Chapter 742 – Just Stab Me! I Won’t Move!

Almighty Sword Domain

The sword was over a meter long, its blade translucent and reflective like glass, and it was curved like a crescent….

It was an exquisite sword, and amongst all the swords Yang Ye had come into contact with, only the Mortal Emperor Sword could compare to it. Even though he couldn’t activate the true strength of the Mortal Emperor Sword, he had no doubt about the strength it possessed. Yet this sword before him could actually compare to it!

He hadn’t witnessed the might of this sword, and it was the first time he’d laid eyes on it, but he had such a feeling at the instant he held it in his grasp!

At this moment, Yang Ye was quite conflicted.

While it was an amazing sword, the problem was…. Could he use it?

Could he?

The answer was that he couldn’t!

He was absolutely confident in his ability to pierce a hole through Man Xi if he used that sword, but the problem was that Man Xi would definitely not just stand there and allow him to do it. So long as he fought Man Xi, and if he were to dare and reveal his ability as a sword cultivator, then he would definitely be in huge trouble.

Yang Ye sighed softly while he glanced at the sword with slight reluctance. He was just about to return it to Mu Qingfeng when Man Xi suddenly said, “Oh my god! You have a sword! It’s even the Lunar Reverie! I’m so terrified! Yang Man! Don’t scare me! I’m truly afraid!” When he spoke up to this point, he suddenly changed his tone and said, “Come! I won’t move from this spot and let you stab me with it! I’ll allow you to realize how weak you are before my Herculean Armor!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then joy surged within him. However, he didn’t allow his emotions to be revealed on his face as he said, “We shouldn’t, I’m afraid you’d die from just one stab!”

“One stab from you?” Man Xi suddenly started roaring with laughter as if he’d heard a hilarious joke, “I’m dying of laughter! You actually intend to kill me with just one stab? Come! Come do it! I’ve decided that I’ll let you stab me 10 times. No, 50 times. You’ll be my grandson if you can’t kill me!”

“You’re letting me stab you without defending yourself?” Yang Ye had quite a strange expression on his face as he said, “That isn’t good, right?” Even though he spoke those words, he still walked slowly towards Man Xi.

“I asked you to do it, so do it! What’s with all the crap? Are you a man, or not?” Man Xi suddenly roared furiously. He wanted to humiliate Yang Ye in public because only then could he undo the humiliation and loss of dignity from before.

“Xi’er, don’t waste your breath and end him quickly!” Suddenly, Man Yuan spoke abruptly. While Man Xi was looking down on his opponent and acting carelessly, Man Yuan didn’t. His intuition told him that Yang Ye was quite dangerous, and it was especially so when Yang Man had a sword in his hand. Man Yuan didn’t know why he had such a feeling, but it was a bad feeling nevertheless!

Yang Ye’s figure stopped moving, and his eyelids twitched when he heard this. At this moment, he was right before Man Yuan, so he would have no chance if Man Xi fought back right now. Because he absolutely couldn’t expose his ability to use the sword, or he would have to flee for his life again.

Yang Ye just stopped moving, shook his head, and said, “Forget it. Even your grandfather is so worried about you. It’s best that I don’t stab you or I might stab you to death and force your grandfather to bury his own grandson!”

Man Xi who was about to obey Man Yuan had instantly exploded with rage, “What bullshit! Even if Zuo Dengfeng were to rise from the death, I would still be able to fucking beat him to the ground. Come! Stab me! Your entire family is full of cowards if you don’t dare to do so!”

This time, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate in the slightest, and he shot over to Man Xi while he stabbed the sword towards Man Xi’s chest.


A clear and resounding sound of metal colliding resounded. The spectators saw sparks spraying from Man Xi’s chest while Yang Ye took 2 steps back.

Mu He, Mu Qingfeng, and the others immediately shook their heads when they witnessed such a scene. Because while the sword was exquisite, they felt that Yang Ye didn’t know how to use it in the end.

“Hahaha!!” Meanwhile, Man Xi fully relaxed, and he roared madly with laughter, “Yang Man, come on! Stab me again! Didn’t you intend to kill me with a single stab? Come on and do it again! I’ll just stand here!”

Suddenly, Yang Ye stabbed the sword towards Man Xi’s eyes. But it wasn’t long before it was stopped by that thin layer of skin. Man Xi was still roaring with laughter, “Go one! Go on and stab….”


Meanwhile, a strange smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he pressed down a little, and then the sword instantly pierced through that layer of skin and entered Man Xi’s head.

Man Xi’s roaring laughter stopped abruptly.

Mu He and the others were astounded.

Man Yuan and the others were horrified, and then they were exasperated. All of them flashed out in unison, and they shot explosively towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didn’t just stand there idly. He’d quickly pulled out the sword once he stabbed it through Man Xi’s head, and then he grabbed and tossed Man Xi’s corpse into the Primordial Pagoda. He’d just finished doing that when he sensed 4 enormous palms descending towards him, causing the color of his face to change slightly. Yang Ye didn’t dare use the sword again. He put it away and smashed both his fists forward!

Bang! Bang!

