Chapter 771 – Then Let’s Fight!

Almighty Sword Domain

The southern territory.

Even though Ding Shaoyao and the others had fully conquered the Exalted Han Empire, their headquarters was still at Ancient Domain City. Moreover, it had become the center of Profounder Continent and the most flourishing city on the continent under her management. Besides that, it had the highest number of experts as well.

All the races, powers, and clans of the continent had been organized together by her, and she’d accomplished it very smoothly. Because no force throughout the continent could fight the southern territory.

“Shaoyao, our Profounder Continent has a total of 57 Half-Saints right now. As for Monarch Realm experts, they are comparatively numerous at almost 10,000. That’s the total of all the races including the oceanic clans, the devil race, demon race, and our human race. But we’re really too inferior when compared to the Hallowed Grounds!”

In one of the rooms within the city, An Biru put down the scroll in her hand and said, “If it wasn’t for the fact that the members of the Hallowed Grounds weren’t unable to come here with ease, we wouldn’t be able to resist them at all!”

Ding Shaoyao was seated in front of An Biru. But Ding Shaoyao didn’t speak, and so the room fell silent.

A long time passed before Ding Shaoyao suddenly spoke, “I feel quite uncertain!”

“About the future?” asked An Biru.

Ding Shaoyao nodded and said, “The Hallowed Grounds, the defiant profounders, and the Outer Heavens. The Hallowed Grounds is our enemy already, and they’ll definitely destroy us if they have the chance. As for the defiant profounders, that’s a group of wild and arrogant people. It’s probably very likely that they’ll become our enemies once they emerge from the seal. Because we’re the weakest and the easiest to bully. As for the Outer Heavens, even if we’re able to survive until the end, how would we fight the Outer Heavens?”

An Biru fell silent as well. They knew much more than the others. So, they were very well aware of the situation that Profounder Continent was in. It could be said to be a hopeless situation. Even though they had a period of peace now, they were very well aware that a storm was approaching, and they didn’t know what the fate of Profounder Continent would be!

“A short while passed before Ding Shaoyao suddenly shook her head and smiled. “Actually, why should we worry about such headache inducing things? Just let Yang Ye think of it. What we have to do is to do our best and stay by his side. If he creates a path towards survival, then all of us will live; if he creates a path towards death, then we’ll just die together. In short, the worst possible scenario is just death.”

An Biru shook her head and chuckled, “That’s optimistic of you!”

“It can’t be helped. I would just be bringing down suffering upon myself if I don’t!” Ding Shaoyao continued, “Right, do you think that fellow, Yang Ye, has attained the Monarch Realm?”

An Biru said, “An Nanjing has attained it, so there’s no reason to think that he hasn’t.”

“I’m afraid only An Nanjing will be able to keep up to him in the future!” Ding Shaoyao’s voice carried an indescribable trace of emotion as she spoke those words.

An Biru fell silent.

A long time passed before Ding Shaoyao spoke once more, “Right, what exactly is going on with Lu Wan’er?”

A wisp of seriousness flashed through An Biru’s eyes when she heard that, and she said, “Yang Ye saved her from the Exalted Han Empire. She was very ordinary in the beginning, but she revealed an extremely terrifying natural talent in the Sword Dao upon joining the Sword Sect. She stood for a day before the enormous sword in the Sword Sect which Yang Ye left his sword intent on, and then she comprehended sword intent on the next day. The most terrifying part is that she’s already at the seventh level of sword intent now!”

Ding Shaoyao’s eyelids twitched. She attained the 7th level in such a short period of time! Such speed is more than 2 times faster than Yang Ye!

Ding Shaoyao pondered deeply for a moment and said, “It doesn’t make sense. What did Elder Mu say?”

“A genius born gifted in the Sword Dao!” An Biru spoke solemnly, “Elder Lu said the same. However, Elder Lu said that she possesses some sort of Void Sword Physique. I don’t know what it is. In any case, her physique was made to cultivate the sword.”

Ding Shaoyao said, “No matter what, it’s a good thing. We must treat her well and satisfy all her needs when it comes to her cultivation. Since we can’t help him in battle, then we have to do all we can to create some formidable help for him!”


Suddenly, thunderous rumbling resounded in the sky above the city.

An Biru and Ding Shaoyao’s face turned grim. Meanwhile, Elder Mu’s voice resounded, “Those beneath the Half-Saint Realm, stay in the city!”

This time, it was astonishment that filled An Biru and Ding Shaoyao’s eyes.

A blue vortex had suddenly appeared in the sky above the city. The vortex was very huge, and it was around 1km wide and long.

Elder Mu, Lu Yan, and the other Half-Saints of Profounder Continent appeared in the sky above the city.

“Someone is forcefully creating a spatial passageway!” Lu Yan had a solemn expression in his eyes as he gazed at the blue vortex. He continued, “That person’s strength surpasses mine for now.”

The expressions of everyone here turned solemn.

Elder Mu asked, “Is it the Hallowed Grounds?”

Lu Yan nodded and said, “It should be. Looks like the Hallowed Grounds intends to deal with us before the defiant profounders emerge! Their cultivations won’t be suppressed as they’ve been teleported over through a spatial passageway. Looks like we’re in trouble.”

