Chapter 774 – The Defiant Profounders Are Here!

Almighty Sword Domain

The demon territory.

Besides the lightning pool, everything throughout the Dragon Race’s territory was gone. Fortunately, none of the dragons were injured because Yang Ye had told the Demon Emperor about the terrifying existence beneath the lightning pool once the demon territory had fully allied with the human race. So, the dragons of the Dragon Race had withdrawn from their territory a very long time ago.

Yang Ye, Lu Yan, and Elder Mu stood by the side of the lightning pool, and their faces had solemn expressions on them as they gazed at the ceaselessly roiling pool of lightning.

Lu Yan suddenly said, “Actually, he should have been able to escape a long time ago!”

Yang Ye was puzzled and gazed at Lu Yan. The latter said, “Can you feel it? He’s absorbing the earth veins here. Do you know what an earth vein is? It’s a form of energy just like spirit energy. Some earth veins are inferior to spirit energy, but there are some that are countless times better than spirit energy. I’ve scanned the area. The earth vein here is much purer than spirit energy, but it’s on the verge of drying up.”

“How strong is he?” That was what Yang Ye was most concerned about. Because this fellow was on Profounder Continent, so the slightest mishap might bring chaos to the continent.

“I don’t know!” Lu Yan continued, “But based on the current situation, he’s absolutely not a weakling!”

Yang Ye nodded. Actually he knew because since the Dragon Race had stopped at nothing to seal that fellow all those years ago, it was impossible for him to be weak! But it didn’t matter to him. After all, how strong could that fellow be in a world without Saints?

“Let’s talk with him first. If we truly can’t come to an agreement, then we’ll end him!” Lu Yan spoke flatly.

Yang Ye nodded. They had Lu Yan, Elder Mu, the Stone of Suppression, and 21 Half-Saint puppets. Moreover, 2 of those puppets were mid-grade Half-Saints. If such a force couldn’t defeat a single person that wasn’t at the Saint Realm, then they would truly be failures.

At this moment, the lightning pool seemed like boiling water, and it bubbled incessantly. At the same time, the ground around the pool had started to quake.

Another short moment passed before countless strands of black energy suddenly seeped out from beneath the pool, and it wasn’t long before the entire lightning pool was enveloped by black energy.

“Looks like this fellow is a demon!” said Lu Yan.

“What’s wrong with being a demon? I’m willing to be one!” A voice resounded from within the black energy. It was quite an attractive voice, and it seemed like it carried charm that shook the heart and soul.

Yang Ye’s heart shook. His sword intent formed a thin barrier an inch away from him. At this moment, he realized that the fellow’s strength was absolutely not inferior to Supreme Exalt He and Yin’yin.

“It’s none of my business whether you’re a demon or not, and I won’t stop you from coming out as well. But you have to guarantee that you won’t harm the living beings here if you do!” said Yang Ye. Profounder Continent was united now, and it was part of his forces. If this fellow were to do as he pleased, then it would undoubtedly be equivalent to looking for trouble with him, and Yang Ye would absolutely not allow that to happen!

“Guarantee?” A disdainful voice resounded, “Who do you think you are to actually ask this king for a guarantee? I wasn’t interested in the lives of those commoners, but now that you’ve said that, I just have to go bring calamity to them. It just so happens that I haven’t killed for 100,000 years. I’m afraid it would feel unfamiliar to me, so I’ll get used to it!”

“So you refuse to accept the compromise I’m willing to make?” Yang Ye’s voice became cold, “If you think you’re very strong, then come out here and fight us. Let’s see if we can kill you or not!”

“Ant! You’ll pay for what you’ve said!” An icy cold voice resounded from beneath the black energy.

“You’ll pay for your arrogance!” It was Lu Yan who spoke these words, and he slapped his palm towards the black energy upon finishing.


The surging black energy was instantly slapped down to the bottom of the pool by the powerful force carried by Lu Yan’s palm. However, there was no lightning pool there anymore. It was an enormous abyss that stood before them, and the bottomless abyss was filled with surging black energy. Moreover, strands of cold and terrifying aura were ceaselessly flowing out from within it!

“You’re not from this world!” The mysterious person’s voice resounded from below the black energy.

Lu Yan said, “Now you know the strength we possess. So, do you think we can talk? If you think we can’t, then don’t waste your breath and just come and fight us.”

A long moment of silence ensued before the mysterious person’s voice appeared once more from beneath the ground, “About what?”

Lu Yan gazed at Yang Ye, and the latter nodded before he said, “The defiant profounders will emerge in a month from now, and war will ensue. Once that happens, the war will continue until either all the defiant profounders or all the inhabitants of this world are annihilated. There are 3 forces in this world now. The 1st is ours, Profounder Continent. Besides that, there’s the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders. Which side do you belong to?”

“The Hallowed Grounds! A voice that carried peerlessly terrifying and ghastly killing intent resounded abruptly. The killing intent within the voice seemed like 10,000 year old ice, and it caused Yang Ye to be unable to help but shudder from its coldness.

Obviously, that fellow beneath the ground definitely had great enmity with the Hallowed Grounds. It was obvious because the Dragon Race belonged to the Hallowed Grounds, and this fellow had been sealed by the Dragon Race. So, it was normal for there to be enmity between them!

