Chapter 726 – The Defiant Profounders Are Emerging?

Almighty Sword Domain

The red haired old man, Xuan Ming, and all the experts from both the Fire Spirit Race and Hallowed Halls had joined forces, and some of them were ceaselessly charging out of the encirclement. However, the price they paid to accomplish this was extremely high.

In less than 10 breaths of time, Xuan Ming’s side had lost 4 Half-Saints, whereas, the Fire Spirit Race was in a worse state. Besides its Half-Saints, practically 90% of the others had perished.

Even though the red haired old man’s strength was formidable, there were almost 30 Half-Saints attacking him right now!

Even with the red haired old man’s strength, he could only defend himself when facing the joint attacks of 30 Half-Saints.

“Yang Ye! My Fire Spirit Race has been annihilated because of you! I swear that I’ll definitely annihilate your entire family. I’ll make all of them unable to experience reincarnation!” The red haired old man’s figure exploded apart, and it transformed into countless strands of flames that charged towards the surroundings. A gap in the encirclement was instantly blasted open, and the remaining members of the Fire Spirit Race and Hallowed Halls didn’t let this opportunity slip by. All of them charged out through the gap and instantly vanished within the lava.

Around 30 Half-Saints pursued them while the remaining 20, the countless Monarch Realm lava beings, and the little girl encircled Yang Ye’s group instead.

“I’ve never had a day of peace since I got to know you!” Qin Bufan glanced at the surroundings. As he gazed at the 20 plus Half-Saints and the enormous lava beings that covered the world around him, he’d abandoned all thoughts of charging out of this encirclement.

Attacking was no different than courting death!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s heart fell to rock bottom. He hadn’t expected that the little girl would actually abandon the Fire Spirit Race to obstruct his path instead. After all, he swore that he’d never ever met her in the past!

The little girl floated in front of Yang Ye as she asked, “Human, I sense a familiar smell coming from you. It’s a very familiar smell. Tell me why or you’re going to die!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath, flipped his palm, and the Stone of Suppression appeared in his grasp before his profound energy surged into it. In an instant, the cultivations of everyone here was instantly suppressed.

He didn’t know what she was talking about, but he knew that if he didn’t act now, then he might not have another chance.

At the moment that Yang Ye withdrew the Stone of Suppression, the profound energy within Qin Bufan’s body had started to circulate madly, and he was about to attack.

At this critical moment, a bolt of lightning flashed before Lie Lin appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Lei Lin was stunned for a moment, and then Yang Ye, Qin Bufan, and the Sword Spirit watched with astonishment as Lei Lin charged over and wrapped her arms around the red clothed little girl. She spoke with pleasant surprise, “Xiao Ying, you’re alive! You’re alive! That too… too… too great!” As she spoke, she actually took the red clothed little girl’s face in her hands and started kissing her repeatedly, causing the little girl’s face to be covered in saliva.

However, the little girl wasn’t angry at all. She embraced Lei Lin instead while her face was covered in happiness just like Lei Lin’s was.

“Both of you know each other?” Yang Ye was astounded, and he heaved a huge sigh of relief in his heart. Earlier, he was about to fight the little girl to the death, and he knew that the battle would most probably end with his death….

Lei Lin took Xiao Ying’s hand and flew over to Yang Ye, “This is Xiao Ying. She was born on the same year, same month, and same day as me. But she’s much stronger than I am.”

“I noticed!” Yang Ye nodded. Even though she hadn’t attacked, her strength was absolutely formidable, and it might even be on par with the Patriarch of the Fire Spirit Race. Moreover, while she looked like a child just like Lei Lin did, her speech and actions were like an adult.

Xiao Ying gazed at Yang Ye and spoke abruptly, “Do you know why you’re still alive?”

Yang Ye said, “Because of Lei Lin?”

Xiao Ying rubbed Lei Lin’s head and said, “She’s very pure and doesn’t understand how evil the heart of man is. That was why the Dragon Ancestor was able to trick her to become the core for his formation all those years ago. I’m able to sense that she really trusts you, and she had a very good impression of you. Even then, you didn’t place a restriction within her to take control of her, and that’s why you’re still alive right now!”

Lei Lin shook Xiao Ying’s hand and said, “Xiao Ying, Big Brother Ye is a good person. He gives me food, protects me, and is very nice to me. Don’t hit him alright!?”

Yang Ye was speechless.

“That’s how you were tricked all those years ago! Lei Lin, when will you be able to figure that out?” Xiao Ying turned around to gaze at Lei Lin while her voice carried a trace of anger.


The Half-Saints and lava beings in the surroundings started to surge when they noticed Xiao Ying’s anger, and flames sprayed from them as if they were about to attack at any moment.

“Fuck off!” Xiao Ying glanced at them, and they instantly moved over 1km backward.

“Why’re you being so fierce!?” Lei Lin let go of Xiao Ying’s hand while tears had started to form in her eyes.

Xiao Ying took Lei Lin’s hand while her voice became gentle, “I’m not trying to be fierce to you. I just feel hatred. I hate all the humans in this world. Lei Lin, the humans aren’t worthy of our trust!”

