Chapter 728 – I Can Take On 10 Of You!

Almighty Sword Domain


A muffled bang resounded, and then the white clothed man was blasted flying. He smashed onto the ground over 300m away, and the collision caused countless cracks to spread open.

It was quick! Extremely quick!

Many people in the surroundings weren’t even able to see what happened clearly before the white clothed man had smashed against the ground. However, they had no doubt that it was the grey robed man who stood by Fu Jinxian’s side.

But when they looked towards Yang Ye again, they noticed that he’d vanished from where he stood.

The white clothed man was completely stunned. Because he hadn’t even noticed how he’d been blasted flying. He forcefully endured the discomfort he felt and was about to stand up, but a foot stomped down on his chest.

Yang Ye looked down at him and said, “It just happens that I don’t want to give you face anymore as well!”



The white clothed man intended to say something, but it was too late. Yang Ye had raised his leg and kicked it against the white clothed man’s stomach, causing his figure to instantly curl into the shape of a cooked prawn as it flew over 300m away. In the end, it smashed against the ground and smashed a small hole in the ground.

Such commotion caused many people to circle around successively.

“Do you realize what you’re doing?” The yellow robed man gazed at Yang Ye with a gloomy expression, but he didn’t attack.

Yang Ye glanced coldly at the yellow robed man, and it caused the latter’s expression to change slightly. He instinctively took 2 steps back, but he forced himself to maintain a calm and composed expression on his face as he said, “We’re from Snow’s Lament!” As he spoke, he pointed at his left chest, and there was a pure white snowflake there.


The yellow robed man was blasted flying, and he smashed against the ground at the white clothed man’s side.

“Snow’s Lament?” Yang Ye placed his hands behind his back and said, “Never heard of it!”

An uproar resounded in the surroundings.

“That fellow’s a human. How could he have possibly not heard of Snow’s Lament? Did he come out of some rock? Or he said that intentionally to humiliate Snow’s Lament?”

“Humiliate it? That’s not very likely. Even though he’s strong, he’s all alone. Perhaps he’s an opponent of theirs? While Snow’s Lament is inferior to the Alliance of Sabers and Swords and Lunar Rite Hall, it has over 100 Monarch Realm experts. These 3 fellows are obviously nobodies in Snow’s Lament. In short, we’ll have a show to see!”

“We really will have a show to see. Look who has come from Snow’s Lament!”

“Hiss! The haughty Shi San? I heard that fellow attained the fifth rank of the Monarch Realm just a month ago. Based on the aura he’s emanating right now, it should be true.”

“Tsk, tsk. Someone’s going to die now!”

The spectators watched as a bald man led over a dozen youths towards Yang Ye. The bald man’s figure was quite robust, and he was much larger than an ordinary person. Moreover, his bare chest had a 20cm long scar on it. Besides that scar, there were many other smaller scars, causing him to seem quite terrifying.

The bald man had an enormous pitch black axe in his right hand, and he just dragged the axe along as he walked towards Yang Ye, causing ear piercing screeching and sparks to arise from the ground.

The bald man walked very slowly, but practically every single person here felt an extremely heavy pressure press down upon them, and it was like a mountain was crushing down towards them.

The bald man stopped, glanced at the white clothed man and yellow robed man who couldn’t move a muscle as they laid there, and then he raised his head and looked at Yang Ye. His gaze stopped on Yang Ye’s left chest for a moment, and then he said, “You’re not from the Alliance of Swords and Sabers, nor are you from Lunar Rite Hall, and it’s impossible for you to be on the Hallowed Rankings. I’m really curious. What exactly gave you the confidence to strike a member of ours in the city?”

Yang Ye waved his fist and said, “Understand?”

“You think you’re very strong?” Shi San cracked his neck, and it instantly caused clear and resounding cracking noises to resound.

“It shouldn’t be a problem for me to fight 10 people like you!” Yang Ye spoke honestly.

An uproar resounded in the surroundings again. A second rank Monarch Realm expert said that he can fight 10 fifth rank Monarch Realm experts? Does he think he’s one of those madmen on the Hallowed Rankings?“Hahaha!” Shi San roared madly with laughter, but his laughter slowly became quite ferocious. He said, “You’ll have to pay for your arrogance. Now, I’ll make you pay that price.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly threw the enormous axe at Yang Ye, and it whistled sharply through the air as it smashed down towards Yang Ye.

The enormous axe was extremely quick, and it was quick to the point that the spectators couldn’t even see it clearly. All they could see was a ray of white light and hear sharp whistling through the air.

They were very clearly aware that Shi San hadn’t held back, and he’d struck a killing blow. However, they found it to be understandable. After all, members of Snow’s Lament had been beaten up in public, and they’d even been insulted. If he didn’t kill that fellow to make a show of strength, he wouldn’t just be unable to maintain his status in Snow’s Lament, he might even be unable to maintain his status in the city!

It wasn’t long before countless people witnessed a scene that caused their eyes to instantly open wide.

Shi San’s axe that could split a mountain apart had been grabbed by a hand.

It was Yang Ye’s hand.

At this moment, the faces of Shi San and the others were immediately covered in shock. They weren’t fools. Since Yang Ye was able to stop Shi San’s attack with such ease, it proved that Yang Ye’s strength far surpassed Shi San!

