Chapter 724 – Doom!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s face fell.

If it really was as Fu Jinxian had said, then not to mention avenging Xiaoman, even his own survival would be a problem. He could hide in the Primordial Pagoda, but what if they didn’t deactivate the Hellfire Formation? Could he just stay within the pagoda forever? Moreover, hiding in the pagoda wasn’t absolutely safe either.

“Let’s go! We’ll still be able to escape if we leave now!” said the Sword Spirit in a low voice.

Yang Ye clenched his fists. He was truly unwilling to leave just like that.

“If we don’t leave now, then why might not be able to leave anymore!” The Sword Spirit continued, “There are at least 5 Half-Saints amongst the Fire Spirit Race’s forces right now. Coupled with that red haired old man, even your master may not be able to do anything to them. Even though you can execute the Mortal Sword now, to be honest, you’ll definitely die once they locate you!”

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while before he suddenly looked downwards, “This mountain range is made up of over 10,000 volcanoes, and endless lava and terrifying beings reside beneath the volcanoes. Do you think we would be able to drown the Fire Spirit Race if we make all of these volcanoes erupt?”

The Sword Spirit’s eyelids twitched, “But have you that about how we would make them erupt? Moreover, how would you escape even if you make them erupt?”

“Who said we have to do it ourselves?” said Yang Ye.

She frowned, “You intend to use the Sword Servants? Are you really willing to lose Half-Saint Sword Servants?”

“Why not!?” Yang Ye said, “There are so many Half-Saints outside there. Why would I fear losing some now?”

She glanced at him and said, “At least 2 Half-Saint Sword Servants will have to detonate themselves in order to make these volcanoes erupt, and it should be sufficient to make all of them erupt. Once that happens, even if it can’t drown the entire Fire Spirit Race, it’ll be able to drown at least three quarters of it. If the beings beneath the lava aren’t under the Fire Spirit Race’s control, then the Fire Spirit Race will be destroyed!”

“Then let them be destroyed!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

“There’s a problem!” She continued, “Making these volcanoes erupt represents that we have to leave 2 Half-Saint Sword Servants in Inferno Mountain Range. With the strength that red haired old man possesses, he’ll be able to notice them immediately once they leave your side, and he’ll be able to arrive here instantaneously.”

“That’s easy!” Yang Ye said, “So long as I show myself at the same time, then he’ll definitely come to kill me first. So long as he does that, then we would have won!”

She warned, “You’re playing with fire!”

He replied, “It’s not the first time anyway!”

She said, “Then I’ll go mad with you this once!”

In a hall within the Fire Spirit Race’s territory.

The red haired old man and the other 7 Half-Saints were about to activate the Hellfire Formation. Suddenly, all 8 of them raised their heads and gazed towards the same direction.

“He’s here!” One of them spoke these words before all 8 of them vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that shot swiftly towards the world of lava that led to the surface, and he was extremely swift. He’d merely utilized a few breaths of time to rise up from Inferno Mountain Range and arrive before the world of lava. However, 8 old men tore through space and obstructed his path when he was just about to enter the world of lava.

“Isn’t it too late to try and leave now?” Qian Yan spoke ferociously.

Meanwhile, a ray of light flashed over from afar, and the Sword Spirit appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

“Is it done?” asked Yang Ye.

She nodded in response.

“No one will be able to save you today!” The red haired old man raised his hands, and then a cage that was formed from flames instantly appeared around them. It wasn’t very big, but it trapped everyone here.

Qian Yan said, “Don’t worry, Yang Ye. We won’t let you just die. We’ll allow you to experience all the methods of torture that exist in this world, and we’ll make living worse than death for you. Moreover, we’ll head to Profounder Continent, capture everyone related to you, and then humiliate them in front of you. No, that’s far from sufficient. If you have a son, I’ll make him life his life as a Flameling; it’ll be even better if you have a daughter, because I’ll make her become a whore right in front of your eyes. I’ll make you and everyone related to you become the most miserable people in the world!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Qian Yan. He flipped his palm, and an intent sword condensed in his grasp. He glanced at the 8 Half-Saints who stood before him and said, “I said that I would make the Fire Spirit Race pay a price it’ll never be able to bear because of what that old dog, Qian Yan, and his granddaughter did. Those people I killed before this were only the beginning!”

“You won’t have another chance!” said the red haired old man.

“Have all of you enjoyed fireworks in the past?” Yang Ye spoke abruptly.

The red haired old man frowned while an extremely bad feeling appeared in his heart.

“I’ve prepared grand fireworks for your entire race! Come! Let’s enjoy it together!” Yang Ye chuckled as he issued a command in his heart….

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, two resounding explosions erupted from over 500km away, and it caused the entire ground to quake.

At this moment, all the profounders of the Fire Spirit Race sensed the tremors, and they practically simultaneously flew up into the air before they gazed towards the source of the explosion with shock in their eyes.

However, that was only the beginning.

Rumble! Rumble!

Endless rumbling resounded after those 2 explosions, and the sound of rumbling instantly enveloped the entire territory of the Fire Spirit Race. The endless rumbling was like thunderclaps that shook comparatively weaker members of the Fire Spirit Race to death. At the same time, over 10,000 pillars of fire that were over 30km wide shot into the sky at the exact same moment that the rumbling began….

In just an instant, the entire territory of the Fire Spirit Race was covered in the smoke and ash of volcanic eruptions, and the entire sky turned dark.

