Chapter 725 – Terrifying Beings!

Almighty Sword Domain

It wasn’t long before those Half-Saints who were after Qin Bufan arrived here, and it was Xuan Ming who led the group.

Just like that, Yang Ye, Qin Bufan, and the Sword Spirit were surrounded.

“Yang Ye! It’s you!” Xuan Ming’s face instantly turned gloomy when he saw Yang Ye. Because he hated Yang Ye much more than he hated Qin Bufan.

10 Half-Saints! The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and he said angrily, “Qin Bufan! You bastard! Why did you come to the Fire Spirit Race’s territory? Even if you did, why bring 10 Half-Saints with you! What terrible misfortune to have encountered you!” He was extremely happy when he met Qin Bufan just now because even if they couldn’t defeat the red haired old man, their joint strength would be sufficient to keep them alive and well. But he hadn’t expected that Qin Bufan had brought 10 Half-Saints with him, and an old enemy of his was amongst them!

What a bastard!

“You’re the true bastard! I shouldn’t have come with you to the Hallowed Grounds. I’ve been pursued all day and night lately, and I haven’t even had the time to drink a mouthful of water.” Qin Bufan continued, “I’d thought of fleeing to the Fire Spirit Race’s territory to shake off those dogs of the Hallowed Grounds. But I never expected that I would encounter you again. Encountering you isn’t the problem; the problem is that you’ve offended such an old Half-Saint. Motherfucker! What the fuck did you do here to actually make such a living fossil pursue you!?”

Qin Bufan was very happy as well when he met Yang Ye because Yang Ye had the Stone of Suppression. So, their chances of escaping would be much higher. But he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would have offended such a Half-Saint…. After all, it was an existence who could fight 10 Half-Saints on his own!

“Nothing much. I just slaughtered the Fire Spirit Race!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

Qin Bufan was slightly stunned, and then he gave Yang Ye a thumbs up, “You’re great! Don’t worry, I’ll bury you if I’m lucky enough to escape today!”

Yang Ye said, “But it looks like you won’t have the chance to escape!”

Qin Bufan gazed at the red haired old man and said. “Revenge for a crime should be sought from the one who committed the evil. I didn’t slaughter your Fire Spirit Race, so it isn’t related to me at all. What do you think?” He was confident in his ability to break out of this encirclement if the red haired old man didn’t act against him.

The old man replied calmly, “Everyone has the responsibility to annihilate the defiant profounders!”

Qin Bufan nodded, and then he gazed at Yang Ye, “Actually, I think we should work together, right?”

“Do you have a choice?” asked Yang Ye.

“Let’s be fair. You offended that red haired old man, so you should deal with him!” Qin Bufan continued, “I’ll deal with the experts that I offended as well, alright?”

“Shut up!” Meanwhile, Xuan Ming suddenly shouted, “Qin Bufan! Yang Ye! Do both of you really think that you’re Half-Saints? Both of you can dream of escaping today even if you’re Half-Saints!”

“Shut up my ass! Why the fuck are you butting in while I’m talking?” Qin Bufan’s figure flashed, and he transformed into an arc of light that shot towards Xuan Ming. “I only need to blow a mouthful of air out to kill an old dog like you!”


But it didn’t take long for Qin Bufan to return to Yang Ye’s side again. It couldn’t be helped. He’d only just attacked when the 10 of them joined forces against him. While he was strong, it was impossible for him to resist the joint forces of 10 Half-Saints. Or it should be said that it was very amazing that he hadn’t been instantly annihilated.

“There are too many of them!” Qin Bufan shook his head and said, “But it’s fine because I’ll have help soon.”

“Think about how to escape first!” said Yang Ye. Based on their current strength, it was definitely impossible for them to defeat such a force. Not to mention defeating such a force, even escaping was a huge problem.

The red haired old man, Xuan Ming, and the others didn’t attack, and they just surrounded Yang Ye and Qin Bufan.

On the other hand, Yang Ye and Qin Bufan didn’t act rashly and were just looking for an opportunity to escape.

“Which expert of the Fire Spirit Race are you?” Xuan Ming gazed at the red haired old man while a serious expression filled his eyes. Because the old man was very strong to the point of being stronger than his senior brother, Xuan Kong.

“You aren’t qualified to know!” The old man replied, “I know what you’re worried about, and I’m aware of your intentions. However, I will definitely not allow you to have the Stone of Suppression in Yang Ye’s possession!”

“It belongs to our Hallowed halls!” Xuan Ming spoke in a low voice.

“It was in the past, but now that it has fallen into Yang Ye’s hands, it belongs to him now!” The red haired old man said, “If it falls into my hands now, then it belongs to me.”

Xuan Ming stated, “Do you intend to become enemies with my Hallowed Halls?”

The old man chuckled and said, “Your Hallowed Halls really can be considered to be the strongest amongst the forces of the Hallowed Grounds, but it isn’t the only formidable existence here. Coupled with the fact that the defiant profounders are about to emerge from the seal and your Hallowed Halls will be the first to bear the brunt of it, I think you’re daydreaming if you’re thinking of using the Hallowed Halls’ name to threaten me!”

“If we fight, then it wouldn’t just cause both our sides to suffer injuries, it’ll allow others to benefit from it!” Xuan Ming said, “Why don’t we get them first, and then we can decide how to share their possessions, alright?”

The red haired old man pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Alright!”


Suddenly, a deafening explosion resounded from the other side of the world of lava, and then Qian Yan appeared before the old man. At this moment, Qian Yan’s expression was very unsightly. No, it should be said to be filled with fear!

