Chapter 732 – Deathmatch!

Almighty Sword Domain

There was a tall tower at the south of the Ancient City of Hallows. The tower was around 3km tall and 300m wide. There were 3 enormous golden characters at the top of the tower ‘听雪楼’!

Even though Snow’s Lament was inferior to Lunar Rite Hall and the Alliance of Sabers and Swords, both those groups and even the geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings were quite fearful of it. Because the founder of Snow’s Lament was a monstrous genius who was once the 1st on the Hallowed Rankings. During that period in time, Lunar Rite Hall and the Alliance of Sabers and Swords hadn’t even been created.

At that time, the only organization for the younger generation of the city was Snow’s Lament!

Even though the world changed with time, and Snow’s Lament had declined, its resources and reserves still existed. That was the main reason it still existed even though its overall strength was inferior to Lunar Rite Hall and the Alliance of Sabers and Swords.

Yang Ye wasn’t joking, and he’d arrived before the tower which belonged to Snow’s Lament.

While he’d never intended to cause trouble upon coming to the city, it just so happened that others had to offend him.

This was how he did things. If one respected him a little, he would respect them even more; but if another disrespected him, then why should he respect them?

Snow’s Lament had sent a Half-Saint to crush him, and that had undoubtedly infuriated him!

Mu Lin’s group and countless other profounders who’d come to watch the show were standing behind Yang Ye.

A wisp of worry flashed through Mu Ling’s eyes. She’d tried to persuade Yang Ye earlier, but she hadn’t succeeded. At this moment, she felt quite regretful. She regretted telling Yang Ye that it would be fine to kill them if he did it in an arena of life and death.

Of course, she understood that the matter might not have ended just like that even if she hadn’t spoken those words….

A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he gazed at the 3 characters at the top of the tower, and then he suddenly smashed his fists forward. Two waves of energy shot out violently and instantly blasted those characters into powder.

“Today, I, Yang Man, will set up an arena of life and death right here before Snow’s Lament. Any profounder of Snow’s Lament may ascend the arena to fight me in a battle of life and death!” Yang Ye’s voice was enhanced by profound energy, and it rumbled forward like a thunderclap.

“Has he really gone mad? He intends to challenge Snow’s Lament on his own? Isn’t he being a little too confident?”

“His strength is formidable indeed, but I refuse to believe that he can challenge the entire Snow’s Lament on his own. Not to mention him, even those monstrous geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings wouldn’t dare to do this, right? Of course, those 3 fellows in the top 3 are excluded!”

“Hehe! No matter what, the enmity between that fellow, Yang Man, and Snow’s Lament is irreconcilable now. It would be fine if Snow’s Lament is able to kill him right here and now. They would be able to take revenge and rally the reputation of Snow’s Lament. But if they fail…. Tsk, tsk. Snow’s Lament will be finished!”

“The Master of Snow’s Lament has always been mysterious. I heard that even some of the main members of Snow’s Lament haven’t met him. I wonder if he’ll show himself. Tsk, tsk. I really look forward to that!”

“How audacious!” A furious howl resounded from within the tower, and then a figure flew out before countless other profounders charged out behind him.

The person who led the group was a young man around the age of 20. He held a spear in his hand, and that spear flickered with a cold and sharp glow. As soon as he arrived here, he glanced coldly at Yang Ye before he gazed at Gong Jian and Mu Ling who stood behind Yang Ye, and then his face fell slightly.

Gong Jian knew that the young man had misunderstood, so he immediately smiled and said, “Xu Qing, I’m only here to watch the show and nothing else.” As he spoke, he led the members of the Alliance of Sabers and Swords to the side.

Xu Qing’s expression eased up slightly, and then he gazed at Mu Ling. Mu Ling was just about to say something when Yang Ye spoke before her, “There’s no need to look at them. I’m the one who has come here to fight all of you, and I’ll be the only one.”

Xu Qing gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You’re that fellow, Yang Man, who killed the members of Snow’s Lament?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I am!”

Xu Qing’s expression became ferocious as he said, “I haven’t even gone looking for you because you killed members of my Snow’s Lament, yet you’ve actually come looking for us instead? Alright, that saves my time!”

Yang Ye suddenly gazed at Mu Ling. The latter hesitated for a moment before she flicked with her finger, and a piece of paper flew over to Xu Qing. She said, “Sign the agreement!”

Xu Qing didn’t hesitate to flick with his finger, and a drop of blood fell onto the piece of paper. After that, his figure flashed explosively towards Yang Ye.

“Raging Dragon!” Xu Qing roared furiously as his spear suddenly left his grasp and shot towards Yang Ye. The energy around his spear suddenly transformed into an enormous dragon, and the spear was like its backbone as it opened its enormous mouth and bit down towards Yang Ye’s head.

Yang Ye didn’t move, and he merely smashed his fist forward when it arrived 3m before him. Yes, he didn’t use any flashy movements at all, and he just launched a very simple punch.


The powerful force within his punch instantly blasted the dragon apart. Meanwhile, Xu Qing’s speak arrived in front of Yang Ye. However, it wasn’t long before Xu Qing’s expression changed because Yang Ye had grabbed the tip of his spear!

