Chapter 746 – What Are You Going To Do About It?

Almighty Sword Domain

“How dare you play tricks on me!” The middle aged man stared fixedly at Yang Ye while the killing intent in his eyes wasn’t concealed at all.

Yang Ye laughed with ridicule, “You’re blaming me for your own stupidity?”

“You’re courting death!” He was just about to attack when the old man stopped him and said, “I don’t want to interfere in the matters between the two of you. Since you made a bid for 8,000, then pay up!”

“I don’t want it!” The middle aged man glanced coldly at the old man. What a joke! That’s only worth 2,000 extreme-grade energy stones! But he wants me to pay 8,000? Does he think I’m a fool?

“Do you think that I’m easy to bully?” The old man’s face turned gloomy.

The middle aged man revealed disdain as he said, “Old man, don’t think that you’re amazing because you’re a Half-Saint. I’m from the Endless Alliance! Do you dare to do anything to me?”

The Endless Alliance!

The spectators instantly gasped when they heard these words, and many even turned around and left right away.

There were 4 great powers in Nameless City. The strongest was the City Governor’s Estate, and the others were the Endless Alliance, the Assassin’s Alliance, and the Divine Talisman Association. They’d split the entire city into four amongst themselves. Of course, these were just the powers that were out in the open. There were many other hidden powers throughout the city. However, they kept a comparatively low profile.

In the eyes of independent cultivators or those without any background, the members of these powers couldn’t be offended at all. Because they didn’t just have numerous members, they were very strong as well!

A single Half-Saint was completely insufficient to face any one of those 4 great powers.

Sure enough, the old man’s expression turned unsightly when he heard the middle aged man. A short while passed before he suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Since he doesn’t want it, then it’s yours. I’ll give you a discount. You just have to pay 6,000 extreme-grade energy stones!”

A wisp of complacency arose on the middle aged man’s mouth, and then he gazed at Yang Ye while taking pleasure in Yang Ye’s misfortune.

Yang Ye who’d intended to watch the show was stunned. He hadn’t expected that the old man would actually act like this. Clearly, the old man thought that he was a ‘ripe persimmon’ who could be squashed with ease.

“You think that I’m easy to bully?” Yang Ye gazed at the old man as he spoke.

The old man glanced at Yang Ye and spoke indifferently, “Since he doesn’t want it, then it’s naturally yours. You made a bid of 7,000 just now. I didn’t force you to do anything. Moreover, young man, don’t blame me for not warning you. If you refuse, then I’ll treat it as you were playing tricks on me, and you’ll have to pay for doing that!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “So you intend to be unreasonable, huh?”

The old man’s imposing aura suddenly erupted from him and enveloped down upon Yang Ye, and then he spoke gloomily, “Young man, this is your final chance, or you’ll have to suffer the consequences!”

Yang Ye understood that the old man clearly intended to bully him. So, he didn’t waste his breath again. The Herculean Armor instantly appeared on him, and then he smashed his fist forward.

The old man’s expression changed. He hadn’t expected that this fellow who was merely at the Monarch Realm would actually dare to attack him, and he’d never imagined that Yang Ye’s speed would actually be so quick. So, he had no choice but to raise his fist and smash it against Yang Ye’s fist.

The old man’s expression instantly changed drastically when their fists were about to come into contact, and he wanted to withdraw his hand. But it was too late.


The spectators watched with astonishment as the old man’s figure was blasted flying, and they even faintly heard cracking.

A Monarch Realm expert punched a Half-Saint flying?

All of them were dumbstruck, and they gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief. Even the middle aged man was stunned right now. He hadn’t expected that this fellow before him had actually been able to blast a Half-Saint flying with a single punch!

Was he feigning weakness?

No matter what it was, the middle aged man had the intention to withdraw. The reason he’d looked for trouble with Yang Ye just now was mainly because of Nether Maiden. She’d killed his younger brother, so he was naturally filled with resentment. However, he was clearly aware of Nether Maiden’s identity and strength. Not to mention him, even the alliance that backed him might not dare to look for trouble with Nether Maiden. So he had no choice but to exercise forbearance!

However, he wasn’t able to stop himself when he saw Yang Ye. Why? Because Yang Ye was only at the Monarch Realm, and Nether Maiden wasn’t by his side. But now, he knew that he was mistaken. How could someone who was by Nether Maiden’s side be weak?

But isn’t it a bit too crazy to be able to punch a Half-Saint away?

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and gestured, and then the sword chest flew over into his grasp. Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at it, and he said, “I intended to pay for it, but you didn’t want it and insisted on giving it to me for free. I can only say that you’re truly a good person!”

“You….” Meanwhile, the old man almost spat out a mouthful of blood from the rage he experienced. He glared angrily at Yang Ye while his right hand trembled slightly, but he didn’t dare to attack. He wasn’t a fool. Since Yang Ye could punch him flying, then both Yang Ye’s background and backing would definitely be extremely terrifying! The slightest mistake might result in his death!

