Chapter 772 – I Want To Compete With You In The Sword! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

“You?” The old man in dark golden robed laughed coldly. He raised his right hand and made a clawing motion towards Yang Ye and the others. Yang Ye and the others weren’t harm by it, but numerous buildings throughout Ancient Domain City collapsed in an instant. Moreover, the walls around the city were instantly transformed into powder. Besides that, the ground around the city was collapsing incessantly….

However, not a single person within the city was dead!

The old man said, “If we want, then not to mention your tiny Ancient Domain City, we can even destroy the entire continent!”

“Is that very amazing?” Yang Ye flipped his palm, and the Stone of Suppression appeared in his grasp. As soon as that happened, a powerful and mysterious force enveloped the surroundings, and the strengths of all the experts from the Hallowed Grounds was suppressed by a realm.

At the same time, 21 Half-Saint puppets appeared behind Yang Ye.

Now, Yang Ye’s side had 72 Half-Saints. While it was still fewer than the Hallowed Grounds’ forces, their quality far surpassed the Hallowed Grounds. After all, the Half-Saints of the Hallowed Grounds had been suppressed.

“Our Hallowed Halls’ greatest mistake was allowing the Stone of Suppression to fall into your hands!” Supreme Exalt He looked Yang Ye in the eyes. Even though his cultivation had been suppressed, his face was still extremely calm, “However, do you think that you can crush us just because you have the Stone of Suppression? Every single person here is an elite of the Hallowed Halls. Believe me, even if their cultivations have been suppressed, every single one of them isn’t weaker than the Half-Saints on your side.”

“I know!” Yang Ye replied, “However, we’re confident in our ability to kill 90% of your forces. Moreover, once the I and the other Half-Saints die, my Master and Senior Lu Yan will leave Profounder Continent and head to the Hallowed Grounds with the Stone of Suppression. We’ll make the Hallowed Grounds pay a hundredfold for every single person that dies here. Besides that, I’m sure you’re aware that I’m acquaintances with that little girl in Nameless City. At that time, even if their joint forces are unable to destroy your Hallowed Grounds, it should be sufficient to cripple it. Once that happens, we’ll see how all of you fight the defiant profounders!”

“That’s a good idea!” Lu Yan nodded.

“I think it’s not bad as well!” Elder Mu chimed in.

“You’re threatening us?” asked Supreme Exalt He.

Yang Ye glanced at the members of the Hallowed Halls and said, “The defiant profounders are about to emerge from the seal, and a calamity is upon us. If the Hallowed Grounds fights us to the death, then I guarantee that we’ll definitely cripple you when the defiant profounders emerge. I won’t ally myself with the defiant profounders, but I wont ally myself with the Hallowed Grounds as well. What I want is very simple, I want all of us to keep clear of each other and don’t interfere in each other’s business. If the defiant profounders attack the Hallowed Grounds, then it’s your problem; if they attack us, then it’s our problem. In short, so long as the Hallowed Grounds doesn’t come looking for trouble with us, then we won’t head over to the Hallowed Grounds to cause trouble!”

He had the Sword Precursor with him now, so he naturally wouldn’t head over there to cause trouble. In his opinion, the southern territory’s main objective was to improve its strength as soon as possible. Most importantly, he had to improve his strength as soon as possible. After all, he only had another month to live.

“Approved!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from within the blue vortex. The expressions of Supreme Exalt He and the others changed slightly when they heard it because it was the Hallowed Lord’s voice!

On the other hand, a wisp of astonishment flashed through Elder Mu and Lu Yan’s eyes!

Supreme Exalt He took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye, and then he led the others back into the blue vortex. Meanwhile, the old man in a dark golden robe stopped when he was about to enter the vortex, and he turned and gazed at Yang Ye, “You’ll come begging for my Hallowed Grounds’ help when the defiant profounders emerge from the seal!” He turned around and stepped into the vortex once he finished speaking.

In next to no time, the blue vortex vanished from the sky, and the sky returned to its previous calm state.

Countless people throughout the city heaved sighs of relief when they witnessed this scene.

Yang Ye was the same. He had to admit that Profounder Continent really was too weak when compared to the Hallowed Grounds. If the defiant profounders weren’t there to tie down most of the Hallowed Grounds’ forces, then it truly wouldn’t be difficult at all for the Hallowed Grounds to crush Profounder Continent. It was even to the extent that the strength who’d arrived earlier was sufficient to crush Profounder Continent. Of course, if they fought and the forces of Profounder Continent fought to the death, then the outcome would be exactly as he’s said. At least 90% of the Hallowed Grounds’ experts would perish here!

“Young Master, that person who spoke earlier is extremely strong!” Suddenly, Lu Yan spoke solemnly, “Don’t travel to the Hallowed Grounds again unless it’s very important.”

Elder Mu nodded and said, “He’s the strongest expert I’ve ever seen. I’m truly unable to imagine how he actually possesses such terrifying strength when he hasn’t stepped foot into the Saint Realm!”

Yang Ye asked, “How strong is he?”

“Boundlessly close to the Saint Realm!” Lu Yan replied, “Of course, even if he’s only a step away from the Saint Realm, he’s still a Half-Saint. However, his strength far surpasses ordinary Half-Saints. So long as he obtains Quintessence Violet Energy, then stepping foot into the Saint Realm should be a piece of cake to him.”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Senior Lu, even you are unable to fight him?”