“We’ll just fight them as always!” said Elder Mu in a low voice.

The other Half-Saints intended to attack when they heard this, but Elder Mu stopped them, “All of you aren’t strong enough to allow your attacks to enter the spatial passageway.”


Meanwhile, Lu Yan slapped his palm towards the blue vortex!

After Lu Yan attacked almost 10 times, everyone here clearly heard shrill cries resounding from within the vortex. Lu Yan attacked once more. But this time, an enormous energy palm shot out from within the blue vortex as well, and it smashed against Lu Yan’s energy palm. Both of them exploded and dispersed in midair.

After that, a middle aged man in a luxurious robe and an old man in a dark golden robe appeared. Next, 10 old men in red robed walked out from within the vortex. Once they’d walked out, another 80 white robed old men walked out of the vortex. However, some of these old men had a strand of blood on the corner of their mouths.

2 extraordinarily strong Half-Saints, 10 mid-grade Half-Saints, and 80 ordinary Half-Saints!

The experts from the southern territory were astounded by this scene. Even Elder Mu and Lu Yan revealed extremely solemn expressions.

As for the rest of the people within the city, their faces had turned pale, and they weren’t able to arouse any intention to resist these experts.

Many weren’t aware that even Half-Saints were divided by grades. All they knew was that 92 Half-Saints had come from the Hallowed Grounds, and that was double the number of Half-Saints that Profounder Continent possessed!

At this moment, even Ding Shaoyao and An Biru who were very composed before this couldn’t help but reveal dense shock on their faces. Of course, there was a trace of despair there as well.

“I’m from the Hallowed Halls. They call me Supreme Exalt He!” The middle aged man who wore a luxurious robe disregarded the others who stood behind Elder Mu and Lu Yan, and his gaze immediately descended onto the two of them, “I’m quite interested in the two of you. Logically speaking, figures of your level shouldn’t be present on Profounder Continent.”

“You didn’t come here for that, right?” Lu Yan smiled, “Based on the forces you brought with you, you intend to destroy us, right?”

Supreme Exalt He shook his head and said, “The heavens are benevolent, and so is my Hallowed Grounds. I’ll give both of you and all the others behind you a chance, come over to my Hallowed Grounds. So long as you agree, we’ll immediately become friends; if you refuse, then I’m sorry. All the Half-Saints of Profounder Continent will die!”

“You want us to side with the Hallowed Grounds?” Lu Yan smiled and said, “I can’t make that decision. But believe me, I’m sure that Elder Mu and I will fight to our deaths, and you’ll lose half of the experts you brought with you.”

“I do believe you!” The middle aged man said, “However, my Hallowed Grounds can pay such a price if we’re able to eliminate all future troubles! Of course, we don’t want to do that unless we have no other choice. So, will you really not consider my offer? You should understand that we will only have a chance at survival by killing the defiant profounders. If you don’t join forces with us, then this little bit of strength that Profounder Continent possesses would be unable to guarantee your survival even if we don’t destroy you!”

Lu Yan gazed at Elder Mu. The latter said, “Your group’s strength really is sufficient to annihilate all the Half-Saints of Profounder Continent, and it would seem like the only way to survive would be to side with the Hallowed Grounds. Actually, we don’t mind fighting the Hallowed Grounds with the defiant profounders or fighting the Hallowed Grounds with the defiant profounder.”

“What are you trying to say!?” asked Supreme Exalt He.

Elder Mu smiled, “Only Yang Ye can make the decisions in Profounder Continent. If he’s willing to become allies with your Hallowed Grounds, then we’ll be allies; but if he isn’t, then I’m sorry. We’ll have no choice but to fight you to the death!”

“Why!?” Supreme Exalt He spoke in a low voice, “He’s only at the Monarch Realm. Even if his natural talent in the Sword Dao is extraordinary, it isn’t sufficient to make both of you submit to him, right?”

Elder Mu said, “You say that the only way to survive is by killing the defiant profounders. But in my opinion, the only way to survive is to follow Yang Ye. As for what you said about being able to crush us, I don’t doubt it at all. But it’s fine. It’s fine even if we fall. After all, it’s our own choice, and it’s a gamble that we made!”

“Yang Ye should be dead by now!” Supreme Exalt He said, “He isn’t a match for Nether Maiden!”

“That may not necessarily be the case!” A voice suddenly resounded.

Supreme Exalt He’s expression changed slightly as he looked up towards the horizon. A ray of light flashed through the sky, and it wasn’t long before Yang Ye appeared before everyone.

“You’re still alive!” Supreme Exalt He’s face turned slightly gloomy, “That’s impossible!”

Yang Ye said, “It’s not impossible at all. Now, let me tell you what I think. We won’t side with the Hallowed Grounds, but we can keep clear of the Hallowed Grounds from now onwards. Don’t offend us, and we won’t offend you….”

“What right do you have to speak about such things with us!?” It was the old man beside Supreme Exalt He who interrupted Yang Ye.

“Then let’s fight!” Yang Ye stared the old man in the eyes, and his voice was firm and piercingly cold.

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