Snow’s Lament has bitten off more than it can chew now! At this moment, such a thought had appeared in the minds of all the spectators.

Yang Ye started swinging the axe casually, and it caused the space around him to warp. This scene made the eyelids of all the spectators twitch. It was especially so for Shi San. At this moment, he was beyond shocked because he noticed that the fellow before him possessed a physical body that was at least a few times or even many times stronger than his own!

Where did this fellow come from? Why have I never seen him in the past?

The enormous axe was being spun incessantly in Yang Ye’s grasp, and the gazes of all the spectators had descended on it. All of them were very curious to know if Shi San would be able to stop his attack.

However, Yang Ye suddenly tossed the axe into the ground, and then he gazed at Fu Jinxian and said, “Let’s go.”

Fu Jinxian was slightly stunned, and she only returned to her senses when she saw Yang Ye walking off. At the same time, she heaved a huge sigh of relief. Earlier, she’d thought that Yang Ye was about to start a slaughter, and she didn’t doubt that Yang Ye would dare to do so. But if he were to do that, then it would definitely cause a huge amount of trouble for them.

According to the plan she’d formed with Yang Ye, their first objective after entering the city was to find a place to stay, and then think of a way to allow Yang Ye to sneak into the Hallowed Halls. If Yang Ye were to start slaughtering them here, then all sorts of changes would occur to their plans. Fortunately, Yang Ye hadn’t done that. Even though she didn’t understand why Yang Ye had suddenly stopped, she felt that it was good that he had!

Fu Jinxian hurriedly followed after Yang Ye, and they just walked off towards the distance while everyone else watched from afar.

It’s over just like that?

In Yang Ye’s opinion, bullying these fellows was utterly boring. He’d only attacked just now because he felt that those 2 fellows were going too far, and Fu Jinxian was with him now no matter what. He was truly unable to stand by idly. Most importantly, he was very clearly aware why he’d come to the Ancient City of Hallows. He’d come to look for an opportunity to enter the Pagoda of Confinement, and he hadn’t come to kill. Not now, at least!

Some say that a single thought can determine kindness and ill, and he could be said to have chosen kindness now.

However, while one intended to put the matter to rest, it was very common for others to refuse to let that happen.

“Stop right there!” Shi San suddenly shouted in a deep voice when Yang Ye and Fu Jinxian had walked quite a distance away.

Shit! That was the only thought Fu Jinxian had in her mind because what she was worried about the most had still happened. She wanted to persuade Yang Ye, but she was very clearly aware that her words carried no weight with the man who stood by her side. Perhaps it would be possible if it were Xiaoman….

However, Yang Ye paid no attention to Shi San, and he just continued forward. What a joke! How humiliating would it be if I were to stop just because you told me to!

The spectators noticed the expression on Shi San’s face, it was gloomy and ferocious. He was bluntly and completely disregarded in public, and there was nothing more embarrassing than that.

He’d actually just come here to lend a hand. After all, members of Snow’s Lament had been beaten up, and since he was a member of Snow’s Lament as well and had encountered such a scene, then he had to deal with it no matter what. Yet now, he wasn’t just here to help.

It was because of dignity now!

It was for the sake of both Snow’s Lament’s dignity and his own dignity!


“Stop them!” As soon as Shi San’s voice resounded, the group of over a dozen that stood by his side shot forward, and they obstructed Yang Ye and Fu Jinxian’s path.

Shi San stretched out his hand, and the enormous axe transformed into a ray of light that flew back into his grasp. He dragged the axe on the ground as he walked over to Yang Ye and Fu Jinxian, and he said, “How can I allow the two of you to just leave like that? What about those two brothers of my Snow’s Lament?”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Then what do you want?”

Shi San pointed at the 2 men who were lying on the ground and said, “Take that woman with you, kneel to them, and beg for their forgiveness. If they forgive both of you, then you can leave after each of you sever an arm and a leg of your own.”

He knew this man who stood before him was very strong. At the very least, the man was definitely stronger than him. But so what? There were only 2 of them while he had over a dozen people on his side. Moreover, all of them were Monarch Realm experts. Most importantly, he had Snow’s Lament’s support. So unless it was a member of Lunar Rite Hall or the Alliance of Swords and Sabers, there was no one that Snow’s Lament didn’t dare offend.

Yang Ye said, “What if I refuse?”

Shi San spoke fiercely, “Then I’ll kill both of you!”

“Since it’s like that….” Yang Ye nodded and said, “Then I’ll just kill all of you. After all, I don’t want to die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye clenched his right fist and smashed it forward.

The powerful force in his fist caused the space in front of him to warp!

Shi San’s expression changed slightly. Fortunately, he was prepared, and he raised the axe in front of his chest.


The powerful force within the punch cracked the axe apart, and its remaining force blasted Shi San flying. Shi San spat out over 10 mouthfuls of Blood Essence as he flew in the air, and his eyes were filled with terror.

At this moment, he noticed that this fellow was immensely more terrifying than he’d imagined.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly appeared before him. Shi San was horrified and said, “What… what are you trying to do!?”

A faint savage smile appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “Kill all of you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his fist smashed forward once more….

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