Lu Yan shook his head and said, “I’ve been sealed in this damnable place for too long, so my strength is far inferior that what it used to be. Coupled with the fact that I have no Quintessence Violet Energy to recover my strength, my strength isn’t just unable to rise, it’ll even regress endlessly. Haha! If the members of the Yang Clan knew that I died here, they would definitely summon my soul and whip my soul because it’s truly too humiliating!”

When he spoke up to this point, Lu Yan raised his head and looked up into the sky, “But the people of this region are quite strong. They were actually able to seal those madmen and even use this world as a cage to trap them for 100,000 years. Young Master, if you’re able to leave this world in the future, then you must be careful. After all, the Yang Clan is truly too far away from here.”

“Will we be able to leave?” Elder Mu looked up into the sky while a wisp of bewilderment appeared in his eyes.

“Master, trust me. We definitely will!” Yang Ye looked up into the sky as well. He knew that a group of extremely formidable experts resided far above there, and even just one of those experts would be sufficient to sweep through the entire continent, including the Hallowed Grounds!

However, he was still confident!

The reason the Outer Heavens had created the Heavenpath to stop the people of this world from leaving was because they didn’t want the people of this world to possess Quintessence Violet Energy. Because so long as they didn’t have Quintessence Violet Energy, then none could attain the Saint Realm, and if none could attain the Saint Realm, then no one in this world could pose a threat to them!

The key was Quintessence Violet Energy!

Yet he had it!

Yang Ye noticed that so long as his cultivation improved, then the Primordial Violet Energy within the Primordial Pagoda would increase, and it would immediately appear within the world in the 1st level of the pagoda. He could sense it and even control it. Thus, so long as he willed it, he could use the Primordial Violet Energy within the 1st level of the pagoda!

But he didn’t dare to!

Firstly, his strength was insufficient. So, if others were to find out about this secret, then regardless of whether it was the experts of the Hallowed Grounds, the defiant profounders, or Nameless City, they would definitely pursue him. Based on the current strength of Profounder Continent, it couldn’t resist any one of those forces! Moreover, once the Half-Saints found out that he had Primordial Violet Energy, then even the Half-Saints within the city would probably act against him!

He wanted to utilize the scarce Primordial Violet Energy he possessed to help Elder Mu and Lu Yan attain the Saint Realm, but there was a problem. What if they couldn’t attain the Saint Realm? Or even if they attained the Saint Realm and crushed both the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders, what would they do about the Heavenpath?

Could Elder Mu, Lu Yan, and around 100 Half-Saints fight the Outer Heavens? It was absolutely impossible! After all, even the defiant profounders who consisted of over 10,000 Saint Realm experts all those years ago had been defeated!

So, he couldn’t utilize the Primordial Violet Energy he possessed! Because the slightest mistake might bring destruction to the entire continent.

Within a hall in the city.

“The defiant profounders will emerge from the seal in 2 months, and their undying physiques will vanish then. At that time, the entire continent and even the Hallowed Grounds will be transformed into a battlefield. I don’t know if the Hallowed Grounds will attack us, and I don’t know if the defiant profounders will attack us once they escape the seal as well. But I know one thing, only the strong will be able to survive in the future, and all the weak might be annihilated!” Yang Ye’s voice was sonorous like a bell.

Ding Shaoyao and the other girls, all the Half-Saints, and some of the ninth rank Monarch Realm experts of the southern territory were within this hall.

All of their faces became gloomy when they heard Yang Ye.

Yang Ye continued, “The current situation we’re in isn’t very promising. Because regardless of whether it’s the defiant profounders or the Hallowed Grounds, both sides are stronger than us. So, we’re the most likely force to be crushed in the future. I’m not trying to scare all of you, and I’m just relaying the facts to all of you. From today onward, every single one of us here might die at any moment!”

“Is the situation severe to such an extent?” asked Ding Shaoyao.

Yang Ye nodded and spoke solemnly, “It’s much more severe than what I’ve said. From this moment onward, Profounder Continent will enter into a state of war. Shaoyao, use all the resources we have to satisfy the needs of those with good natural talent or those who are about to break through. In short, increase the overall strength of our side! No matter the cost!”

Ding Shaoyao spoke seriously, “If we do that… then our resources will probably be completely exhausted.”

“If we don’t use it on the living now, then should we keep it for the dead?” asked Yang Ye.

Ding Shaoyao’s heart shook when she heard this. She took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye before she nodded. At this moment, she understood that the situation was probably severe to the point that even Yang Ye wasn’t confident in their ability to face it.

Yang Ye glanced at the people in the hall and said, “There are members of the oceanic clans, demon race, and devil race here. There has been enmity between all of us, but I hope that all of us can put our strength together and work together as one from now onwards. Moreover, you must keep the members of your respective races in check as well and make them do the same. Because this might be the last time we’re working together!”

After all of them left with heavy expressions on their faces, a voice suddenly resounded in the hall, “I want to compete with you in the sword!”

Yang Ye was stunned when he heard this, Compete with me in the sword? Who’s brave enough to do that?

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