Chapter 733 – I’m Not Asking, I’m Taking! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

“What’s going on!?” Mu Ling’s expression was extremely unsightly. She hadn’t expected that Yu Wushuang who was ranked at the 10th position on the Hallowed Rankings would make an appearance here, and she’d never imagined that Yu Wushuang would actually help Snow’s Lament!

Who was Yu Wushuang? She was an extraordinary genius who had just risen to prominence in the Hallowed Grounds!

When Yu Wushuang had just advanced into the Monarch Realm, she’d swept through countless geniuses of the Hallowed Halls with her fists, and she’d even dragged down the monstrous geniuses who sat at the 10th position on the Hallowed Rankings. Her fists were strong to the point that they could tear dragons apart. So, she was called the Fist Tyrant. That meant that her fists were the strongest in the Hallowed Halls!

“Only cowards slaughter the weak!” Yu Wushuang gazed at Yang Ye while killing intent flickered in her eyes.

Yang Ye replied, “It’s best that you leave so I don’t have to be a coward again!”

She naturally understood what he meant, but she didn’t get angry and laughed instead, “Do you know? That fellow on the 10th position of the Hallowed Rankings was arrogant just like you, but do you know what happened to him? Let me tell you the answer. I blasted his head apart with a single punch. Just like a hammer smashing a watermelon apart. Let me tell you something else. I’ll do the same to you!”

“Why don’t you give it a try?” said Yang Ye.

A ferocious expression arose on the corners of her mouth, and she was just about to attack when Mu Ling spoke abruptly from the side, “Young Miss Yu, this is between Yang Man and Snow’s Lament. Why interfere in something like this?”

Yu Wushuang stroked her left chest lightly, and then a snowflake appeared there.

It was the symbol for Snow’s Lament!

The expressions of Mu Ling and the others changed slightly, and even Gong Jian who was watching the show had revealed a similar reaction.

“Understand now?” said Yu Wushuang.

“You’re actually a member of Snow’s Lament!?” Mu Ling took a deep breath, and then she spoke in a voice that was filled with shock. She hadn’t expected that Yu Wushuang who was ranked at the 10th position on the Hallowed Rankings would actually belong to Snow’s Lament. It wasn’t that the top 10 geniuses couldn’t join groups, but they usually didn’t. Because since they could ascend onto the Hallowed Rankings, every single one of them possessed extraordinary natural talent and were terribly arrogant. So, how could such existences obey the orders of others?

She hadn’t imagined that the 10th ranked on the Hallowed Rankings would have actually joined Snow’s Lament. It was something that she couldn’t wrap her head around no matter how hard she tried!

Mu Ling noticed that Snow’s Lament was quite mysterious!

Unlike Mu Ling and the others’ shock, the members of Snow’s Lament were overjoyed. At this moment, Yu Wushuang was like a torch in the darkness, and she gave them light and hope!

“The genius at the 10th position on the Hallowed Rankings actually belongs to our Snow’s Lament! Haha! Yang Man is dead! He’s dead!”

“Haha! Awesome! Let’s see how the Lunar Rite Hall and Alliance of Sabers and Swords dares to act arrogantly in front of us from now on! Our Snow’s Lament will be the strongest from today onward!”

“Yu Wushuang! Yu Wushuang! Yu Wushuang!”

“The Fist Tyrant! The Fist Tyrant! The Fist Tyrant!”

At this moment, all the members of Snow’s Lament were going mad with excitement.

“Weren’t your fists very strong? Then I’ll cripple them first before slowly breaking every single bone within you. I’ll make you realize that not just anyone can trample upon my Snow’s Lament!” Yu Wushuang walked slowly towards Yang Ye while spikes that were a few centimeters long gradually grew out of the dark golden gloves on her hands.

“You talk too much!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, Yang Ye was already in front of Yu Wushuang. Just as before, he didn’t utilize any techniques and just smashed his fist forward.

Speed and strength!

That’s what Yang Ye was using right now.

“One who hasn’t comprehended Fist Intent like you actually dares to swing your fist in front of me?” Fierce Fist Intent suddenly erupted from within her, and it seemed like material energy as it pressed down towards Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s attack speed instantly slowed down when it descended upon him.

10th level Fist Intent!

Mu Ling and the others were astounded because Yu Wushuang merely possessed 9th level Fist Intent when she fought the previous genius who was ranked at the 10th position on the Hallowed Rankings. However, she’d actually attained the 10th level in a short period of a month!

Isn’t her natural talent a little too terrifying?

Will Yang Man be able to win?

Mu Ling’s brows were pressed together tightly because she felt that Yang Ye’s chances of winning were really not huge. After all, he seemed to have not revealed any Intent until this point, and profounders who’d comprehended Intent weren’t just a little bit stronger than those who hadn’t!

The calmest and most composed here was Fu Jinxian. Because no one here had a greater understanding of how terrifying Yang Ye was! He was an existence who’d killed the last expert who was ranked at the 3rd position on the Hallowed Rankings, and he’d even killed Half-Saints!

If there was someone in the younger generation of the Hallowed Grounds who could fight Yang Ye, then it was only the top 2 monstrous geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings!

As for the rest, only death awaited them if they fought him!

Yang Ye’s speed had slowed down, but it didn’t take long for his speed to increase once more. Moreover, it was growing quicker and quicker. This caused Yu Wushuang’s expression to change slightly. But she quickly calmed herself and blasted her right fist against Yang Ye’s punch.

She’d never feared anyone in a fist fight!


Yu Wushuang took around 10 steps back while Yang Ye merely took a single step back.

