Chapter 730 – Solo or Group?

Almighty Sword Domain

Countless people came over from all directions. Yang Ye noticed there were almost 1,000 of them with just a glance. Moreover, there were actually over 60 at the Monarch Realm! Meanwhile, the rest were at the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm or above.

The man who led the group was at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm!

“It’s the Vice Master of Snow’s Lament, Leng Wushang!” One of the spectators gasped.

“It’s actually him! Heh, we’re going to have a show to watch now. That fellow is even more protective than Snow’s Lament’s Master. Moreover, he even brought so many people and spoke such words. He clearly intends to kill that body refiner!”

“If I were him, I would definitely stop at nothing to kill that fellow as well. Because Snow’s Lament would suffer a blow to its reputation if he isn’t killed. Moreover, many people within Snow’s Lament would feel displeased. After all, would anyone be willing to stay in a group that can’t protect its members? Would anyone even dare to stay? So, this matter isn’t just about a few deaths now!”

“But Lunar Rite Hall promised that body refiner that it would deal with Snow’s Lament for him. Even though Snow’s Lament is strong, it’s still weaker when compared to Lunar Rite Hall, right!?”

“The problem is whether Lunar Rite Hall would be willing to fight Snow’s Lament to the death just for a body refiner who’s quite strong? I would absolutely not. It’s not about being afraid of the trouble that I would face, it’s because it isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth it at all to lead the entirety of Lunar Rite Hall into a life and death battle for a single person!”

“Cut the crap and just watch quietly. We’ll know the true outcome in a moment!”

Leng Wushang and the others stopped 3m away from Yang Ye’s group, and then he pointed a finger at the Yang Ye and Fu Jinxian, “I’m taking their lives today!”

Gong Jian and the others from the Alliance of Sabers and Swords moved aside while an amused expression appeared on the corners of their mouths. Because it was very good news for them if Lunar Rite Hall and Snow’s Lament were to clash.

Mu Ling’s face fell slightly, “He just joined my Lunar Rite Hall!”

She was making her stand clear!

Leng Wushang’s face instantly turned gloomy, and he said, “Mu Ling, my Snow’s Lament’s strength is inferior indeed when compared to your Lunar Rite Hall, but is it really advisable for you to insult my Snow’s Lament in public like this?” It wouldn’t be so difficult to accept if Yang Ye and Fu Jinxian had been members of Lunar Rite Hall since the beginning. But the problem was that Mu Ling had recruited them while knowing that they’d killed so many members of Snow’s Lament. That was like brazenly slapping Snow’s Lament’s face!

Mu Ling pondered deeply for a moment and said, “My Lunar Rite Hall will compensate Snow’s Lament for their deaths!”

“You’ll compensate us?” A ferocious expression appeared on Leng Wushang’s face, “Mu Ling, why don’t you let me kill a few members of your Lunar Rite Hall and compensate you with some things?”

Mu Ling said, “Looks like you refuse to seek reconciliation, then I’d just like to ask if you really dare to fight my Lunar Rite Hall to the death?”

Leng Wushang laughed fiercely and responded, “I really don’t, but the one who dares has given the order that the heads of those who dared to kill members of my Snow’s Lament must be taken. So…. Kill! Show no mercy to anyone who stops you!”

“Kill!” The entire group in the surroundings roared furiously, and then they started surrounding Yang Ye and Fu Jinxian.

The members of Lunar Rite Hall revealed gloomy expressions when they saw those fellows charge over, and there was a trace of terror in their eyes. After all, there were only a few of them here. However, they were very clearly aware that they had to fight this battle because Lunar Rite Hall would lose face if they didn’t.

In short, they’d aroused strong discontent towards Yang Ye now. Because they wouldn’t have fallen into such a situation if it wasn’t for him.

Fu Jinxian had the same reaction as those women from Lunar Rite Hall. Her eyes were filled with worry, but she wasn’t worried about herself. She was worried about Yang Ye….

She was worried that he would go berserk!

“How presumptuous of you!” Mu Ling roared furiously while a powerful aura swept out from her like a torrent. It struck the Monarch Realm experts in front of her to the point of being pushed back repeatedly, and the other profounders from Snow’s Lament stopped their advance.

Mu Ling had a pair of white jade rings in her hands, and she held them tightly as she stared fixedly at Leng Wushang. She said, “Leng Wushang, I’m protecting them no matter what!”

If she knew that Snow’s Lament would stop at nothing to kill them, then she would have definitely not recruited them so rashly. But it couldn’t be helped now. If she were to hand them over now, then it would be Lunar Rite Hall that lost face.

Leng Wushang’s face grew more and more ferocious.

Right when the battle was about to erupt, Yang Ye suddenly walked over to Mu Ling. He glanced at the members of Snow’s Lament, and then his gaze descended onto Mu Ling in the end, “This occurred before I joined Lunar Rite Hall. So, I should deal with it. I’ll join officially once I’m done!”

