Chapter 741 – Yang Man! Take My Sword!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Man has lost?

That body refiner who challenged the entire Snow’s Lament by himself has lost just like that?

He wasn’t even able to resist a single attack?

The minds of all the spectators had gone blank because the shock they experienced from this scene was truly too great.

Mu Qingfeng’s brows knit together tightly because she hadn’t expected that this would happen. After all, she looked very favorably upon Yang Man who’d just joined Lunar Rite Hall, but she hadn’t expected that he wouldn’t even be able to resist a single blow from Man Xi!

“How can any human dare to compete in body refinement with my Man Clan?” Man Xi glanced at the surroundings and spoke with arrogance, “I, Man Xi, will be the number one body refiner in the Hallowed Grounds from today onwards. If you aren’t convinced of it, then the consequences that fellow, Yang Man, just suffered will be what all of you will experience!”

At this moment, Man Xi was beyond self-satisfied, and the excitement and madness on his face even caused it to warp a little. However, he quickly noticed that the spectators weren’t looking at him. He looked along their vision, and then his face instantly froze.

Because Yang Ye had stood up and was walking slowly towards him.

“You’re actually unharmed!” Man Xi stared fixedly at Yang Ye, and for the very first time since the battle started, he revealed a solemn expression in his eyes.

Yang Ye walked slowly towards Man Xi and said, “I sensed that your strength instantly experienced an explosive increase of over 10 times just now. I presume you’ve either cultivated some sort of secret technique or possess some sort of treasure. But I feel that the possibility of the latter being true is much higher. Because I clearly felt that your fist didn’t feel like the fist of a human when it collided with mine. I’m really interested in that treasure of yours. Why don’t you let me have a look?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely allow you to lay eyes on it before you die!” Man Xi had a gloomy expression on his face while killing intent surged through his eyes. The reason he’d revealed his trump card right at the beginning of the battle was so that he could make a name from himself through this battle. But he hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye would actually be completely unharmed from his full strength!

It wasn’t just him, even the 4 Half-Saints of the Man Clan had been taken by surprise. However, it wasn’t killing intent which flickered through their eyes, it was excitement. Because it meant that Yang Ye’s cultivation technique was definitely extremely formidable, or it was some sort of special method of cultivation!

Regardless of whether it was a technique or a method, it was absolutely good news for the Man Clan! Because it might allow the Man Clan to discover any path of body refinement!

“Then let’s give it another try!” Yang Ye had just finished speaking when his figure arrived before Man Xi, and then his fist blasted forward. However, it was unlike the punch from before. The strength carried by this punch was countless times greater than before, so space shook while the ground shattered before it!

Man Xi didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. The profound energy within him surged into his right fist, and then he pushed his fist forward.

Their fists collided once more.


An enormous explosion resounded before both of them moved backwards. But it didn’t take long for Yang Ye to stop himself. However, Man Xi was still moving backward repeatedly, and he only stopped after taking around 100 steps back!

The difference in their strength was obvious!

After that, booing started resounding through the surroundings.

“Man Xi, didn’t you say that you’re the number one body refiner in the human race? Why have you lost now? How could you have lost? So you were just spouting bullshit? No wonder you stank so much just now! So you were just full of shit!”

“What is it like to be slapped right on the spot? This is exactly it! Eh! Man Xi, why are you blushing? Could it be that the cultivation technique of your Man Clan is too formidable, so it made your face turn red?”

“That’s not because of his cultivation technique, that’s because of anger! You can’t even discern that? You must be blind!”

“So it was because of anger…. Hahahaha!”

It was mostly the members of Lunar Rite Hall who were ridiculing Man Xi. Of course, there were also some who were watching from the surroundings. Actually, many had intended to just watch the show, but disgust had been instantly aroused within them when they saw Man Xi act so arrogantly. After all, few were fond of arrogant madmen!

Man Xi’s face twitched when he heard the ridicule that came from the surroundings. He grabbed his shirt and suddenly pulled at it, causing it to be instantly transformed into powder.

The ridicule and mocking that came from the surroundings instantly died down when they saw Man Xi’s body.

Man Xi’s body was ink green in color, and the symbols which covered his body were wriggling slowly while his veins had bulged up completely. His body seemed very mysterious yet filled with explosive strength!

“That’s Tattoo Enhancement!” Mu He spoke with a slightly solemn voice, “I never expected that his body has actually been covered in talismans!”

“What does that mean?” asked Mu Qingfeng.

Mu He spoke in a deep voice, “It’s common knowledge that the Dao of Talismans is broad and profound. It can be utilized as inscriptions for weapons and treasures, and it can be inscribed on the body as well. However, inscribing the body is an extremely painful process. Because those talismans aren’t just inscribed on the skin, they’re inscribed on the bone and meridians as well. Very few people inscribe their bodies. Firstly, it’s because it’s an extremely painful process, and none are willing to endure such pain. Secondly, it’s very dangerous as the slightest mistake might cause the person’s body to be completely crippled!”

“Is it very formidable?” Mu Qingfeng spoke in a low voice.

Mu He nodded and said, “It was called Body Talismans during the ancient times, and it was capable of improving physical strength and defense. If Man Xi’s physical body could only compare to the defense and strength of a Monarch Realm dragon before this, then it’s comparable to a human Half-Saint right now. But don’t worry, that fellow, Yang Man’s, physical strength and defense isn’t inferior to him at all!”

Mu Qingfeng nodded and gazed at the battlefield.

