Chapter 738 – Do You Dare To Object?

Almighty Sword Domain

The man’s neck was broken, and there were no further signs of vitality from him.

He died with his eyes wide open!

Even until the moment that he died, he still didn’t believe that he would have his neck broken from just speaking a few words.

At this moment, all the others who came here with the man had their eyes wide open as well, and besides shock, there was even more terror in their eyes.

It was just a few words….

Yet he was killed just like that!?

Does he love to kill?

Yang Ye hated threats the most. It would be a different situation if his strength was insufficient, but if it was under the circumstances that his strength was sufficient, then he wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone who dared to threaten him.

He knew that since they’d captured Fu Jinxian, and then came looking for him. It was obvious that he was their objective. Even though he didn’t know what they wanted, he didn’t like it when people played such tricks. In his opinion, since they’d started to scheme against him, then they were his enemy, and the way he usually treated his enemies was to kill as many as he could!

“Didn’t you want me to follow you? Lead the way!” Yang Ye glanced at the remaining fellows here with an icy cold gaze, and it caused them to be unable to help but shiver.

They seemed to intend to throw some threats at him, but their mouths just wouldn’t open when they looked at him, and they had no choice but to lead the way.

“Yang Man?” Meanwhile, a familiar voice resounded from the side. Yang Ye stopped moving, turned around, and saw Mu Ling walking towards him.

“What’s going on here?” Mu Ling glanced at Yang Ye and the others, and then glanced at the corpse at the side before she immediately frowned.

Yang Ye replied, “They’ve taken Fu Jinxian, and I’m their target!”

Mu Ling’s face fell while a wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed through her eyes. After all, Fu Jinxian was a member of Lunar Rite Hall in the end, yet they’d actually dared to capture a member of Lunar Rite Hall. That was an insult to Lunar Rite Hall.

Their expressions changed when they noticed the killing intent in Mu Ling’s eyes, and one of them hurriedly said, “Young Miss Mu Ling, it’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. Our Young Master didn’t capture Young Miss Fu, he just invited her to be a guest at the estate. Moreover, just like her, we’re merely inviting him over as well. We’re not trying to take him there by force. What happened earlier was just a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding….”

“Who’s your young master!?” asked Mu Ling.

He replied, “Man Xi!”

Mu Ling’s expression changed when she heard this and said, “Let’s go! Fu Jinxian is in danger!” She flashed towards the distance while she spoke.

Yang Ye’s face fell when he heard this, and then he stomped his right foot on the ground and shot after her like a cannonball.

In next to no time, both of them arrived at an estate.

Mu Ling was just about to enter when she suddenly stopped, and then she hesitated before she said, “Yang Man, you have to stay calm no matter what happens later. It isn’t just related to you and Fu Jinxian, it’s related to our Lunar Rite Hall as well. So, allow me to deal with it, alright?”

“As soon as she’s fine!” Yang Ye’s face was slightly gloomy. There really wasn’t any deep relationship between him and Fu Jinxian, and they couldn’t even be considered friends. However, no matter what, she’d come to the Ancient City of Hallows with him. Moreover, if she hadn’t sent him a voice transmission to notify him that the patriarch of the Fire Spirit Race intended to utilize a formation against him, then he would have fallen into an extremely disadvantaged state. It was even to the extent that his life might have been in danger!

Besides that, they’d captured Fu Jinxian because of him! In other words, they were targeting him, and Fu Jinxian had merely been dragged into it!

Mu Ling sighed lightly when she heard him, and then she waved her right hand. A gust of wind blew over and blasted the door into pieces.

Whip! Whip! Whip! Whip!

They’d only just entered when the sound of a whip striking against flesh entered into their ears, and it caused their expressions to grow even more gloomy.

“Bitch! You’re absolutely lucky that Young Master Xi took a liking to you, yet you actually dared to refuse? Fu Jinxian, what’re you trying to act for? Didn’t you constantly change different partners every single day? What? You’re trying to reform yourself now?”

An alluring woman in red dress held a black whip within a hall, and she was smiling coldly as she gazed at Fu Jinxian. At this moment, Fu Jinxian’s limbs were nailed on the ground while blood flowed all around her. The most horrifying part was that her entire body was densely covered in scars that were made by a whip!

A man was seated at the side while his upper body was completely bare, and it was covered in countless strange dark golden symbols. Besides that, an old man stood behind the man, and the old man’s eyes were closed as if he was sleeping.


The whip in the woman’s hand descended once more towards Fu Jinxian. In an instant, blood sprayed while the smile on her face grew even more brilliant, “Aren’t women born for men to sleep with? Moreover, you’ve slept with countless men. So what if you sleep with one more? After all, it’s an honor for Young Master Xi to have taken a liking to you! Unfortunately, you don’t know how to cherish such an honor.” She swung the whip again while she spoke.

