Chapter 768 – Nether Maiden vs Yang Ye (Part 2/3)

Almighty Sword Domain

“Haven’t you known from the beginning?” Yang Ye stood on the spot and looked straight at her. He’d thought that it would be Supreme Exalt He who would be waiting here for him, or even another extraordinary expert of the Hallowed Halls. He’d never expected it to be Nether Maiden, and he really was quite surprised.

She said, “I recognized you at first glance. Because nothing in this world can deceive my eyes. Do you know why I didn’t expose you and even helped you repeatedly?”

“That’s what I’m really curious about!” replied Yang Ye.

Nether Maiden said, “The Profounder Continent of the past was something that the Hallowed Grounds could destroy in an instant. But it’s different now. Because it has 2 figures that even my Hallowed Grounds has to treat with care. Coupled with the fact that the entire continent has been united, Profounder Continent can pose a certain level of threat to my Hallowed Grounds. Especially when the defiant profounders are about to emerge from the seal.”

“You want me to lead Profounder Continent to side with the Hallowed Grounds?” asked Yang Ye.

She shook her head and said, “I’m not that naïve. I told you once before. If the people of this world want to live, then they must kill the defiant profounders. Unless they are killed, you and everyone on Profounder Continent will die. Of course, that includes my Hallowed Grounds as well. So long as the defiant profounders aren’t killed, all of us will be buried with them. In my opinion, we should join forces against them!”

“I don’t know if the defiant profounders will be killed. What I do know is the Hallowed Grounds wanted me dead in the past, and it still wants me dead now!” said Yang Ye.

She gazed at him for a short while and said, “I’ll give you one final chance. Agree to lead Profounder Continent to side with the Hallowed Grounds. Trust me, it’s your last chance.”

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the Herculean Hammer appeared in his right grasp. Moreover, the Mageforce Shield appeared on his left hand, “This is my answer!”

“Nether Maiden, I’ll leave him to you!” A voice resounded from the horizon.

Yang Ye recognized that voice as Supreme Exalt He, but he was puzzled because Supreme Exalt He had left.

Nether Maiden closed her eyes slowly and said, “You’ve given up your last chance. The Hallowed Grounds doesn’t want to be stabbed in the back by Profounder Continent while it’s in battle with the defiant profounders. So, the Hallowed Lord has torn open a spatial passageway to Profounder Continent. The Supreme Exalts, 10 mid-grade Half-Saints, and over 100 ordinary Half-Saints are on the way to Profounder Continent. They’ll arrive in a day from now. You should be aware of the consequences!”

As soon as she finished speaking, 20 white robed old men appeared by her side.

They were Half-Saints, every single one of them, and there were even 3 mid-grade Half-Saints amongst them!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s attention wasn’t on those Half-Saints at all. Only what Nether Maiden said remained in his mind. The 2 Supreme Exalts and all those Half-Saints are heading for Profounder Continent….

Would Lu Yan and Elder Mu be able to stop them?

Nether Maiden suddenly said, “I know you have Half-Saint puppets, so I brought these elders with me. They won’t join the battle if you don’t use your puppets.”

“You intend to fight me in a one on one battle?” Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and gazed at her.

She replied, “I presume you definitely want to witness my true strength, right? It just so happens that I’m quite curious about your true strength as well. Why don’t we satisfy each other’s curiosity today?”

Yang Ye gazed at her for a short while, and then he nodded, “Then bring it on!”

“Bring it on!” Nether Maiden suddenly opened her eyes once she finished speaking, and a ray of white light and black light shot out from them!

Bang! Bang!

An enormous rift was torn open on the ground beneath Yang Ye as his figure moved over 300m back, and the Mageforce Shield in his left hand cracked apart.


Suddenly, the sound of the air being torn apart resounded. As soon as it resounded, a pitch black chain smashed against Yang Ye’s Mageforce Shield. Yang Ye was pushed another 300m back. This time, the Mageforce Shield wasn’t able to survive the impact, and it exploded apart into countless tiny pieces!

“Her highness has become even stronger!” One of the white robed old men spoke in a deep voice, “That shield was created from metals gathered from outer space. Even we wouldn’t be able to blast it apart, yet she shattered it with such ease. Such strength really makes me feel embarrassed!”

“Her highness can’t be judged by convention!” Another white robed old man gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Actually, I’m quite curious about him.”

“His attainments in the Sword Dao are extraordinary, and his physical body has surpassed the Half-Saint Realm. Moreover, according to rumors, he possesses 1st level Heaven Rank Sword Intent, and has even comprehended the Sword Domain…. Even though he’s an enemy of our Hallowed Grounds, I have to admit that besides her majesty, no one else in our Hallowed Grounds is a match for him. Not even the extraordinary geniuses of the Gu Clan and Yuan Clan.” The old man continued.

“Just watch and see if the number one genius of this world is her majesty of that Sword Emperor!”