Their entire territory started to quake while countless torrents of lava, smoke, and ash shot through the sky like fireworks. Moreover, the waves of heat within them even caused some of the Fire Spirit Race’s profounders who were near Inferno Mountain Range to be instantly suffocated to death.

Lava surged out in torrents, and shrill cries resounded incessantly.

It was like doomsday had really arrived!

“Inferno Mountain Range….” All 8 of the Half-Saints here turned pale, and even the red haired old man was no exception.

“All of you go save the others. Save as many as you can. Don’t fight the beings within the lava.” The red haired old man clenched his fists while a formidable aura surged out incessantly from within him. Even his voice was trembling slightly right now.

“Let’s go!” The Grand Elder and the others didn’t dare to hesitate. They immediately tore through space and charged towards the lava and smoke.

“Were the fireworks enjoyable?” Yang Ye grinned.

The red haired old man took a deep breath and said, “Those beings beneath the volcanoes don’t belong to my Fire Spirit Race. They are beings that were formed within the lava through countless years of time. Most of them don’t possess any intelligence, and they only know how to kill and destroy by instinct. You’ve released them when the defiant profounders are about to emerge from the seal! Do you know what consequences that would bring about?”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Does it have anything to do with me?” At the same time, his profound energy had started to surge.

The old man’s face twitched, and he spoke word by word, “I’ll kill you today even if you run to the ends of the world!”

As soon as he finished speaking.


A stream of flames suddenly erupted from him, and it was like the eruption of a volcano. It emanated a terrifying aura of obliteration.

At practically the exact same moment, Yang Ye withdrew the Stone of Suppression and suppressed the old man’s cultivation before he joined forces with the Sword Spirit to tear a gap in the cage of flames that surrounded them. After that, the Sword Spirit hurriedly executed her Sword Flight technique. A torrent of flames instantly arrived where they stood right after they’d just vanished.

At the same moment that Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit vanished, a muffled groan resounded, and it was clearly Yang Ye’s voice.

“Yang Ye! You won’t be able to escape today!” The old man’s figure transformed into a torrent of flames that vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit raised their speed to their limits as they traveled through the world of lava. Everywhere they passed, sword energy raged through the surroundings and tore the lava apart. However, the red haired old man was following closely behind them.

“This won’t work for long. Do you have any other ideas?” Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the Mageforce Shield appeared in his grasp. Even though the old man was suppressed to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm now, his strength was still stronger than an ordinary Half-Saint. Fortunately, the suppression from the Stone of Suppression caused the old man to be slowed down significantly, so the Sword Spirit and Yang Ye weren’t completely without a chance to escape.

“You block his attacks while we flee out of this world of lava. I can’t raise my speed to its max while we’re surrounded by the lava here, but he doesn’t suffer any obstruction at all. So, we’ll only have a chance of escaping him if we get out of here!” The Sword Spirit executed the Sword Flight technique again while she spoke, and then both of them vanished on the spot. But it wasn’t long before the red haired old man appeared behind them again.


Meanwhile, a pillar of flames flashed forward and instantly arrived before Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched, and he didn’t dare act carelessly when dealing with it. His profound energy surged into the Mageforce Shield as he raised it to block the pillar of flames.


The impact of the collision blasted both Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit over 1km away. Because he suffered the brunt of the force, he felt like he’d been rammed by a mountain. His entire body felt sore and hurt, whereas, the Sword Spirit was in a comparatively better state as she was behind him.

“I’ll definitely kill you even if you run to the ends of the world!” The old man’s voice resounded by their ears, and it caused their expressions to change slightly. They were just about to dodge but an expanse of flames instantly enveloped them.


A ray of light shot up and tore the flames apart, and then both Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit transformed into rays of light that shot towards the distance.

“We can’t go on like this!” Yang Ye’s voice carried extreme seriousness, and there was even a thread of blood on the corner of his mouth.


Suddenly, the lava in the distance was suddenly torn apart, and then a black robed figure appeared in front of them.

Yang Ye and the black robed figure were both stunned.

“It’s you!” Both of them spoke the same words at the same time, and both their voices carried pleasant surprise.

The black robed figure was Qin Bufan!

“Help me for a moment. Use your Stone of Suppression and join forces with me to kill those dogs that are behind me!” Qin Bufan’s voice carried a trace of excitement, “Those dogs have been fucking chasing me for days without stopping for a moment. I’ll finally be able to get my revenge today!”

“You’re being pursued? How many Half-Saints are there?” asked Yang Ye.

“Around 10! Qin Bufan waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. With the Stone of Suppression on our side, we can kill them while we run!”

Yang Ye’s heart sank, and he said, “I’m being pursued as well!”

Qin Bufan was slightly stunned, and he said, “Don’t tell me that it’s another 10!”

Yang Ye replied, “It’s only one!”

“What’s there to fear if it’s just one! Fucking kill him!” Qin Bufan spoke heroically.

Meanwhile, the red haired old man just happened to arrive behind Yang Ye and the Sword Spirit.

“A defiant profounder!” The old man immediately frowned when he saw Qin Bufan.

“Just him?” Qin Bufan pointed at the red haired old man and said, “I’ll deal with him for you!” As he spoke, his figure shot explosively towards the old man.


A figure was blasted flying.

It was Qin Bufan’s figure.

“FUCK! Yang Ye! Just go! I don’t know you!” Qin Bufan’s voice carried a trace of pain.

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