Chapter 745 – I Seem Easy To Bully?

Almighty Sword Domain

What was it like to fight 9 Half-Saints?

Even with Yang Ye’s current strength, he was barely able to fight a single Half-Saint without using his sword, and he didn’t even know if he could defeat that Half-Saint. Conversely, he would be quite confident at defeating a Half-Saint if he could use his sword. However, it was absolutely impossible for him to win against the joint forces of 9 Half-Saints, and it was impossible even if he used the Stone of Suppression!

She replied, “I didn’t ask you to do it alone!”

“You’ve asked for the help of others as well?”

“Of course!” She continued, “While your strength isn’t bad, it’s impossible for you to fight 9 Half-Saints on your own.”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that, and then he asked, “How many others?”


Yang Ye was speechless.

“Come, they’re here!” Nether Maiden’s figure flashed and transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

Should I go or not?

Yang Ye hesitated for an instant before he decided that he would. After all, if Nether Maiden didn’t have something wrong with her in the head, then it was naturally impossible for her to do something that would give her life away. Since she dared to head out on this mission while only getting the help of 3 people, then she was definitely confident in the group’s ability.

Moreover, he would get 100,000 points at least if they succeeded!

When he stepped out of Lunar Rite Hall, Yang Ye saw the other 2 people whom Nether Maiden had invited. It was a pair of a man and a woman. The man wore a moon white robe, was handsome, and had a faint smile on his face. Moreover, he emanated a very comfortable aura that caused others to be unable to help but get close to him.

On the other hand, the woman wore a green dress and had a slim figure. But her appearance couldn’t be said to be very beautiful, and it could only be described as not ugly.

They seemed quite ordinary, but Yang Ye knew that they weren’t simple!

After all, how could they be simple if Nether Maiden had invited them to join her on this mission?

Nether Maiden pointed at the pair and said, “Wang Yan, Qing Ming.”

The 2 of them nodded to Yang Ye, and Yang Ye returned the gesture and said, “Yang Man!”

Just like that, the 4 of them set out from Lunar Rite Hall. Nether Maiden didn’t tell him about their background, and she didn’t explain Yang Ye’s background to them as well. However, both Yang Ye and the 2 of them didn’t inquire about each other.

The Man Clan.

“Elder Man, Yang Man has left the city!” A black robed man stood before Man Yuan and spoke respectfully.

Man Yuan who was meditating there suddenly opened his eyes. He was about to stand up when the black robed man continued, “However, he left with Nether Maiden, and another man and woman.”

“Nether Maiden?” Man Yuan’s eyes twitched. He hesitated for a moment and didn’t get up in the end. All those years ago, Nether Maiden had caused an ancient Clan like the He Clan to suffer a heavy blow. Even though the Man Clan was slightly stronger than the He Clan, it absolutely couldn’t endure Nether Maiden’s wrath. Moreover, she had an extremely mysterious background that even the Hallowed Halls feared, let alone their tiny Man Clan.

“Man Xi has to be avenged no matter what, and the Herculean Armor has to be taken back. You can leave. I’ll deal with it myself!” Man Yuan vanished from the room once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye had quite a headache after flying for an hour.

Nether Maiden was too quick. How quick was she? She was as fast as the speed of sound! Moreover, it was Yang Ye’s weakest point! Fortunately, he was barely able to keep up with her when he used his full strength. However, Yang Ye was very well aware that Nether Maiden had probably slowed down. Otherwise, he would probably be unable to keep up with her even if he utilized Horizon Warp.

Yang Ye noticed that Wang Yan and Qing Ming weren’t ordinary as well. Because while they weren’t as quick as Nether Maiden, they were following closely behind her. Moreover, it seemed like they hadn’t used their full strength.

In any case, Yang Ye was right at the back….

After an entire day and night of flying, the 4 of them finally arrived before an ancient city.

Nether Maiden pointed at the city and said, “That city is called Nameless, and there are all sorts of forces and existences hidden within it. Strength is the only law in the city….” When she spoke up to this point, she turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, “It’ll be quite troublesome if you cause trouble here, so don’t go around on your own and stay with me. Alright?”