“Too weak!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye suddenly twisted his right hand while a powerful force surged out from within it, causing Xu Qing’s figure to be blasted away. Meanwhile, the spear in Yang Ye’s hand suddenly flew out from his grasp.


The spear pierced through Xu Qing’s body, and then it carried him along for over 300m before it nailed him onto the tower’s wall!

Xu Qing was dead!

The surroundings were death silent!

Because it was another instant annihilation!

How strong is he exactly!?

Mu Ling was thinking about the exact same thing. Because up until this very moment, this fellow before her, Yang Man, still hadn’t revealed his true strength. Or it should be said that the members of Snow’s Lament hadn’t been able to make him reveal his true strength. She felt that even the Half-Saint from before had probably been unable to make him truly reveal his strength. So it made her wonder exactly how strong he was!

Is he comparable to the top 10 experts on the Hallowed Rankings?

“Took weak! Next!” Yang Ye glanced coldly at the members of Snow’s Lament while his voice was without a shred of emotion. Just as he’d expected, Snow’s Lament had no intention of putting the matter to rest, but that was exactly what he wanted!

Even though the members of Snow’s Lament were exasperated by his words, they didn’t dare to charge forward. Because he was even able to instantly annihilate one of the 3 generals of Snow’s Lament, Xu Qing. So, they would probably have no chance to even attack if they were to fight him!

Meanwhile, an old man appeared before Yang Ye, and it was Elder He whom he’d met earlier.

At this moment, Elder He had a terrifyingly gloomy expression on his face, and he stared fixedly at Yang Ye and said, “Young man, I understand that you’re young and full of spirit, but people who don’t know when to stop usually die very early. Regardless of how extraordinary their natural talent and potential are. After all, such people are still weak like ants to some people!”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “I did try to stop just now, but you’ve seen the outcome of that. Moreover, I’m able to discern from your gaze that you won’t give up on killing me even if I back down right now. Since it’s like that, then why should it? Right?”

“You’ll die!” Elder He stared fixedly at Yang Ye and said, “I swear!”

Yang Ye stared at Elder He and said, “I might die, but it’ll absolutely not be at your hands. Besides that, even if I do die, I’ll drag some people down with me. Didn’t you want to protect Snow’s Lament? I’ll kill them one by one as you watch!” If the old man wanted to kill him, he would need to look for a deserted place, but would Yang Ye fear him at such a place? Even though the old man was a Half-Saint, he was even inferior to Guardian Lin who was now a Sword Servant within the Primordial Pagoda. Not to mention that Yang Ye had the Stone of Suppression as well!

A violent and ferocious aura started to surge from Elder He while stared at Yang Ye. It seemed like he would attack at any moment, but Yang Ye’s face was calm and completely devoid of any fear.

Elder He didn’t attack in the end because he had no reason to, and he had no chance. Because he knew that Elder Li was here, so he would definitely be stopped if he tried!

“Don’t think that no one in Snow Lament can deal with you!” Elder He’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Mu Ling heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that. Even though that fellow before her, Yang Man, had resisted 2 attacks from Elder He, she didn’t think that he could fight a Half-Saint. After all, only the monstrous geniuses in the top 3 positions on the Hallowed Rankings could fight Half-Saints while they were at the Monarch Realm!

On the other hand, while Yang Man was a monstrous genius, she felt that it was impossible for him to compare to them!

But no matter what, Mu Ling felt that Lunar Rite Hall had gained from all of this. Because so long as Yang Man could leave safely today, then Lunar Rite Hall’s reputation would shoot up and surpass the Alliance of Sabers and Swords!

Of course, it was clearly not something easy to accomplish!

Yang Ye glanced at the profounders of Snow’s Lament who stood around him and said, “What? Doesn’t Snow’s Lament want to kill me? I’m standing here right now, yet you don’t dare to fight me? Or perhaps the members of Snow’s Lament are cowards? And all you know is how to bully the weak yet fear the strong?”

The profounders of Snow’s Lament were furious, and all of their faces flushed red as they glared at Yang Ye. However, the scene of Yang Ye instantly killing Xu Qing just now played out incessantly within their minds.

Even though many were afraid, there were quite a few who couldn’t endure such humiliation, and they signed the agreement for a life and death battle….


A figure was blasted flying….

It was another instant annihilation!

“Took weak! Next!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded once more.

Yang Ye’s ability to instantly kill them didn’t stop them from signing the agreement in succession. So, merely a short while passed before over a dozen corpses were lying below the tower.

This scene caused many to feel horrified!

Suddenly, a woman who wore dark golden gloves arrived here.

“My god! It’s the 10th on the Hallowed Rankings, Yu Wushuang, who’s said to be the Fist Tyrant! What’s she doing here?”

“It really is her! Eh! What’s she doing? Oh my god! She actually intends to sign the agreement? She actually intends to help Snow’s Lament? What’s going on?”

The spectators watched as that woman dropped a drop of her blood onto the agreement Yang Ye had prepared for the deathmatches.

Once it was signed, then death had to be decided!

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