Chapter 776 – Work Together?

Almighty Sword Domain

The defiant profounders had emerged from the seal, so a world war was inevitable!

It was impossible for Profounder Continent to avoid it. So, Yang Ye wasn’t surprised when he found out that defiant profounders had arrived at Profounder Continent.

Yang Ye did feel worried. Because every single defiant profounder was at the Half-Saint Realm, and there were almost 10,000 of them. What would they do if such a terrifying force came to Profounder Continent?

It was absolutely impossible for them to fight such a force!

However, Yang Ye was prepared. If Profounder Continent really did suffer calamity, then he would immediately allow Elder Mu and Lu Yan to attain the Saint Realm. Because he would definitely be an idiot if he was worrying about this and that at a time like that!

The southern sea.

Mu Qingfeng fled in the direction of Ancient Domain City upon arriving at Profounder Continent. She’d risen her speed to its limits, so she seemed like a breeze that swept through the air.

Even then, she was still obstructed.

It was a defiant profounder who stood in her path.

“Little girl, your speed isn’t bad. You actually made me chase you for so long!” The defiant profounder who spoke these words seemed to be only around the age of 20. He seemed very young, but his voice was quite aged, and it sounded like he was a few hundred years old.

The profound energy within Mu Qingfeng surged as she spoke coldly, “This is Profounder Continent. You still have time to turn around and return to the Hallowed Grounds. You might not be able to return if you linger a little longer!”

“Are you trying to scare me?” The man laughed with ridicule and said, “The spirit energy here is so scarce that it’s simply in the worst state I’ve ever seen. It’s utterly impossible for any experts to be born here. Even if there are, would I have to fear them? Not only am I not going back, I’m going to slaughter everyone here! Weren’t your ancestors trying to protect this continent? Now, I’ll destroy it, and I’ll even annihilate all their descendants at the same time!”

As he spoke, he raised his right hand with the intention of attacking. Mu Qingfeng’s eyelids twitched when she saw that. She was naturally no match for this old fellow, but she wasn’t prepared to submit either. She was just about to fight desperately to the death when her eyes suddenly lit up, and she looked towards the area behind that defiant profounder and said, “Yang Man!”

Yang Ye had suddenly appeared behind the man, and he was slightly stunned when he heard her call him Yang Man. After that, he nodded to her. Even though he was hostile to the Hallowed Grounds, he wasn’t hostile to Lunar Rite Hall, Mu Qingfeng, Nether Maiden, and the others.

The man turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, and he sized Yang Ye up for a moment before he said, “The sixth rank of the Monarch Realm? Hah! Have you come here to give your life away?”

Yang Ye said, “Actually, I had no hostility towards the defiant profounders. After all, Qin Bufan seemed to be quite a nice guy. However, I have to say that I was wrong. I heard what you said just now, and I really want to say that it was the Outer Heavens and the experts from 100,000 years ago who sealed all of you. All of you lost all those years ago. Your skills were inferior, so you deserved punishment. Yet now, you intend to take revenge on the later generations. That’s truly despicable!”

“They are just the beginning of our revenge!” The man raised his hand slowly, pointed it at Yang Ye, and then said, “Your aura is very strong. Since you’re able to remain so composed while standing before me, I presume you’re quite confident in your strength. Come, let me see how strong a sixth rank Monarch Realm profounder is!” As he spoke, he suddenly made a clawing motion towards Yang Ye.

The space around Yang Ye suddenly constricted as if it was being squashed. Meanwhile, a ray of light flashed….


The man’s figure stiffened on the spot, and there was a bleeding hole on his chest. As for Yang Ye, he was standing behind the man now.

Mu Qingfeng was stunned. He instantly killed him! He instantly killed a Half-Saint! She gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief. Not too long ago, Yang Ye had killed a Half-Saint as well, but he hadn’t accomplished it with such ease. Yet now, a defiant profounder had been killed just like that with a single swing of his sword!

The man’s eyes were filled with disbelief, “2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent. Impossible! Even if you possess 2nd level Heaven Rank sword intent, it’s impossible for your sword to be so swift, and it’s impossible for it to be so strong….”

Yang Ye didn’t explain anything to him, of course. He’d utilized the Critical Strike and Lightspeed techniques earlier, and he’d even utilized the Mortal Sword of the Tri-Apex Sword Technique. While it seemed to be a single swing of his sword, it had exhausted around 20% of his profound energy. That was an attack that he put his entire strength into. He hadn’t fought a drawn out battle with the defiant profounder but had immediately executed his strongest attack!

His objective was naturally to avoid wasting time. Besides that, he didn’t want that defiant profounder to flee. Because it was another Half-Saint Sword Servant to him!

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and he placed the corpse into the Primordial Pagoda. Meanwhile, a ray of black light flashed over through the sky. Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he flicked his finger, and a strand of sword energy shot out and collided with the black light.


The black light and the sword energy dispersed at the same time, and then a man who held a saber in his hand appeared not too far away from Yang Ye and Mu Qingfeng.

