Chapter 775 – The Heaven Dao Falls!

Almighty Sword Domain

The sky was clear no more. It had become blood red, and endless blood red light enveloped every single corner of the Hallowed Grounds.

At this moment, everyone felt sorrow arise in their hearts.

It was because the Heaven Dao of this world had fallen!

Every single world has a spirit of its own, and man called that spirit the Heaven Dao. The Heaven Dao had a will of its own, or it should be said to be a subconscious will. It instinctively acted against those who could threaten it. For example, it would send a Heavenly Tribulation down when others were attaining the Saint Realm because when a person was strong to a certain extent, that person could even pose a threat to it.

There was no right or wrong. If the Heaven Dao wanted to live, then it had to prevent many from becoming strong; if man wanted to live longer, then it had to fight against the Heavens.

Even then, many people still felt reverence towards the heavens because it fostered all living beings within its world!

So, even if many people became extremely strong, they still wouldn’t act against the Heaven Dao. Just like the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor hadn’t!

Yet now, the defiant profounders had immediately killed the Heaven Dao of this world upon emerging from the seal.

It was a declaration of war. It was a declaration of war to all the living beings of this world! Because once the Heaven Dao ceased to exist, then this world would quickly wither away and be completely destroyed!

It was war that would only end with the death of one side!

At this moment, regardless of whether it was the members of the Hallowed Grounds or Profounder Continent, they understood what the defiant profounders wanted.

As soon as the Pagoda of Confinement was destroyed, numerous black shadows shot up from beneath the ground, and as more and more defiant profounders emerged to the surface, the terrifying auras that filled the area grew stronger and stronger. It didn’t take long for the powerful auras emanated by the defiant profounders and the powerful auras of the experts in the Ancient City of Hallows to respectively form an enormous black dragon and an enormous golden dragon that collided with each other in midair.


The sky trembled as the enormous dragons shattered into pieces.

“Nirvana Fist!” A voice resounded from beneath the ground, and then a black fist shot into the sky. The fist suddenly changed directions in midair and smashed down towards the Ancient City of Hallows. The fist wasn’t very huge, and it was only the size or an ordinary fist, but it seemed to possess the strength to destroy the world. Everywhere it passed, space collapsed successively, and the vitality in its surroundings were completely exhausted. It seemed like it intended to destroy everything in its path!

It hadn’t even arrived before the city when the powerful force it carried caused the faces of countless people in the city to turn pale. Because the vitality within them was actually flowing out of them as well!

“Starfall Point!” A voice resounded from within the city as well, and then a golden finger flashed out of the city and collided with the fist.


Thunderous rumbling resounded by the ears of everyone within the city, and it shook them to the point they felt piercing pain coming from their eardrums. Moreover, some even bled from all 7 apertures!

“Not bad! You’re not inferior to your ancestor at all!” A voice resounded from beneath the ground, and then a middle aged man with a long braided ponytail appeared outside the city. Besides that, there were almost 10,000 people standing behind him!

All of them were Half-Saints!

The middle aged man’s braided ponytail was very long to the point it could touch the ground, and there was a saber hanging on his waist. The saber was around 1m long and without a sheet. The blade of the saber seemed very ordinary, and it made it seem like an extremely ordinary saber. Besides that, the old man’s eye sockets had no eyeballs within them, and they were just completely empty. This made him seem quite terrifying!

There were 10 black robed experts standing behind the middle aged man, and there were both men and women amongst them. Of course, that wasn’t the main point, the main point was that all of them were high-grade Half-Saints!

“I’m surprised that you actually brought all the defiant profounders under your control!” A voice resounded from within the city.

“All those years ago, we were defeated one by one by the Outer Heavens and you because we weren’t united. Now, you won’t have such a chance!” said the middle aged man.

“You don’t have your undying physiques anymore!” The voice resounded once more from within the city.

“That’s a form of release to us!” The middle aged man took a step forward and said, “All of you can repay what your ancestors owed us all those years ago!”

“All of you’ve gained freedom, now it’s time for us to gain the same…. Bring it on!” The entrance of the city was opened once these words finished resounding through the air, and then a man in a white robe who wore a white mask on his face walked out slowly. There were 15 experts walking behind him.

All of them were high-grade Half-Saints, and Supreme Exalt He, Yin’yin, and the blind old man were amongst them!

Behind these 15 people were over 20,000 other Half-Saints!

They didn’t waste their breaths at all and immediately engaged each other in battle!

The battle shook the heavens and the earth. Blood drenched the ground around the city and drenched the walls of the city as well, and the smell of blood could be smelled throughout the Hallowed Grounds.

3 days later, the Hallowed Grounds’ experts retreated to the Ancient City of Hallows. The Hallowed Grounds left behind around 5,000 corpses of Half-Saints outside the city walls, but the defiant profounders hadn’t even lost 1,000 of their members!

The Hallowed Grounds had suffered a crushing defeat, and it could only rely on the 100,000 year old formation around the city to defend itself from the defiant profounders.

