Chapter 739 – Grandson! Grandpa Is Here!

Almighty Sword Domain

Do you dare to object?

These words were certainly overbearing, especially when it was an Exalt Realm profounder who spoke such words to a Half-Saint.

The expression of the old man who stood behind Man Xi was extremely unsightly right now. But unexpectedly, not only did he restrain himself from attacking out of rage, he even forced out a smile as he said, “Since you want to take him with you, then my Man Clan naturally doesn’t dare to refuse!”

“I refuse!” Meanwhile, Man Xi spoke ferociously, “Nether Maiden, my Man Clan and you have always kept clear of each other’s business, so why go against my Man Clan for an ant? He first threatened me, then killed my woman in front of me. How would I, Man Xi, hold my head up high in the city if I don’t kill him?”

“If you refuse, then fight me. I’ll leave right away if I can’t take your life within 3 moves!” Nether Maiden’s voice was calm as before, and it was utterly tranquil.

Man Xi’s face grew even more ferocious. Right when he was about to attack, the old man stopped him and said, “Your highness, Nether Maiden, I, Man Yuan, apologize for my failure to educate him. Feel free to take him with you. My Man Clan won’t stop you!”

Nether Maiden turned around and walked towards the exit. Meanwhile, Mu Qingfeng’s group hurriedly followed her. Yang Ye followed behind as well, but he suddenly stopped when he arrived at the door. He turned around and gazed at Man Xi and the others, “Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint all of you. It’ll take 2 hours at most. I’ll definitely be back in 2 hours. Wait for me!”

Man Xi took a step forward, and just this step allowed him to instantly arrive before Yang Ye. He had a frenzied and savage expression on his face as he said, “Alright, I’ll definitely wait for you. You’re my grandson if you don’t return, alright?”

Yang Ye replied, “You’re my grandson if I do return, alright?”

“Alright!” Man Xi chuckled fiercely and said, “Alright, so long as you do return, then it’s fine even if you call me your great grandson!”

“Alright, grandson! Wait for grandpa’s return!” Yang Ye stretched out his hand and patted Man Xi on the face before he turned around and left.

“You better return!” Man Xi clenched his fists while his eyes flickered with madness.

After he left Fu Jinxian in Mu Qingfeng’s group’s care, Yang Ye immediately left Lunar Rite Hall. However, he was immediately stopped by someone right after he walked out of its doors. It was Mu Qingfeng.

She asked, “You’re going back?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’ll have to call him grandpa if I don’t!”

Mu Qingfeng sighed lightly and said, “The Man Clan has been in existence for a very long time. They’re a clan of body refiners, and all the members of their clan have been body refiners for generations. Because their physique is special, so they gain twice the results when cultivating in body refinement. However, from some point in time, their physique started to change, and it wasn’t that outstanding any longer. So, the Man Clan started to experience a decline. But even then, their reserves and strength can’t be underestimated.”

When she spoke up to this point, she glanced at Yang Ye and continued, “Their objective was probably to gain your cultivation technique or your physique. Because besides the Man Clan, there isn’t any other body refiner in the Hallowed Halls that can attain a physical body that’s even more terrifying than a Half-Saint while still at the Monarch Realm.”

Yang Ye asked abruptly, “How many Half-Saints does the Man Clan have?”

“At least 5!” Mu Qingfeng spoke in a low voice, “I know you’re unwilling to let it go and want to take revenge for you friend, but it really isn’t the right time. Moreover, you’ll be giving your life away if you go now.”

“Don’t worry, I never give my life away!” As soon as he finished speaking, he paid no further attention to her and vanished on the spot.

Once Yang Ye left, Mu Ling appeared by Mu Qingfeng’s side and said, “Do you think he’ll be able to return alive?”

“I can’t really figure him out!” Mu Qingfeng spoke seriously, “Regardless of whether it’s his strength or identity, I can’t see through any of them. As for whether he can return alive, it depends on whether Nether Maiden will act on his behalf again. If she doesn’t, then he’ll definitely die. 5 Half-Saints aren’t something that he can resist!”

“What about us? Are we not going to lend a hand?” Mu Ling said, “The Man Clan grabbed a member of our Lunar Rite Hall and insulted you in public. Could it be that we’re just letting it go?”

“What else?” Mu Qingfeng shook her head and said, “Many elders of the Hallowed Halls really do take good care of us, but that’s because they were from Lunar Rite Hall as well. Do you think they would fight the Man Clan to the death for our sakes? They wouldn’t! If we seek help from them, they will only ask us to seek reconciliation!”

Mu Ling sighed softly while dense helplessness flashed through her eyes.

“However….” A vicious expression flashed through Mu Qingfeng’s eyes as she said, “The Man Clan insulted our Lunar Rite Hall and insulted me as well, so how can we just let the matter rest? We don’t have the elders of the Hallowed Halls on our side, but our Lunar Rite Hall still has Half-Saints! Send my orders for all the Monarch Realm members to gather. No matter what they’re doing right now, they are to gather and head to the Man Clan!”

