Chapter 734 – Who Else?

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, a man who wore a pure white robe and a white mask appeared before Yang Ye.

The spectators in the surroundings felt a strand of indescribable coldness assault them once he arrived here. At the same time, they noticed to their astonishment that the space beneath the white robed man’s feet and around him had actually started to freeze!

Is he the master of Snow’s Lament?

Such a thought couldn’t help but appear in the minds of many. The reason they weren’t certain of his identity was because the master of Snow’s Lament had always been mysterious, and even some of Snow’s Lament’s higher ups hadn’t seen the master’s true appearance.

Of course, regardless of whether he was Snow’s Lament’s master, he was absolutely not an ordinary figure.

The white robed man flicked his finger, and a pearl of blood flew forward and descended upon the agreement, “Since my Snow’s Lament was established, over 10,000 years have passed. It has experienced glory and decline, but it has never been humiliated. You’re the 1st to dare come to our headquarters and humiliate Snow’s Lament. Trust me, you’ll be the last as well!”

Yang Ye replied, “Actually, there really isn’t any great enmity between me and Snow’s Lament. Unfortunately, the members of your Snow’s Lament act like idiots, and I truly had no choice but to kill them. Because they would think I fear them if I didn’t kill them, and then they would ceaselessly look for trouble with me. Since it’s like that, then it’s better to solve the problem at its roots!”

“The members of Snow’s Lament can die, but its dignity can’t be lost or insulted!” said the white robed man.

Yang Ye clenched his fists slowly and said, “Today, I’m going to cause their deaths, and I’m going to make Snow’s Lament be utterly disgraced!”

“Why don’t you give it a try!” As soon as the white robed man spoke, the space around Yang Ye suddenly started to freeze. It froze extremely quickly, and merely an instant passed before the space in an area of 30m around Yang Ye had frozen. Moreover, the temperature in the surroundings had suddenly plummeted, and it caused some comparatively weaker profounders to be instantly frozen on the spot!

Countless spectators were horrified!

At this moment, even Fu Jinxian revealed a rare solemn expression because the coldness that the white robed man emanated caused her blood and profound energy to be on the verge of freezing!

Will Yang Ye be able to deal with him? She would naturally be confident in Yang Ye’s ability if he could use the sword, but the problem was that he absolutely couldn’t right now. After all, he would be instantly exposed if he did. At that time, Yang Ye would definitely die because this was the Hallowed Halls’ base!

So, could Yang Ye deal with that mysterious white robed man while he couldn’t use the sword?


Meanwhile, the ice that frozen Yang Ye on the spot had suddenly exploded apart, and then Yang Ye shot forward explosively in the white robed man’s direction.

Yang Ye’s speed was extremely quick, and it was quick to the point many people here could only see a shadow. But it wasn’t long before his speed slowed down at a visible speed. Because the space around him had actually been frozen into a thick wall of ice, and it was exactly that ice wall which obstructed him and slowed him down.

In next to no time, Yang Ye stopped moving because layers of thick ice walls had formed all around him, and they were ceaselessly pressing down upon him, causing him to be unable to speed up at all.

“Your body is very strong, and even I am not confident in my ability to break through your defenses. However, I can seal you in ice!” As soon as he spoke, Yang Ye instantly felt the temperature around him decline, and the density of those ice walls grew even greater.

A trace of seriousness appeared on Yang Ye’s eyes because he felt that the blood within him was actually showing signs of freezing. This time, he had no choice but to admit that the Hallowed Halls was really filled with countless experts.

Of course, the white robed man was dreaming if he thought that he could kill Yang Ye with such an attack!

The violet profound energy within him started surging madly, and then it spread through his entire body. The coldness in his body started to be alleviated, and his temperature gradually rose back up.

“Freeze me? You’re not strong enough!” Yang Ye suddenly smashed his fists forward, and the formidable force they carried surged forward. In an instant, the walls of ice before him were blasted away as if they were swept away by a tsunami, and they were instantly transformed into bits.


Yang Ye suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot and shot forward like a cannonball. This time, the newly formed ice walls hadn’t even had the chance to obstruct him because Yang Ye’s hands weren’t staying idle throughout his charge. He was swinging them ceaselessly, and wave after wave of force swept out from them and instantly blasted those ice walls into pieces!

Yang Ye arrived before the white robed man and smashed his fist forward, and the powerful force it contained cracked the space around his fist apart!

An ice shield suddenly appeared in front of the white robed man.


Yang Ye’s fist had just come into contact with the ice shield when Yang Ye’s expression changed violently, and then the spectators watched with astonishment as Yang Ye’s figure was blasted over 1km away!


Yang Ye coughed intensely a few times, and then he looked down at his right hand. At this moment, his right hand was trembling violently. He took a deep breath before he raised his head to look at the white robed man, “That’s a very good ice shield. It’s actually even able to reflect my attack back to me!” He hadn’t been blasted flying because of the white robed man, and it was because of his own strength. At the moment he struck the ice shield, he noticed that his entire strength had been reflected back to him!