The difference in their strengths was obvious!

The profounders of Snow’s Lament who were still excited just a moment ago seemed as if they’d been doused with cold water, and they instantly froze on the spot. Meanwhile, Mu Ling was first stunned, and then she was overjoyed. Of course, her eyes revealed dense bewilderment and shock.

How could Yang Man who hasn’t comprehended any Intent be able to repulse Yu Wushuang who has comprehended 10th level Fist Intent?

The minds of many in the surroundings had turned blank.

On the other hand, Yu Wushuang’s face was covered in shock. Because she hadn’t imagined that she would actually lose in a collision of fists. Moreover, her enemy was someone with a cultivation that was lower than her and hadn’t comprehended any Intent!

Yang Ye glanced at his fist, and he noticed that there were a few sunken areas on his fist. They were marks that Yu Wushuang’s gloves had left behind. He raised his head to look at Yu Wushuang, and his gaze descended onto her gloves before he said, “Those gloves of yours aren’t bad, I want them!”

“Do you think I would give them to you?” Yu Wushuang spoke coldly.

“I’m not asking, I’m taking!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure vanished on the spot again. Yu Wushuang’s expression changed drastically because Yang Ye was in front of her, and just like before, his fist was smashing down towards her.

With the lesson she learned from their last collision still lingering in her mind, Yu Wushuang didn’t dare hold back this time. The profound energy and 10th level Fist Intent within her surged madly into her fist, and then she used all the strength in her body to smash her fist against Yang Ye’s fist.


Another head-on collision. The spectators watched as Yu Wushuang moved backward repeatedly from the impact. However, Yang Ye hadn’t moved backward at all this time. Not only that, he even pressed forward and instantly arrived in front of Yu Wushuang before launching another punch!


Yu Wushuang was blasted backward once more.

After that, the spectators witnessed a scene that almost caused their eyeballs to pop out. Yu Wushuang didn’t even have the ability to fight back before Yang Ye’s attacks, and she was completely suppressed. Only a few breaths of time passed before she’d taken a few hundred steps back, and she was still moving backwards!

Yu Wushuang was a monstrous genius ranked at the 10th position on the Hallowed Rankings!

Countless people in the surroundings were shocked, puzzled, and astounded.

Who exactly is that fellow, Yang Man?


Yu Wushuang wasn’t able to resist him any longer, and she was blasted flying and smashed open a huge crater on the ground. Moreover, the spectators noticed that Yu Wushuang’s hands were trembling right now. Yes, they were trembling!

How strong was Yang Ye body? In short, if a Half-Saint sealed his strength and fought Yang Ye with only the strength of his body, then Yang Ye could beat that Half-Saint around like a punching bag!

If it was merely in terms of physical strength and defense, then he’d completely surpassed the Half-Saint Realm!

Yu Wushuang’s accomplishments in the fist were extraordinary indeed, and it was especially so for her 10th level Fist Intent. However, she’d encountered Yang Ye, so she was bound to meet a tragic end. Because her Fist Intent was completely useless against Yang Ye. What a joke! Would Yang Ye who possessed 1st level Heaven Rank Sword Intent fear the suppression of her Earth Rank Fist Intent?

Yu Wushuang struggled to get up, but a foot stomped down against her stomach, causing her to lay back down.

Yang Ye looked down at her and said, “Didn’t you want to smash my head apart? But it seems like you can’t accomplish that.” As he spoke, Yang Ye grabbed Yu Wushuang’s hands, and then exerted a little force….

“AHH!!” A shrill cry of misery resounded because Yang Ye pulled off her fists!

The hearts of all the spectators felt cold when they witnessed this scene, and their gazes towards Yang Ye were filled with fear!

Yang Ye nodded lightly as he gazed at the dark gold gloves in his grasp, and he said, “Not bad, they’re at the Dao Rank. I can make do with them. Hmm? There’s a spatial ring here as well. Not bad, I’ll take it. I’ll see what’s in it later. I don’t have time for it now!”

“You’re dead!” Yu Wushuang gazed resentfully at Yang Ye while her entire body trembled violently from the intense pain she experienced, “You’re dead no matter who you are. The Master of Snow’s Lament won’t let you go! He won’t let you go!”

“Really?” Yang Ye smiled. Suddenly, his smile became savage as he kicked forcefully with his right leg. Yu Wushuang’s eyes instantly opened wide as his foot struck her stomach and kicked her flying. In the end, her figure smashed against the walls of the tower.


Yu Wushuang’s body was transformed into a pile of mush….

Yu Wushuang, the 10th ranked on the Hallowed Rankings was dead…. She’d died just like that!

The profounders of Snow’s Lament turned pale, and they couldn’t help but take a few steps back while they gazed at Yang Ye as if they were looking at a demon!

Yang Ye raised his head and looked at the tower as he said, “That fellow, the master of Snow’s Lament. I know you’re probably in there! I want to tell you that since your dared to ask someone to kill me, then you have to pay the price for it. I’ll give you 2 options. The first is to disband Snow’s Lament, and I’ll leave immediately. The second is that I’ll challenge the members of Snow’s Lament, one after the other, and I’ll kill all of them until Snow’s Lament vanishes completely!”

“I choose the 3rd option!” A voice resounded from the top of the tower, “I’ll kill you!”

“Then come at me!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded!

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Now that he has fought a few battles, it's time I throw in a little trivia. The 'Man' in Yang Man can be translated as savage or barbaric, and it represents how this identity of his acts like a savage barbarian in battle.