“Big Brother, good luck!” A voice suddenly resounded.

Yang Ye looked over towards the source of the voice. He saw numerous figures were standing above Nameless City. Amongst them was the blind old man he met before, and Yin’yin who’d just spoken was standing beside the blind old man. Yin’yin smiled sweetly when she saw him looking over towards her, and then she waved at him.

Yang Ye smiled as well, and then he turned around to look at Nether Maiden, “In the past, I usually instantly kill others of the same generation. It was truly too boring. Let’s have a nice fight today!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stomped the ground with his right foot.


The ground collapsed while his figure relied on the counterforce to shoot off like a cannonball. Less than half a breath of time passed before he appeared above Nether Maiden, and the Herculean Hammer carried the weight of mountains as it smashed down towards her.

At the instant it descended, the force carried by the hammer caused the ground beneath Nether Maiden to sink down!

Meanwhile, the chain that was wrapped around Nether Maiden started to move. They were like venomous snakes that were alarmed, and they instantly shot upward and struck against Yang Ye’s Herculean Hammer!


A sharp and ear piercing explosion resounded.

At the instant they collided, the Herculean Hammer trembled violently as a strand of terrifying force came from the hammer and entered his right arm. Yang Ye’s expression instantly changed drastically because his right arm was trembling just like the Herculean Hammer, and it was like it would explode apart at any moment. Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the Herculean Armor covered his body. Only then did his arm and the hammer stop trembling.


Meanwhile, the chain struck against the Herculean Hammer again, and the powerful force of the strike blasted Yang Ye flying. Moreover, the chain was like ghosts that refused to leave, and they tore through the air as they shot after Yang Ye.

The chain was extremely swift to the point they arrived in front of him before he could even recover from his shock.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he smashed the Herculean Hammer against the chain again.


Dazzling sparks sprayed from the point of collision, and the powerful force of the collision caused the space in the surroundings to split apart. Countless cracks formed in space like a spider web while the powerful force from the collision blasted Yang Ye flying again. But it wasn’t long before Yang Ye descended to the ground.

However, his feet had only just touched the ground when the chain appeared once more before him, and the force it carried was clearly much stronger than before. It tore through space and actually emanated enormous waves of energy that seemed like enormous dragons shooting towards the surroundings. Moreover, the waves of energy even caused the space in the surroundings to ripple.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t swing the Herculean Hammer with a single hand again. He took it in both hands instead while his left leg moved backwards slightly, and a trench appeared beneath his leg. Meanwhile, the profound energy within him surged like an ocean and transformed into a torrent that surged into his arms.

Yang Ye roared furiously as he swung the Herculean Hammer down with both hands.


An enormous explosion resounded as the ground beneath Yang Ye collapsed, and the space at the point of collision shook violently. In an instant later, another explosion resounded before the space there shattered apart, and the black chain was blasted back. Meanwhile, Yang Ye was blasted back again as well!

“Very strong!” One of the spectating white robed Half-Saints from the Hallowed Grounds spoke in a low voice.

The other Half-Saints by his side nodded in agreement.

He wasn’t just speaking about Nether Maiden, he was speaking about Yang Ye as well. Because that attack Yang Ye executed was a huge threat even to them. However, they felt that Nether Maiden was much stronger than Yang Ye. Not to mention anything else, it was obvious just from the string of collisions between Yang Ye and Nether Maiden. Up until this point in the battle, Yang Ye was constantly locked in a passive position and was ceaselessly resisting Nether Maiden’s attacks, whereas, Nether Maiden had crushed Yang Ye’s one and only attack with ease.

Of course, they hadn’t realized that Yang Ye still hadn’t drawn his sword until now!

“I’ve fought Long Xuan from the Dragon Race. He’s the strongest genius in the younger generation of the Dragon Race, but his physical strength is still much more inferior to yours. You possess the strongest physical strength and physical defense I’ve ever seen!” Nether Maiden walked slowly towards Yang Ye and said, “However, in my opinion, it’s far from sufficient. Even if you’re wearing the Herculean Armor and holding the Herculean Hammer.”

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto her chain. She seemed to understand what he wanted. She stopped moving and continued, “The Nether Chain, it’s at the Saint Rank as well. But it’s much better than yours.” When she spoke up to this point, the Nether Chain on her suddenly started moving swiftly, “I’m about to execute a Saint Rank technique. So, draw your sword!”

Yang Ye exhaled and nodded. He put the Herculean Hammer away, and then flipped his palm. Lunar Reverie appeared in his grasp. Yang Ye grinned as he gazed at Lunar Reverie. It was a sword that Mu Qingfeng had lent to him, but he’d forgotten to return it….

It had been damaged earlier, but it had the ability to restore itself, so it was fully restored now.

“Let’s begin for real!” As soon as he spoke these words, a strand of powerful sword intent surged out explosively from within him!

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