Chapter 769 – Nether Maiden vs Yang Ye (Part 3/3)

Almighty Sword Domain

2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent!

Everyone here was astounded when they sensed the sword intent that surged out from Yang Ye. Because 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent could restrain and suppress Half-Saints.

Of course, that wasn’t the true cause of their shock. The true cause of their shock was that it had come from within a young man who was around the age of 20.

“If her highness didn’t exist, then none of the myriad of geniuses in our Hallowed Grounds would be able to rival that kid!” One of the white robed old men spoke solemnly. The other old men fell silent, and it was exactly such silence that represented tacit approval!

The blind old man who stood by Yin’yin’s side said, “An extraordinary genius in the Sword Dao!”

“Very good!” Nether Maiden nodded slightly while she raised her hands up. In an instant, the chain around her shot into the sky before it spread throughout the sky like black lightning, causing the entire sky to suddenly become pitch black. At the same time, the terrifying energy contained within the chain caused the space in an area of 3km to tremble and surge.

“Move back!” The expressions of those white robed old men changed drastically, and they hastily tore space open and retreated around 10km away.

“What a formidable little girl!” The blind old man who stood by Yin’yin side spoke once more, and his tone carried a trace of solemness.

“Yang Ye, this is a Saint Rank technique, Chains of the Heavens. Let me witness your true strength!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the enormous chain in midair enveloped down towards Yang Ye like a huge net. The spectators noticed to their shock that the space within the chain net was actually being compressed into all sorts of strange shapes. Moreover, the space in its path was actually sliced apart in the shape of the net. So, numerous layers of overlapped ‘space nets’ had appeared in the sky above Yang Ye as the chain net itself descended down towards him!

Yang Ye took a deep breath while he gazed at the enormous chain net, and a cold glow flashed through them. The sword intent within him surged out like a torrent and entered Lunar Reverie. It wasn’t just his sword intent, the violet profound energy within him was surging madly into Lunar Reverie as well.

At this moment, Lunar Reverie was trembling violently while sword howls shot into the sky. It seemed like it wanted to pierce a hole through the sky!

In next to no time, Lunar Reverie seemed to be unable to endure Yang Ye’s sword intent and violet profound energy anymore, and it actually started to crack apart!

“Come!” Yang Ye’s furious roar resounded through the sky as a sword howl reverberated through the world. Yang Ye vanished alongside his sword, and then a ray of light shot towards the enormous net.

“Sword Unification! And not just that! The speed and strength of his sword have actually multiplied in an instant. I can’t resist such an attack….” The faces of many of those Half-Saints from the Hallowed Halls had turned pale while such a thought appeared in their minds.

Both Yang Ye and Nether Maiden’s attack speeds were extremely swift, and an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to see their attacks clearly at all. However, practically everyone here was a Half-Saint, so they were able to witness the battle.

They watched as the ray of light smashed against the enormous net.


It was like divine lightning had exploded in the sky, and it could be clearly heard even more 500km away.

At the point of collision, a wave of energy suddenly surged towards the surroundings. Everywhere it passed, space immediately collapsed while numerous pitch black and deep black holes appeared in the sky. However, those black holes were repaired in an instant, and the sky returned to calm once more. However, the enormous net hadn’t dispersed, and neither had the ray of light.

The enormous chain net was trembling violently while the ray of light was growing dimmer.

“Break!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded once more, and the originally dim ray of light suddenly glowed brilliantly.


Yang Ye shot through the enormous net along with his sword, and he moved at an extremely shocking speed, allowing him to arrive before Nether Maiden at the instant he broke through the net.

However, Yang Ye’s pupils constricted violently because Nether Maiden clamped his sword with 2 fingers again.

“Shatter!” As soon as she spoke, Lunar Reverie instantly transformed into ashes.

Yang Ye was astounded. He was just about to retreat but Nether Maiden had appeared in front of him. She was so close that their faces could practically be said to be touching. Moreover, Nether Maiden’s hand had suddenly pressed against Yang Ye’s chest.

“Break!” As soon as she spoke, a terrifying force instantly swept through Yang Ye’s Herculean Armor and smashed against his chest. However, right when he was about to be blasted flying, Yang Ye had swiftly grabbed Nether Maiden’s hand, and then his 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent transformed into an Intent Sword that shot out from his hand and pierced through hers….

A strand of blood sprayed into the air.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s figure smashed against the walls of Nameless City, and it caused the entire city walls to shake.

She’s been injured!

All the elders of the Hallowed Halls who were watching from afar felt astounded. They’d never imagined that Yang Ye would actually be able to injure her. At this moment, the shock in their hearts was simply impossible to describe with words.

Nether Maiden had never suffered defeat in the Hallowed Halls, and she’d never been injured. Even if it was during a battle where she killed a Half-Saint, she still hadn’t been injured. Yet now, she’d suffered an injury at the hands of a Monarch Realm profounder!

