Chapter 777 – Profounder Continent Is In Danger!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s expression became extremely solemn when he heard this.

The barrier between the Hallowed Grounds and Profounder Continent was gone! What did that represent? It represented that it would be extremely easy for both the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders to attack Profounder Continent!

Yang Ye had decided to work together with the Hallowed Grounds when he heard up to this point. He would absolutely not work together with them if he was all alone. He was confident to face everything with just his sword in his hand. Yet now, he had to think for the others on Profounder Continent who were on his side.

He could take his loved ones with him and flee, and he had the ability to protect himself, but what about the others on the continent? For example, the Ding Clan, the Qin Clan, the disciples of the Sword Sect, and many others who were following him. Would they be able to flee? Definitely not! They wouldn’t even be able to fight back against the defiant profounders!

In Yang Ye’s opinion, it wasn’t a burden but a responsibility, and a man should shoulder his responsibilities!

“What did the Hallowed Halls say before they sent you?” asked Yang Ye.

“They are willing to let bygones be bygones!” She replied, “The Hallowed Lord said that regardless of what enmity there is between you and the Hallowed Grounds, they are willing to forget all of it. He even said that while the Hallowed Grounds wanted to kill you in the past, it only wanted to kill you alone and had never slaughtered the others on the continent. But the defiant profounders are different, they’ll slaughter everyone on the continent besides other defiant profounders.”

“I took the Stone of Suppression!” said Yang Ye.

She replied, “It’s yours from now onward!”

Yang Ye continued, “Many people in the Hallowed Grounds want to see me dead!”

She answered, “No one will dare to act against you without permission!”

Yang Ye fell silent. He knew that the severity of the situation in the Hallowed Grounds was probably beyond his imagination. Otherwise, it was impossible for the Hallowed Grounds to make such concessions.

Yang Ye wasn’t an indecisive person, so he immediately said, “I’ll head to the Hallowed Grounds with you once I finish handling some things here.” Even though there was no conflict between him and the defiant profounders for now, Yang Ye knew that it would occur sooner or later. The defiant profounders had gone mad, and they wouldn't return to normal without killing. Moreover, killing could improve their strengths, so why would they stop?

He would definitely be asking for insult if he sought to negotiate and talk with the defiant profounders. Because they would definitely pay no attention to him!

The anxiousness Mu Qingfeng felt was finally relieved when she heard this. The reason the Hallowed Grounds had sent her was because she and Lunar Rite Hall had quite a good relationship with Yang Ye. So, if they sent anyone else, then that person might have been killed before that person could even speak. As far as the Hallowed Grounds was concerned, Yang Ye was absolutely capable of such a thing!

Mu Qingfeng returned to Ancient Domain City with Yang Ye. When she arrived there, she finally realized how influential Yang Ye was here. Practically everyone here had blind confidence and adoration for Yang Ye. It was like Profounder Continent would never fall while he was there!

“I’ve decided to join forces with the Hallowed Grounds!” These were the first words that Yang Ye spoke once he met Ding Shaoyao. He always discussed everything with her. It was a form of trust and respect.

“You’ve decided?” Ding Shaoyao wasn’t very surprised. As far as she was concerned, joining forces with the Hallowed Grounds was inevitable. Because amongst the 3 forces in this world, the might of the defiant profounders had practically surpassed the joint forces of the Hallowed Grounds and Profounder Continent. If the Hallowed Grounds and Profounder Continent still didn’t join forces under such circumstances, then only death would await them.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “What do you think?”

“That’s our one and only choice, and it’s the Hallowed Grounds’ only choice as well!” said Ding Shaoyao.

Yang Ye said, “Since you agree, then it’s decided! Once I’ve left, ask Elder Mu and Senior Lu to guard the teleportation formation that leads to the Hallowed Grounds and don’t allow any defiant profounders to come to the continent. Those madmen start slaughtering the moment they arrive, so kill every single one that comes here. Ask Elder Mu to preserve their corpses once they are dead!”

Suddenly, a wave of fluctuation appeared in the space before Ding Shaoyao. A short while passed before killing intent arose in her eyes. She said, “10 defiant profounders have arrived at Profounder Continent. Just as you said, they are slaughtering the oceanic clans. Even we have lost a huge amount of people. I’ve told the rest to hide!”

Meanwhile, Mu Qingfeng said, “They probably arrived her by accident. You must eliminate them as soon as possible. Otherwise, once they notify even more defiant profounders, then Profounder Continent will have to pay a horrifying price.”

A vicious glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, “I haven’t even gone looking for them, yet they’ve come to look for me! Shaoyao, I’ll leave the continent to you and Biru. Qingfeng, let’s go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye and Mu Qingfeng’s figures vanished.

Ding Shaoyao’s expression grew more and more solemn as she looked up into the sky. She knew that Profounder Continent would cease to be peaceful from this moment onward!

The oceanic clans.

At this moment, the ocean was dyed red with blood while countless corpses floated on the surface of the ocean, and they formed a dense expanse that covered the ocean.


Suddenly, a pillar of water surged up from below, and then a group of profounders with the upper bodies of humans and the lower bodies of fish shot out from within the pillar of water.