Yang Ye’s face darkened as he said, “Do I seem like someone who causes a lot of trouble?”

She replied, “I’m worried that others would offend you!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Wang Yan and Qing Ming glanced at Yang Ye with surprise when they heard her. Because they were naturally able to discern what she meant, and that was exactly why they were surprised. Because she clearly meant that Yang Ye was very dangerous…. However, that fellow who stood before them felt very ordinary to them….

Nether Maiden didn’t lead them straight into the city through the air, and she walked towards it instead. The entrance wasn’t guarded, but a chubby middle aged man with a bared upper body obstructed their path when they were about to enter the city.

“Entrance fee! Entrance fee! Pay with your lives if you don’t have enough!” The middle aged man stretched out his meaty right hand and smiled with greed.

Nether Maiden flicked her finger, and an extreme-grade energy stone flew over to the chubby man. The middle aged man’s eyes opened wide when he saw it, and it was even to the extent that a trace of saliva flowed down from the corner of his mouth. He glanced at Nether Maiden’s group out of the corner of his eye, and he noticed that the woman who led the group was merely at the Exalt Realm while the strongest amongst the rest was only at the fifth rank of the Monarch Realm…. So, he hurriedly put the energy stone away, and then he stretched out his hand towards Nether Maiden again and said, “Entrance fee! Entrance fee! Pay with your lives if you don’t have enough!”

“Then we’ll use your life!” As soon as Nether Maiden finished speaking, the middle aged man’s head suddenly flew up into the air.

Yang Ye shook his head. People always die because of their greed and foolishness.

After all, Nether Maiden’s dressing clearly showed that she wasn’t someone to be trifled with. However, the middle aged man asked for even more in payment, so it was truly impossible for him to avoid death!

“Who the fuck dares to kill on my territory? Are you tired of living!?” A furious roar resounded, and then a man with a scorpion tattoo on his face led a group towards Yang Ye and the others.

The man was furious when he saw the chubby middle aged man’s corpse on the ground, and he pointed his saber at Nether Maiden, “Bitch! Don’t you know the rules that I, Lord Biao, set in my territory? Trust me! I’ll make them take turns on you today!”

He’s finished!

This time, it wasn’t just Yang Ye who shook his head, even Wang Yan and Qing Ming shook their heads as well. Because that fellow wouldn’t be able to live no matter how many lives he had.

“The punishment of insolence is death!” As soon as Nether Maiden spoke, she raised her hand slowly.

Suddenly, an anxious voice resounded, “Your highness, please show mercy!”

However, Nether Maiden’s hand didn’t stop at all. She just waved it lightly, and then a ray of white light flashed before the man’s head flew up into the air.

Nether Maiden was so quick that only Yang Ye and the others could see her movements clearly. So, the people behind the man were stunned when his head flew into the air.

Meanwhile, a middle aged man who had a very similar appearance to the man arrived here. He instantly clenched his fists when he saw the man’s body, and a strand of viciousness even appeared on his face. However, Nether Maiden paid no attention to him and just led Yang Ye and the others into the city.

“Your Highness, do you intend to leave just like that?” The middle aged man spoke in a low voice.

She stopped and said, “Do you really want me to stay?”

His face twitched violently, and a short while passed before he took a deep breath and said, “Your Highness, please do as you please!”

The middle aged man’s face was horrifyingly gloomy as he watched Nether Maiden leave, but he didn’t dare ask her to stay.

Yang Ye’s brows were gradually pressed together as they moved through the city. Because it was truly too chaotic. They constantly saw people dying on the streets, and there were even some who’d targeted their group during this period. However, no one dared to charge over and just stared fixedly at them.

Because they who lived lives that were filled with danger were instinctively capable of sensing if someone was dangerous.

Meanwhile, the white robed man suddenly asked, “Your Highness, may I know why we’re here?”

Yang Ye and Qing Ming gazed at Nether Maiden as well because they were very curious as well.