“Amazing!” The blind old man spoke once more. Yin’yin nodded while seeming to not fully understand what the old man meant. After that, she stared fixedly at Yang Ye who’d stood up in front of the city walls.

“It’s the first time I’ve been injured in battle!” Nether Maiden gazed at Yang Ye while she spoke, yet her voice carried no anger and only a trace of bewilderment, “I don’t even know how long it has been. It’s the first time I’m experiencing the feeling of being injured. Yang Ye, I truly admire you, and I really don’t want to kill you. I’ve even worked hard towards that goal, but you still chose to become my enemy!”

“It was you who chose to become my enemy!” Yang Ye walked slowly towards her as he said, “Just like you, I don’t want to become enemies with you as well. However, it can’t be helped. Our standpoints are different, so we’re bound to be enemies!”

She thought for a moment before she nodded, “You’re right, our standpoints are different. It isn’t just that, the way we think is different as well. That predetermined that we would be enemies. Come! Receive another move of mine!” As she spoke, Nether Maiden raised her right hand slowly, and then she made a clawing motion towards Yang Ye from afar, “Reverse!”

However, this action made the expressions of everyone here change drastically, and it even included the blind old man. Even though he couldn’t see with his eyes, he could still see it!

“Reversal of Yin and Yang! How could this be possible!?” The blind old man’s voice carried a trace of shock and slight fear as well.

Just this clawing motion alone caused the space in an area of 300m around Yang Ye to actually start warping and twisting like a pretzel. Moreover, the space in that area had turned dark like the night sky. Besides that, the experts in the surroundings with comparatively formidable strength noticed to their shock that the vitality within that area around Yang Ye was gone!

It should be said that the vitality had been completely transformed into Death Energy!

“Reversal of Yin and Yang. Overturning the world and destroying the laws…. Who exactly is she!?” A headless person suddenly appeared by the side of the blind old man, and no one knew how the headless person had spoken.

“The Nether Pavilion!” The blind old man merely spoke these words, and then all of them fell completely silent.

Yang Ye’s face had turned grim when all of this happened, and it was extremely solemn as well. Because he who resided within that area of space didn’t just feel that both his soul and body were on the verge of being minced apart, he even felt the vitality within him being transformed into Death Energy at an alarming rate!

At this moment, Yang Ye finally understood how terrifying Nether Maiden was, and he understood why even Elder Mu was fearful of her. Because at this moment, his sword intent was instantly shattered into bits upon leaving his body, and if it wasn’t for the Herculean Armor, even he would have probably become a corpse by now.

Even then, he was still on the verge of becoming a corpse. No less than 10 breaths of time had passed before Yang Ye sensed that fine cracks were actually starting to appear on the Herculean Armor.

The gazes of everyone in the surroundings were on Yang Ye. Some carried pity, some took pleasure in his misfortune, some were indifferent….

One had to die in a collision of 2 geniuses. At this moment, Yang Ye was dying slowly, and they would be witnessing the death of a peerless genius in the Sword Dao.

In the opinion of many, this process was a very enjoyable one. Indeed. How could it not be enjoyable to watch a genius who could become a peerless expert die before their eyes? After all, it was a rare sight.

Nether Maiden was watching Yang Ye as well. A wisp of a complicated expression flashed through her eyes as she watched the Herculean Armor crack apart slowly. In the end, she slowly closed her eyes.

“Big Brother….” Yin’yin suddenly cried out softly and intended to lend Yang Ye a hand. However, she was stopped by the headless person. Yin’yin was furious, and boundless killing intent even surged into her eyes. This caused the eyelids of the blind old man to twitch, and he even instinctively moved aside.

Meanwhile, a voice suddenly resounded from the headless person’s stomach, “Don’t be in a hurry to help. Look, the shock he had on his face is gone. He probably has a way to deal with it. He’s a sword cultivator, so he’ll suffer from inner demons if you lend him a hand now. Thus, even if you save him, he’ll be crippled. Because he might not be able to overcome his inner demons forever!”

“Little Girl, he’s right.” Meanwhile, the blind old man spoke as well, “That little girl who’s fighting him is at a lower realm of cultivation, so it’s a fair fight between them. His mental state will definitely suffer if you lend him a hand now, and that would cause his Sword Heart to lose its clarity. That’s a lethal blow to any sword cultivator! So, just watch….”

Even though anxiousness still remained in Yin’yin’s eyes, she didn’t act hastily, and she just stared fixedly at Yang Ye.

The cracks on the Herculean Armor were growing larger and larger, and the armor itself was losing its shape.

Suddenly, the Sword Spirit’s anxious voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, “Quickly activate the Sword Domain and follow my instructions!”

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