If he didn’t possess a powerful body, then he would have died from the force of his own fist!

“Your physical strength and defenses are even stronger than some of the demons, devils, or even Stonemen that I’ve met!” The white robed man spoke slowly, “However, you’re crippled while I have this ice shield by my side!”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye withdrew the pair of dark golden gloves which he took from Yu Wushuang just now, wore them, and issued a command in his heart. Countless dragon scales instantly formed on his fists that were protected by the gloves.

Yang Ye’s figure shot towards the white robed man again. Just like before, he smashed his fist forward again. The white robed man didn’t doge, and he just used the ice shield to defend himself again.


This time, Yang Ye wasn’t blasted flying, but he still took a few steps back in succession. Of course, most importantly, the white robed man had been blasted a few steps back in succession as well. Both of them moved almost 300m back before they finally stopped themselves!

But in the next moment, Yang Ye shot forward again and smashed his fist forward once more!

Just like that, both of them were blasted back over and over again, but Yang Ye pressed forward continuously and blasted his fist forward over and over again.

It wasn’t long before the spectators realized that the white robed man couldn’t hold on for long because an extremely obvious streak of scarlet red was flowing down from behind his mask.

Yang Ye was able to resist the powerful force that was reflected by the shield, but the white robed man couldn’t resist the powerful blast that came from it. So, Yang Ye’s frenzied attacks hadn’t just completely suppressed the white robed man, it had even caused him to suffer severe internal injuries!

This time, Yang Ye appeared before the white robed man again. However, his fist suddenly relaxed when it was about to smash against the ice shield, and it transformed into a claw that grabbed the shield. The white robed man was horrified. He naturally knew what Yang Ye intended to do, so he hurriedly started controlling the shield, and it trembled violently under his control. Moreover, it even shot countless blades of ice at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye frowned from suffering these attacks at such a close range. Because those blades of ice were actually capable of inflicting pain on him. However, it wasn’t long before excitement appeared in his eyes instead. Because the shield was a precious treasure!

Yang Ye shouted fiercely as he grabbed the shield with his left hand as well, and then he forcefully lifted it up and tossed it into the Primordial Pagoda!

Just like the Mageforce Shield, it fell completely silent upon entering the Primordial Pagoda!

With the shield gone, Yang Ye had no further obstructions, so he immediately shot forward and smashed his fists against the white robed man’s stomach.


The white robed man was blasted flying. He gazed at Yang Ye with horror while flying through the air and said, “How could you possibly accomplish that? That ice shield was a Dao Artifact that’s linked to me, and it even has an Ice Spirit as its Equipment Spirit! How could you have possibly….”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye appeared in front of him while a savage expression appeared on Yang Ye’s face, “I can't be bothered to give you an explanation!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the white robed man’s stomach.


The white robed man’s figure was blasted flying before crashing against the wall of the tower. Just like Yu Wushuang, he was transformed into a pile of mush!

Yang Ye gestured with his right hand, and a spatial ring made of icy flew out from the must. He placed it within the Primordial Pagoda before he glanced at the other members of Snow’s Lament, “Who else?”

Who else!

It was absolutely domineering!

In the eyes of the spectating profounders, Yang Ye was definitely domineering. He’d killed members of Snow’s Lament, attacked its headquarters, and even killed Yu Wushuang and that white robed man!

In their opinion, no matter who Yang Man was, his name would spread throughout the Hallowed Grounds from today onward. Yes, the Hallowed Grounds and not just the Hallowed Halls!

At this moment, the most excited person here was Mu Ling. Because Lunar Rite Hall would have an extraordinary genius from today onward! At this moment, she felt extremely fortunate that she hadn’t shrunk back earlier!

On the contrary, Gong Jian was quite regretful. He didn’t look very favorably upon Yang Ye just now, and it should be said that he didn’t think very highly of Yang Ye. After all, while Yang Ye was strong, Yang Ye’s existence was insignificant to them. Yet now….

Gong Jian shook his head, but he felt fortunate in his heart as well. He felt fortunate that while he hadn’t been able to recruit Yang Ye, he hadn’t formed a bad relationship with Yang Ye either! At this moment, he finally realized that this fellow who stood before him was a complete and utter madman!

No one from Snow’s Lament answered Yang Ye, and no one dared to either.

After all, the 10th on the Hallowed Rankings, and the extremely strong white robed man had both been killed. So, they would only be giving their lives away if they accepted Yang Ye’s challenge!

Yang Ye said, “Is there no one else? Then I’ll start killing one by one!”

The members of Snow’s Lament were horrified!

“This conflict stops right now!” Suddenly, the voice of a woman resounded, and then a figure appeared in front of Yang Ye.

The expressions of everyone here changed drastically when they saw her, and even Yang Ye’s expression had changed.

Because he’d met her before, and he’d even fought her.

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