Chapter 729 – Only His Death Will Make Us Stop!

Almighty Sword Domain

Life was always like this. While one would want to put the matter to rest, the other wouldn’t allow it. It was even to the extent that making compromise might make others think that one was afraid. So, there were many times in life that compromising would only make the other try to take a yard when given an inch!

It was how the world worked!


Shi San was blasted flying before the gazes of everyone. In the end, he crashed to the ground, twitched for a while, and then there was no further movement from him!

He was dead!

At this moment, all the spectators looked at Yang Ye with astonishment.

After all, it was just conflict that could be easily resolved, yet now, it was irreconcilable.

A man and a woman were watching Yang Ye from the window of a tower over 1km away from where Yang Ye stood, and their faces carried a trace of seriousness yet were mostly covered in amusement.

There were 3 men and 3 women behind them. The men stood on one side while the women stood on another side, and they were clearly from different groups.

“Not bad. Regardless of whether it’s his strength or speed, they’re both not bad indeed. I only wonder how much of his strength he actually used.” The man smiled and said, “How interesting. I never expected that someone would take the path of body refinement now, and I never imagined that someone would actually cultivate it to such an extent.”

The woman glanced indifferently at Yang Ye and said, “His strength is not bad, but he’s too impulsive and disregards the consequences. Such a person won’t live long in this city.”

The man suddenly asked, “So your Lunar Rite Hall isn’t interested in him?”

She replied, “It’s not that I’m not interested, but I want to see his true strength. If he only has such a level of strength, then he isn’t worthy of making my Lunar Rite Hall fight Snow’s Lament for him.”

“I’m really curious about his true strength as well!” The man chuckled, and then he shot his gaze at Yang Ye.

After Yang Ye punched Shi San to death, he turned around and gazed at Fu Jinxian who was still in shock. He said, “Let’s go!”

Fu Jinxian suddenly recovered from her shock upon hearing his voice, and then she just followed him with a blank expression in her eyes.

“You actually dared to kill a member of my Snow’s Lament? You….” Suddenly, one of the profounders from Snow’s Lament recovered from his shock, and he immediately flashed over and obstructed Yang Ye’s path when he noticed that Yang Ye intended to just leave after killing Shi San.


The man hadn’t even been able to finish speaking before he was blasted flying.

It was a single and lethal attack!

The remaining members of Snow’s Lament were horrified, and not a single one of them dared to charge forward and stop Yang Ye.

“Sorry!” Fu Jinxian walked by Yang Ye’s side as she spoke softly. She was very clearly aware that all of this had happened because of her.

Yang Ye replied, “I don’t know what happened in the past, and I don’t want to know. Perhaps you did all of that because you were helpless, but you should understand that it’s impossible to take revenge by doing that, and it would just disgrace yourself instead. Just think about it, would your son and husband be willing to see you disgrace yourself in order to avenge them?”

Yang Ye didn’t look down on her, and he didn’t think that he had the right to do so. It was even to the extent that he felt slight admiration for her. After all, a woman like her had been able to make herself continue living after experiencing such events, and she was even able to disregard her dignity to take revenge. That was absolutely not something most women could do.

Just like if someone could have saved his mother all those years ago, then he wouldn’t have hesitated to abandon that thing called dignity!

Of course, Yang Ye would feel disdain towards her if she’d sacrificed her dignity for herself, but she hadn’t. If a woman who possessed no strength wanted to seek revenge, then she would have no choice but to do as Fu Jinxian had.

Fu Jinxian remained silent.

Yang Ye didn’t speak further as well. In the end, they were just working together for now, and her choices for the future were her business. He couldn’t stop her, nor did he want to.

“How do I get those points?” asked Yang Ye. At this moment, his main objective was to obtain those points so that he could enter the Pagoda of Confinement and rescue the Sword Spirit’s main body.

“You have a few choices when it comes to earning points. But there are only 2 methods to gain the most points in the shortest period. The first method is to accept missions from the Hallowed Halls, and you’ll be able to obtain points by completing those missions. The second method is to rise up on the Hallowed Rankings. You should be aware that the Hallowed Grounds has its Hallowed Rankings, and you’ll be given a certain amount of points for ascending onto it. Moreover, you’ll be rewarded with a certain amount on a monthly basis as well. Besides that, you’ll even be given combat techniques, cultivation techniques, and even secret techniques. However, it’s very difficult….” Fu Jinxian glanced at him when she spoke up to this point, and she said, “Of course, it shouldn’t be a problem for you!”

Suddenly, both of them stopped moving because a group was obstructing their path.

The 4 figures on the left were all men, and every single one of their left chests were embroidered with the diagram of a crossed sword and saber; the four figures on the right were all women, and a pure white moon was embroidered on their left chests.

“Gong Jian from the Alliance of Sabers and Swords.” The man who led the group on the left gazed at Yang Ye as he spoke.

“Mu Ling from Lunar Rite Hall,” said the woman who led the group on the right.

“It’s actually one of the 3 swords of the Alliance of Sabers and Swords, Gong Jian!” Someone exclaimed, “I heard that he attained the 9th level of Sword Intent last month. I wonder if it’s true.”