“I know what you’re trying to say. I can avoid becoming enemies with you once I leave this place, but the Dragon Race must be annihilated. Not only the Dragon Race on Profounder Continent, the Dragon Race in the Hallowed Grounds as well. This king will annihilate them all!” The mysterious person roared.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “You still haven’t figured out the current situation you are in and the state of affairs right now. Regardless of whether it’s my Profounder Continent or the Hallowed Grounds, do you think you can fight any one of us on your own? Don’t tell me about how powerful you were all those years ago. All I know is that you’re all alone now.”

“What are you trying to say!?” said the mysterious person in a low voice.

Yang Ye replied, “You can forget about doing anything to the Dragon Race of Profounder Continent, but you can do as you please to the Dragon Race in the Hallowed Grounds. I’ll say it one last time, we’ll turn around and leave if you agree to not cause trouble on the continent.”

It wasn’t that Yang Ye didn’t want to recruit that fellow, but he knew very well that the mysterious person beneath the ground was unlike Elder Mu and Lu Yan. How could an expert at such a level follow him?

“What if I insist?” said the mysterious man in a low voice.

“Then stay here forever!” Boundless killing intent surged within Yang Ye’s eyes.

“Those 2 beside you are formidable indeed, but I’m afraid just the 2 of them aren’t enough to kill me!” said the mysterious person.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then 21 Half-Saint Sword Servants appeared behind him, “I really don’t want to waste any more time. Now, I’ve changed my mind. It’s better to eliminate an unstable factor like you!” As he spoke, Yang Ye withdrew the Stone of Suppression and tossed it to Elder Mu, and then he commanded the 21 Half-Saint Sword Servants to jump down into the abyss.

Elder Mu glanced at Yang Ye, and then he entered the abyss with Lu Yan.

“The Stone of Suppression! Kid, who exactly are you!? You actually possess the Hallowed Grounds’ Stone of Suppression!” The mysterious person’s astounded voice resounded from the bottom of the abyss

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It didn’t take long for explosions to resound from the bottom of the abyss, and the powerful waves of energy from the battle caused the abyss to enlarge incessantly. Merely a few breaths of time had passed before the abyss had enlarged over 100 times!

“Stop! I think we can talk properly!” The mysterious person’s voice suddenly resounded from below!

It wasn’t long before Elder Mu, Lu Yan, and the 21 Sword Servants appeared before Yang Ye. Lu Yan shook his head and said, “We can’t kill him!”

“A defiant profounder?” Yang Ye frowned.

Elder Mu returned the Stone of Suppression to Yang Ye and said, “He isn’t one. Because he doesn’t have the aura of a defiant profounder. However, he has their undying physique!”

“I get it now!” Yang Ye gazed at the abyss and said, “You seized the body of a defiant profounder, right?”

“How did you know that!?” The voice carried a trace of shock and bewilderment.

“That’s none of your business!” Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Didn’t you want to talk? Then let’s talk!”

Yang Ye realized that if something could be resolved with his fists, then it was best to not waste his breath. Because if one was strong enough, then the other would beg for a talk!

“We can work together!” said the mysterious person.

Yang Ye was inwardly moved and said, “Go on!”

“Calamity is upon us. It’s impossible for me to survive on my own. I can join forces with you against the Hallowed Grounds, the defiant profounders, and the Outer Heavens!” replied the mysterious person.

“How will you convince me that you’re sincere?” asked Yang Ye.

Lu Yan suddenly, “Experts at his level disdain to lie.”

Yang Ye nodded. Experts had their pride and honor. Even though that mysterious fellow had almost been killed, he hadn’t begged for mercy, and that clearly showed how unyielding he was.

After they dealt with that mysterious fellow, Yang Ye immediately returned to Ancient Domain City and started to cultivate madly once more. He’d intended to spar with An Nanjing. But unfortunately, she’d been in closed door cultivation since he returned.

Another month passed by….

Yang Ye ascended to the sixth rank of the Monarch Realm with the assistance of a pile of energy stones and 1,000 Firecrystals. However, he still couldn’t draw the Sword Precursor! According to the Sword Spirit, his strength and cultivation were too low, and he could give it a try upon attaining the Half-Saint Realm.

The only thing he felt gratified about was the Primordial Violet Energy within the Primordial Pagoda was increasing along with his cultivation, and a slightly insane thought appeared in Yang Ye’s mind!

The Hallowed Grounds.

At this moment, the Hallowed Grounds had turned all the experts here into soldiers just like Profounder Continent had. Moreover, the experts of all the races had gathered at the Ancient City of Hallows under the Hallowed Lord’s orders. So, the aura of experts surged through the sky and shook the world throughout the city!

Yang Ye was waiting!

The Hallowed Grounds was waiting as well!

They were all waiting!

Waiting for the defiant profounders!

Finally, the day came when a voice suddenly resounded through every single corner of the Hallowed Grounds!

“It has been 100,000 years! We’re finally free of our fate!”

As soon as the voice finished resounding….


The Pagoda of Confinement exploded into pieces.

“From this day onward, the men, the earth, and the heavens here will face doom!” A voice resounded once more through every corner of the Hallowed Grounds.


A blood red pillar shot into the sky, and then an enormous explosion resounded as the heavens and the earth trembled….

After that, the sky dimmed down!

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