“What happened!?” asked the old man in a low voice.

Qian Yan spoke with a trembling voice and pale countenance, “Countless lava monsters. The weakest amongst them was at the Monarch Realm while there were even Half-Saints…. 2 Guardians have fallen in battle while countless others have perished. Patriarch, our Fire Spirit Race is finished….”

The red haired old man’s pupils constricted as he said, “I underestimated those beings beneath the volcanoes. Order the Half-Saints and Monarch Realm experts to lead the remaining members of our race and retreat to the surface. Save as many as you can. What’re you still standing here for! Go on quickly!”

Meanwhile, over a dozen rays of fiery light shot out swiftly from the distant lava, and then they stopped by the old man’s side.

It was Tong Feng, the Grand Elder, and the others. Besides them, there were over 100 profounders of the Fire Spirit Race. There were both men and women of all ages amongst them.

“Patriarch! We must retreat from here!” The Grand Elder’s voice was filled with anxiety and a trace of terror.


Suddenly, a huge explosion drew over their gazes, and then everyone’s expressions changed.

Qin Bufan gulped down a mouthful of saliva and said, “What exactly did you do…?”

Yang Ye was quite stunned as well.

A dense group of various lava monsters filled their fields of vision. Every single being was at least 300m tall, so all of them simply seemed like ants before the lava beings. Most importantly, the weakest amongst those lava beings was at the Monarch Realm.

Moreover, there were at least a few tens of thousands of them, and their numbers were still increasing!

Suddenly, those lava beings stopped moving, and then a little girl who was covered in flames appeared before them.

She seemed to be only 5 or 6 years old if it was based solely on her outward appearance, and she seemed to be at the same age as Lei Lin. Just like Lei Lin, she looked quite strange. Her hair was braided into 2 fiery red twintails, and ripples surged through the space around her with every light shake of her twintails. Besides that, her body was covered in what seemed to be fiery red clothes that were formed from lava. Most importantly, her eyes had two dark red balls of flames within them.

“A Sprite King!” The red haired old man’s pupils constricted while shock filled his voice. He hadn’t expected that a Sprite King actually existed beneath the Fire Spirit Race’s territory.

Xuan Ming and the others had heavy expressions as well because while they had 10 Half-Saints on their side, they were facing a few tens of thousands of Monarch Realm experts. Moreover, there were Half-Saints amongst the lava beings as well. Xuan Ming’s group had the intention to retreat when they realized this, but they weren’t willing to leave just like that as well. Because Yang Ye and Qin Bufan were right before their eyes, and it would be difficult for them to catch Yang Ye and Qin Bufan again if they were to leave right now!

The little girl suddenly said, “Is Ancestor Fire Spirit still alive?”

The red haired old man was slightly stunned and said, “Who are you? Why do you know the ancestor of my Fire Spirit Race!?”

The little girl gazed at the old man and said, “He’s your ancestor? Good! Very good! He sealed me deep beneath the ground in order to subdue me all those years ago, and he even placed 10,000 formations to suppress me. Unfortunately, he didn’t come to subdue me when I was weak. Now it would seem like he probably fell during that battle. If I knew that, I would have broken out a long time ago. I wouldn’t have been forced to come out as I have now!”

The hearts of everyone who heard this shook!

She has lived for 100,000 years! She’s an existence from the ancient times….

The red haired old man spoke in a low voice, “My ancestor perished for this world, so can the enmity between the two of you….”

“The enmity between us….” The little girl interrupted him and said, “Will have to be paid for by those from the same race as him. None of you fellows from the Fire Spirit Race can hope of escaping today! All of you have to die!”

As soon as she finished speaking, 50 balls of flames suddenly appeared around Yang Ye and the others.

Every single ball of flames had a fist-sized little girl within them. However, it was exactly such tiny fist-sized little girls that caused the expressions of everyone here to change drastically.

Because every single one of them was at the Half-Saint Realm!

It was a group of 50 Half-Saints!!

“We’re finished!” Qin Bufan’s lips twitched. After all, it was a group of 50 Half-Saints, a few tens of thousands of Monarch Realm experts, and that little girl who’d lived for over 100,000 years…. Moreover, they were utterly unable to flee while they were surrounded by the lava.

Meanwhile, Xuan Ming suddenly said, “This enmity is between you and the Fire Spirit Race. It isn’t related to us at all. We have no ill intent to you as well, so we’ll leave right now, alright?”

She replied casually, “Since you’ve come, then stay!”


The 50 balls of flames suddenly emanated flames that covered the surroundings as they swept towards Yang Ye and the others. How horrifying was the sight of 50 Half-Saints attacking in unison?

However, the red haired old man, Xuan Ming, and the others weren’t ordinary existences. So, they immediately attacked simultaneously when those 50 Half-Saints attacked.

“Yang Ye, if you don’t want to die, then use the Stone of Suppression to suppress them!” Xuan Ming howled furiously.

“Suppress my ass!” Yang Ye, the Sword Spirit, and Qin Bufan joined forces and started fighting their way out of the encirclement.

As for what Xuan Ming said…. What a joke! Suppress those lava beings to help Xuan Ming? He was no fool. The little girls main target was the Fire Spirit Race, and he might become her new target if he were to suppress them.

Suddenly, a ray of fiery light flashed, and then the little girl suddenly appeared before Yang Ye’s group and blocked their path.

“I sense a familiar aura from you!” The little girl stared Yang Ye in the eyes.

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