“He’s a defiant profounder. He was pursuing me along with that fellow whom you just killed. However, he left alone upon arriving at Profounder Continent. He probably went to kill!” Mu Qingfeng spoke in a low voice.

Actually, Ding Shaoyao was aware of their arrival the moment the 3 of them had arrived at Profounder Continent. However, she didn’t send anyone to pursue the defiant profounders because it was pointless to send ordinary experts. On the other hand, Elder Mu and Lu Yan were in closed door cultivation. So, she had no other choice but to notify Yang Ye. As far as she was concerned, while he was only at the sixth rank of the Monarch Realm, it was definitely not a problem for him to deal with 2 defiant profounders!

If it was a problem, then Yang Ye would have definitely not headed to the Hallowed Grounds before he even attained the Monarch Realm and even came back alive!

“How audacious! You actually dared to kill him!” The man’s voice carried dense killing intent, “I’ll make you….”

“How many did you kill just now?” Yang Ye suddenly interrupted him.

“Not many. Just around 10,000!” He laughed savagely, “But don’t worry, I’ll kill even more in a while!”

Yang Ye shook his head. The resentment and hatred from being sealed for 100,000 years has caused their minds to be filled with the intent to kill, yet I actually intended to talk with them. It seems like that’s absolutely impossible. At the very least, it’s absolutely impossible until I beat some sense into them.

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. The profound energy within him surged into his sword, and then he instantly vanished on the spot. When he appeared once more, he was already right in front of the man while his sword had stabbed into the man’s chest.

He instantly killed a Half-Saint again!

Mu Qingfeng’s mind had gone blank. These defiant profounders who were insufferably arrogant in the Hallowed Grounds aren’t even able to fight back before him….

“You….” The man wanted to say something, but he had no chance. Yang Ye’s sword shook slightly and the vitality within the man was instantly drained.

While he seemed to have instantly annihilated 2 defiant profounders with ease, only Yang Ye knew how difficult it had been. At this moment, his countenance was slightly pale while his body even felt empty. Because only less than a third of his profound energy remained.

If a few more defiant profounders were to arrive at this moment, then all he could do was either summon his Sword Servants to group up against them or flee!

After he put the corpse away, Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Mu Qingfeng. At this moment, Mu Qingfeng’s eyes were still filled with shock, and she only recovered from it after Yang Ye looked at her. She said, “You… you are actually so strong!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “How’s the situation at the Hallowed Grounds right now?”

She replied solemnly, “Very bad!”

“How bad is it?” asked Yang Ye.

She laughed bitterly and shook her head before she told him about the situation at the Hallowed Grounds.

A short while passed before Yang Ye’s face gradually became solemn as well, and he said, “You’re saying that the Hallowed Grounds lost almost 5,000 Half-Saints, yet the defiant profounders merely lost around 1,000?”

She nodded, “We never expected them to actually be that strong. Even though those 2 from before were very strong as well, they’re nobodies amongst the defiant profounders. The combat strength possessed by many defiant profounders is simply shocking, and they’re even able to absorb our cultivations. They get stronger the more they kill. Especially when they kill Half-Saints…. To put it simply, they grow endlessly stronger in battle!”

“That really is a little too strong!” Yang Ye shook his head. After all, 5,000 Half-Saints had been lost in exchange for the deaths of just around 1,000 defiant profounders. He really wanted to ask her if she was sure that those 5,000 Half-Saints weren’t just Monarch Realm experts!

At this moment, he felt fortunate that he’d immediately utilized his full strength against them. Otherwise, it was very likely that he wouldn’t be able to kill them.

Mu Qingfeng suddenly said, “I came on orders from the Hallowed Grounds!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time before he said, “They want Profounder Continent to side with them?”

Mu Qingfeng shook her head and said, “No. The Hallowed Halls wants both our sides to work together. You’ve seen the attitude of the defiant profounders. They’re utter madmen, and they won’t stop until they kill every single living being in this world. Once our Hallowed Grounds is defeated, their next target will definitely be Profounder Continent. At that time, Profounder Continent wouldn’t be able to stop them at all. Besides that, they might not destroy the Hallowed Grounds first and attack Profounder Continent first instead!”

“Why?” Yang Ye frowned.

Mu Qingfeng replied, “They can absorb the cultivations of others to strengthen themselves. They’re slaughtering others for the sake of taking revenge and venting their anger, but the main reason is because killing will strengthen them! The Ancient City of Hallows has a formation to protect it and a Divine Talisman Master, so the defiant profounders can’t break into the Ancient City of Hallows. But what about Profounder Continent?”

“If they come to Profounder Continent, then their cultivations will….” Yang Ye’s expression suddenly changed drastically when he spoke up to this point. Because those 2 fellows from before were still at the Half-Saint Realm! Their cultivations hadn’t dropped at all!

“The Heaven Dao is gone, so all barriers shall cease to exist….” Mu Qingfeng looked Yang Ye in the eye as she spoke.

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