Yang Ye glanced coldly at the old man and said, “What? You intend to give me more?”

The old man stared fixedly at Yang Ye, but he didn’t speak another word. He just turned around and left. He accepted his fate this time. While he’d suffered some injuries from the previous collision, he knew that it had been caused by his carelessness, and he was confident in his ability to defeat Yang Ye if he acted against Yang Ye.

However, he didn’t because he didn’t want to face the wrath of the power that backed Yang Ye!

Yang Ye didn’t pursue the old man. Even though he’d relied on the Herculean Armor to take the old man by surprise and blast him flying, Yang Ye knew that he couldn’t kill a Half-Saint. So it would be a waste of time to pursue the old man. After he put the sword chest away, Yang Ye turned around with the intention of leaving. He hadn’t looked for trouble with the middle aged man because he’d given it some thought, and he felt that it was better to just avoid such trouble.

The middle aged man was stunned. He isn’t going to look for trouble with me? He’s just leaving?

Suddenly, a group walked over from afar.

“Move aside! The Endless Alliance has business here! If I see any unfamiliar faces after 10 breaths of time, then don’t blame me, Chen Badao, for showing no mercy!” The man who led the group roared furiously while he held a saber in his hand, and the crowd that was watching the show instantly vanished without a trace.

“Chen Badao?” The middle aged man was slightly stunned, and then he hurriedly walked over and said, “Badao, what are you doing here?”

“Zhang Liao, some brothers said that your younger brother was killed. Fuck! Who the fuck dared to kill a member of our Endless Alliance on our own territory? I’ve brought a group of brothers to take revenge!” Chen Badao glanced at the surroundings and said, “Who did it!? I’m going to slice him into pieces!”

Zhang Liao shook his head and said, “Forget it!” He was very well aware of how terrifying Nether Maiden was. Not to mention his younger brother, even if the alliance leader’s younger brother was killed, the alliance leader would still have no choice but to exercise forbearance.

“How can you just let it go?” Chen Badao roared furiously and said, “Killing a member of our alliance in our own territory isn’t just an insult to us, it’s an insult to our Endless Alliance! We would be ridiculed if news of it were to spread! So, it’s not your problem, it’s our alliance’s problem!”

Zhang Liao shook his head and was about to speak. However, a young man by Chen Badao’s side suddenly pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Guardian Chen, he’s one of the fellows who killed Zhang Liao’s younger brother. I saw it with my own two eyes!”

Chen Badao gazed at Yang Ye and roared furiously, “Stop him!” The group behind him flashed forward and instantly surrounded Yang Ye.

Zhang Liao hurriedly said, “Badao, listen to me. Just let it go.” Even though he didn’t know who Yang Ye was, Yang Ye could punch a Half-Saint flying. So, how could Yang Ye be an ordinary person? Moreover, he was in the same group as Nether Maiden. At this moment, he was quite regretful. He regretted being unable to control himself and looking for trouble with Yang Ye.

“What nonsense!” Chen Badao glared furiously at Zhang Liao and said, “Zhang Liao, have you lost your balls? They killed your younger brother, yet you’re actually protecting him? Have you thought about your younger brother? Would he be able to rest in peace?”

Zhan Liao fell silent, and a wisp of viciousness gradually appeared in his eyes when he thought about the miserable death of his younger brother.

Chen Badao continued, “Isn’t it just his background being slightly unordinary? What’re you afraid of? I’ll be there to support you no matter what happens, and if I can’t, then we still have a myriad of other brothers in the alliance.”

When he spoke up to this point, Chen Badao walked over to Yang Ye and said, “Kid, no matter who you are, you have to pay for killing a member of my Endless Alliance. I’ll chop you up into a thousand pieces today, and I’ll let the world know that not just anyone can bully members of my alliance!”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “I didn’t kill his younger brother. You’ve got the wrong person. You can ask that fellow if you don’t believe me. Ask him if I killed his younger brother!”

Chen Badao turned around to gaze at Zhang Liao. Meanwhile, the young man who spoke before said, “He didn’t kill Zhang Biao, and it was a woman who did it. But he was in the same group as her!”

Chen Badan gazed at Yang Ye. Yang Ye nodded and said, “Actually, he’s right. We really are in the same group for now. But there’s a person responsible for everything. She killed his younger brother, so you should look for her. Right?”

“Your death can be considered as vengeance for my younger brother!” Meanwhile, Zhang Liao suddenly spoke ferociously. He was very well aware that it was impossible to seek revenge from Nether Maiden. Since that was the case, then he could only seek vengeance from Yang Ye. Because no matter how great Yang Ye’s background was, it was impossible to compare to Nether Maiden.

Yang Ye was furious when he heard this, and he said, “Do you really think I’m that easy to bully, so you’re doing it as much as you can?”

Meanwhile, Chen Badao suddenly moved his wrist and pointed his saber at Yang Ye. He roared furiously, “I’m bullying you right now! What the fuck are you going to do about it?”

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