“It should be. Just look at him. Even though he isn’t emanating any Sword Intent on purpose, his entire aura is extremely sharp and fierce. How could he possibly attain such a state if he hadn’t attained 9th level Sword Intent?”

“I’m more interested in Mu Ling. I watched her kill 3 experts at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm by herself around 2 months ago, and she’s only at the fifth rank of the Monarch Realm now. Moreover, I heard that she has fought a Half-Saint. I wonder if it’s true!”

“Both Lunar Rite Hall and the Alliance of Sabers and Swords have shown themselves. Could they be intending to recruit that fellow?”

“They should be. Alas, that fellow is quite lucky. So long as he joins any one of them, then the problems he would have faced for killing Shi San should be resolved.”

“That may not necessarily be the case. Everyone knows that the Master of Snow’s Lament is very protective of his members! Moreover, it’s related to Snow’s Lament’s honor and dignity. So would anyone in the city join Snow’s Lament in the future if they’re unable to redeem their honor?”

“Let’s just watch and see….”

As the others in the surroundings discussed all of this, Fu Jinxian was the only one to snicker at it. After all, she was the only one who was very well aware of how terrifying that fellow who stood by her side was. Even if Yang Ye couldn’t utilize his sword right now and couldn’t display his full strength, she had no doubt that he was absolutely not someone that Snow’s Lament or the master of Snow’s Lament could go against.

Yang Ye glanced at them, and his gaze lingered a little longer on Mu Ling before he said, “Do you need something?”

Gong Jian asked, “You’re a body refiner?”

Yang Ye replied, “Sort of!” He’d come to the Ancient City of Hallows as a body refiner, so he felt that it was better to make it public now. After all, it would allow him to avoid a huge amount of trouble.

Gong Jian said, “Your strength isn’t bad. Join my Alliance of Sabers and Swords. We’ll give you 100 points every month. As for cultivation techniques, combat techniques, treasures, and other things like that, it’ll depend on your performance.”

On the other hand, Mu Ling gazed at Fu Jinxian instead, and she said, “You’re from the Fire Spirit Race?”

Fu Jinxian was slightly stunned, and then she nodded.

Mu Ling continued, “The granddaughter of your patriarch, Xu Zhiqing, has joined my Lunar Rite Hall. You can join as well if you want.”

Mu Ling’s invitation stunned both Fu Jinxian and Gong Jian. It was especially so for Fu Jinxian because she felt that Mu Ling should be recruiting Yang Ye. Even though she was at the Monarch Realm as well, her combat strength was only ordinary!

In next to no time, Gong Jian seemed to have thought of something, and he took a deep and long glance at Mu Ling and said, “What a plan!”

In the beginning, Yang Ye’s presence in their respective groups wasn’t essential, but they’d stepped forward decisively when Yang Ye killed the 2nd profounder. Because Yang Ye hadn’t utilized any profound energy when he did that…. In other words, Yang Ye had relied solely on his physical strength to kill a Monarch Realm expert with a single blow!

Even though they were still unaware of Yang Ye’s true strength, just that was sufficient for them to recruit him.

At this moment, Fu Jinxian figured out what was happening as well. Mu Ling wasn’t really recruiting her, she was recruiting Yang Ye. Because if Fu Jinxian joined Lunar Rite Hall, then it was very likely that Yang Ye would join as well. Even if Yang Ye didn’t join, there would still be a chance because of Fu Jinxian. Mu Ling’s plan was very good indeed. Unfortunately, Mu Ling wasn’t aware that Fu Jinxian was merely working together with Yang Ye for now!

“I killed some fellows from Snow’s Lament just now!” Yang Ye looked Mu Ling in the eyes. He was naturally clearly aware of her intentions. Actually, he’d made up his mind when they came to recruit him. Because he would be lost in the city if he were on his own, and it would definitely be more convenient if he had a group to rely on.

Mu Ling stated, “We’ll deal with it for you!”

Yang Ye continued, “I don’t like being bound and controlled!”

“Hey!” Meanwhile, a woman who stood behind Mu Ling shouted coldly, “Don’t try to take a yard when given an inch! You might die on these very streets if you don’t have my Lunar Rite Hall’s help!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to the woman. He just gazed at Mu Ling while Mu Ling looked straight at him.

A short while passed before Mu Ling said, “That’ll depend on your ability. The strong are never bound no matter where they go. If you’re strong, then no one in my Lunar Rite Hall would dare to restrain you, and it’s even to the extent that the Hall Master won’t restrain you if you’re strong enough. In short, whether you’re bound or not doesn’t depend on us, it depends on you!”

“Alright!” Yang Ye nodded.

“Mu Ling, congratulations!” Gong Jian suddenly started smiling, but his smile was quite odd. He said, “You’ve gained an expert. However, I hope you’ll be able to resolve what comes next!”

As he spoke, he turned around and glanced at Yang Ye before he said, “You’ll regret your decision!”

“Perhaps!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

“Snow’s Lament’s forces have arrived!” Someone shouted from afar.

Everyone here looked over and saw a group of a few hundred experts shooting towards here, and it wasn’t just that group alone. There were countless others approaching from all directions.

“No matter who tries to protect him today, only death will make us stop and leave!” A voice resounded from far away.

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