When she spoke up to this point, she pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Perhaps he hasn’t placed a restriction on you or devoured you because he doesn’t have the method to accomplish it, or perhaps he has other plans. Understand?”

“He won’t!” Lei Lin even gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke, and then she asked, “Big Brother Ye, you won’t bully Lei Lin, right?”

The corners of Qin Bufan’s mouth twitched violently. Does that girl really have to be… so naïve!?

Yang Ye walked over to Lie Lin, rubbed her head, and said, “That friend of yours is right. Lei Lin, don’t trust humans rashly. But don’t just trust no one. In any case, you can trust me. Because I’ll absolutely not harm you!”

“You’re really too shameless!” Qin Bufan shook his head, and he felt like he’d gained a completely new understanding of how shameless Yang Ye was.

“I feel like killing you right now!” Xiao Ying stared Yang Ye in the eyes.

“I trust Big Brother Ye!” Lei Lin took Yang Ye’s hand and said, “He won’t harm me. Big Sister Zi’er as well. Big Sister Zi’er won’t harm me as well.”

Yang Ye smiled, and then he gazed at Xiao Ying and said, “As you said, I would have at least placed a restriction within her if I had ill intent towards her. But I didn’t.”

When he spoke up to this point, the Sword Intent within his surged madly, and merely a moment passed before the Sword Intent condensed into an intent sword.

Yang Ye’s actions caused the Half-Saints and lava beings in the surroundings to become restless, but they didn’t dare act rashly without Xiao Ying’s orders.

“Heaven Rank Sword Intent! That’s quite rare indeed!” Xiao Ying’s face was calm and completely composed, “Your ability to attain Heaven Rank Sword Intent is sufficient to display your natural talent and mentality. It would be impossible for you to attain Heaven Rank Sword Intent if you did something that went against your conscience. Even then, I still won’t allow Lei Lin to continue staying by your side!”

Lei Lin glanced at Yang Ye, and then she glanced at Xiao Ying, “Xiao Ying, why don’t we stay together with Big Brother Ye. You’ll realize that he’s a good person if you stay with him for a while. Moreover, we can play together and never split up again, alright?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Xiao Ying said, “Staying with him isn’t safe for you. Moreover, you’re too weak. So, stay with me and cultivate properly!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Lei Lin, stay here!” Even though he was reluctant to part with her, it was just as Xiao Ying said. Lei Lin wouldn’t be safe by his side. He could be said to be at odds with the world while he resides in the Hallowed Grounds. Moreover, staying with him wouldn’t be of any benefit to Lei Lin. He couldn’t just make her into a glutton, right?

Besides that, Lei Lin and Xiao Ying were the same species, and Xiao Ying was extremely formidable. So, Lei Lin’s safety would be guaranteed by Xiao Ying’s side, and Xiao Ying might even be able to improve Lei Lin’s strength.

“But I’m reluctant to part with you and Big Sister Zi’er!” Lei Lin spoke softly.

Yang Ye smiled, “It’s not forever. Just cultivate properly with your friend, and you can come look for me and your Big Sister Zi’er once you’re as strong as her. At that time, you’ll even be able to help me and your Big Sister Zi’er fight off those bad fellows.”

“Alright!” Lei Lin nodded, and then she said, “I’ll play with Xiao Yin for now, and we’ll come look for you and Big Sister Zi’er once this place isn’t fun anymore!”

Everyone here was at a loss for words.

Suddenly, 30 balls of flames suddenly appeared from apart. Yang Ye’s heart shook because they were the Half-Saints that had left in pursuit of Xuan Ming, the red haired old man, and the others.

Needless to say, the forces Xiao Ying possessed were extremely terrifying!

Xiao Ying said, “All of you can leave now!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then gestured with his hand. The Violetcloud Lightning appeared on his palm as he said, “Lei Lin, I don’t have anything to give you, so take this to play with. If it’s possible, then don’t eat it!”

“But what if I get hungry?” Lei Lin blinked.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and then he took Lei Lin’s hand and placed a spatial ring on her index finger. He said, “There’s a huge number of tasty things in here. Take some yourself when you feel hungry. Stay here and cultivate well. Your Big Sister Zi’er and I will come visit you!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didn’t stay here for another moment. His figure flashed alongside the Sword Spirit and Qin Bufan, and they vanished within the lava.

Lei Lin glanced at the Violetcloud Lightning in her palm and said, “Xiao Ying, can we go see Big Brother Ye in the future?”

The flames in Xiao Ying’s eyes suddenly started to revolve, and she said, “All of you sacrificed so many Sprites like us for the sake of sealing the defiant profounders all those years ago…. Now, it’s time for all of you to pay! A thousandfold!”

“Xiao Ying, what’re you talking about?”

“It’s nothing. Come, I’ll take you to see something fun….”

After they emerged from the ground, Yang Ye didn’t even have the chance to feel happy when the Sword Spirit’s body suddenly slumped towards the ground.

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he hurriedly grabbed her in his arms, “What’s wrong?”

“Something has happened to my main body.” The Sword Spirits voice was extremely weak, “The defiant profounders are about to emerge from the seal!”

Meanwhile, Qin Bufan spoke abruptly, “You’re that sword’s sheath!”

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