“But we don’t have Half-Saints!” Mu Ling spoke softly. Lunar Rite Hall had quite a huge amount of Monarch Realm profounders, but even all of them weren’t capable of posing a threat to the Man Clan. Because the Man Clan had 5 Half-Saints at least! They had no chance against the joint forces of 5 Half-Saints!

“My grandfather is a Half-Saint, and so is my grandmother. It’s enough if we include Elder Li and Elder Tang!” Mu Qingfeng spoke seriously.

“Hall Master, you intend to seek help from your family?” Mu Ling was shocked.

“I would naturally not use the strength of my family if it was an enemy below the Half-Saint Realm, but they’ve used Half-Saints against me, so I would be a fool if I didn’t seek help! Go on! Tell them to gather at the Man Clan!” Mu Qingfeng spoke seriously.

Mu Ling nodded, and then she turned around and left.

Mu Qingfeng seemed to be lost in thought as she gazed at the direction Yang Ye left towards, How could someone that Nether Maiden thinks highly of be ordinary?

Actually, she’d intended to seek reconciliation because it wasn’t worth it to fight the Man Clan. However, she changed her mind in the end. As for the reason, besides the fact that she was truly infuriated by Man Xi as he’d relied on the Half-Saints of the Man Clan to insult her, it was also because of Mu Ling!

Earlier, when she said that they were unable to take revenge on the Man Clan, she saw helplessness and unwillingness within Mu Ling’s eyes. Most importantly, there was self-ridicule within it as well. An organization, clan, or person could be weak, but they absolutely couldn’t lack resolve. If they had no resolve, then they would definitely be finished!

So, she wasn’t attacking for Yang Ye’s sake, nor was it for Lunar Rite Hall. It was mainly for herself. She didn’t want to lose her resolve and determination.

It wasn’t long before the Monarch Realm experts of Lunar Rite Hall gathered before its entrance, and there were over 150 amongst them!

Mu Qingfeng spoke while she gazed at them, “The Man Clan first captured a member of our Lunar Rite Hall for no reason, heavily injured her, and then insulted both me and our Lunar Rite Hall. Do all of you think we should seek justice for this!?”

“Fuck! Kill them! How dare they insult you! Kill them!”

“Kill them!”

“We absolutely have to kill them, or I would be ashamed to call myself a member of Lunar Rite Hall in the future. Look at Snow’s Lament now. Their members don’t even dare to wear their uniform when they go out. I don’t want to end up like them! So, let’s attack!”

Mu Qingfeng felt extremely gratified when she saw how furious they were. Because she knew that they were clearly aware of the strength that the Man Clan possessed, but none of them shrunk back!

Mu Qingfeng said, “Yang Man has gone to attack the Man Clan. We can’t make him feel that he’s alone. Everyone, hear me! Raise your speeds to its limits and rush to the Man Clan! Let’s go!” Mu Qingfeng’s figure flashed as she spoke, and she transformed into a ray of light that shot towards the Man Clan.

Over 100 rays of light shot into the sky behind her, and they rushed off in the Man Clan’s direction as well.

It wasn’t long before news of Lunar Rite Hall attacking the Man Clan swept through the city, and countless people rushed madly towards the Man Clan as they wanted to watch the show.

“I heard that the Man Clan offended that fellow, Yang Man, and that’s why the entire Lunar Rite Hall is going over. Tsk, tsk. We’ll have a show to watch now. Even though Yang Man isn’t simple, the Man Clan is a clan that has existed for tens of thousands of years. Its resources and reserves aren’t something that Lunar Rite Hall can compare to. This time, Yang Man is probably going to die, and the Lunar Rite Hall is going to be destroyed with him!’

“That may not necessarily be the case. After all, Yang Man abruptly rose to prominence. I refuse to believe that he doesn’t have the backing of any power or formidable figure.”

“Indeed. Since he dared to attack the Man Clan, then he definitely has some sort of trump card!”

“Cut the crap and hurry up! We’ll miss the show if we’re late!”

Yang Ye knew the Man Clan had 5 Half-Saints, and he knew that he couldn’t fight the Man Clan right now. But he still went there.

A sword cultivator has to have an edge, an edge that would rather break than bend. A sword cultivator has to draw his sword when it should be drawn!

If a sword cultivator lost his edge, then that sword cultivator would be crippled. If the sword in the hands of a sword cultivator bowed before the strength of its opponent, then that sword cultivator would be trash as well. If a sword cultivator didn’t draw his sword when it should be drawn and hesitated instead, then how would that sword cultivator’s thoughts be clear to swing his sword like his own arm?

The sword had to be drawn when it had to. Regardless of whether the enemy was weak or strong! Of course, it didn’t mean that a First Heaven Realm sword cultivator had to draw his sword when facing a Half-Saint. After all, that wasn’t courage but idiocy!

Drawing the sword when it had to be drawn actually referred to a form of spirit, fearlessness, determination, and courage! 

Simply speaking, don’t think about whether the battle could be won, fight it before thinking about that. If it was truly impossible to win, then run!

“Grandson! Grandpa is here!” Yang Ye stood before the entrance to the Man Clan while he enhanced his voice with profound energy, and it swept far into the distance. It could even be heard clearly almost 500km away!

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