However, the whip didn’t descend onto Fu Jinxian because a hand had grabbed it.

Meanwhile, the old man opened his eyes while a strange smile arose on the corners of the young man’s mouth.

Mu Ling’s mind had instantly gone blank when she saw Fu Jinxian, and she shouted in her mind, Shit!

At this moment, Fu Jinxian wasn’t dead, but she was on the verge of it. Her violet dress had turned scarlet red. Most importantly, her face was completely covered in scars. It could be said that she was unrecognizable.

Yang Ye gazed at Fu Jinxian for a short while before he took a deep breath, and then placed his palm against her stomach. His violet profound energy flower slowly into her body, and it wasn’t long before she seemed to be doing slightly better. She slowly opened her eyes, gazed at him, and spoke softly, “Sorry. I dragged you into trouble again!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “It’s I who dragged you into this!”

“Don’t fight them. Just take it as doing something for your own good, alright?” Fu Jinxian’s weak voice carried a pleasing tone. She was very clearly aware that if Yang Ye fought them, then his life would definitely be in danger if he didn’t expose his true strength. After all, there were Half-Saints here. But if he didn’t expose his true strength, then it would be impossible for him to defeat a Half-Saint!

“Don’t worry, I won’t do something I’m not confident in!” Yang Ye helped her up and sent her to Mu Ling before he said, “Take her and leave!”

Mu Ling took Fu Jinxian and said, “Yang Man, don’t do anything rash!” There was a Half-saint here, and she was very well aware that the Man Estate had more than 1 Half-Saint!

“You’re Yang Man?” Meanwhile, the young man spoke abruptly, “I heard you relied on your physical strength and defense to kill Yu Wushuang and that white robed Vice Master of Snow’s Lament? I’m very interested in you because I’m a body refiner as well. Or I should say that my Man Clan has been a clan of body refiners for generations. I invited you here because of my curiosity and interest. As for your friend, I can only apologize. I only intended to have some fun with her. After all, she’s quite pretty. But I never expected that she would actually resist and even cursed me to die without any descendants. So, I had no choice but to give her some slight punishment!”

“Man Xi, Fu Jinxian belongs to my Lunar Rite Hall!” Mu Ling spoke in a low voice, “Are you trying to declare war with Lunar Rite Hall?”

“Little girl, don’t try to use Lunar Rite Hall to scare us!” Meanwhile, the old man behind Man Xi spoke abruptly, “All of that’s just child’s play. Do you really think Lunar Rite Hall is powerful? If it isn’t out of consideration for some elders in the Hallowed Halls, your Lunar Rite Hall can be destroyed in an instant!”

“You….” Mu Ling’s face turned red from anger, but she was unable to refute it. Compared to these clans, the Lunar Rite Hall was quite weak indeed. Because it was only an organization formed by the younger generation, yet these clans had existed for tens of thousands of years or even 100,000 years!

“Just take her and go!” Yang Ye spoke abruptly.

“Since you’re here, then it won’t be that ease for you to leave!” It was the woman in a red dress who spoke those words. She suddenly jerked her hand with the intention of jerking the whip back, but she noticed to her astonishment that it felt like a mountain was pressing down on her whip. Not only had she been unable to pull it back, she’d almost been pulled over instead.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of the woman. The latter was horrified and was just about to dodge, but a hand had wrapped around her neck.

“What’re you doing!? Let me go right now or Young Master Xi will chop you into pieces!” She stared resentfully at Yang Ye, yet her eyes carried no terror. She was clearly completely unafraid.

“You won’t object to letting them leave, right?” Yang Ye was holding her neck yet spoke to Man Xi.

“I don’t like being threatened!” Man Xi gazed at Yang Ye and spoke calmly.

Yang Ye nodded and then squeezed.


Her head was immediately crushed off from her body, and a fountain of blood shot into the air.

Yang Ye casually tossed her head away and said, “Actually, I would have killed her regardless of whether you objected!”

The young man stood up slowly and said, “You’re courting death!”

“When has the Man Clan become so overbearing!?” Meanwhile, a voice resounded from outside, and then Mu Qingfeng and 2 old men entered the hall.

The young man glanced at the Mu Qingfeng and the old men, and then he smiled, “Oh my, 2 Half-Saints. I’m so afraid! Don’t kill me, alright?”

As soon as he finished speaking, 3 more old men appeared here.

4 Half-Saints!

“See, we have 4 Half-Saints now, yet you only have 2. So, all of you can leave your lives behind. Especially you, Mu Qingfeng. To be honest, I’ve been wanting to have fun with you for a very long time!” Man Xi seemed to have a slightly insane expression on his face.

“I’m taking him with me!” Suddenly, another voice resounded, and then Nether Maiden appeared here.

She glanced at Man Xi and the others, and then her gaze descended onto the old man behind Man Xi and said, “Do you dare to object?”

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