This time, everyone witnessed how terrifying and powerful the defiant profounders were.

“All of you are just children to us!” The middle aged man floated in the sky outside the city and looked down towards the city as he said, “How can all of you who haven’t even seen the world compare to the battle and dangers that we’ve experienced?”

The masked man appeared before the middle aged man and said, “I admit that I really did underestimate all of you.”

The middle aged man pointed at the Ancient City of Hallows and said, “I remember this formation was called the Heavenly Barrier Formation, and it was placed here by those fellows from the Outer Heavens. We can break through it by force, but we would suffer heavy losses. It’s fine, we can afford to wait.”

When he spoke up to this point, the middle aged man turned around and left. At the same time, his voice resounded once more, “It has been 100,000 years! All of you’ve suffered for 100,000 years! Don’t you want to vent?”


All the defiant profounders howled before they transformed into black shadows that shot off in all directions.

Not all the members of the various races had moved to the Ancient City of Hallows, and it was only their elite forces that had come to the city. Meanwhile, the comparatively weaker members of the various races were still residing in their own territories.

So, it was a slaughter, an absolute slaughter!

The Hallowed Grounds was once a paradise. Yet now, it had become hell, and the Ancient City of Hallows became the last safe place throughout the Hallowed Grounds!

Profounder Continent.

Yang Ye locked himself in his room, and there were 8 stone coffins laid out in front of him. Yang Ye had excitement on his face right now. He was extremely excited. Because he noticed that the terrifying black worm had vanished from their bodies. In other words, he could refine them into sword servants!

The Sword Spirit and the 21 Half-Saint Sword Servants were by his side. After all, he naturally had to take precautions against them coming to life and waking up.

To his surprise, they didn’t come to life. Moreover, they were completely devoid of vitality.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time yet couldn’t figure anything out. But it wasn’t important because he was about to possess 8 mid-grade Half-Saint Sword Servants!

Yang Ye was quite skilled in refining Sword Servants, so it only took him a day to complete their transformation into Sword Servants. Coupled with the 2 existing mid-grade Half-Saint Sword Servants he possessed, he had 10 mid-grade Half-Saint Sword Servants and 19 ordinary Half-Saint Sword Servants now.

Of course, he was very clearly aware that this little bit of strength was far from sufficient to face the defiant profounders and Hallowed Grounds. So, he’d decided to take a risk!

He intended to provide the Primordial Violet Energy he possessed to those Half-Saint Sword Servants!

He didn’t dare give it to Elder Mu or Lu Yan. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust them. Conversely, he really trusted Elder Mu. However, Primordial Violet Energy carried great implications. After all, what would it represent if a Saint appeared in this world?

It represented that Primordial Violet Energy existed in this world. But all the violet energy of this world had been exhausted, so where did it come from? At that time, it wouldn’t just be the Hallowed Ground and defiant profounders that targeted Profounder Continent, even the Outer Heavens would act. Elder Mu could sweep through the defiant profounders and the Hallowed Grounds upon attaining the Saint Realm, but could he sweep through the Outer Heavens?

He couldn’t. Moreover, Profounder Continent would have no chance at survival if the Outer Heavens disregarded everything and acted against them!

Besides that, a treasure that could produce Primordial Violet Energy was definitely something that the Outer Heavens would disregard everything to seize!

It wasn’t that he refused to let Elder Mu and Lu Yan attain the Saint Realm, it just wasn’t the right time yet!

Yang Ye witnessed how terrifying Primordial Violet Energy was again. As soon as they started cultivating with Primordial Violet Energy, the auras of those Half-Saint Sword Servants were growing stronger at practically every moment. Such progress made Yang Ye feel overjoyed, but his heart hurt as well. Because he’d accumulated all that violet energy for a very, very long time!

3 days later, the 19 ordinary Half-Saint Sword Servants had become mid-grade Half-Saints.

On the other hand, the 10 mid-grade Half-Saints were still mid-grade Half-Saints. However, their auras were many times stronger than before! While they were still mid-grade Half-Saints, every single one of them could fight 2 to 3 experts like the patriarch of the Fire Spirit Race on their own!

Yang Ye names those 10 Sword Servants his super war generals. As for the other mid-grade Half-Saint Sword Servants, while they were similarly mid-grade Half-Saints like the 10 super war generals, they weren’t as strong as the super war generals.

Yang Ye had intended to cultivate and improve his cultivation in order to obtain even more Primordial Violet Energy, so that he could improve his Sword Servants. Unfortunately, trouble had arrived.

Mu Qingfeng had arrived on Profounder Continent. But she wasn’t alone. She had come with 2 defiant profounders. To be precise, she was being pursued by 2 defiant profounders.

They were originally just pursuing her, but once they noticed the continent, one of them had actually abandoned Mu Qingfeng and started to kill without restraint!

Yang Ye left his room and looked up into the sky, “What’s coming will come. It can’t be avoided!” His figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the sky.

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