She replied, “To meet a Divine Talisman Master in order to borrow some things for our protection.”

A Divine Talisman Master!

Yang Ye’s heart shook. He hadn’t expected that a Divine Talisman Master of legend would actually exist here. After all, he was a talisman master as well, so he knew what the title of Divine Talisman Master meant. That was a terrifying existence who could use the world to craft talismans!

It wasn’t just Yang Ye, even Wang Yan and Qing Ming were shocked. Wang Yan said, “Your highness, our Hallowed Halls has a Divine Talisman Master?”

She shook her head and replied, “It didn’t. In short, he’s the only Divine Talisman Master in this world! He doesn’t really like coming into contact with others, so wait here for me.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she took another glance at Yang Ye and said, “The relationships between the powers here are very complicated, and there are countless Half-Saints here. Don’t do anything impulsive!” She vanished on the spot once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

“I’m going to walk around!” Wang Yan vanished towards the distance once he finished speaking.

On the other hand, Qing Ming didn’t even speak a word before she vanished.

Yang Ye shrugged, glanced at the surroundings, and noticed that a nearby street was quite bustling with noise. Because there were some people who’d set up stalls on the ground there.

His boredom and curiosity urged him forward.

After walking for a while, Yang Ye suddenly stopped before the stall of an old man. There was only a single black sword chest there, but a portion of it seemed to have been sliced off, so there was a hole on it.

Yang Ye gazed carefully at it for some time and was just about to touch it when an invisible force enveloped him. Yang Ye stopped and gazed at the old man, and the old man spoke coldly, “You can only look, not touch.”

A Half-Saint? Yang Ye hadn’t expected that the old man would actually be a Half-Saint.

Looks like Nether Maiden didn’t lie to me. This place really is filled with experts! Yang Ye nodded and pulled his hand back before he said, “What’s its price?”

The old man spoke indifferently, “100,000 points from the Hallowed Halls or 300,000 top-grade energy stones!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Let’s be honest with each other. That’s not bad, but even you can see that it’s damaged and isn’t worth such a price. I’ll give you 2,000 extreme-grade energy stones. I’ll take it if you agree.”

“You have extreme-grade energy stones?” The old man was astounded. Usually, a single extreme-grade energy stone could be exchanged for 100 top-grade energy stones. But it was practically impossible to actually exchange. Unless it was a power that ran businesses, otherwise, very few would be willing to make such an exchange. So, the true exchange rate of extreme-grade energy stones was far more than that.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I don’t like bargaining. We can make the exchange if you agree!”

The old man hesitated for a moment. However, a voice suddenly resounded when he was just about to nod with agreement, “I’ll pay 2,100 extreme-grade energy stones!”

Yang Ye and the old man looked over towards the source of the voice, and they saw a middle aged man walking over slowly. Yang Ye frowned when he saw the middle aged man because it was the man who’d almost entered into conflict with Nether Maiden at the entrance to the city.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and said, “2,500!”

The old man was overjoyed, and he was just about to nod when the middle aged man said, “3,000!” He even glanced intentionally at Yang Ye while he spoke.

Yang Ye turned around and gazed at the middle aged man, and flames of rage burned in his eyes as he said, “I’ll pay 5,000!”

The middle aged man grunted coldly and said, “6,000!”

“7,000!” Yang Ye stared fixedly at the middle aged man while his face flushed red, and his chest was even rising and falling rapidly. He seemed like he intended to fight the middle aged man until the end.

The old man was smiling from ear to ear.

“8,000!” The middle aged man even glanced provocatively at Yang Ye once he finished speaking.

Right when the old man thought that Yang Ye would increase the price to 9,000, Yang Ye shrugged and spoke indifferently, “Congratulations, you’ve won!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked away.

The middle aged man’s face instantly darkened.

“Stop right there!” He suddenly roared furiously.

Yang Ye stopped, turned around, and gazed at the middle aged man as he said, “Nether Maiden bullied you, yet you didn’t dare to look for trouble with her and have come to look for trouble with me. Do I seem easy to bully because I look ordinary?”

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