At this moment, Man Xi didn’t waste his breath anymore. He roared furiously as he stomped the ground with his left foot, and he instantly shot forward like a cannonball. His fist whistled sharply through the air as it rumbled towards Yang Ye. The formidable force it carried caused a terrifying gust of energy to create rippled in the surrounding space. It was an utterly horrifying sight!

A savage smile curled onto the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he slowly clenched his right fist, and then swung it forward at the instant that Man Xi’s fist arrived before him.


Their fists collided. The space around their fists shook as the aftershock pushed them back. This time, Man Xi took 30 steps back while Yang Ye took 10!

Man Xi’s gaze instantly became ferocious when he witnessed such a scene, and he roared with fury, “How could that be possible!? How could your body be even stronger than mine!? It’s impossible! You’re cheating!”

An uproar resounded through the spectators.

“Isn’t that fucker a little too shameless? He can’t win so he calls his opponent a cheater? Fuck! How could he even say something like that? What a disgrace!”

“Alas, this fellow, Man Xi, is really too stupid….”

“Even if he wins this battle, he’ll still gain a bad reputation. After all, he couldn’t even accept his own defeat! So would anyone think highly of him?”

What Man Xi said didn’t just cause numerous profounders in the surroundings to arouse disdain towards him, even the Half-Saints shook their heads repeatedly. Even though his strength isn’t bad, his character and disposition are truly too inferior.

At this moment, even Man Yuan’s expression was quite unsightly. He glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then he said to Man Xi, “Stop wasting your breath and get him quickly!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had suddenly attacked. He instantly appeared in front of Man Xi, and then his fist carried peerlessly formidable force as it smashed towards Man Xi’s head….

This time, Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath on Man Xi at all. His fists rained down upon Man Xi while Man Xi seemed like a madman who was ceaselessly swinging his fists at Yang Ye.

Just like that, the 2 of them collided in the most violent and direct manner.

They didn’t utilize any techniques or Dao Artifacts, and they just smashed their fists against each other in the simplest manner. You punch me once; I punch you once…. This caused the blood of the spectators to boil while shock filled their hearts. Because both Yang Ye and Man Xi’s physical bodies were extremely terrifying, and an ordinary Monarch Realm expert wouldn’t even be able to resist a single punch from them.

But at this moment, they were hitting each other like they were punching bags….

The battle continued for almost an hour before the gap in their strengths slowly became clearer. At this moment, Man Xi’s speed was slowly becoming incapable of keeping up with Yang Ye’s speed and rhythm in battle, and it was even to the extent that he was showing signs of being suppressed.

The spectators were shocked by Yang Ye’s strength, and they were shocked by Man Xi’s strength as well. Because Man Xi’s strength was entirely sufficient to gain a position on the Hallowed Rankings, but he had no reputation besides his infamy for lusting for women.

Another hour passed, and the expressions of Man Yuan and the others turned gloomy. Because Man Xi was already completely suppressed, and he was moving backward incessantly while Yang Ye was growing stronger as the battle progressed!

“That kid’s physical strength and defense are greater than Xi’er!” One of the Half-Saints by Man Yuan’s side spoke in a low voice.

“Are we still unable to determine his background?” Man Yuan spoke solemnly.

The old man shook his head in response, “Besides that he arrived at the city with Fu Jinxian from the Fire Spirit Race, we’ve gained no further information. Fu Jinxian should be aware of his background. Unfortunately, she’s in Lunar Rite Hall now. Alas, we shouldn’t have allowed Xi’er to act as he pleased earlier!”

“It’s fine. No matter who he is, we’ll immediately gain the answer we want once he’s captured!” said Man Yuan in a low voice.


Suddenly, Man Xi was blasted flying.

Man Yuan and the others revealed gloomy expressions. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and instantly arrived in the air above Man Xi, and then he stomped his foot down against Man Xi’s stomach.


Man Xi’s figure was smashed into the ground.

Suddenly, Man Xi who’d just been smashed into the ground had shot up into the air, and he shot towards Yang Ye like a cannonball.


This time, it was Yang Ye who was blasted flying, and he flew for over 2km before he finally stopped himself!

At this moment, the spectators noticed that Man Xi’s entire body was covered in dark golden scale armor, and there wasn’t another crack on it besides where Man Xi’s eyes were. However, some Half-Saints noticed that even Man Xi’s eyes were covered in an extremely thin layer of golden skin!

“It’s the Saint Rank treasure, the Herculean Armor!” Mu He’s voice carried extreme seriousness. “That armor was forged from the body of a supreme expert of the Man Clan and was enhanced by thousands of Dao Rank metals. It possesses both the ability to attack and defend, and even Half-Saints would find it difficult to penetrate. I never expected that the Man Clan would have given it to Man Xi. Looks like they’ve been fostering him as the next patriarch of their clan!”

When he spoke up to this point, Mu He added, “Yang Man is in danger now!”

“Yang Man, weren’t you very formidable? Weren’t you very good with your fists? Come! Come on!” Man Xi walked slowly towards Yang Ye while his voice was filled with madness.

A solemn expression arose in Yang Ye’s eyes as he gazed at the scale armor on Man Xi. His intuition told him that it was absolutely not something that brute strength could break!

Yang Man, take this!” Suddenly, Mu Qingfeng’s voice resounded, and then a ray of cold light flashed before a sword descended before Yang Ye.

“That’s the sword of Lunar Rite Hall’s founder, its name is Lunar Reverie. Even though it isn’t at the Saint Rank, it far surpasses the Dao Rank. I’ll lend it to you for today!” said Mu Qingfeng.

Yang Ye was stunned as he gazed at the sword which he’d taken in his grasp.

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