Chapter 744 – Fight Solo Against Nine Half-Saints?

Almighty Sword Domain

Only a brief moment passed before Yang Ye arrived in front of the pill refinement furnace.

Yang Ye was quite hesitant as he gazed at the flames within the furnace. Because the slightest mistake might cause the Herculean Armor to be incinerated into ashes!

But he had no mother choice now. The Herculean Armor was extremely strong, and even his full strength could only stab a hole through its thinnest part, but it was utterly impossible for him to remove it!

Yang Ye was naturally not a fool to toss Man Xi’s corpse into the furnace. He just moved it slowly towards the Divine Yin Flame.

In the beginning, nothing unusual really happened, but it wasn’t long before he felt the Herculean Armor wriggling slowly. Yang Ye was delighted by this development, and he moved it closed towards the flame.

As it grew closer and closer to the flame, the Herculean Armor started to wriggle more and more rapidly. Moreover, it wasn’t just wriggling, it was even trembling violently as if it had encountered something which terrified it.

It wasn’t long before Yang Ye sensed that Man Xi’s corpse which resided within the Herculean Armor had vanished.

It had been completely disintegrated!

Yang Ye stopped moving the Herculean Armor closer to the flame. He gazed at it and spoke seriously, “I know you can hear me. I’ll give you one last chance. If you don’t submit to me, then I’ll toss you into the furnace and incinerate you!”

Yang Ye was very clearly aware that even if a Saint Rank treasure hadn’t formed a true consciousness of its own, it definitely possessed a certain level of intelligence. He wasn’t a member of the Man Clan, so he couldn’t gain control over it in an ordinary manner. Thus, he had no choice but to threaten it,

The Herculean Armor showed no response.

Yang Ye’s gaze turned icy cold, and he said, “I’ll count to 3. If you still refuse to submit, then I’ll let you have a bath in those flames!”


The Herculean Armor still showed no response!


As soon as he spoke, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to flick with his finger, and the Herculean Armor was tossed towards the furnace. Right when it was about to enter, it suddenly exploded apart and transformed into countless streams of dark golden liquid. The liquid instantly arrived before Yang Ye and covered him.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief, but it wasn’t long before he was filled with shock. Because he suddenly felt as if he was being tightly bound by millions of iron threads, and his entire body actually felt like it was about to be torn apart!

The Herculean Armor was growing tighter on him!

Yang Ye forced himself to stay calm as he issued a command in his heart, and dragon scales instantly covered his entire body. The tearing pain he felt instantly reduced drastically, and the speed at which the armor constricted had slowed down. However, it wasn’t long before the dragon scales started to crack apart….

It has intelligence of its own, and such treasures would rarely submit to anyone with ease. I must think of a way to deal with it. Otherwise, if this is allowed to continue, then my body will definitely be cut apart!”Yang Ye’s thoughts surged swiftly as countless different methods flashed through his mind. Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration!

His finger moved slightly, and then a strand of Blood Essence shot out from the tip of his finger and landed onto the Herculean Armor. The Blood Essence immediately entered the armor upon contact, and then Yang Ye noticed that the speed it constricted had slowed down slightly. However, it didn’t stop!

It’s working, but it still hasn’t stopped. Was it not sufficient? Yang Ye remained in deep thought for a moment before he decided to give it a try, and then another drop of Blood Essence shot out from his fingertip….

Every single time he sent a drop of Blood Essence forward, Yang Ye noticed that the speed it constricted would slow down slightly. However, it still showed no signs of submitting after he sent over a dozen drops of his Blood Essence into it. On the contrary, it made him feel like it wanted even more….

Blood Essence was like the essence of a person. Losing too much wasn’t just harmful to the body, it even affected one’s strength. But Yang Ye had no other choice right now, and all he could do was continue….

If it was before this, then he could choose to continue threatening it, but how could he do it now? It was wrapped around him! So wasn’t the only option to be destroyed with it?

After he flicked more than a dozen drops of Blood Essence to it again, the Herculean Armor still didn’t show signs of submitting to him, and that instantly infuriated Yang Ye. Because his cultivation might drop if he gave it more Blood Essence!

Yang Ye walked over to the furnace and said, “You’ll kill me if this continues. So are you fucking willing to submit or not!? If you aren’t, then I’ll take you down with me!”

The armor didn’t react at all!

A savage smile appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he stretched out his hand towards the edge of the furnace. In an instant, Yang Ye’s heart shook, and he almost pulled his hand back. He gazed at the Divine Yin Flames with shock because only now had he noticed that it was much more terrifying than he’d imagined! But even if it made his heart tremble, he didn’t shrink back at all, and he even moved a little closer!

“Are you going to fucking submit or not!?” Yang Ye roared furiously and seemed as if he was about to do it.

Right at this moment, the armor suddenly started wriggling, and it wasn’t long before it vanished from Yang Ye’s body. At the same time, he sensed that there was a connection between him and the armor. He issued a command in his heart, and less than a tenth of an instant passed before the armor instantly covered him!