Yang Ye forcefully resisted 2 of those attacked, but 2 more descended upon him and blasted him 3km away.

“Die!” Man Yuan was furious, and he was just about to launch another attack. However, Mu He and the others recovered from their shock, and they flashed over to obstruct Man Yuan’s group.

“Man Yuan, are you a sore loser?” Mu He spoke coldly.

“Mu He, does your Mu Clan really intend to go against my Man Clan?” Killing intent surged within Man Yuan’s eyes.

Mu He chuckled with disdain and said, “Man Yuan, I finally understand why your grandson was such trash. It turns out that you’re the same. Since you allowed him to sign an agreement to fight a battle or life and death, then you should be mentally prepared for his death. What? You’re going back on your word once he’s dead? You shouldn’t have allowed him to sign it if you would! Or perhaps only others can die but the members of your Man Clan can’t?”

Meanwhile, Elder Li spoke as well, “Man Yuan, the agreement of life and death was a rule set by the Hallowed Halls. Since your grandson signed it, then his death can only be considered as a lack of skill. If you look for trouble with Yang Man because of that, then your Man Clan will really become famous. Do you want the Man Clan to be infamous for being sore losers?”

Man Yuan clenched his fists while his face was terrifyingly gloomy, and killing intent even flashed through his eyes. However, he didn’t attack. Of course, it wasn’t because of what Mu He and Elder Li said, it was because he was very clearly aware that it was pointless even if he attacked.

A short while passed before Man Yuan took a deep breath, and he said, “Hand Xi’er’s body over and we can let the matter rest for now!”

“What if I don’t?” Meanwhile, Yang Ye had already stood up from the ground. The spectators were astounded when they witnessed this scene because Yang Ye had suffered the attacks of 2 Half-Saints. Yet now, not only was he still alive, he could still stand. Moreover, while he didn’t seem to be completely unharmed, it was still very terrifying!

Is that fellow’s body made of iron?

“If you don’t then die!” Man Yuan stared fixedly at Yang Ye. After all, Man Xi was wearing the Herculean Armor. While Man Xi was dead, the armor had to be retrieved because it was a treasure passed down in the Man Clan!

Yang Ye gazed at Mu He and the others before he said, “Senior Mu, what’s your opinion on the matter!?”

Mu He spoke solemnly, “Yang Man, I promised you earlier that I wouldn’t allow others to interfere in the battle. While the battle has come to an end now, my promise still holds. But you have to realize that while I can protect you now, I can’t protect you forever. So you have to think it through!”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “I’ll hand the corpse over, but definitely not now. Moreover, these old dogs won’t give up on killing me even if I hand it over now. So, why should I? Seniors, if these old dogs intend to attack, then just help me keep them busy for a while. I only need 15 minutes to slaughter the entire Man Clan!”

He intends to slaughter the entire Man Clan!

The spectators gasped when they heard those words.

Mu He’s eyelids twitched. He really is a bold fellow! Kill the entire Man Clan? It’s a clan that has survived for tens of thousands of years. Even if it has suffered decline, it’s still an ancient clan. But it wasn’t long before he realized that if they did stop Man Yuan and the others, and Yang Ye was allowed to attack the Man Clan….

Could anyone in the younger generation of the Man Clan stop him when they didn’t have the support of Half-Saints?

It wasn’t just him, even Man Yuan and the others had thought of such a possibility, so their expressions turned gloomy and unsightly to the extreme.

The atmosphere instantly became heavy.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly gazed at the members of Lunar Rite Hall and said, “Everyone! The Man Clan first kidnapped a member of our Lunar Rite Hall, and then it insulted the Hall Master of our Lunar Rite Hall. That’s a brazen expression of disdain towards our Lunar Rite Hall. While I’ve killed a member of the Man Clan today, the humiliation we received hasn’t been fully washed away. They have Half-Saints, but so do we! Are all of you willing to attack the Man Clan with me and slaughter it to display the strength of our Lunar Rite Hall!?”

The crowd remained silent for a moment, and then….

“Kill! Attack the Man Clan! I’ve been unable to stand the sight of them for a long time!”

“Fuck them! They dared to disregard our Lunar Rite Hall and even insult our leader! Fuck the Man Clan!”

“Yang Man! Let’s do it!”

“For Lunar Rite Hall! For our leader! Kill!”

Countless members of Lunar Rite Hall surged with madness, and some even released their auras and were prepared to attack.

Grim expressions appeared on Man Yuan and the others. The Man Clan would naturally have no need to fear them if it were just those Monarch Realm experts from Lunar Rite Hall, but there were 4 Half-Saints here as well!

If those members of Lunar Rite Hall attacked, then they would have no choice but to act; and if they were to attack, then Mu He’s group would definitely attack as well. At that time, the situation would definitely go beyond their control. Once that happened, then the Man Clan would….

At this moment, Mu He and the others were slightly stunned as well. They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would stir up the members of Lunar Rite Hall! My god! Does he really intend to slaughter the entire Man Clan?

“Kill!” Suddenly, Yang Ye’s voice resounded, and then everyone watched as he charged towards the Man Clan. The members of Lunar Rite Hall hesitated briefly before they charged forward with him.

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