ll definitely attack the other members of our race. So….”

“Are we really going to do that?” Another red robed old man said, “For the sake of a Monarch Realm profounder?”

“He isn’t an ordinary Monarch Realm profounder!” The red robed old man who was the first to speak earlier stated, “He must die! And we must obtain the Stone of Suppression that he has with him!”

The red haired old man nodded, and then he stood up and said, “Then it’s decided.”

All of the others here stopped hesitating and nodded.

Within the volcano.

Yang Ye was cultivating when the space before him suddenly trembled, and then Fu Jinxian’s voice appeared in his mind, “Leave quickly! The Patriarch and the others intend to activate the Hellfire Formation! It’s a formation that covers this entire underground world. So long as they stand within the central pivot of the formation, then everything enveloped by the formation will be within their grasp. You won’t be able to hide from them anymore!”

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