Yang Ye finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He’d tried it as a last resort, and he never expected that he’d actually succeeded at subduing the Herculean Armor! Of course, it was a very dangerous process. Because if an ordinary person obtained the Herculean Armor, then not to mention making it submit, most wouldn’t even be able to endure it even if it was willing to submit!

At the moment it covered him, Yang Ye knew that an ordinary person would have been instantly transformed into mush!

After he retracted the armor, Yang Ye started to study its effects. After all, the moment Man Xi’s strength had instantly experienced an explosive increase was still vivid in his memory. At that instant, Man Xi’s strength had far surpassed his own.

Yang Ye studied it for a long time before he finally figured it out. When he communicated with the armor, he noticed that so long as he willed it, then an extremely mysterious strand of energy would surge out from the armor and into his right hand. Yang Ye felt the surging energy for a while before he suddenly smashed his fist forward.


Space instantly collapsed before his fist, and the formidable force it carried even tore space apart. But it wasn’t long before the space there had recovered completely.

“How formidable!” Yang Ye has a wisp of excitement in his eyes as he gazed at his fist. At that instant, he’d clearly sensed that his strength had increased by more than 10 times. So, even if a Half-Saint had taken him by surprise, he was still confident in his ability to blast that Half-Saint flying with such strength!

Most importantly, his own physical defense was extremely terrifying, and he even had the dragon scales. Now, he had the defensive capabilities of the Herculean Armor as well! Besides that, he had the Mageforce Shield and ice shield!

He dared to fight Half-Saints without his sword now!

Of course, it was only ordinary Half-Saints. Because he wouldn’t be able to defeat a Half-Saint like the Fire Spirit Race’s patriarch even if he used the sword.

Because he’d exhausted too much Blood Essence while subduing the Herculean Armor just now, Yang Ye cultivated for an entire day in the Primordial Pagoda before he left the pagoda. His gains during this trip to the Hallowed Grounds were great. He hadn’t just obtained numerous treasures; he’d even attained the third rank of the Monarch Realm now. Earlier while he was recovering from his injuries, the energy from the 1,000 year old Firecrystal he consumed had allowed him to advance a rank!

That could be considered to be a pleasant surprise!

The important matter at hand is to earn a huge amount of points. If it’s possible, it’s best to exchange them for a Saint Rank technique!

The Herculean Armor was a Saint Rank treasure, and Yang Ye had experienced its strength. So, he knew that a technique which was similarly at the Saint Rank would definitely not be weak. Moreover, techniques were his weak points because he only had 2 sword techniques. Of course, most importantly, he had to earn points in order to enter the Pagoda of Confinement to retrieve the Sword Precursor!

Time passed very quickly, and it was time to meet Nether Maiden.

She arrived at Lunar Rite Hall and moved unobstructed throughout Lunar Rite Hall. It wasn’t that its members hadn’t noticed her, but they didn’t dare step forward even if they did. Not to mention Lunar Rite Hall, besides a few specific places, there was no place within the Ancient City of Hallows that Nether Maiden didn’t dare enter. Moreover, besides a few people, no one else dared to stop her.

There was once a clan who refused to give her face. That clan wasn’t destroyed, and only its patriarch was killed. Moreover, so long as that clan had a new patriarch, that patriarch would be killed on the next day!

Even if that patriarch was a Half-Saint!

That clan naturally refused to let the matter go and wanted to take revenge, but even more died instead. In the end, it had no choice but to seek help from the Hallowed Halls. However, the Hallowed Halls said that it didn’t have the right to interfere in Nether Maiden’s business.

From that day onward, no other clan or power dared to not give Nether Maiden face.

Even the extraordinary clans that had been passed down for 100,000 years in the city were no exception. They still acted respectfully when facing Nether Maiden.

She was both mysterious and formidable!

“The third rank of the Monarch Realm! Your strength has improved again!” In his room, Nether Maiden floated over to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I’m still far inferior to you!”

“There’s no need to be modest. You aren’t weak at all!” said Nether Maiden.

Yang Ye grinned and said, “Actually, I’m very curious. Exactly what mission would make someone of your strength feel that it’s difficult?”

She replied, “Nine stone coffins have appeared deep within the Netherworld Ocean. Many geniuses of the Hallowed Grounds who ventured there died mysterious deaths. Our mission is to investigate the reason or bring those stone coffins back!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “The Hallowed Grounds has numerous experts. Why don’t they do it?”

“The Netherworld Ocean belongs to the oceanic clans, and the relationship between the oceanic clans and the human race was terrible all those years ago. So, the Oceanic Saint placed a formation in their territory. All humans at the Half-Saint Realm and above would be suppressed upon entering their territory, and only 50% of their strength would remain. Moreover, the Oceanic Saint left a strand of his soul behind. If Half-Saints of the human race dare to step foot into their territory, then that strand of his soul would show itself, and it would either repulse or kill them!” said Nether Maiden.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Those stone coffins feel dangerous to you?”

Nether Maiden said, “There are 9 stone puppets standing on guard by the side of those stone coffins, and I need someone to keep them busy!”

“How strong are they?” Yang Ye had a bad feeling.

“They’re Half-Saints!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched violently as he said, “You want me to keep 9 Half-Saints busy on my own? Aren’t you thinking a little too highly of me!?”

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