No one owed anything to anyone in this world, and these members of Lunar Rite Hall owed him nothing. So, he had no reason to make them fight to the death for him. Moreover, he was very grateful that they’d hadn’t intended to give him over when they were surrounded. Even though he knew that they might have done that because of other reasons, he still felt grateful. In the end, it was kindness if one helped another because there was no obligation to do so. After all, it was something that had happened before he joined Lunar Rite Hall.

Yang Ye's words surprised everyone here.

“Are my ears deceiving me? He actually intends to face Snow’s Lament on his own? Is there something wrong with him in the head? Does he think he’s a monstrous genius who’s ranked on the Hallowed Rankings? Besides those 3 monstrous geniuses in the top 3 positions on the Hallowed Rankings, there isn’t any other genius on the Hallowed Rankings who dares to speak about fighting so many by themselves!”

“How interesting! No matter what, I really admire this fellow. At the very least, he dares to take responsibility for his actions. Even though it’s quite foolish, he’s ballsy!”

“He is indeed. But he’s overestimating his strength. He has a chance at survival with Lunar Rite Hall’s help, yet now, he’ll definitely die if Lunar Rite Hall agrees to his request.”

“Tsk, tsk. This show is getting better and better.”

Mu Ling and the others were slightly stunned, and the first thought in their minds was — Is this fellow trying to court death?

Even though the strength Yang Ye revealed was extraordinary, they didn’t think that his true strength would be sufficient to fight a thousand on his own. Moreover, there were over around 60 Monarch Realm experts amongst the group.

Mu Ling gazed at Yang Ye and spoke very seriously, “Do you understand what you’re saying?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Of course!” When he spoke up to this point, he pointed at Fu Jinxian and said, “Take care of her for me and leave the rest to me!”

She asked, “You’re serious?”

Yang Ye replied, “Of course.”

Mu Ling took a deep breath and said, “If you’re trying to test me, then there’s no need for that. Since you’ve joined my Lunar Rite Hall, then we have a responsibility to protect you. I can’t guarantee if I’ll be able to protect you, but I will definitely not abandon you!”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “I’m not testing you. In short, stop bringing up all these unrelated and unnecessary things. Just take my friend along and move back. I’ll go join Lunar Rite Hall with you after I’ve dealt with these fellows.” As he spoke, Yang Ye paid no attention to Mu Ling’s group, and he walked towards Leng Wushang’s group instead.

“What’s his name!?” Mu Ling gazed at Yang Ye’s figure yet was asking Fu Jinxian who stood by her side.

“Yang Man!” Fu Jinxian spoke softly. Yang Ye naturally couldn’t use his real name. So, that was a name that they’d discussed before they arrived in the Ancient City of Hallows.

“Yang Man?” Mu Ling nodded lightly. She knew that she’d misjudged him slightly.

“You’ve really surprised me!” Leng Wushang gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You’re very bold. But it can’t prevent your death today. Because you’ve killed members of Snow’s Lament!”

“It was they who offended me first!” Yang Ye spoke as he walked, “Right, I gave that fellow called Shi San a chance just now. Unfortunately, he didn’t cherish it. So, I had no other choice but to kill him. Because they would kill me if I didn’t kill them.”

“You’re courting death!” Someone roared furiously, and then the profounders of Snow’s Lament intended to charge over and chop Yang Ye into pieces. However, Leng Wushang stopped them.

Seriousness appeared in Leng Wushang’s eyes as he watched Yang Ye walk forward like he was taking a stroll through his own backyard. Leng Wushang was no fool. The fellow before him had been too composed and calm since the beginning, and it was to the extent that he and all the profounders from Snow’s Lament seemed like they didn’t exist to that fellow.

There were only 2 possibilities that could explain such a situation. The first was that the man was a fool who was putting on an act, and the second was that he was extremely confident in his strength. He was confident to the point that he felt even Leng Wushang and all the profounders from Snow’s Lament couldn’t harm him!

Moreover, this fellow before him didn’t seem like a fool….

But if Snow’s Lament retreated now, then it would really be infamous. So, he had to act!

Leng Wushang stepped forward and said, “Everyone else move 300m back!”

They understood that he wanted to fight himself.

“Titan Palm!” As soon as the others moved back, Leng Wushang roared furiously as he swiftly slapped his palms towards Yang Ye. In an instant, 2 enormous palms that were over 100m wide overlapped each other as they flashed forward, and then they blasted down towards Yang Ye.

“A high-grade Heaven Rank technique!” One of the spectators spoke in a low voice.

Mu Ling’s face fell slightly. She knew that while Leng Wushang hadn’t exerted his full strength, he hadn’t held back much!

The gazes of all the spectators converged onto Yang Ye as they wanted to witness his true strength.

Yang Ye suddenly stomped his right foot on the group, and then he shot forward like a cannonball.

Bang! Bang!

Two explosions resounded when Yang Ye collided with those 2 enormous palms, and then they exploded apart. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s speed didn’t decline in the slightest and arrived before Leng Wushang, and then he just executed a simple forward punch with his right hand.

Leng Wushang’s pupils constricted. He knew that he’d underestimated his enemy! He’d truly underestimated his enemy! At this moment, he didn’t have the time to think, and he immediately clenched his right fist and smashed it against Yang Ye’s fist.

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