“Qianlan, head for Ancient Domain City! Quickly!” A hysterical voice resounded from deep beneath the ocean, but it didn’t take long for it to vanish.

Two streams of tears flowed out from the eyes of the woman in midair who was surrounded by a group of profounders from the Mermaid Clan. When those tears flowed down her face, they transformed into pearls, but when they dropped to the ocean, they transformed into ice!

“Princess! Leave! Quickly!” An old man from the Mermaid Clan spoke anxiously to the woman called Qianlan, “Quickly head to Ancient Domain City. Yang Ye has returned to Profounder Continent. He’ll definitely be able to protect you!”

“Yang Ye? Protect all of you! What a joke!” A figure shot out from beneath the ocean, and a man appeared before them.

“Why have you slaughtered the Oceanic Clans!?” Qianlan stared fixedly at the man.

“Everyone in this world deserves death!” The man walked slowly towards Qianlan and the others. He said, “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you because I sense that you seem to be unlike the others. As for what’s different about you, I don’t know the answer now. But I’ll find out sooner or later. Of course, that isn’t the main reason. The main reason is I haven’t been with a woman for so long!”

Qianlan stared fixedly at him and said, “Are! You! Even! Worthy! Of! That!?”

“I….” The man intended to say something, but his voice stopped abruptly.

Snowflakes had appeared in an area of 500m. Boundless snowflakes. After these snowflakes appeared, the temperature in the area suddenly dropped by a thousand degrees.

The ocean was frozen. Besides the small area in space around Qianlan, everything else was frozen. At this moment, even that defiant profounder who was a Half-Saint was frozen, and there was only some color in his eyes. It was an expression of terror.


Suddenly, 5 figures charged out from beneath the frozen ocean.

“Break!” Along with this shout, cracking resounded as the ice in the surroundings instantly shattered into bits. As for the snowflakes, they were blasted apart by the voice as well. Besides that, the defiant profounder who Qianlan had frozen was transformed into bits of ice as well!

“I never expected that I would meet another person from the Nether Pavilion!” A black robed man who held a feather fan walked over to Qianlan’s group. The man sized her up, and then he shook his head and said, “Looks like you’ve only awakened less than 10% of your strength. You’re much weaker than that Nether Maiden in the Ancient City of Hallows. No wonder you were concealing your strength.”

“The Mermaid Clan never harmed all of you!” Qianlan’s voice carried a trace of ferocity, “But all of you didn’t spare them! All of you truly deserve death!”

“All of you are the ones who deserve death!” Killing intent arose in the man’s eyes, “100,000 years! Do you know how it feels to be sealed for 100,000 years? You don’t! You’ll never experience such a feeling! We’ll use the blood of this entire world and everyone in the Outer Heavens to wash away the pain we’ve endured! The slaughter has only just begun!”

“All of you won’t succeed!” Qianlan stared fixedly at the man.

He chuckled lightly and said, “No one can stop us. Even the strongest power in this world, the Hallowed Grounds, can’t stop us. Alright, I don’t want to waste my breath on you anymore. Instead of allowing the people of the other halls to devour you, isn’t it better to let me devour you? At the very least, I’ll give you a swift death!”

“Are all of you the ones who killed those people down there?” Right when the man with a feather fan was about to attack, a voice resounded from behind him. The man’s eyes narrowed slightly and turned around with the others. A woman and a man who held a sword and carried a damaged sword had suddenly appeared behind them.

They were naturally Yang Ye and Mu Qingfeng. Even though he was speaking to the man with a feather fan, Yang Ye’s gaze was on the surface of the ocean.

There were countless corpses that formed a dense mass throughout the ocean, and they filled the ocean until the ends of his vision. Moreover, the ocean water was scarlet red like blood, and the smell of blood was even suffocating to him.

“It was us. So?” The man sized up Yang Ye and spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while he tightened his grasp on his sword. He’d killed as well, but he only killed his enemies, and he wouldn’t go mad and start killing people at random. However, these defiant profounders were killing for the sake of killing. They wanted the deaths of every single living being in this world, and it included him, Yang Ye, and everyone he cared about.

Since the moment that the defiant profounders emerged from the seal, he was actually bound to become enemies with them.

After all, wouldn’t Ancient Domain City become a city filled with death if they went there?

“I sense danger from you!” The man said, “But it’s fine. Because you’ll be dying soon. No, I’ll make it worse than death for you. Because I really hate you. I hate it when people try to act calm and composed in front of me as if everything is within their control.”

The man was about to attack while he spoke. Suddenly, he turned his head and looked towards an island a few hundred meters from here, and he frowned, “They noticed so quickly? Dammit! I can’t enjoy this place on my own!”

It wasn’t long before numerous black shadows shot out from the distant island, and they rushed towards Yang Ye and the others.

Mu Qingfeng’s pupils constricted when she witnessed this scene. She said, “It’s the defiant profounders. Many of them have discovered the teleportation formation that leads to Profounder Continent!”

“Haha! So much life! It’s even more than the Hallowed Grounds! I’m going to kill to my heart’s content!” The voice of the black robed man who led the group in the distance resounded from afar.

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